Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish getting conscious. He sees Atharv gone and Sujata unconscious. He tries to wake up Sujata and asks are you fine. Atharv sees Vividha. She does not see him. Daddy ji comes to Vividha and asks her to come along, he needs to talk something imp. She shuts the room door and goes. Ravish sprinkles water on Sujata. Atharv switches off the room lights and plays.

Sujata asks where is Atharv, find him. Ravish asks her to get up. She asks him to find Atharv, I m fine. He says yes, I will see him. Aditi messages Ravish and asks where are you, mum is unwell, she was in hospital. He gets shocked.

Suman sees Ramakant’s pic. Aditi calls her and asks her to come in hall, Ravish…. Suman asks what happened to Ravish, tell me. Suman rushes to hall and asks

what happened. Ravish comes and asks are you fine, I came in tension seeing many missed calls. Aditi says sorry mom to give you tension, we wanted to give you surprise. Suman says I m fine, BP got low, Vividha took me to hospital alone, where were you Ravish. Ravish says there was briefing in cantonment, my phone was on silent. He thinks to find Atharv, he would be here.

Suman asks whats all this dishes. Daddy ji says we don’t regret for anyone’s death in army, its Ramakant’s one month death anniversary, we should think of his good memories. Suman says we should celebrate his good life. Daddy ji says Vividha did all this. Suman thanks her. Vividha makes her sit. Kalindi’s son says Vividha is always ready to help. Suman says she is my daughter, not bahu. Vividha goes to get cold drinks. Ravish messages Situram to keep an eye, Atharv has run away.

Daddy ji asks Ravish to come. He says Ramakant was a true soldier. Suman says a true person. They all say cheers. Aditi asks Ravish to sing song. He refuses. Aditi asks Ravish not to go. Ravish is worried. Suman asks Aditi to play Kishore Kumar song. Pyaar deewana hota hai……plays…… Sujata hears it and says Ramakant liked this song. Suman cries. Atharv hears the song and dances in room. Ravish sees Vividha. Bhoomi says I will put my phone on charging and goes. She sees Atharv in Ravish’s room.

She gets scared and shouts thief, he is there in Ravish’s room. Everyone get shocked. Ravish says I will handle alone, don’t panic. Ravish goes to his room and shuts windows and door. He tells Atharv that they have danger here, we will go to secret place come. Atharv salutes him and dances. Ravish says enemies can come here anytime, come fast. Atharv does not listen. Bhoomi says there is thief. Vividha says how was he looking. Bhoomi says he has worn blue kurta and there was something in his hand. Vividha says it means Atharv is not my illusion, he is here. Situram comes and Ravish asks him to get ropes. Vividha runs upstairs.

Ravish ties Atharv’s hands. He asks him to come. Vividha knocks door and says Ath……. Ravish and Situram try to take Atharv. Vividha calls out Ravish and asks him to open the door. Situram ties Atharv’s mouth. Kalindi and everyone come there. Vividha says please don’t beat the thief, we should give him to police, else blame can be on you, are you fine. Kalindi’s son Vipul says I think we should break the door. Atharv pushes Ravish and Situram.

Vipul breaks the door. Ravish worries seeing Atharv lying on the ground. Everyone get inside the room. They don’t see anyone. Ravish says Situram was cleaning the room, Bhoomi has seen him. Kalindi says we called you out so many times, you did not answer. Ravish says I said I m fine, I think you all did not hear, I think this door jammed, we were trying to open it. Vipul says Bhoomi got scared seeing Situram and laughs. Atharv is hidden behind the sofa. Ravish asks all of them to go, he will change and come. Situram asks Atharv to stand straight. He takes Atharv back. Sujata says you are bearing the troubles, I can understand, you are newly married and hiding all this from your wife.

Atharv stares at Ravish. Ravish asks what, explain him I m doing this for his good. Atharv says I was going, you got me here. He behaves like an annoyed kid. Atharv says everyone is bad and cries. Ravish says if you don’t talk to me, then I will get annoyed with you. He forwards hands to Atharv to get friendly.

Atharv opens a laptop and tells Sujata that this girl is here. Sujata sees Vividha. Bhoomi gives the sweets. Kalindi says we went to Vividha’s house, we were meeting even neighbours Sujata and Atharv. Ravish and Vividha get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Atharva’s acting was awesome…but stop dragging this track. bcz,it can be digested when side hero acts like a mad,but when it’s about lead hero,that ‘s not done..Lagta hain yeh Atharv toh ravish ko lekari dhubegi.Where is cutie kailash?Missing his red red eyes ???

    1. truee…what if vividha ko bhi pyaar ho jata hai!!!!

  2. I think in precap kalindi said that to see vividha’s reaction as ravish knows that they’re not there as so does vividha.

  3. Dragging

  4. Sooo cute Vividha….

  5. ravish and vividha nice couple they made for each other

  6. Such a funny dance by atharv?.dont know how long till ravish hide this matter

  7. Atharv have to always hero

  8. Atharv dance is sooo funny??.
    His mental acting is awesome.
    Precap is quit interesting.
    Maybe ravish had 2 get doubt in precap at viv.thus he will think that maybe viv knows about atharv nd sujata
    Lets watch

  9. Day by day the serial getting boaring nt at all getting intrest to watch nt even took place in top 10 serials these days compare to starting it was good when serial has been started but nw waste

  10. Once up on a time huge comments to show nd nw the comments it self saying people get boared by watching this serial….

  11. I could nt stop my tears watching atharv in this state.cannt see him like that .pls cvs i beg u ,stop this tortre ..u can make ravish and vividha pair.but dont show atharv lyk this.cannt see him and his mther in this poor condition pls cannt bear pls pls plssssss……….

  12. not bore at all guys…jst chill shortly dere wil b meeting of vitharv…hope to see dis very soon….atharv acting was superb…atharvividha jodi is d best…may dis two fall in lov wit each other in reality also

  13. indera sanichara

    Yes Jessy, the serial is boring who wants to see a mad man being kept a prisoner in his own step brother house. So boring.

  14. does ravish know that atharv is his step brother?

    1. Yup he knows thats y he is helping them …ramakant left the letter for ravish in which he asked ravish to take care of his second family ( sujata and atharv) nd give atharv all rights what he deserves ..thats y ravish is fulfilling his last wish ?

  15. Atrv n viv made for each other..so pls unite them fastly…plz……….
    Cant wait more..real lv s frm the bottom of the heart.it nvr ends rly wtevr the situation is,,palarum commend cheyunund ravish n viv aanu best pair avare unite cheynm enoke.bt srl first mutal kanda oral orikalum angane parayila bcz atrv n viv avarude promises, love ,care ,athoke superb ayirunu miss very much nw that lovely episodes…their lv was very very deep…still i think so. thts true ..so pls dnt cmnd rav n viv pair is best..its wrong vitharv is best ever…..forever

  16. hey watch ths and enjoy the upcoming twist…




    feeling extremely happy bt feeling sad fr ravish,.. bt i wnat vitharva

  17. Tq sachin for the video

    1. Ur wlcm…?

  18. does ravish know about vividha with atharv relation?

  19. Atharv and vividha best couple ravish is good bt plzz hum dil de chuke sanam mat banana serial ko

  20. Atharva is boring ,ravish is good

  21. Atharv rocks

  22. I’m wondering how Sujata will react on Atharvs excitement over Vividhas picture on the laptop . I hope she is not going to be against him wanting to get her back in the future

  23. Suchitra Chowdhury

    I am a regular viewer of this serial. Wake up till 11.00 P.M. to watch this serial as in the evening I’m in da office. I think now it is dragging. Y is Ravish behaving like this with Atharv. We cant see him in this condition. If Ravish expects Viv’s luv then he is a fool. Now let Viv see Atharv once. Then the interest of the viewers will arise.

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