Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish asking who am I to make anyone leave from house but the situation is, I can’t leave them and none can accept them, I have one way now, to leave the house with them. Sujata says you will not do anything. Ravish asks her to pack bags, we will leave. Sujata says I know to spend life alone, Atharv and I will do something. Ravish says we will go together, wherever we go. He apologizes to Suman. Suman and Aditi cry.

Suman gets angry and gets a gun. She says you snatched my husband from me, you snatched my first child and now you want to snatch my son, you can’t take Ravish, I will not let you take Ravish. She shouts and aims gun at Sujata. Everyone get shocked. Ravish comes in between. He says Sujata is not taking me along, I m going with her, if you

don’t want this to happen, you have to shoot me, not her. Everyone get shocked.

Ravish explains Suman. Suman says I m ready to let them stay here if you want this, I have lost, first I lost to your dad, its a woman’s fate to see her wish failing. He hugs her and says everyone has a wish, but everyone’s fate does not have wish fulfilment, someone people do not get rights, but duty in fate, we both are soldiers, we have to move ahead, and not lose. Daddy ji says how can you agree Suman, this is injustice with you. Suman says we have to agree this, as we have share in Ramakant’s deeds too, and now his deeds have sent them as our responsibility in our house.

She says they will stay here from today, with all equality, maybe this will give peace to Ramakant’s soul. She asks Ravish to keep their bags. Atharv shows drawing of all the family members together in a line and says everyone united. Ravish asks Sujata to come, I will get guest room ready. Sujata tells Vividha that everyone is already hurt because of her and Atharv, I don’t want to hurt them more by bringing your and Atharv’s truth out.

Guddi comes home scared and hugs Uma. Uma asks what happened. Guddi cries in fear and is unable to talk. Vividha stops Ravish. He says I know what you are thinking right now. She says I know the day was hectic for you, all this happened in one day. He says it was for you too, don’t worry, I will manage everything, I know you are thinking when will the other truth come out infront of everyone, I remember my promise.

She cries and says I m not thinking this, Suman is going through a tough phase, even then she stood today by shattering past pieces, Suman is imp, she needs you, don’t think anything else. He says I m glad hearing you thought for my mum, even then I remember my promise.

Vividha goes to Atharv. He plays. Sujata and Vividha look on. Ravish comes and sees Vviidha smiling. He gives medicines to Atharv. Vividha signs Ravish and makes Atharv have medicines. Suman comes. Atharv throws cushion and that hits Suman. Atharv gets tensed and turns. Suman leaves.

Its night, Sujata and Atharv dine with Vividha. Daddy ji is upset seeing Atharv. Atharv asks for veg dish. Ravish asks Vividha to pass to him. He serves the dish to Atharv. Atharv asks Daddy ji to have food and jokes. Vividha signs no to Atharv. Atharv eats spicy dish and drinks water. Suman looks at Sujata and goes. She gets jaggery water for Atharv and asks Ravish to feed him. Ravish gets glad and feeds that to Atharv.

Later, Vividha thinks so much happened in past few days, don’t know where is life taking me. Atharv comes to her and asks her to play hide and seek with him. She says not now. He says then I will sleep. She asks him to promise. He ties cloth to her eyes and asks where am I. He ties cloth to her mouth and hands. He asks where will you go now. Vividha realizes its fake Atharv and screams. He shuts the door and tries to molest her. Suman comes and moves him away. Suman slaps him hard. His mask peels out a bit. He runs away. Suman frees Vividha and angrily takes a gun to shoot Atharv.

Atharv is in room with Sujata. Atharv says icecream is good, even Ravish’s mother is good. Suman comes and aims gun at his head. Sujata gets shocked. Vividha comes after Suman and gets shocked. She shouts Maa…..

Vividha says please leave Atharv, he did not do anything, he is innocent, someone who looks alike Atharv is doing all this. Atharv catches the fake Atharv and shouts to Sujata. Everyone come and look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Suman

    Thank you for fast update. Precap is👌. Waiting for tomorrow episode. I know d one who catches fake atharv is our atharv only.nice episode.

  2. Vamshi

    What r d writers upto..makin ravish say again n again i remember my promise ….is he taunting her…Suman got a chance to say all her feelings then y dint sujata given a chance… atlast a mentallly ill person is brave than a soldier

  3. Deepika

    Ravishh superb………
    reallyyy confusion atlast who will unite ravidha or vithrav….want ravidha to uniteeeeee

  4. simmy😘

    now every one will live together but athrav needs to get better😘 either they can put ravish and vividha together and get athrav married to guddi this could be an interesting track😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  5. sambavi

    Nope i dont want ravidha i find them as a mismatch vithrav sirf aur sirf vithrav . I hate suman and sujata suman alwayys blaming sujata and she i mean is there a mother that does’nt react when someone point a gun to her child seriously only vithrav .ravish oh he is’nt gems athrav is he lack orginality . Trust me this serial is horrible now

  6. Suman

    Ravish saw smile on vividhas face wn she is with atharv. Ravish is sweet but it doesn’t mean ravidha live happily forever. He knows vividhas love for atharv, even after such a bitter experience in his own family he expects vividha as his wife❔I don’t think soo. Dat will be very awkward. Babi in place of wife, noo. N about guddi, she knows atharv love for her sister. Again same story. Two compromised marriages.if really vividha falls for ravish, den I will leave dis show forever. Not for atharv, but just because as a woman, I can’t see writers showing female lead a characterless.

  7. Joe

    Wat is this yar atharv and vivida are soul mates.. Ravish is good person.. But no one can beat my atharv in this show.. Jndss is much popular bcoz of vivida and atharv..without atharv jndsd is nothing..I hope vithat reunited

  8. Roselyn Dada

    Can I join you here. Ravish is a good actor he delivered his message convincely. I pitied Vida so much she must not break Ravish heart because he asked her from the beginning weather she was forced to do the marriage but she lied.she is going to break many hearts. From Nigeria

  9. Joe

    Atharv ne kya kuch nahi kiya vivida aur uska parivar keliye.. He almost died bcoz of her family.. How she can mve on that ravish ke sath.. Vitharv is the soul of this show

  10. ammu

    Dont show ravish as a hero…he is not…😡 atharv is the real hero in ths srl even he s not in normal condition..pls make atharv normal n get his memory back…. the re entry of the REAL HERO….ATHARV…..😘👌waiting for that day n VITHARV reunion…😍😍😍😍😍👫

  11. sudheer

    Finally suman accepts Sujata & atharv. But i have one doubt ravish is really suman’s son r orphan? Cause suman’s first son is dead. Then suman definetly mentally ill. So ravish ?
    If ravish is orphan. Vidharv story is more complicated.
    Precap is intersting….

  12. Deepika

    ravidha should uniteeunitee..finalll if not it is waste to see the showww………. Ravish started loving vividha from marriage on wardssss…..so sleflessssss charactrrrr then after knowing about athrav vividha love he is gng to sacrifice love to athravv…..then why to make shashank entryy to unite athravvvvv vividhaaaaa and make family happy for athrav vividhaaa from my side ravidha the besttttt………..at last they will uniteeeeeeeeuniteeeeeeee what now ravish dng helping athrav really a selfless charactrrr

  13. Deepika

    Really directors are confusing both ravidha and athrav fanssss….sometimes they will show ravidha scenes and sometimes vithravvv scenes they should not confuses us…..

  14. Namrata

    I think vividha will not leave Ravish and that will be the best part of the story fake about fake atharva he is seturam

  15. Suman

    Ya even I accept ravish loving vividha after marriage. But for marriage love should be from both sides. Vividha loving atharv. We can find by her love towards atharv in her eyes. Even ravish realized it. Den y some of us want to force ravish in to marriage which is based on a deal. If any one want to be happy in married life, they should have love for each other. But in dis case it’s not possible. Vividha can’t love ravish unconditionally,as atharv is vividhas love. Even I like ravish but it doesn’t mean I love ravidha. N now don’t say atharv can be Gd friend (after watching their intimate scenes) to vividha as he is her strength n ravish is her love. No one can forget their love, n live happily with husband. People may live but it’s a compromise in marriage.

  16. afra

    I think thz fake atharv wil b sethuram …else ravish’s didn’t knew abt atharv earlier …I too hope for atharv Nd vividha should unite atlast …Nd how come abt guddy Nd ravish …bt to b honest I lik ravish character morethan atharv …both suman Nd sujatha’s acting is superb …guddy may b afraid of seeing someone in atharv’s home …I dnt know why …I feel lik thz serial is entirely diff from others …b it abt suspense …love …family ..atharv’s actn is really touchn…and vividha is lookn gorgeous in saree .

  17. Neha

    Really feel this serial has lost its track.till now it is shown girl chooses her husband over lover.
    Bec of all this Indian parent aaj bhi kehte shaadi ke baad sab thik ho jata.plz change this mindset. Don’t show this end. Arthav ko thik karo.

  18. Prachi

    Atharv Sujata jisne kabhi kisika favour nahi liya …jisne kabhi apne Dad se tak favour accept nahi kiya..aaj use us CHARACTERLESS, b*t*h, WHORE Vividha ka favour Lena pad raha hai …seriously…?… I know very well Vividha doesn’t love him now she is only showing fake sympathy towards him…why she is forgetting that she is only responsible for his situation….usdin to WO badi badi baatein kar rahi thi Ki Atharv ke liye kuch bhi karegi use thik karke rahegi and all ..but ab kya Hua uske behaviour se saaf dikhta hai Ki ab wo Atharv se irritate Ho rahi hai…Na wo khud Atharv ke pass jaati hai na Ravish uski vajah se jaa paataa hai…Ravish to ab vividha ka Bodyguard ban Gaya hai…Poor Atharv uski aur sujata Ki haalat ek BEGGAR Ki tarah hui hai ..jo Atharv jisne kabhi Injustice bardash nahi kiya aaj use koi bhi maar ke chala jaata hai Kabhi Ravish fake Atharv samajhke maarta hai ko kabhi uski maa gun se maarneki dhamki deti hai, Kabhi use ek animal Ki tarah baandhte hai to kabhi injection marte hai …Kya Sujata ne Isi din dekhne ke liye paida kiya tha use 😢 ??….Just because of That Characterless Vividha Jo kuch kaam to karti nahi hai sirf makeup karke ghumti hai b*t*h….just because of her both families r suffering and she is only showing crocodile tears ….I don’t she neither love Ravish and neither Atharv….She only wants to move with Ravish now because Atharv is useless for her now..she thinks he is burden to her…SELFISH, Greedy women 😈….You will rott in hell ..just go to hell..HATE U VIVIDHA so much..u and ur family r true villians of this show CRIMINALS…Just kill that blo*dy Vividha and unite Ravish and Atharv please…I want justice for Atharv and Sujata

  19. Z

    Arthrav and vividah suit each other more than ravish and vividah
    I would want arthrav and vividah to be back together and live a happy life xx

  20. Suman

    Excuse me ……… (8 full stops). Ya we love intimate scenes n kisses of vitharv. We are not expecting same thing with other guy with same girl. N we are supporting love, not those intimate scenes. May be u r expecting Same between ravidha. Till atharv suffered from mental imbalance he full filled every duty like a husband n son in law. Plz accept dis. N if u really like ravish den u can’t even imagine similar intimate scenes between dem.As some r supporting vitharv, it doesn’t mean they hate ravish. In between love n marriage female lead is going to be seen as characterless. As a woman I can’t digest dat.

  21. Gowtham

    Vividharharva loves each other a lot. Pls don.t divide atharva and vividha. Ravish will marriage guddi it’s good na

  22. Pratiksha More

    Ravish is a kind hearted guy no doubt, he deserves some who loves him from heart
    Vividha & atharv are meant to be together if they don’t reunite serial is really gonna loose its importance, 95% of the audience love watching vividha & atharv together, if not they will stop watching the serial, may they have to fight for their love but they should be together.

  23. Namrata

    The serial is becoming boring now vipul ran away guddi comes again the common triangular love story sorry but expected something interesting and suspense

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