Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying I was giving this plate to Suman. He picks another plate. Vividha says even this plate is not yours. Atharv says I know, I was giving this to you. He takes the third plate and says this is my plate, Captain Saab put food for me. Ravish serves him. Vividha sits in front of Athrv and observes him. Atharv eats food. Atharv worries seeing everyone staring.

Suman asks the men to wrap up everything, and keep puja items in boxes, we will give that in temple. Atharv helps her. He picks garlands. Vividha asks what’s happening, why is everything getting removed. Suman says we are removing mandap as its blocking way, marriage is not going to happen, so till when will we keep decorations. Vividha argues and asks who is hurt seeing these decorations, Ravish

asked you to wait for some days, whom did you ask. Suman says I don’t need anyone’s permission to do anything in my house, what’s use of mandap when marriage is not happening. Everyone look on. Vividha asks why will marriage not happen, we can wait for some days. Suman asks how many days, I don’t think your marriage with Atharv can happen, will you marry a mad guy, can’t you see his state. Vividha says yes, I will marry him, in any state he stays. Atharv gets tearful eyes. Vividha says this marriage will happen in any way. Suman and Ravish look on.

Uma and Sujata talk to Vividha in room. Vividha says I love Atharv, there is nothing to think. Sujata says we also wanted you to marry Atharv. Vividha says marriage will happen, I want it to happen. Uma says we love Atharv, he is not capable to marry, he is lost in a small kid. Vividha says I don’t care of what’s seen. Sujata says it matters, none can be happy than me to make you my bahu, but Atharv is not the one who is in your mind, I can’t permit to marry him, it can spoil your life, agree to us. Vividha says fine, just answer me one thing, then we will decide I have to marry Atharv or not.

Vividha says if Atharv and I married, and if he became like this, will you advice me to leave him, I know you would have no answer, why are you giving me this advice now, marriage is just formality, Atharv and I became husband and wife when we fell in love, I request you not to stop this marriage, stop wasting your time, everything will happen as decided, marriage will happen today.

Vividha comes to Ravish. She says I just came to say…. Ravish says I did not ask you to clarify, I understand everything, I m always with you. She looks at him. He says I mean I m with you in all your decisions, you should be sure of your decision. She says everything thinks my decision is madness, but I know what I m doing, my life starts with Atharv and ends on him. He looks at her and smiles. O re piya…..plays….. He says I will get marriage arrangements done. She says in our relation, we don’t need to thank but today I want to thank you, you stood with me today when everyone thinks I got mad in love. He says the love in which there is no madness is not love. O re piya…..plays…………

They see each other. He says its just felt in love, I will keep my promise, like decided, marriage will happen on time, today itself. He goes. Sujata gets shagun for Vividha and gives to Uma. She says Ravish has sent this for Vividha. Uma says don’t know how to explain Vividha, its not like I don’t love Atharv, but you will understand my dilemma. Sujata says who else will understand if not me, I always wanted Atharv to take care of Vividha, I don’t want Vividha to spend her life taking care of him, this relation is not of equality now, Atharv would have never want such life for his Vividha. Atharv comes acting like kid and asks whose dupatta is this shall I take it. Sujata and Uma stop him. He makes juice fall over Uma’s saree to send her away. Sujata asks what are you doing. Uma says its fine, I will change clothes. Uma goes. Sujata asks Atharv to sit quiet. Atharv says you have to stop all this Maa. Sujata looks at him.

Ravish asks the man to fix everything well. The man says we are paid to fix and remove this, what’s happening. Ravish asks him to decorate well. Suman asks Ravish what’s this madness, don’t explain me this nonsense. Ravish stops her and says this is not nonsense. She says its nonsense, you should explain Vividha and you are ready to support her. He says Vividha wants this. She says Vividha got mad, you think what promise you made to Vividha, you will make them marry when Atharv gets fine, did he get fine, what’s meaning of this marriage, you are ruining three lives, Atharv can’t give her happiness, Vividha can’t get a better partner than you, think Ravish, what’s the use of all this, Sujata and Uma also don’t want this. Atharv says you have to stop this.

Sujata says you got fine Atharv. He says I m fine, I was acting. She asks why, I have to tell Vividha, you know we got hurt. He says you have to stop this marriage. She asks why. He says I wanted to marry Vividha, but Ravish and Vividha love each other. She says are you mad, its not like that. He says I know it, they will realize it, Vividha will be happy with Ravish, we have to stop this marriage. Vividha comes asking what’s happening here.

Atharv acts like kid and goes to find his toy. Vividha asks you are crying? Sujata says what can I do. Vividha says its happening right, this should happen. Ravish explains Suman and says Vividha loves Atharv by her soul, no thought of mind can suppress her love, we can’t understand this, its their strong two sided love, which we never got in our fate, Vividha told me clearly what she wants and whom she wants, its just one name, Atharv, we can’t come in their way. Suman asks do you think you are doing her good, no. He says I have seen many hurdles in their way, I can’t see more hurdles, if you try to stop the marriage, I have to keep you away from this marriage. She looks at him and goes.

Atharv asks what’s this. Vividha says you are going to marry me, you find me like a doll right, Atharv can dance in marriage, many guests will come, will Atharv marry me now. Atharv shouts no.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It is vitharv only suman di. Now all got believe in my words. Iam happy now.

    1. Thank you hanshika

    2. Omg!!!! thank you @Hansika. for such a good news for all vitharv fans.. but no more bad news dear..let us enjoy this good news first..so no more info
      Thanks once again…………………….

    3. Thank you hanshika.. Such a great news after a while.. News enough to watch today’s epi without complaints

  2. Vividha refuses to marry leaves Atharva Ravish’s life Upcoming Twist
    Atharva (Vikram Singh Chauhan) refuse to marry Vividha, Vividha (Shivani Surve) shattered decides to never marry marry or love 
    Atharva is doing all drama to stop his and Vividha’s marriage as he wants Ravish and Vividha to get united again for their eternal connection.
    Vividha’s decision to marry Atharva spoils his plan, Atharva thus decides to this marry by any means and refuses to marry Vividha.
    Atharva and Vividha’s major confrontation 
    Atharva drops his madness drama and says that he don’t want to marry Vividha, Vividha has doubted Atharva’s madness and thus exposes his truth.
    Atharva says that he don’t want to marry Vividha, Vividha is hurt seeing Atharva’s doubt over her and Ravish’s bonding thus decides to leave both

  3. Vividha attempts suicide post exposing Atharv fake madness Upcoming Story
    Vividha(Shivani Surve) gets shattered post knowing about Atharv’s fake madness drama
    Vividha’s suicide attempt will bring high voltage drama in the upcoming episode of popular show Jaana Na Dil Se Door on Star Plus.
    Vividha decides to marry Atharv even if he has gone mad again, she does not cares about it she just loves Atharv and wants to be with him in any situation.
    Later Vividha doubts Atharv’s fake madness drama and decides to expose him.
    Vividha decides to commit suicide
    Vividha gets successful in exposing Atharv’s fake madness drama then she comes to know that he did all this because he wanted to unite Ravish-Vividha.
    VIvidha gets shattered as well as hurt hearing all this and she decides to commit suicide.
    Vividha rushes towards terris and try to jump from there.
    It will be interesting to see that whether Ravish-Atharv will be able to stop Vividha from committing suicide or not.

    1. That’s a good news in a way if atharv saves vividha.. Can you share the link

    1. Thank you hanshika s nikhat

      1. Arthav’s reality and Ravish’s sacrifice? Really?
        What sacrifice?

    2. Thanks nikhat nd suman di

  4. I. Think vivida won’t marry anyone.she left both of them.it will be good if it happens.i don’t believe that vivida got pregnancy and having twins post leap this news seems to be fake.if she gets pregnant by athrav then how can athrav tries to marrying vivida to ravish.during border crossing vivida not in conscious state but athrav is in his senses .he should be known wt happen that day becz he was not in inebriated state right.he would known wt happened that day .then how will he let her to go ravish.if he wants do so means he used vivida .it’s not love it’s lust that athrav had for vivida.it will spoil athrav character .do nt spoil that children drama it’s no where convincing.dont make ravida marrige again it will hurt ravish more.plz director ji prior to leap u should show that 3 people got separated and leading their life in their own way.and introduce new girl to ravish.plz give him some happiness how long u drag him in that maahan love story.(it’s writers feeling for me it’s a crap).in ur script suman not going to get happiness till death :y?give her to some happiness.plz director ji don’t start vithrav children drama post leap.it will spoil athrav character further more .everybody notonly ravida fans vithrav fans too not convinced.if they convinced they only want their romance nothing more than that.plz finish this serial as early as possible.save ur money producer ji.instead of showing this illogical tracks if u introduced new lead for ravish Na it will save ur money as well as trp too.no more interest in vithrav union or ravida union.fed up to the core.

  5. Thanks suman di for the link
    Thanks Nikhat for the link

  6. So it is clear shadi will not happend …this drama and all to reveal the atharav truth…oh god kab hoga vivharav Union,ye vividha bhi Na Hara bar detective banjatha hai.just go to hell vividha

    1. RAOne

      @ janu i contuinslosly blaming Shivani for all these.
      it seems if caught u by a cold then also you will belame her for that. stop playing blame gaves especially to Shivani. hope you understand my words.

    2. RAOne

      @ janu I request you to not blame Shivani for anything please.Hope you will get my words.

      1. [email protected] is not blaming Shivani ..He is blaming vividha..Plz dun mix them.. !!

    3. RAOne

      @bhaubali bro, what is diffrence betwwen Shivani and Vividha can u please expain. I’m wating for your answer egaerly.

  7. so releaved after knowing vivitharratharva as end game god pls unite them soon andsome are saying i have seen and maybe some tinks that ravish love is strong bcoz he cn sacrifice his love can u tell me than is there any other option for him agar vividha usse pyar hi nhi krtito vo uske sath kaise rhega and atharva love for vividha is not equal to ravish 100 times love u can undertand what i want to say ony
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  8. Hai everybody why less comments. By this you are loosing trp and serial will pack up fast. All other serials envy jndsd comment section very much but what happened now

    You should not bee in only the happiness of the serial but also in bad items.

    Xyz and aliya why you are not commenting,iam sorry if I hurt you badly.

    Towards leap you are going to enjoy it . Wait and see that. Vashisht family will ruled by vividha. You are going to enjoy it.
    This serial shows about true love and in true love their will be hurdles before the union.
    It is a warning guys don’t less the comments. You know one thing channel are angry on jndsd for very less trp.

    Guys keep on watching the show in hotstar also and it will also help in increasing trp.

  9. I have some questions .

    Who is Vividha going to marry ?

    And Is Viv going to be pregnant ? How come ?

    And Will Atharv and Vividha stay separately.

  10. Some one please tell me .

    And my comments are not getting displayed

  11. Y only 4 years leap.Take a 40 year leap and show vivida grand children .it will be good for viewers too.

  12. Stupid show

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