Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Ravish getting shot by Atharv. They all get shocked. Suman asks Vipul to call ambulance. She takes Ravish in lap and says nothing will happen. Vividha asks Atharv what did you do. Atharv says it was toy gun, how did he get shot, its bleeding, sorry. Vividha says Ravish you will get fine. Ravish closes eyes. Suman shouts Ravish. They all get shocked. Vividha shouts to Ravish. Aruna smiles.

Doctor comes and treats Ravish. He says you are lucky always, the bullet touched you and passed, wound will heal soon, take care. Ravish asks Atharv from where did he get that gun. Atharv says from Aruna’s room. They all get shocked. Atharv says I thought its toy gun. Aruna says I don’t know how gun came in my room, even I was shocked, I asked him about the gun, he said

its his toy gun given by Ravish on his birthday. Atharv gets shocked. Aruna says Chutki wanted to play with that gun, I asked him to give it so that Chutki can get happy, I did not know its real gun, else I would have shouted to everyone, I was also scared. Aruna lies and cries.

Atharv apologizes and says I m sorry, I did not know its real gun. Ravish says its fine, your aim is right, will you teach me. Atharv says yes, I can teach you. Suman slaps Atharv and asks him to shut up. Everyone get shocked. She scolds Atharv and says my son would have died today. She asks Ravish to be quiet and not say anything today, I will not bear more, since they came here, something is happening, I m fed up of Atharv. She gets angry on Atharv. Atharv asks Sujata and Vividha to see. Suman says don’t take Vividha’s name, she will come between us, talk to me, we did a favor on you, and you are spreading in this house like dirt, by what right do you roam, why can’t you sit in one corner, what is your right. They all look on. She says this is our house, not yours. Ravish asks her to calm down. Suman says its enough now, till Sujata and Atharv are here, peace can’t come, Atharv has shot on you today.

She asks Atharv and Sujata to leave from her house and her life. Sujata asks Suman not to do this with Atharv and requests her. Atharv says sorry Suman, don’t make me leave. Ravish tries to explain. Atharv says I want to be with Vividha and Ravish. He cries. Sujata says once Atharv gets fine, none will have problem. Suman asks what shall I do, we have kept you here for long. She says Ravish and Vividha are of good heart, but don’t make it weakness, people enter lives by illegitimate ways. She gets anger on Atharv and says this guy is Sujata’s blood, he is bad blood, he will fill poison in our lives, how our life got ruined by this second woman.

Sujata says enough, I m not second woman, you are second woman Suman ji. Suman and everyone get shocked. Sujata says I was quiet and did not say as I cared for your pain, I felt our pain is same, but today you broke my patience, I m Ramakant’s first wife, Atharv is his legitimate child, his elder son. Ravish asks them to stop it now, calm down. Atharv says don’t argue Sujata. Suman says Ramakant married me first, how can you be his wife, he did not give me divorce, laws don’t accept second marriage, then who are you, such woman whose marriage does not exist in laws, you like to talk about rights, I will tell you Atharv and I have more rights on this house, its my sasural first, you ask the laws about your rights.

She says you are calling my son unlucky, he is legitimate heir of this house, you feel you did big favor on us by letting us stay here, truth is we did big favor on you by letting you stay here, tell me how will you repay, did you think, if rights are not rights if not asked, tell me, why are you silent, do you have courage to hear truth, you are second woman, not me. Daddy ji shouts Sujata, how dare you. He goes to slap Sujata. Atharv holds Daddy ji’s hand. He says I break the hand who raise hand on women. Atharv talks normally and scolds Daddy ji. He says the woman to whom you are talking in high tone is Atharv Sujata’s mother. They all get shocked.

Someone comes home. Vividha says maybe Mehra has hidden this pistol. Ravish gets info and asks someone to mail pictures.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How many of yours birthday is in the month of December???
    @143.I’m good.

  2. I’m from kerala..I’m so surprised that JNDSD has so many fans from kerala…I’m a huge fan of JNDSD&VITHARVA..Yesterday’s episode was awesomme…Sujathaji rocked… I hope this time Atharva recovered permanently…

  3. OMG…..dat 5min gave me goosebums……ATHARVS reaction….o god….and dt tough look….I was so haappy…….plz bring back him……..don’t take him back after showing dis scenes…..M eagerly waiting fr Vitharva……..jst want dem back…deir chemistry…..is jst awesome…….lv u Atharva SUJATA……

  4. Please directors it’s humble request bring back Atharv Sujata.And vivtharv should be happily married.And introduce new girl for Ravish.

  5. @Sunanda.I think Atharv will save.I think but I don’t know exactly.

  6. Sujata, Atharva Sujatha and Vividha Atharva Sujata. Thats what we all Vitharvians want.

    First get them together and proceed with the serial. This is my request to CVs.

  7. vividha you are very cheap,characterles,selfish,stupid…chiii……

  8. Yes..nazneen ..i got brain teasers….actually my birthday in 14th march..pi day

  9. Ss yesterdays episode last 10 min ..I got goosebums…sujatha ji u steal the shows….directors plzz get back atharv sujatha….love u atharvvvvv……

  10. Love vitharv a lot……very happy to see atharv’s bold act

  11. Hai everyone I mean friends , actually the problem is not about viharv or Ravidha’S union. Iam From india, Telugu
    I to love to see about atharv and Vividha’S love story. Anyway Vividha married Ravish ,but I think finally she wil be the love of inky Ravish bcoz she stateside thinking of marriage and Ravish , u guys remembered when it was Atharv’S Bdy she could have kissed him but she had hesitated. Once a women gets married she feels a lot of responsibility towards her own family (Sasural). I like this serial a lot Wt a twists and day by day more interesting. Let’s see Wt happens , but the way of caring and love n affection of Atharv I towards his mother is fantabulous dialogue when he stopped her mother from daddy jis slap .
    Ravish is supporting his brother Atharv alot n he is a supporter to them Excellent serial

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