Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha calling out Bhoomi. They all get shocked seeing Vipul dead. Kangana comes there. Bhoomi holds Vipul and asks him to get up. She asks Ravish to tell Vipul to get up, nothing happened with him. She asks Vividha and Atharv to see Vipul. Atharv says Vipul left us. Bhoomi cries. She asks Vipul to get up. She asks them to ask Vipul to get up. She sees Kangana and says you killed Vipul, right, tell me why did you kill him. She slaps Kangana.

Kangana gets angry. Bhoomi asks her why did you kill Vipul. Ravish stops Bhoomi. Bhoomi says she is lying, don’t trust her, tell her to leave from our house. Vipul wanted to tell this to me that Kangana killed him, trust me, she is the murderer, I will not leave her. Ravish holds her. Kangana’s hairpin is fallen there.

Ravish asks Vividha to take Bhoomi inside. Bhoomi says she has killed Vipul. Atharv sees Vipul. Ravish cries. Police comes there.

Sujata says so much happened, why are we facing all this. Vividha asks Ravish what did police say. Ravish says police is finding out, they will tell us if they get any proof. Kangana looks on. Police gets the knife and sends it to lab for getting finger prints. Kangana recalls wiping the fingerprints, and says sorry inspector, you won’t get any clue, your hardwork has gone in that water tank. Constable gets the hairpin and gives to inspector. Ravish says Vipul’s final rites has to happen, but we don’t know about Kalindi, when she comes back and asks for Vipul, what will we tell her. Atharv says we have no idea about her. Ravish says where did she go. Atharv says where can she go this way, we should know something about her.

Vividha says I m afraid, Kalindi disappeared and Vipul died, why will anyone want to kill Vipul. Kangana comes and apologizes. She asks them to permit her to leave. She says you all are good people and supported me, you are in problem, I don’t want to become reason of your worry, some people doubt on me, how can I stay here now. Vividha says no, you are part of this family, we all know how much afraid you are, please don’t take this decision, I know Bhoomi behaved badly with you, we all trust you.

Kangana says please let me go. Ravish says you won’t go anywhere. Vividha says I will get tea for everyone. Vividha takes Kangana along, and says Ravish was in tension, so he reacted this way, I know Bhoomi has hurt your heart, she just lost her husband. Kangana thanks her for understanding. Vividha says I m doing what your sister would do for you. Kangana says no, its more than that. Guddi looks on. Vividha says you are part of this family, you mean a lot to us, ask Madhav to be in his room. Kangana collides with Guddi. She says sorry and goes.

Atharv says we can’t leave Bhoomi alone, she can do anything. Sujata says I went to her just now. Ravish says I will talk to police. Atharv says I m going to my room, ask Vividha to get my tea there. Kangana thinks Vividha is making tea and will take it to Atharv, I will use this chance.

Kangana goes to Atharv’s room. She stands near the washroom and fixes the bathrobe lace to the door. She acts and says how did this get stuck, sorry I had to use your washroom, I don’t know how this got stuck. Atharv looks at her. She asks him to help her. He goes to her. He tries to remove the bathrobe lace from the nail. She thanks him and slips. He holds her. Vividha comes there and sees them.

Atharv says Kangana called me in lawn. Vividha says there is something wrong in her. She asks what will she do. She asks do you think she is good. They argue over Kangana.

Update Credit to: Amena

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