Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Atharv getting up. He takes a fruit fork and hides. Sujata talks to Ravish. Atharv goes to attack Ravish. Sujata shouts Atharv. Ravish holds the fork and signs Sujata to stop. Vividha signs on the form as Vividha Vashisht. Doctor thanks her and goes. Vividha looks at her reflection and sees the sindoor and mangalsutra. She cries. Ravish turns to Atharv and takes the fork from his hand. Ravish signs Sujata. Atharv says enemy get out. He acts weird and says enemy is dead. Sujata cries seeing Atharv.

She asks Atharv to listen. Atharv asks her to be away. Ravish says soldier, attention. Atharv obeys him. Ravish says soldier will have medicine now and not move till captain says. Daddy ji and Aditi meet Suman. Daddy ji says so much happened and I did not know, I m

calling Ravish and his phone is out of reach. Suman says I m fine, don’t worry, and Vividha I m sorry. Vividha says don’t be sorry, I was worried for you, anyone would have got worried. She takes care of Suman. Nurse comes and calls out Mrs. Vashisht. Vividha does not turn. Nurse calls her again.

Ravish says soldier will drink medicine and feeds Atharv. Atharv says I have killed all enemies, did you see captain. Ravish says yes, captain is happy. Sujata cries. Ravish says now soldier will sit here, soldier will get fine when he takes medicine on time, you will get strong, you won’t go out, its an order. Atharv says Sujata tells that. Ravish says she is soldier’s mum, soldier won’t call her by her name. Atharv says Maa….. Sujata cries and holds him. Atharv says no, she is Sujata, Suzy, soldier will go out. Ravish says soldier will sit here and rest, soldier won’t go out. Sujata says Atharv, captain is your younger brother, won’t you listen to him. Atharv cries and says I don’t like staying here, its all packed, soldier looks a prisoner. Ravish says quiet, soldier is not a prisoner, soldier is on a secret mission. Atharv says I know captain, you are showing me a dream.

Vividha turns and says yes. Nurse asks her to get medicines and check instructions. Daddy ji thanks Vividha and says Suman was taking care of everyone without taking care of herself, now you have come to take care of her, it was impossible for us to get a better bahu, Suman has shown carelessness for her health, now Vividha will see Suman. Aditi says yes, help me in losing weight. Suman says don’t put more responsibilities on her, Vividha has to give time to her husband now. Vividha thinks.

Atharv says I know you are showing me a dream, and I will be always confined here in this cage, I want to fly with my broken wings and laugh with the air, I don’t just want to breath, I want to live too. He cries and says I don’t know whom I m finding. Ravish looks at him. Sujata holds Atharv. Atharv gets angry and makes her away.

Vividha talks to Guddi and says Suman is fine now. Guddi says thank God you were there with her, are you fine. Vividha says no, I m not fine, I have made a marriage deal and got myself here as a living dead body, I did not feel I will behave well with them, now I feel a responsibility, they are so good, and I stay cut off from them. Guddi says everyone is not lucky to get such inlaws. Vividha says but I can’t love anyone other than Atharv.

Sujata says don’t know, he gets fine and then gets back to childhood, he gets happy and then sad, he does not identify me, don’t know what will he do. Atharv injects Ravish on his neck. Ravish gets hurt and holds his neck. He turns and sees Atharv. Sujata asks Atharv to leave it. Atharv pushes her and she gets hurt. Ravish holds Atharv and takes injection from him. His vision blurs and he stops from going out. Atharv says I have to go out. Ravish says no, sit here and holds him. Ravish gets dizzy and falls on the sofa. Atharv leaves from there. Vividha asks would Atharv miss me….

Guddi cries and does not say anything. Vividha says would he forget me till now, what do you think, did he try to find me or not. Atharv comes to her room. Vividha says don’t know where is Atharv, but he will be fine, he was always strong and knew what he has to do in life, he taught me to walk on my thinking, I m so sure that he will be in better situation than me. Ravish and Sujata are lying unconscious. Vividha says Atharv promised me, that if anything happens to him, I will not stop in my life. Atharv enters her room by the window. Vividha says he asked me to move on, I refused to him, I pray that he stays happy and make a new world. Atharv plays with flowers. He sees Vividha crying. Vividha says where did life get me, I will talk to you later Guddi, I have to sit with Maa.

Bhoomi says my phone battery is low. Bhoomi sees Atharv in Ravish’s room and says there is thief inside. Ravish and Situram catch Atharv. Bhoomi calls everyone and they break the door. Ravish worries seeing Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I read in a spoiler that suman comes to know about atharv in their house and is shocked.

  2. Atharv ko mental asylum main Kyu nehi bhej rahi hain?At least waha paar toh uski liye full time doctor hoga.E hapar toh woh ek kamra main atak Hua hain.

  3. Wat the crap happening.. It was so good when atharv n vividha were together this serial was something diff bt evn nw on same track…
    Atarv n vividha hav to get together bt here its shown vividha is trying to move on… Definitely this show turns down if this happens n sure of quitting to watch

  4. Really serial is really turning to non sense everyday?

  5. I can’t see my atharv in mental condition. Plsssss director make him recover soon Plsssss.

  6. Yes tuffy u r correct I also read in spoilers

  7. bekaar ho gyaa ab man nai krta serial dekhne koo pehle jaisa bnaado plzz seriaalll vithrv ko vaaps laao

  8. spoilers always give wrong info.

  9. indera sanichara

    Writers you guys are happy now right, you have a mad man on the show, Kaali Teeka has a mad man you people has a sick mind in India. What a wast Artharv has become and the people that did it is free. I wish the story could turn around, but you writers wouldn’t do it. Right.

  10. Now this is a tit for tat.Ravish ko hei injection de diya???.Bit serial is moving too slow waiting for vividha when she sees arthav

  11. @indera I agree, where is kailash and ankit, why are they not shown in episodes. I think sujata/vividha should tell ravish the truth and make him get kailash/ankit punished for what they have done to atharv.

  12. The script writers are trying to show that it’s ok to I’ll treat a guy, beat him up and then allow the culprits to get away. Then they are trying to show that an educated female is unable to protect a guy she is supposed to love by standing beside him watching him get beat up with a phone in her hand. This female then without caring to check if the guy is alive so as to seek medical treatment marries another guy. The poor guy who gets beat up gets no professional help maybe because mentally ill people are supposed to be locked up in the country. The second wife who didn’t get any love from her husband still had two kids and now half the public is swaying towards the newly married lady to fall in love with the new husband.

    1. Everything you said makes absolute sense, if only the writers had half this sense. Atharv is supposed to be mentally ill, instead of taking him to a hospital and starting his treatment, wat exactly does Ravish think he’s doing? He might be a Captain in the Army, but is he also a doctor and a medical expert that he’s resorting to treating Atharv himself with those magical injections that only renders him unconscious? The show is leaning towards senseless, mindless and illogical crap!

      1. Exactly Artharv need medical hospital treatment not be lock up in a room. Very sad ….. just imagine when Ravish knows his own step brother used to love the woman he is married too now! Might want kill Artharv own his own secretly….. He I’d fully well known it’s his step brother then do what best get them a place of their own n have him related in his own place. He is just torturing both him n Sugata for not exploding or either invading his life….. show gone flop

  13. Don’t waste your precious time to waste this type of serials

  14. This serial has became a wastless serial nw nt at all intresting to watch ……chi

  15. Nice episode.. Atharv scene are good..and that to when he spoke abt dream..to Ravish and Sujatha..

    Its showed both Atharv and Vividha’s pain..
    Its good that vividha said she can’t love anyon and can’t even think abt anyone…
    just have to wait and watch what will happen Nxt????

  16. Precap is so good………But i don’t think wat they showed that wolud happen…

    Ravish’s family won’t see anyone in room..maybe Ravish manages to hide

  17. Yeah , Ns4 you are right , they won’t show see what exactly happened and probably Ravish is gonna come up with some lame excuse insted . And I hope Vividha finally sees him and for God’s sake realize he is there because those scenes are becoming a joke . Between both of them she is the one acting not normal , I mean they love each other and she is so scared of him , come on he constantly comes to you ceep it together and go touch him , he is harmless to you and this wil be the best medicine at the moment knowing how is he being treated .

  18. Wat the hell is this why atharav shown as a mad person pls make atharav and vividha come back !!!Want some of their moments miss them so much….???

  19. Iam getting tears by seeing atharv situation.if all see atharv in ravish room how can he manage i think he will tell truth
    Tq amema for the update

  20. Tq amena for the update

  21. Why are updates late over the weekend?

  22. good episode…atharv part was very2 funny his acting was awesm…atharv u r so hot n handsm…plz recover frm dis condition i cant watch u lyk dis…vitharv rocks among all

  23. good episode…atharv part was very2 funny his acting was awesm…atharv u r so hot n handsm…plz recover frm dis condition i cant watch u lyk dis…god plz help dem to unite

  24. I agree go watch good serials like kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi and much more that make much more sense than this nonsense

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