Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman scolding Ravish and crying. Suman asks who got them here. Atharv says Ravish got them. Suman slaps Ravish and asks Ravish how could he get Sujata and Atharv home. Ravish says this is true, I got them. Suman asks Vividha did she know this. Ravish says Vividha had no idea, she got to know this now, it was my decision to get them here. Suman gets angry and scolds him. Suman asks Ravish when did he grow up that he decided to ruin his mum’s life, he did not ask anyone or tell anyone, did he not think what will she go through when she sees Sujata in this house, when she knows that Sujata and her son are staying in this house by hiding from me. Ravish says yes, it was tough for me, but I had to do this. Suman asks why, Sujata is that woman because of whom our family

could not complete, I did not get my husband’s love, your Papa could not become your Papa completely, did you forget everything.

Ravish cries and says its none’s mistake. She says its Sujata’s mistake, she never came infront of us and was always between our happiness, she ruined our happiness. Ravish says I did not wish to hurt you. Suman cries and asks why did you get them here, what was the need. Sujata and Vividha cry. Ravish says because it was Papa’s last wish, after his death, lawyer gave me his letter, I had to fulfill my Papa’s last wish, I tried finding them, I did not get them anywhere, then I got to know they are in small hospital, I knew it will be hurting you if I got them here, when I saw Atharv’s state, I decided to get them here to make Atharv recover, I needed time, I m sorry that you got to know everything in this way.

Suman says Ramakant left a letter…..they were his wish…. Ravish says I know you are hurt, I have seen you bearing problems and sorrows all life, but even Sujata’s situation is same like yours, you just see the situation by Sujata’s perception once, they have spent the life by many problems, we had Papa with us in this house, whom did they have, no one, Sujata did not had husband’s name, Atharv did not have father’s hand on his head, how did Sujata raise Atharv alone, we all have sorrows and pain in our life, but their have just sorrows. We have family, they don’t even have a family. Suman says enough Ravish, you are defending this woman infront of me, you want me to forget my life was snatch from me, she has snatched my husband and even my first child. Everyone get shocked.

Suman cries and says yes, Vividha wanted to know why I stopped her from keeping Karwachauth fast, it was because of Sujata, it was Karwachauth day, I was pregnant, I was waiting for my husband, I got to know that Ramakant is with Sujata, I got to know what is shock, I fell down and lost my child, that’s why Karwachauth is regarded a curse in our fast, this woman is black shadow that will swallow our family. Ravish says your pain is my pain Maa, you know this very well, I always tried to snatch your pain, but today I want an answer from you, all this happened in our lives as Papa left you and went to Sujata, why did you not ask Papa.

Suman says Sujata did not let him become mine ever, I had to share his death sorrow with him, and today my son is defending this woman, who snatched my happiness. Ravish says this is not true, Papa had to keep promise to Daddy ji, not his love. Daddy says enough Ravish, how dare you say this, you want to put all blame on this family. Ravish says sorry Dada ji, I don’t want to out blame on family, I want to put blame on just you. Daddy ji shouts Ravish. Ravish says when you knew your son loves someone else, why did you make Papa marry Suman, just because of promise to Suman’s life, you ruined three lives and laid foundation to ruin children’s lives too, Atharv and my ruining too. Daddy ji shouts. Ravish says sorry to misbehave, not to say truth. He says its their fault and they are finding fault in others, the time mirror is showing is our mistakes, we have to rectify the mistakes, we can’t return Sujata their past rights, but we can give them their rights, its my responsibility now to rectify the mistake done by elders.

Suman says you are misbehaving with Daddy ji for this woman. Kalindi asks what do you mean, you will keep them here and we will do happy family drama. Suman says no, you kept them for one month by hiding from me, they both can’t stay here now. Ravish says but I can’t turn my face away from my responsibility by leaving them alone, if this was not Papa’s last wish, even then I would have done this, I would get them their rights which they should have got years before, I would have taken care of Atharv, he is not Papa’s mistake, he is Papa’s amanat.

Kalindi asks will you make us leave this house and give everything to them. Ravish says no, who am I to make you all leave, everyone is elder, situation is like this, I can’t leave them and no one can accept them, I will break down within, I have one way. Suman asks what will you do. Ravish says I will leave the house along with them. Suman and everyone get shocked. Kalindi smiles.

Suman says Sujata snatched my husband and now wants to snatch my son. Ravish says sorry, we will leave from here. Suman gets aim and aim at Sujata, saying I won’t let you take my Ravish. Ravish comes in between and says you have to shoot at me, not Sujata. Suman gets shocked.

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  1. cat

    Atharv teek ho tha tho aaj ka episode awesome hathi….uffffffffffff….. Ye atharv kab teek hoga…shit…..

  2. Poornima

    Everyone started forgetting my atharv because of this stupid story writer :/ hating this serial day by day

  3. Joe

    What is this yar.. Who is main lead on this serial.. Writers always shows ravish is MAHAN.. It would be boring

  4. Sopy

    Very nice and super episode , need to appreciate ravish here instead of supporting his mom he supported sujata and atharv.

    • Average_girl

      What do you mean Sujata deserves more sorrow than Suman? She suffered enough, she lost her husband, got no love, no husbands name and she almost lost her son thanks to Kailash. Besides Suman has her family, she’ll be fine, Sujata has no one besides Atharv so there is my point. Besides they both suffered enough. No need to add more sorrows.

  5. Tina

    This serial is bulshit. It started as a good serial but now its showing crap and bullshit to people. Bring atharv and vividha together or else stop this rubbish

  6. Aliyah

    Please mr. writer make Atharv get better quickly n beat that fake one, coz it is boring to watch. Also don’t bring back Kailash with a different face otherwise no one would know who he is, this could be very dangerous for Atharv. When will that demon get punished, after he killed someone.

  7. RV

    This is the first time watching this serial iv thought booooooring! I yawned n almost fallen asleep twice! Plus the minute iv got in from work not run to watch the recorded eppy! Bring back Vividha, Atharv, the Kashyaps n their antics, Payal n Gungun n the tabeles! Wheres the laughter, the amusing dialogues, dadi flirting, Atharv’s fab quotes n the radiating love between the lead actor/actress. Writers pls bring bk the real serial!!!!

  8. Saranjit

    this was a very touching episode. Both women affected by one man. Ravish acted brilliant understanding and reasoning between both women because of his father. He directed the blame on daddu ji. He is right if he knew his son loved another woman then he shouldn’t strike pain between them. I admire the intelligence of ravish character. I still hope that artharv recovers quickly so vividha can go away with him and sujata.

  9. mini

    If I heard any news lyk vikram quit dz show i l b happy because aftr dat v cnt waste our tym on dz stupid serial Ryt. ..

    • Swathi

      Why ravidha…. even though I am big fan of ravish, don’t want ravidha. Please Bring a girl who loves ravish alone but not the one who hugs her lover in front of her husband …. please writers re unite vitharv n want new girl in ravish life

  10. Suman

    Atharv drawing some thing. I think it is regarding this situation. Swathi well said. I don’t know y people favoring ravidha.

  11. Suman

    N with in two or three days fake atharv going to be revealed. After dat kailash kashyap track may start. We want to move back to our old tabela.

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