Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha saying I won’t let you snatch my son Kangana. Everyone go. Vividha says I trusted Kangana again, she is doing same and making Madhav away. Atharv says no, she is Madhav’s mum. Vividha says I don’t care, my Madhav is going away. He says now her intention is not right, she loves Madhav, its natural. Sujata says I will see Khushi and goes. He asks why is she upset, Kangana told truth to Madhav, or that its not affecting Madhav. She says this should not affect Madhav. He agrees. They play game with Madhav.

Madhav says I need to ask something, will you always play with me and love me. Vividha says you know I love you a lot. Atharv says we love you the most. Madhav says first Ravish was my Papa, then you became my Papa, I m happy, Vividha was my mumma first

and now Kangana is my mumma, but I will stay with you both, I will call you Papa and mummy. Vividha hugs and kisses him. Aye zindagi….plays…. She cries.

She takes Madhav to kitchen saying we will make pizza. Kangana says I made custard for him. Atharv signs Vividha. He asks Madhav to have custard. Vividha says I will get Khushi and goes to her room. Khushi gets the car keys and recalls Kailash driving.

Mechanic repairs car. Madhav comes out. Vividha calls out Khushi. Khushi recalls Kailash starting car. Vividha asks Ravish about Khushi. He asks did they see Madhav. Kangana says he will be here. Madhav shouts stop Khushi. They all hear him and get shocked. Madhav asks her to stop. The car goes towards Madhav. Khushi claps. They go out and see Khushi in the car. Ravish runs and takes Madhav away. The car passes ahead. Ravish and Madhav fall down. Atharv sees the danger sign and runs to stop the car. He stands in front and tries to stop the car. The car stops. Ankit gets Khushi out of the car.

Kangana hugs Madhav. Vividha takes Khushi. She asks Atharv is he fine. Doctor checks Khushi. Khushi does not cooperate. Doctor says she is fine. Madhav says I got hurt. Doctor says its okay, I gave medicines. Khushi runs.

Vividha asks about Madhav. Atharv says he would be in room. Vividha says he is not there. They look for Madhav. Vividha tells Ravish Madhav is nowhere. Ravish says Kangana took him out. She asks why, I got haldi milk for him. He says Kangana took him to park, fresh air is good for kids, calm down, whatever happened today, he got scared. Vividha says Madhav should have been with me. He says you are overthinking, Kangana will get him, don’t be scared. She says that woman tried to steal my son. He says enough, when will you stop doubting her. She asks did her ghost get on your head again. Ravish says no, you are doing injustice with Kangana, she proved respect for family and love for Madhav, she risked her life and saved Madhav’s life, I don’t want to talk about this, kangana will be getting Madhav. He goes. Guddi looks on.

Sujata says Kangana and Madhav are nowhere. Atharv says I checked park. Ankit says Madhav was not in market. Vividha says she took Madhav, I can’t lie without Madhav. Kangana gets Madhav and gives custody claim papers to Vividha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell.. if vividha has the right to get her lost daughter then why not kangana.. poor kangana.. it was due to vividha kailash swapped madhav with khushi.. becoz of vividha kangana has lost her son then and now.. it’s not going correct..

    blo*dy hell with the writers… Dey just making vividha character worse day by day..

    1. anay bangalore

      If vividha was so insecure who told her to bring back Kangana. Stupid girl

  2. Veer

    After 2 brilliant episodes, today’s was very patchy and disjointed. Every one is right in their Point of View(POV) but, only partly. Vividha was certainly helpless, in the aftermath of the car incident. She couldn’t decide between Madhav-Atharv-Kushi but, she was worried for all of them. She is certain to have a meltdown soon. Madhav don’t want to loose Vitharv but, Kangana want to takeaway Madhav from Vitharv. In the whole fiasco of things happening and which are about to happen with child custody, Madhav will suffer equally as Vitharv. Vividha’s fear of loosing Madhav is making her restless,insecure and possessive of Madhav. Ravish was right to some extent when he talked about Kangana’s right on Madhav but, trusting Kangana that easily, could prove to be a blunder on his part. Kangana, is right in loving her son and wanting him to be with herself but, not at the cost of Madhav’s happiness.
    Highlights of today:
    1) Vitharv-Madhav scene.
    2) Kushi’s naughty, innocent action in car, inside the house and through out.
    3) Shiv thandav music part and Vividha asking Atharv if he’s ok.

    Precap: Again interesting. But, expecting episode also to be good, unlike today.

    Vividha will certainly have a meltdown tomorrow. Expecting tomorrow and the next 2 episodes will be very tough for Vitharv and specially Atharv in particular, in handling both Vividha’s meltdown and Madhav. I’m expecting Kangana to start her dirty game of creating problems in the family after Madhav custody drama’s dust settles down and Ravish-Kangana marriage.

    The direction and editing were again of the lowest possible standards. Hopefully, they pick up quickly. Track is interesting and if direction and editing adds to it, the output would certainly look a lot better.


    On characters of Ravish, Bua Dadi, Guddi and Ankit. I’m unable to connect with these characters after Vitharv’s marriage. In particular Bua Dadi and Ankit, don’t seem to fit into the current track. Rather than becoming additions to the track they’ve become burden to the current track. Ravish character has become nonexistent and irrelevant at times. Separate tracks for Ravish and Vitharv with little overlappings could solve hell lot of problems for the director. Many unwanted people around, in most of the scenes is forcing the director to go for single shots, capturing dead expressions of them. This is making his hard work look ugly.

    This is not to hurt fans of these characters and actors. I’m being genuine, with my opinion without any bias. My opinion is based on the show as a whole and not any particular character.

    If it still hurts anyone, I’m really sorry.

  3. Asana321

    I can’t today episode because of the electricity
    Thanks amina di for your update please fast update
    We are eagerly waiting for your update

    Hai all
    My results is published
    I got 88% in my exam

    Good night, sweet dreams

    1. Oh my god great congratulations dear

    2. Veer

      Congratulations Asana.
      Are you happy now ?

    3. Congrats asana??…u should give treat ?
      Gud nyt dear

    4. Asana. Congrats dear. Good results ????

    5. congrats asana, happy for you.

    6. Sunanda12345

      Congrats dear….??

    7. Congrats Asana. ?

    8. Ponnu

      Corngrats dear????…

    9. Congrats dear ????

    10. Asana321

      Thank you all

      But I am not happy I am very tensed and scared about my higher study

      1. Nikh

        hey congrats asana…

      2. Sunanda12345

        Don’t worry…every thing will get fyn…

      3. Asana321

        Nice DP nikh

      4. Nikh

        thank you…

    11. Congrats Asana dear & all the best fr ur higher studies.

  4. Oh my god..ways hapng…vitharv,madav scenes were too gud??and atharv running and stopping car with shuv tandav…it was a treat to watch???but y ravish again and again supporting kagana ??y he is not trying to understand vivi’ s pain??kagana should take permission from vitharv to take madav out but she didnt??and ravish supporting and telling vivi to believe that evil kagana again after she killed his relatives y he is doing so??and oh my god precap…. U kagana evil??????

  5. In the instagram pic ravish and kangana in bride and groom dress but others are in casuals. What it means? I think no one is interested in their marriage.

  6. Don’t know what to comment for today’s episode…lot of emotions mixed up….kangana has right to claim for madhav while vivi has also equal rights on him…but I now wish that ravish marry kangana because after marriage they will stay in that house only and madhav will not be separated from vitharv.
    Vivi is really broken from inside …it is clearly portrayed when she kisses madhav..
    Hope everything ends peacefully and happily …plz don’t separate vitharv and madhav
    Gud nyt frnds?

  7. My dear friends I will very busy till may 20th because of my cousin’s marriage.See you after it dears. Will miss everyone very badly.
    xyz chechi fake news annu ennu arayillya.
    Pakshe agane oru news Kandu. Kangana
    Madhav innu ravish ode ulla bond manaslayit annu igane cheiyunath. Custody kittan. Chech inne orupad miss cheiyam . See you after one week.Did you see my comment.
    I replied it but it took several time for moderation.
    Asana dear I am very happy for you. You
    have scored very good marks. Well done dear.

    If I get time I will surely comment dears. Bye dears.

    1. Aailya dear. No pblm .Enjoy ur cousin’s wedding dear.Ya it is good u said it early. Bcz in your absence there is a chance of virus attack by using ur name. So now nobody will trap by anju virus.
      And that news may be true. There is probability of that.Bcz that dirty kangana can stoop to any extend. Such a shameless creature ?.
      Pinne ravish best alle eppo kangana ye ketti ennu chodichal mathi. Engane yum undo anungal ente ishwara. Ippol avanu avante familyum venda guddikku kodutha vakkum ormayilla. Kangana matram mathi. She Killed his family members but still he blindly believes her.
      Pinne shivik nte dating karyam sathyam ano? I can’t believe. Chilappo enikkum thonnyttund avar 2 m ingane parasparam akannu nilkunna fans nu doubt thonnathe irikkan ayrkkum ennu.But avarde perumattam sradichal thonnum something bw them .Allengil avarkku 2 num oru selfi polum edukkan ithra madi entha. Baki ellarum aytum avar selfi edukkunnu but thammil edukkan madi. So chance und. I also wish to see them in real .Enikkum shivyod desym thonnyttund chilappo. but shivi allathe mattorale vikkunte koode imagine cheyyane pattunnilla.
      But sneha oru para anu.Enkku avale kanumbol kali varum.pinne enkku priyanka ye theere pidikkunilla. 24 hrsm vikkunte koode stick cheythu nilkm. Nidhi nthu cute ayrnnu.
      OK dear.I will too miss u .Then see u after cousins marriage .And convey my marriage wishes to ur cousin.
      Good n8 dear

      1. Ponnu

        Ee sneha araaa??eve nnikim ippathe guddine ishtalla…full time vikkkunta koode??..sughalle chechi

      2. Hi dear Ponnu .sugham. Ponnu vino?
        Pinne sneha enna oru pennu nammude vikkunte gf anennu parayunnund chilar. Ariyilla satyam ano ennu. But vikkunte friend anu aval. Avale enikku ishtamalla. Kanan theere kollilla. Pinne enikum old guddi ye anu ishtam. I don’t like priyanka. I like nidhi sha (old guddi) only.
        Ponnuvinte place evideya?
        Good afternoon dear

      3. Ponnu

        Sugham chechi…nta place ernakulam chechideyo…pinne parayathe irikan vayya chechide comments ellam super anetto…??…chirich chirich chaavum??…

      4. Ponnu

        Chechide name nthaa??

    2. Thanks my dear friends for ur kind words u don’t know how much you boosted my spirit. I’ll try and be strong as per your suggestion. Luv u all.

    3. Aaliya dear congrats on your cousins marriage, pray that they have a beautiful married life full of happiness. Enjoy dear.

    4. Sunanda12345

      Hiii aliya dear….we missed you…

  8. I think kangana must have forced ravish to do this drastic step, but don’t worry with this ravish will realise his mistake of believing that stupid kangana ????
    But I did not understand y is Vivi wearing a dress does he know about the wedding? Poor guddi I am scared how will she react to all this I hope she doesn’t do anything dreadful.

  9. Veer

    ShiVik’s gift segment :

    How can they be this good. They are beautiful souls. They never forget to thank their fans and never fail to acknowledge the efforts of fans. They’re genuinely unreal. ❤️?❤️ShiVik

    1. Veer

      Don’t miss this segment . Seriously, you will enjoy every bit of it. Shivani will blow ur mind off with her innocence, with her fearful reaction while opening one of the gifts. Enjoy the segment,

    2. Yeah veer bhaya it was mind blowing… Shivik..they are something spcl..they love there fans like noone do??????????

    3. Veer. I also saw yesterday .Absolutely mind blowing sgmnt.
      Actually shivik r a visual treat. Can’t take eyes from these 2 cutiees. Shivani’s smile and vikrams fun ??.Such a down to earth ppls they r .They have a magical chemistry in offscreen too. Can’t deny that.
      They look together ?????

  10. Vividha allowed kangana to stay in her house, becoz she understood kangana pain as a mother. but she revealed the truth to madhav without consulting vitharv. now she came up with case papers. She clearly knows vitharv love on madhav and madhav love on vitharv. So her every action is forcefull.

  11. The way kangana choose to unite with madhav is totally wrong. And there is no excuse. She tried to killed vitharv just because they can separate madhav from her. She murdered vipul bhumi and kalindi with no fault of theirs. She kidnapped madhav and ready to jump from building along with madhav. At that time she not even cared for her sons life. She is a psyco. all are acts cannot be justified in any way.

  12. https://youtu.be/4PzXZbaVrWI
    Guy’s see this….The gifts were really amazing..They were osm.I loved them like anything…????
    I have one doubt… who r these basheram gang…I am listening about them from sooo many days…who r they guys????do anyone know about them….

    1. Yeah pinky.just now watched it was really awesome they are shivik and none can replace them????and very good mrng dear??

    2. Veer

      Baesharam gang is a twitter account.

      Links below:

      Gang members:


      Pinky, they’re literally baesharams. They tweet all kinds of nonsense, from silly things to really constructive and important things and main thing is that, they tag ShiVik in most of their tweets. They’re really very funny and entertaining. Most of the #JNDSD tweets about ShiVik are by them only. They make good VM’s as well. They capture all the unusual clips in the scenes and post them on twitter. They’re full of life. Anyone who read their tweets will really enjoy a lot. They’re ardent ShiVik fans and love their intense raw chemistry of phase 1. They never fail to capture even the tiniest of ShiVik moments.

      1. Even i also familiar with this besharam gangs. when I read their tweets about shivik ,can’t controle my laughter. They r just ?????

      2. Thank u sooooo much veer for the info.I do know some of their accounts but don’t know r they r in besherams or not.as u told really they r very funny and entertaining.not only die heart fans of vikku but also die heart hatreds of shasha/ravish…???.I do follow one girl called anjali @anji…I really like her tweets very much…is she there in this besheram gang????what ever it may be they really love vikku to the infinity and their each and every gift ????….

  13. What do u mean hima ,u think kangana is forced to do all this ?

  14. Wow Ravish you are the real hero ?…you saved your lovely madhav ?…love you Ravish❤ ..nice to see Kangana Ravish together with madhav ? ,cute perfect family,..after many days got back lovely captain Ravish scene.? love u Ravish ?

  15. If kangana came to ask her rights on her son madhav without any murder and kidnap. Then I will definetly support her in the first place. What kangana went through in past was horrible. She was betrayed by her bf. She was in mental hospital. I definetly wished a good and happy life for her. now her crimes are not justified at all.

    its good that madhav wants vitharv as his parents. Madhav too accepts kangana as his mother, at the same time he want vitharv as parants. If kangana understood this then she will eventually get love from madhav. kangana cannot forcefully separate madhav from vitharv.

    1. Veer

      The second part of ur comment is absolutely right. None can deny Kangana of her right on Madhav. At the same time Kangana has no right to deprive Madhav of Vitharv’s love. But, it’s what Kangana is doing now and that’s absolutely wrong.

  16. congrats asana, happy for you.

  17. I mean this court case will create havoc in madhav and vitharv life. Relations are delicate to handle. Its not esay for madhav to take all these things. Also i think kangana dont want vitharv to be part in madhav life. She cannot forcefully separate vitharv from madhav

  18. Today’s episode -khushi,Madhav and vitharv scenes are good. As usual direction and editing …. not up to the mark. For the current track,everyday the same feedback.

    But today one thing disappointed me most.(Khushi car driving – and the role of ravish and Atharv)
    1. Both ravish and Atharv came outside. Why Atharv did not run to save Madhav? Is it to give screen space to Ravish??
    2. Atharva and Ravish are selfless characters. But Ravish decided to save only Madhav. And Atharv tried to save Khushi. When do they become possessive/in a way selfish also(just to save their children)????Ravish always considers Madhav is his son.
    3.it is not at all Atharv Sujata character….just standing and watching when both of his kids are in danger. When he did not realize connection with madhav,he saved Madhav so many times.. again compromising Atharv Sujata character just to give screen space to others. ????????????

  19. Sunanda12345

    Very nyc episode….vikku was awesome….

  20. Interesting

  21. o god the episode was so emotional and I hate you kangana you are so bad and no w ravish also started taking her side only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  22. Raone you are a blo*dy bullshit. How did
    think that anju loves aailya. She is already broken by vitharvians bad behaviour. Always bullying her. You think aailya is a lesbian. blo*dy hell you are Raone. xyz
    nanam illya Raone agane parnjit igane mum ayit irikan.

    Go to hell veer,sunanda,nazneen,vismaya. nikh,raone,xyz, Sammy ,viz pinky etc.

    1. Ponnu

      Virus attack…u r a genius…dfrnt ids in dffrnt days….arey waah…if u hate jndsd dont watch it…watching it nd putting blo*dy commentsss aaahh…for u kind info if u luv another serial put ur blo*dy comment there nd dont interfere in jndsd…???

    2. Ponnu

      Wht shud we call u…having so many name know…avni jay rupa nehthra…plss chnge ir name 2 virus1 virus2 lik thatt??

    3. Hai anju….a very gud new trick to make misunderstandings.. Ha..ara va but dry it will never happen btwn us go to hell and mind it…don’t insult my frnds??????????????????

    4. Sunanda12345

      You go 2 he’ll why we have 2 go? ???????????

  23. Ponnu

    When madhav talked to vitharv it brought tears in my eyes…??…khushi was so happy and she is sooo cute??….wht tht stupid kangana is doing amd why that ravish is supporting her ?…eagerly w8ing 4 todays episode…have a nice days frndsss…

    1. Gud afternoon and have a nice day ponnu

    2. Gud aftnon and wish a great day dear?????

    3. Sunanda12345

      Hi ponnu….

  24. Poor vitharvians will never be happy,selfish people knew only had over expectations on their stoop vitharv.every time cri,anger,unnecessarly hate on other characters….they will not satisfy,stoop vitharvians know only crying on others.??..???

  25. Very bad news guys. Aailya met with a accident and she is very critical. Please pray for her speed death.

  26. Iam very happy she is going from the world.

  27. Sunanda12345

    Hiiii guys…how r u every one…leave about that virus…

    1. Asana321

      How are you di???????
      Good afternoon

      1. RAOne

        hey!!!! congrats….. all the best of you for ur dream……… may ask something if don’t mind…. what u aspire to become…..

      2. Sunanda12345

        Iam fyn.. gud afternoon

    2. Hi….how are u dear???iam fine

      1. Sunanda12345

        Iam fyn yar ??

  28. Jndsd going better day by day.sometimes feels like phase 1.vitharv-madhav-khushi rocking these episodes.vitharv talking with madhav is so touching.Shiv tandav song was the highlight of today’s episode.really vividha is broken from inside.fear of losing madhav is well portrayed by Shivani.Now kangana will start showing her real face.i don’t know what is this ravish is up to.disgusting.

    1. Hi dear Dolly.ya.Now feeling our jndsd is slowly returning to old track. Kangana started her evil games and ravish supports her.it is better not to talk about ravish.ya really disgusting.
      Good morning dear

      1. Sorry type error nt good morning ?
        Good evening dear ??

  29. Hloo friends.. Good afternoon..

    1. Gud evng dolly..wishes u a fantastic day dear??

    2. Sunanda12345

      Hiii dolly

    3. Hi Dolly , gud evening dear.

  30. @Nikh .R u got registered? Really?.sorry for asking dear. But I have a fear if that virus can also register by using genuine fans name ?. So I asked u .
    Anyway ur dp is superb ???
    Good afternoon dear.

    1. Nikh

      Ya.. It’s me don’t worry…
      I registered a long ago but I don’t use it regularly… No need of sorry I can understand this is all b’coz of that virus.. And thank you..

      1. Sunanda12345

        Hi nikh..by the way atharv is soo hot in u r dp….

      2. Hi Nikh , nice dp .Gud evening dear.

      3. Nikh

        Thank you sunanda and Usha..

  31. Y athrav had not gone to save madhav? Even that two mothers done nothing to save him? Ravish has worth to be called madhav father than athrav becz ravish literally considers madhav like his own son.once again ravish proved that he can go any extent for others happiness .but athrav cant .y can’t vivid could not understand kanganas motherly love for her son.although vivida went through the same pain for her child y she failed to understand kanagana.somebody defending vivida by saying that she brought kangana to home as she understand kangana s love for madhav .vivida brought kangana only to find her daughter’s whereabouts other that nothing else.have u ever found from beginning vivida concering about others happiness she is selfish brand ambassador.kangana did wrong by killing bhumi,vipul,kalindi but if straight away ask vivida that madhav is her son and give him back to her would they give .no one trust her already she went through a lot becz of vivida father .though a mother cruel to others but never for her own blood.kangana is so much insecure about madhav .that’s she was dng hurriedily.

    1. Enthu paranjittum oru karyavum illa ennariyam. Engane und chilar. Avarkku thanne aryilla avar enthanu parayunne ennu. Eswara angu thanne ingane ullaavrkku sadbudhi koduthalum ?.

      1. Ha ha .Poor god. What will he do ? Ival chekuthante srishtiyanu. Ippo kali kalamalle.Atha ingane azhinjadunnathu. Vittu kalanjekkedo .Evideyenkilum poyi thulayatte. Iyyo angane engum pokillallo ee nasam . Nammaleyum konde poku enna thonnunnathu nasichaval.

    2. Ponnu

      Ninak ethra gmail ac indenn nik thanne ariyo…mother of 2 childe sughalle…??

  32. Hiii.. I’m bubby.. I am a big fan of vikku.. Can I join u people..

  33. RAOne

    can any please convert to english matter she(nethara said) please……

    Nethara see your thinking……don’t you love your maa…… it means you will also abuse them like this…… you just keep away from my matter……..
    it clear she always mention her friend name in her comment…… she want her friend to remembered forever…….. ya her approach is wrong……. yes if She(ANJU) hate aaliya
    so she should not comment about her everytime…. if she stop talking about aaliya…… and if she stop commenting….. that will prove that she actually hate her…..and otherwise she continue to comment here………. I will assume that …….. she loves her friend…..and if you take their friendship love wrong then that u must also talking yours and your mother love same l………..n so…… be carefull before coomenting……….


  34. Totally selfish vividha…kangana has right go live with his son…when vividha was searching for her daughter , then where was her love for madhav…she did not care for madhav then…now she says madhav is his son…blo*dy hell character vividha…

  35. Don’t worry RAOne .I ‘ll tell u what she said. ” Raone don’t u have shame on ur self to be silent aftr saying like that “. This is correct translation of her words. Nothing to worry bro. Don’t know what she meant by this.May be abt the cmnt that u send yesterday to Aailya abt anju. Bt here nothing like bad words to hurt u. If she do so in malayalam, we mallus will never let her free frm here.We will defntly give her apt reply that she deserve. Actually she is tamil ,bt know malayalam too. U know she already filed a case against her parents fr property and thrown away frm home. So she has no parents sentiments like us.How can she have? She is not a girl too.Feeling shame on my self to mention her as a girl. Anyway just leave it bro. We will never allow her to scold u .Sure. Gud evening bro.

    1. yaa dii… okk… i know thanks…. for translation and your love di…

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