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The Episode starts with Sujata telling Atharv that she did not like his bike, as he used to take care of it more than her. She asks him to buy a car. He looks at her and says no need to do this. She asks what. He says to cheer me, I m fine, I know I loved my bike a lot. She says if you loved any girl like this, you would have got married. The garage owner gets his bike and says your lover is waiting for him, take these keys, give me 25000rs tomorrow, I did not wish to sell this bike seeing your sad face. Atharv cries and hugs him thankfully. The man goes. Atharv sees his bike and is glad. Sujata asks him to get pizza. Atharv gets his bike and asks Sujata to come along. He says family got completed. Sujata says no, family will complete when I get my bahu. They leave. Uncle wishes Atharv gets

such a wife who loves him like Sujata.

Vividha sees Atharv going on his bike and is glad. Kailash looks on and asks Dubey why did he sell bike. Dubey says I heard he needed 25000rs, I will find out why. Vividha thanks the garage owner. He says you did this for your BF. She says no, he is not my BF, it happened by my mistake, so I did this. She asks him not to tell this to anyone. He says I won’t. She smiles and leaves.

Dadi and Uma have an argument over the cow puja and rituals. Guddi comes and Dadi argues with her too. Vividha tells Dadi to take her new chunri as chadava. Dadi praises Vividha and taunts Uma and Guddi. Vividha says I will make tea. Uma asks Guddi to get ready and go to Sujata’s stable. Kailash says no need, Sujata will come here with her cow and calf, Maa and Guddi will not go there. Guddi says I will go. Kailash says no need, Dubey ji tell Sujata to come here, or send her son.

Sujata does the cow puja along with other ladies. Atharv goes. Dubey comes and asks Sujata to come to Kailash’s house with cow and calf. She says but every year…. He says this year, Kailash said Maa can’t come here, so he asked you to come, else send your son. She says no, he won’t come.

Vividha and Guddi have a talk. Sujata comes there and talk to Vividha. Dadi does the rituals. A lady taunts Sujata for the cheap stable and her husband leaving her. Kailash smiles and tells Dubey that your wife talks very well. The lady taunts Sujata that you can’t make anyone make fast, is your husband alive or dead. Uma asks what are you saying, come for puja. The lady says we should know truth, did your husband leave you, or did he die, anyways did your marriage happen. Sujata gets sad.

Atharv comes home and looks for Sujata. He asks uncle about Sujata. Uncle says Kailash called her for cow puja. Atharv says cow is Devi Maa, does devotee call Devi at home, mum always agrees as if we took loan from him, I will go there and tell Maa not to get afraid of Kailash. He leaves.

The ladies do the puja. Sujata looks on. Kailash asks her to serve the guests. The lady asks did you start working here and insults her. Vividha takes Sujata aside and says you are also fasting, come here, is everything fine, come with me. Kailash says my daughter is so lovely that she cares for everyone, so I m proud of her. Sujata asks Vividha not to worry for her. Vividha asks her to go home, and I will drop cow and calf. Sujata says they are animals and can’t understand things like us, they are your responsibility now. Vividha says I m calf Payal’s Mausi now, don’t worry, I will drop them after puja. Sujata smiles and leaves. Kailash thinks to show Atharv his place now.

Dadi and Guddi have a talk about cows. Atharv comes and asks about Sujata. Vividha says she has gone, puja is being done, you can’t take the cow and calf. He says I have come to take them. She says all ladies are come here for puja, the cow and calf are happy. Uma stops Kailash and asks him to have tea and snacks. He refuses. She asks him to atleast have Prasad. Atharv asks Vividha how do you know I got my bike back. She says I have many messengers everywhere, you can leave, I will drop cow and calf. Kailash sees them together and gets shocked.

Atharv scolds Vividha for not doing her responsibility well. Vividha gets sad and tells Guddi that she failed in doing her duty.

Update Credit to: Amena

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