Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish crying and recalling Vividha’s words. Vividha cries recalling Ravish’s words. Sujata says if this relation is made once, it could not break, we both understand it very well. Suman says but Vividha… Sujata says Vividha can think of breaking marriage, but trust me, she can never do this. Vividha recalls Suman’s words. She recalls Vashisht family and Atharv’s words. Jaana na dil se door…..plays………

Suman comes to her and sees her crying. She says time did not pass from hands, think again Vividha, you are leaving Ravish for Atharv, who is not there now. She makes Vividha wear bangles and goes. Vividha thinks everything finds me selfish, why don’t anyone see my love, Atharv you can’t leave me alone, I feel you are around me, just give me a sign that you are around. She sees a paper rocket. She smiles and kisses the paper rocket. She thinks of Atharv. Suman comes and covers Vividha with the red chunri.

Sujata takes pagdi for Atharv. She says everyone is waiting for you downstairs. He nods and asks and Vividha? Sujata cries and goes. Suman takes Vividha. Vividha gets Atharv’s car toy and thinks of him. Everything reminds her of Atharv. Vividha recalls Atharv and thinks I can just see Atharv in everything, is he here. Ravish sees the pagdi and cries. Dil bangaya saudai……plays…………… Ravish wears pagdi. He holds sherwani and smiles with tears rolling down his cheeks. Ravish gets ready and comes downstairs. He recalls Vividha and his moments. He thinks of her love for Atharv. Pandit asks Ravish to come. Vividha recalls Atharv. Pandit asks them to stand for separation ritual. Ravish stands up. Suman asks Vividha to get up. Vividha stands up.

The chandelier begins to shake. Vividha looks at the door and says Atharv. Everyone turn to see and do not see anyone. The blood falls on the ground. Atharv walks in. Everyone get shocked seeing Atharv. Ravish smiles. Jaana na dil se door……plays……

Atharv says I told you I will come back, I have come. Vividha hugs Atharv. Ravish looks on. Atharv asks you, sorry I did not identify you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    waiting for today’s episode lets see what happens?
    In that mandap Atharv and Vividha’s marriage should be done.

  2. Forget about kailash ki jeeth it’s the matter of love.i strongly felt vithrav marriage will going to happen in the same mandap ravish divorce also happened as athrav return though athrava will convince vivida she would nt agree.plz ravish will give divorce to her.then bye bye jnndsd.

  3. Just keep athrava in vivida place for sometime.lets think that athrava have been married to some other girl forcefully and that girl character is same as ravish.she has fallen in love with athrav but after one month she came to know of athrav love affair.as she loves her husband she will be ready to let athrav get his happiness .athrav also knows that his wife has love for him like how here vivida knows ravish loves her.will athrav go back to vivida leaving his wife who is unknowingly enter in their life?? Will he ignore her feelings?? I am sure athrava will continue his marriage with his wife with love.forgetting vivida.as he surely accept vivida as his past.

  4. Plz keep full stop to that triangle love story
    If u still continue Na we will leave this show.very boring .plz clear in this episode ravish or vithrav.i wish RAVIDHA.but u r gng to show vithrav for sure bye-bye jnndsd .

  5. Plz director plz vividha r athrava ko milaye bcoz vividha ki baap ki jeet Ho jayegi .plZ yr vividha n athrava dono Ek dusre k lye h plz plz
    Agr vividha athrava k nh hui to ye serial super flop show hogi qki jitne v serial h us m dikhaye gye h phle pyr ki jeet hui fr chahe colours ki meri ashiqui Tumse hi serial m ranveer ishani ya nagin m shivanya n ritwik so plz Dr director plz plz

  6. Mri Ek hi request h athrava r vividha ki Prem jeete naki kailash ki geenhoni chal plz undono Mila do yr unhe juda mt koro wrna athrava ki bt Jhuti Ho jayegi Jo o vividha ko kaha tha ki “aap ki haatho k lekiro m mri v lekir h r unke 7 bchano ka Kya hua Jo bin phero k lye thy Agr unko Ek nh hue to 7bchan se blv Uth jayga
    R jb vividha ravish se sadi kr rhi thi tb o 7 phero m Jo 7 bchan o to Ohi yd kr rhi thi Jo athrava k st ki thi to kaha ki sadi yr o to phle se hi athrava ki patni Ho chuki thi yr

  7. Getting scared about today’s episode.
    I’m thinking what will be the reaction of Atharv when he comes to know that Ravish is his step brother????
    Dying to see that moment.

    1. i also..scared abt it and as well as His brother(ravish) and Vividha marriage news to Atharv will be a shock…i feel that won’t bring again baby Atharv..Just kidding..
      anyways we have to wait ..wat magic will director do nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


  9. Finally Atharv is back

  10. hi guys can I join with u guys iam new here .I like both vikram as arthav n shasha as ravish .I just watched todays epi n I fell in love with jndsd the credits goes to vikram I love him and vitharv .can I join u guys pliz

    1. Hi.., You r Always…welcome.
      just Atharv Sujatha is enough to take show..high voltage entertainment..finally he is Back..

    2. You are welcome & keep commenting.

  11. 4 all those who r blaming vividha..let me give them a answer that she is the strongest lady..2 say that she s atharv s widow while she a married..it nyds lots of guts..n ofcrz VITHARV IS A EXAMPLE OF GREAT LOVE..n a thing that star plus is abt ‘nai soch’if vitharv unite then that wld b a ‘nai soch’it wld society a answer that yes a girl had full ryt 2 marryn stay wd the person she loves that’s atharv..n by this that its a failure 2 an evil lyk kailash..so all ravish fans dnt force a girl 2 stay wd a person whom she dnt want jst 4 the sake of family n 4 sake of ravish..so wat he a nice guy…if ravish is nice guy then is it necessary 2 4gt her love atharv n everything jst.bcz he s nice guy ryt? Vividha defines the meaning of nai soch..u better undrstnd all ravish fans open ur mind..we r in 21st generation.whr the girls r nt trophy that atharv wld sacrifice vivi lyk a prize 2 ravish 4 his all good deads deads 2wrds atharv n sujata..n ha rmbr his their father’s wish wa vitharv

    1. Its not about vitharva or ravidha for me.. it is about character potrayal of vividha which seems to be the most weakest in the entire cast.. she becomes stubborn at her own convenience.. she was strong and stubborn to kailash kashyap till they were into father daughter relationship.. but she gave up when kk was out with his real face and conceded in his deal..

      Now if it was nayi soch as said by star plus, vividha would have never married to Ravish forcefully.. don’t you think she has spoiled Ravish life for whole life..
      If she was strong enough, she could have tell her reality to ravish or suman on the day of their marriage.. but no.. our darling and strong vividha kept her mouth shut even on listening to suman’s expectation for a loving wife for ravish.. later on seeing atharva, it was very convenient for her to say the truth..
      The other problem is that it is wrong for her to get close to atharva when still she is married to ravish.. she could have filed the divorce and do whatever she wants to do.. but what our darling vividha did.. she wore the mangalsutra again even when it was pulled of by ravish.. and for what? To show that she cares for vashisth family and will fulfill her responsibilty as their bahu.. what happened now.. why isn’ t she sticking to her words and where all the care has gone..

      If she was strong enough, then why was she getting second thoughts and why she waited for indication of atharva’s presence..?

      1. Yes you are right. ..
        Writers made messy messy wid vivida character…
        That one is true she have to get rid from all ties before she goes to atharv…
        I am also unable to understand how can this writers make everything correct now..
        Of course every person has their own weakness right..vivida married to ravish to save atharv life as a girl she can’t fight with all that goons right? ?
        Any strong person also have some week point..

      2. [email protected]…Yeah., u r right u have no problem with Vitharva or Ra…vidha.
        But i feel, u r trying to get a point to fingure on vividha charecter.that which won’t make any sense. plz stop this altitude.

      3. No i liked vividha alot since the beginning.. she was really sweet in the initial episodes.. the way she used to support sujata was commendable.. but I saw a sudden drift from her character after she got married.. she didn’t take a single minute in pointing her fingure towards ravish sister in guddi’s murder.. infact she didn’t take ravish into confidence.. but she didn’t discuss it with ravish about how guddi fell for him and started inspiring.. the writers of jnsd are really doing a bad job.. they do not clear a scene and move forward.. what happened to kalindi’s another boy friend.. i am still not sure who took atharva to the temple from his death bed in the hospital.. why did atharva behave as kid in ajmer after looking at ravish.. wasn’t it an indicative that atharva has returned to his senses..
        And now ulta phera thing.. it looked to me as if there were no indications of atharva’s presence, vividha would have not taken ulta phera with ravish..

        @ nikh.. your comment definately makes sense.. i know that vividha cudn’t have fought the goons.. but atleast she had the courage to speak to suman before the marriage or ravish immediately after the marriage and break all the ties with him.. instead, she compromised with her life to stay with Ravish.. it was atharva’s entry that gave her courage to say truth to ravish.. it made me very dissapointed..
        I am still waiting for kailash kashyap’s story.. why is the secret behind his injured face.. is there any big secret yet to be revealed.. another story to drag for writers..

        @143, do you think any plot of jnsd makes sense.. the unnecessary twists make any sense.. i am not sure when will be able to atharva without white bandage around his head.. mind you, anyone can hit atharva on his head anyday and he will go missing and come back making us happy:)

        Ravish has took voluntary retirement from army and will only return when his thing is sorted with vividha..

        I think the end game is to unite ravidha and then they will kill ravish in any military operation followed by uniting vitharva..
        And this crap will make all happy..

      4. @jyoti
        ya your point also correct..
        but think once at that time anyone’s position should not be normal ..
        and at that time suman and ravish are strangers for vivida …
        she didn’t know them at that time..
        she betrayed by her own father then how can she believe if she tell whole truth to them they will help her ..
        any one can not think like that right?
        and everyone can not be same as we think…
        so it is her helplessness at that time..

  12. This is amen as my comment is not published
    I am writing it with this name.guys I just want to keep athrav in vivida place for sometime.if athrav forcefully marriaed to someone else other than vivida .that girl don’t know athrav life affair before marriage.and she fell in love with athrav.but after one month of marriage she came to know of it.but for her husband happiness she is ready to send him back to his love.athrav knows that his wife loves him .then will he go back to his love vivida by ignoring his wife feelings?or will he continue his marriage with his wife by loving her and forgetting his love vivida .be true fan of athrav plz reply anyone( just forget about promises for sometime )

    1. Stupid logic and stupid sense..that u thought that Atharv sujatha can marry other girl than vividha..u should use your sense before saying it.Ok!!
      If u want to suport Ra…vidha..then u support them…don’t make stupid logic..without using ur sense..Ok!!!!!!
      just go to helllllllllllllll

      1. its good Amena was not posting ur brainless comments.
        just get lost from hereeeee

    2. Hi 143 please don’t use such type of words for anyone Vo v ek sirf ek serial K liye. We all who comments here (both VITHARV or RAVIDHA) are not enemy so please don’t use go to hell type comments it’s really cheap YAHA sabko apne comments karne ka hak h vo v apni marzi se.if we r not friends so we r Not also enemy. We all r just viewer of JNDSD.

    3. Hello he is atharv sujatha not ramakanth vashist okkk..

    4. Sorry to say but we r not specifically only atharv fans here. We r true fans of jndsd.
      After dat we became fans of atharv n vitharv.

  13. Yes ashnita.. Welcome dear??

  14. Guys…. I hv watched a video… Where vividha said dt vikram and shashyank use baby lips to get pink glow from deir lips….. And web d two guys got to know dis… dry locked deir rooms….. Vividha was saying sharam ke maare kya halat ho gaye dono ki…. Dis video is nt recent one….????

    1. I also watched the video before 2 or 3 weeks @ nikhat. Such a lovely video was that.but I think it is nt recent video

  15. Sony satheesh

    Good morng mallus and vitharv fans.

    @forgive me dear,I didn’t see the reply earlier dear.Yesterday the comment I put was not loading properly and it led to more comments.

    Innale Sonu and Ravidha fans karanam nalle deshiyam vannu.Ethre parajalum manaslavillya.Kure sadhanam under allo jyothi,sudheer,pinky etc.Avare ignore cheiyunatha nallath.Veruthey nammude energy waste avum ,vere onnum undavillya.Enik avare malayalthil pulicha theri vilikanna thonniath.Virthiketta sadhanagal.

    @Renu dear sukam anno,keralathil evideya place.

    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode.I think atharv should tell that “I Can Give My Life Not Vividha.”

  16. Gm vitharv fans

  17. Hi… [email protected],Nazneen syed,joe,Sunands,Havilah,Nita 26,Anam,TUFFY,xyz,Nikh,Happpyyy fan,Renuka,shivani,sonu,Dimpurose11234 and all jndsd viewers..
    A very good morning….
    Have a gr8t day..

    1. Hiii gd aftrn.. Hw r u.. U knw im so much happy for our atharv.. Nd also coming episodes we can see atharvas MONOLOGUE.. waiting for tht..

  18. @ sayyad of course athrav will chose 2 one I.e. not with comprise definitely he will love her.one should have great heart to sacrifice for own happiness for loved ones that’s show his/her truelove.personally I too will support 2 one.

  19. Finally Atharv Sujatha is back…now he will get the old charm to the show. with his. regular altitude…just waiting. for wat nxt… i just want Atharv go back to Ajmer with vividha and sujatha ji.
    Atharv don’t stay in that vashista’s house..its a dead house. for ur true love. all are different type of Animals from South Africa…
    Just leave that blo*dy house with vividha..

    Ra……….vidha fans go to helllllllllllllllll

  20. Nooooooooo i can’t take this drama…any more……Leave those Vashista’s house. plz bring old charm.even by getting our beloved..monster on track. shift show to Ajmer.

    1. Yah seriously.. Ajmer is the place missing now..

  21. Today’s epi will be the best epi since the last four months seriously.. I hope athar and vivi have happy scenes ahead.. Love you vitharv..

  22. Guys he is our real I think because his eye ki thaklif .

  23. I mean real atharv.

  24. Excuse me” 143″ ( whatever ur real name is ) do not speak rude to people this is a platform where all people can express their opinions . I have observed all vitharv fans are rude to ravidha fans. I really wanted ravidha to unite and u people do not have the right to speak badly abt ravidha fans and do u expect a girl to love her lover instead of her husband . That is absolute rubbish.after marriage how can vividha love atharv instead of ravish (who helps vividha) u guys want ravish to be the connector between atharv and vividha I don’t want that to happen.Now I sometimes think vividha does not deserve ravish but I love ravidha . Ravish is far more better than atharv .

  25. Vividha has truly lost her brains after all. She should be ashamed of wearing widow ‘s clothes even though her husband is alive and not only this… In many other instances ..Too.

  26. my name is ashnita iam from Fiji .iam 18yrs old . how did arthav got memory loss .pliz koi to answer do warna me pagal ho jaungi soch kar .vitharv forever ?


  28. @143.Hello and good afternoon ?

    That stupid evil Kailash Kashyap can’t win easily.
    Let us see in today’s episode what will happen???

  29. Finally Atharva is back…..let the love birds unite and all the rest can pls accept their relationship. There are so much in love that they even defy death from keeping them apart. They sense each other even when they aren’t together. Convincing VI vividha to stay married to Ravish is only going to ruin all their lives….Ravish, Vividha and Atharva.

    The final decesion will depend on Vividha with no pressure put on her by anyone including Atharva or Ravish…..so let’s wait and watch

  30. vithrav?ravida

    @eswari .I agree with
    U? .wtever u said is absolutely right.lets hope for the
    Best.at the starting I was cursing ravish but as time pass on I like him like athrava .y these directors showing both leads with too much positivity .loving the same girl morethan their life’s.how can they justify at last with no pain.i know how vivida is so serious about her love ravish also so serious about his love . I like the way he is supporting her in getting her love.thats also truelove.how can be athrav happy with vivida after knowing this.i think two boys r ready to sacrifice her.it will be good if vivida goes back from two brothers life.i wonder for suppose athrav say I will be happy if u choose to die along with me instead of this marriage to vivida ? Oh no I wish this dialogue should nt be there .I understand her condition that time of marriage .I pity her for this.but i agree she is selfish somewhat . @ ?sayyad if it happens Na athrav will go for 2 as far as as I know him from starting.lets see wt directors are planning .who they r gng to compromise.

    1. Vitharv ?ravidha ??

    2. Thank you. I can not explain fully. Two good heros faced more difficulties. I expected this vivitha on her marriage day that she told about atharv to suman or ravish. They are military family definitely they would help to vivitha. So sad. Vivitha did not. Let us wait and see what is our writers decision?

  31. After a long time I am texting here… a biggg hello to all. Finally atharv is back… now it’s time to unite vitharv…. arey yaar app sab ravish fans kya sooch hai yaar aap ka… when vividha is haunting by atharv’s moves how come yu people think…. she even snece atharv before he come. Still yu people had a hope… I really pity.
    If director unite ravidha… this serial will really loose TRP….

  32. Hie ashnita,
    Vividha’s father and his goons will beat atharv a lot. And his son beats in his head. That’s why only he got memory loss.

  33. @ Ashnita.Hi. I’m also 18 years old.
    Welcome to Vitharv family ?


    1. Absoltly wrongly [email protected] ramakanth and sujatha are loved each other and married without any force. And they have a child ie atharv in that reln.after that ramakanth forcly married to suman by his father. Here vividha & ravishs mrrge is happen accidently without any love.there is no love bw ravish and vividha apart from ravishs oneside love. So it should better to part away they are.

      And one more thing don’t blame atharv as he never did a wrong thing in his life .vividha & atharv loved each other.so Thier is no force but incase of ra vidha that is a forced reln.if ravish will continue his reln with vividha aftr knowing everything. Then it will be guilty of ravish.it will be big fault of ravish.

  35. Where are Suman di,Nidha,Sachin??
    Today they are not commenting ?

    1. Hi. Actually I was out of town for Pongal. Now on the way to home. I may not watch todays episode. Feeling sad. But I will get updates in twitter ?. I will watch online. Definitely not going to miss. Our atharv sujatha is back. Party time.

  36. Finally atharv is back.. Pls unite atharv and vividha.. End ravish character pls.. If vividha accepts ravish means there will be no logic inthis show.. Vividha should marry atharva because of her only atharv lost everything.. So she must give divorce to ravish..
    This is what we want

  37. if vividha marry to atharva it will be the greatess love story in star + serial ever made when u love someone it is imortal

  38. @Parvez Syed ?

  39. @xyz I agree with u xyz and I don’t blame ATHARV bcoz he is also my favorite… But here I just share my doubt nothing else. Bcoz VIVDHA K ek decision se ab bahut kuch mess up ho gya h.

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