Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv falling downstairs. Everyone rush to him. Ravish and Vividha shout Atharv. She asks someone to call doctor. They take Atharv to room. Vividha says why is it taking long. Ravish says doctor gave sleep medicine to Atharv, he would be sleeping. Adaa says I think he got up, some sound is coming from his room. Everyone run upstairs to see Atharv. Ravish and Vividha call him out and look for him. Atharv laughs like a kid and hides behind the bed. They find him. Atharv behaves like a kid again, which shocks everyone.

He asks why is everyone tensed. Sujata asks him to stop it, everyone is worrying. Atharv asks for his plane. Ravish asks what are you doing. Atharv asks did anyone get my plane. He goes out and sees the decorations. He thinks forgive me Sujata,

Ravish and Atharv, now no heart will break. Sujata and Vividha worry. Ravish and Vividha call Atharv out and go to look for him. Vividha stumbles. Ravish holds her. Atharv sees them. Jaana na dil se door………plays…………

Vividha cries and says how did this happen, Atharv came back and got fine. Ravish says don’t worry, we will take care of him, we will take him to doctor. She says he got hurt on same point. He says he will get fine again. She asks how and cries. Atharv looks on. His hand touches a vase and it falls down. They see Atharv hiding.

Atharv takes a paper and makes a plane. Vividha asks him to listen. Atharv says see my aeroplane, I made it myself, come we will fly. He cries and gets away. He says wow, its a beautiful place, whose birthday is this. He laughs seeing banana. He talks to Adaa.

He asks Adaa to come and play with him. Kalindi says how can this mad guy marry Vividha. They all get shocked and feel bad. Suman says Kalindi is right, Atharv’s state is such, how can Vividha and Atharv marry. Ravish and Vividha look at Atharv. Vividha cries and signs Ravish. Atharv thinks you both have bear a lot, now I will do this for two of you.

Vividha cries. Atharv sees her in mirror. He cries seeing her crying. She says why did this happen, when everything got fine, he became normal, will sorrow and pain get less in our life or not. He says I know you are hurt now, but this will just give you happiness in coming life, I did not think someone will come in Vividha’s life who will love her more than Atharv. He says till when will you deny your love for Ravish, even if I ignore the letter, how can I deny your feelings for Ravish, which I have seen in your eyes, Ravish and I love each other, the one whose love is one sided will sacrifice. He recalls Vividha and his moments. Jaana na dil se door…..plays………….

Vividha also sees him. He realizes she is seeing him and starts acting like a kid. She calls him out. She stops him. She says you wiped tears just now, why were you crying. He says I felt bad seeing you crying, Ravish cancelled party, see I m also crying, I will tell him not to cancel party, come we will party. He goes.

Vividha goes to Adaa. Adaa hugs her. They cry. Vividha says I feel strange, Atharv became like before again. Adaa says I used to have fun playing with him before, but I was glad when he got fine, I don’t like kiddish Atharv. Vividha says me too. Adaa says sorry, I should have held his hand, he fell down by leaving my hand, he got hurt. Vividha says no, it was an accident. Adaa says when he fell, I felt like he left my hand. Vividha asks what, when you got him, what was he doing. Adaa says he was sad, I was recording and asked him to get ready fast and come. Vividha asks did you do recording. Adaa says yes, till he fell down, recording was on. Vividha checks the recording. She sees Atharv making Adaa’s hand away and falling down stairs. She gets shocked and cries. She says Atharv did this purposely.

Its night, Ravish asks Sujata to have food. Sujata says I don’t want to. He says none wants to have food, but its important to have food, this phase will be for some time. He asks Vividha how is Atharv. She says Atharv is fine, I called him for dinner. Suman asks Ravish why did you get the decorations removed. Ravish says we will think later. Suman says you are seeing Atharv’s state. He says we will talk later about this, everyone start having food.

Atharv comes and says I m also hungry, give me food. Vividha looks at him and observes him. She gives him a plate. He takes a plate. She says this is not your plate, you used to have food in just your plate. He acts and says yes, I was giving this to Suman. He takes another plate. Vividha says even this plate is not yours. Atharv gets tensed. Everyone look on.

Atharv says I was giving this to Ravish, give me food. Suman says I don’t think you can marry Atharv, will you marry a mad guy. Vividha says yes, I will marry him in any state he is in. Atharv cries hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please reunite ravidha after leap
    Haiii guys I am new here

    1. Noo plzzz unite vitharv

  2. The story will be like this vividha leave from house and become very successfully women .
    In this span atharv also become business man.
    They will meet in a meeting.
    atharv will try to convince her.
    So after leap atharv has convince her and take to ajmeer.

    1. Are uu from Kerala ??

      1. No I am from Guntur,Ap.

  3. i wonder if there is going to be a leap,hmmm i really do not care who Vividha ends up with it is the directors call but i think something is fishy on ravish part the directors are not really show casing his emotions that much but you can see that they are portraying Atharv feelings as the saying goes if you really love someone let them go if they are really yours they will come back to you and that is exactly what Arthav is doing right now he is letting Vividha go if she is meant to be with him nothing can stop them from uniting but then again this is just an assumption on my part for i do not care who the hell she ends up with i am really getting fed up now the directors are taking us for a ride now the longer this nonsense goes on the more money they are making so what the hell they do not care for our review they do not understand that without us the viewers they are nothing if we stop looking at this shit and people boycott them you will see how fast they will stop dragging this nonsense and get to the real story line

    1. Is this true become leap

  4. Plzzz unite vitharv.. I hate the idiot ravish… if vivitha got unite with ravish the serial goes on worst ..most of the viewers wants to see atharv and vivitha got unite plzzzzzzzzz

  5. Vivitha ku sathyathil areya ishtamm

  6. I think what atharv doing is justified.he cannot start a new life with his brother’s wife.so ppl…..do not blame atharv.ravish is also right .he cannot satay in a marriage when your wife loves your own brother.so ravish is also right.stop blaming ravish.

  7. it is not even half an hour because the ad alone is about fifteen minutes so all in all we are getting about fifteen minutes showtime and you made some valid points keep the good work up

  8. After Nisha air uska cousins ka baaad the heroine marries the brother in law like

    Saathiya Jaggi instead of ahem
    Please dis dosent happen

  9. Is this true that ravidah unites suman di

  10. Sangida Rahman

    Esawri I am very hpy to see ur cmnt…I want to friendship with u….Do u Friendship with me????

    1. Hai we are all friends . You comment here. I read your comment. We talk in comment section and share our opinion about jndsd like Mia jyoti and pinky . Why do you ask permission? Comment here I don’t know your full or real name. Anyway through the comment section we share the opinion about the show . Ok . Bye.

  11. Aradhana whoever u are seems to say ur opinions decidedly. A good interpretation of the days episode. Well its is somewhAt similar to the box office hit movie; hum dil de chuke sanam. The climax of the movie sealed its.fate.at the box.office. If the heroine had chosen Salman ji intead of her husband the movie would not have fared half as much as it did. It clearly reflects the mindset of.our indian viewers. Vividha ulfimatdly realises that her feelings have no consideration. Atharva wants to see his bro Rav ish happy while Ravi wants to make atharva happy. In their brotherly love for each other they completely ignored vividhas feelings. It was like an insult added to injury for poor vjvidha. No wonder if she loses her temper at our cowboy and chooses Ravish. She might even start wondering KK. Motive in choosing ra ish for her. After all every father would want the best for his kids.

  12. @ eswari I M good & happy to see you again…….
    But what about the serial……I mean this leap. … don’t know where the story line is going…….I only hope for best…… After the leap I think both of heroes will be happy & the love triangle must be end……..no more love triangle after leap……& what about KK THE MAIN VILLAIN OF THE SERIAL& VITHARV LOVE STORY….. WHERE IS HE…… & IF AFTER LEAP VITHARV ARE SPERATED SO HE WILL WIN…….I THINK THE REAL STORY IS MISSING….

    1. Hai Mia happy morning . I am also waiting to see the two heroes happiness. Let’s wait and watch. I don’t like this triangle track again. But I can’t stop to watch this. Two heroes are roll models to society. Because of two heroes only I have to watch this daily. I hope for the best. Ok Mia. Due to my classes I can’t comment here regularly next week I will be free. Classes will be over. I see to you soon . Take care Mia jyoti and pinky.
      Have a happy day friends bye 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Hello finally marriage happens
    But vitharv marriage or ra….. Vidha?need to watch on screen.
    I didn’t understand dis dialog meaning. Is dat they show 4 years in less than 1 week. Or in less than one week leap scene going to start.

  14. Samiha Chowdhury

    Love RABIDHA actually that’s what going to happen I think ..but yp..I feel bad for atharva..anyways ravish also went through so much pain …made the whole story so complicated..people feels for both atharva n ravish ♥♥♥

  15. This seems like a copy of Sajan movie. Rubbish.

  16. Gud mrng to all. Have a nice day to all.
    I now ravidha unite ultimately.
    I heard d news 4 years leap in show.
    May be this leap help full to ravidha unite.
    Adharv ur great.
    Anyway precap is interesting & nice epi.

    1. Sudheer vitharv ku twins anta. Malli ra…. Vidha yela

      1. @suman. Sudheer ke pillalu tho pani ledu. ra…..vidha unite kavali Anthe?????

  17. Hi

    I didn’t watch the episode from 2 days.
    But I came to know we got some segments and leap spoilers.
    What is this .
    I read yesterday’s updates
    Also read comments
    Hansika’s comment and all of you.What is this going on?
    Will Vitharv marry or not ?
    The show is making nonsense drama .I can’t bear anything more now.

    But I missed you all.

  18. Hi friends….very good morning.
    Have a nice day.

    Waiting for today’s episode.. Precap was superb..vividha answered suman in high tone like a slap?? to suman. For stopping marriage.

  19. @suman.
    Puri sir mentioned less than a week..so if we count like dis..
    1.today–vividha raise voice for marriage
    2..vividha trick marriage drama and will caught Atharv red handedly.
    3.vividha slay both bro’s
    4. Who’s marriage????
    5. JNDSD take a leap.
    Don’t know where was d show going. But waiting for whatever Cv’s doing.

  20. So..whatever hanshika ji said yesterday it was rt .I mean vividha became pregnant bcoz of atharav that’s gud news…but somewhat disappointment is vivhrav Union not happend yet.it’s k yaar now it is confirmed that ra..?vividha Union will never happen.

  21. Such a beautiful love story it was in Ajmer,with two strong characters who fought all odds for their love.Even the villain KK was acceptable.But now they are ruining the show and its theme and even the characters.

    Now they will unite Ravidha I guess .The typical useless show it is becoming now.

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKKz3np9UH4

    another disgusting epi ahead!

    according to MR.puri….vitharv marriage will happen fr sure ! and leap is coming up soon…

    dont know the reason of leap… i

  23. RAOne

    hello everyone I was planning the write the story after post leap before that I could do any thinking @ hansika informed us about the future story. Now I’m thinking that if I publish that is that ok… with you all.
    Don’t think that I’m trying to COOK THE BOOKS. After want your support by reading and if wish you can post comment. I’m reading to accept the Your suggestion.

  24. After these vaada,vachan and all btwn vitharv, HW can athrv think lyk tat?…This leap wala track is defntly a nonsense, ….After showing this much of luv,trust among them there is no qustns of misunderstanding……This leap is to lag the serial,actually written hv no idea wat should they show,anyway this serial is going to end by uniting vithrv after the leap…..this is it for sure….Nw this story is same as othr daily soap…krpkab and jndsd both bcom same story line,although their products unit is same,(beyond dream entrtnmnt).
    Bt my opinion aftr vithrv babies,this serial vll not get tat much fan following…..

  25. i love the way vividha is insisting to marry atharv suman is the only one against this marriage she told them to put all the stuff away concerning the marriage and vividha told ravish marriage will happen so he has started decorating the place again tomorrow’s episode looks interesting because he shouted no when vividha told him to let them get marry if he keeps pushing vividha away he may end up losing her

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