Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Suman saying my patience is breaking down. She asks Sujata to manage Atharv. She asks Aruna to control her daughter, next time she will be punished, not forgiven. They all do puja for Ramakant. Atharv and Chutki play. Sujata says I have waited for Atharv to grow up, I was sure he will do something big, as his thinking was different, now I feel all my dreams will break down, I will not see it becoming true. She cries. Vividha says sun’s first ray is enough to end darkness, miracles are called miracles as they can happen anytime. Arun looks around. Vipul sees her and asks how did you come here.

She says I was lost in this big house. He says how can you be lost when I m here, I m there if you need anything. He holds her and asks how is your health, better than

before? She says yes, better. Ravish comes and asks what is the matter. Vipul gets shocked and says no, I was asking her welfare. He goes. Ravish asks Aruna is she finding anything.

Sujata thanks Vividha for help. Vividha asks her not to thank. Atharv asks Sujata to give him gift as she promised. Aruna says I was finding my room. Ravish says your room is there. She says I have forgot the way. He says you did not tell about yourself, from which place are you. She says I m not from Delhi. He says our country is big, where did you come from. She says Mumbai. He asks where is your husband, he should have been with you to take care of you. She says yes, he is not here and we don’t care. He asks does he know you are in this state, I will talk to him, you are his responsibility. She says no, he is not with us. He asks the reason. She says he died. He says sorry to hear that, you saw good urdu.

Sujata cries seeing Atharv. Atharv says what you have given to Atharv is not got in markets, your love and values, don’t leave the courage. Sujata says I have seen hope turning int disaster, I m scared, any disaster can happen before miracle. Vividha pacifies her. Aruna calls someone and says I think Ravish doubts me, I think we have to make this plan work out soon, send some items soon, I have just one gun now. Atharv comes with Chutki. Aruna hides the gun. Atharv asks did you see my videogame. Chutki says Atharv wants videogame. Atharv says we will find it. Arun asks them to go to garden and play. Chutki says yes, I have an idea. Chutki looks for the spin toy. Aruna asks her to go out. The gun falls down. Atharv picks it and thanks Aruna for the toy. Arun gets shocked. Atharv asks Chutki to come and play. They run out. Aruna runs after them to stop. Aruna sees Suman and asks Atharv to return the gun. Sujata goes to kitchen to talk to Vividha. Ravish gets a call. Aruna tries to hear Ravish’s conversation.

Chutki asks Atharv do you know using gun. He says I can use gun with closed eyes, I know shooting. Sujata says Vividha, you heard what Atharv said, he won gold medal in shooting in college, he can shoot by hearing sound, it means his memory is coming back. Suman asks them to stop making noise. Atharv gets blindfold and says I can shoot with closed eyes. Daddy ji comes and asks whats happening. Atharv greets him. Everyone come. Ravish gets shocked seeing the real gun. He asks how did you get the gun. Atharv asks him to see the gun. Suman says they are playing with toy gun. Ravish says its not toy gun, its real gun, everybody get down. They all get shocked and get down. Ravish asks Atharv to return the gun.

Atharv refuses and says I will shoot. Ravish says give it to me. Atharv asks where are you. Sujata says Atharv can shoot without seeing on sound. Atharv asks who is coming to me, I will shoot. Ravish slowly walks to him. Aruna sees a vase and makes it fall to divert Atharv’s attention towards Ravish. Atharv shoots and Ravish gets shot. Everyone get shocked. Atharv says thanks, I have shot it. Aruna smiles. Suman shouts Ravish.

Suman slaps Atharv and says I m kicking you both out of my house, you will go out of my house right away. Sujata apologizes. Vividha stops Suman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vaishth house, Sab army se hai….dadaji, baap, sauthela Bhai…..leken Atharva tu tho sab ka baap nikla;))))).

    Gold medalist in shooting!! Wo bhi awaaz ke nishane pe….good1. Ye raha asle JNDSD ka hero!!!

    Atharva should have shot Suman….

    Can’t wait 4 Atharva’s comeback……it’s one reason d show is still aired.

  2. Yaar main to sirf update hi padhleti hun lekin do din se ye update padhna bhi boor lagne laga….ooooooooof. Kitna drama …….itna slow ????Mr writer kahani kab age badhaoge bhi ya ye show aisa hi chalta rahega ???????

    1. Navz

      Yaa same here. From few days I was also reading updates. Yeh updates hi itna boring lag rahi hain the same drama 3 days and a new scene which is again for three four days .bored of all this plz bring back atharv to normal state. Tab tak yeh show aise hi chalge duulllll boringgggg laggginnng

  3. I think atharv did not shot ravish.the bullet goes behind ravish.
    Woww atharv is a nice shooter what sujata said.he is gold medalist in shooting.
    He is really great by hearing voice without seeing he shot
    But iam in still confusing ravish get shot or not.
    The screen also not showing the wound of ravish.
    Ravish have 2 ask atharv who gave this gun 2 u.i think ravish did not ask.thats why suman kicking Out sujata nd atharv.
    And that aruna calling atharv as”ATHARV BETA” .iam totally disapointed 2 listen that word

  4. Atharv is starting to get on my nerves with his silly mannerisms!!1 He acts like a spoilt child not like someone who has lost his mental balance due to severe injuries on the head. If he does not recover his old lovable personality soon, I think viewers will get bored and irritated with his actual character. He really is a nuisance. Enough of this track PLEASE!!!

    1. Lol. That’s exactly what I said, really pissin me off, its just too damn much right….

    2. Misha I thought i was the only one that didn’t like Atharv silly antics, I’m getting to dislike him now that he wants to play with that annoying little girl!

  5. Ravish is solo good and Selfishless person…
    Ravish ki fans… Aap Zara Ravish ko dekhar sikhiye ki pyaar ko kaise pyar karna hai..
    Ravish undarstood Vitharv love… But why didn’t undarstand Ravish fansfans ????????????

    1. You r right yaar, ravish is so bad….. Kyun ki baho selfish aadmi hi hai barna kaun apni papa ki adhuri zimmedari ko pura karne ke lia apni zindegi ki sare sapno ki or aapni khusion ki kurbbni deta hai…..
      Are yaar main ye kya kehe raha hun wo to ek ARMY man hai uska thodi na koi feelings hai…..
      Saadi karna or aapni wiwi se pyar karna ye haq kahan usko hai uska to sirf ek kaam hai country ke lia jaan dena….. …
      MERE HISAB SE USKA SIRF EK HI GALATI HAI KI WO VIVIDHA KO APNE GHAR RAKHA HAI …. VALE USSE THODI OR PARESANI HOTI AAPNE MAA KO batana MAIN lakin karna chahie tha kyun ki atharv fir bhi uska bhai hai lekin vividha kis haq se reheta hai….???? Atharv ki halat thik hota wo kabhi na rukta per vividha kyun ruka hai kyun na aage jakar or dukh dekar ghar se jaega….. Ravish doesn’t vividha just helping or wo bhi aapne bhai ke khatir…. so YAHAN RAVISH HI SELFISH????????

      1. Pinky… Maine Ravish ko bad nhi kaha.. Ravish is solo good… Main Ravish ki fans ki bare me baat kar rhi thi….

    2. Oh sorry @Havila main sayad jaldi main thi tabhi aapki comment ko thik se dekh nehi payee. I read again u r right there was ravish is selfless…
      Yaar sehi bol rahe ho sirf ravish ke frns ko hi kyun balki sab ko sikhna chahia ki pyar isse kehete hai!!!!!!!
      Have a nice day friend ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  6. Its high time.. Now vivi should tell that suman about her and atharv’s relation. What does that suman think of herself….

  7. Ravish is so cute……

    1. True… Jus luv Ravidha… Soo cute pair

  8. Yes karan.. Atharv sab ka bap hai.. Atharv always super talented.. Goldmedal in shooting yes.. That is atharv sujatha..

  9. Atharv s the trp gainer of dz show last wek dr was limited atharv shots trp reduced. 1… der r mny ppl jst watching dz crap for vikku’s face nd acting

    1. Oh hi friend…….. U r PINKY glad to know…. Wolelcome to our group.

  10. I have no comments to add…
    Hello everyone…can anyone help me..plss
    Our department is conducting a maths fair at 22 December 2016 so I wanna do something for it ..so can u guys plss suggest me a website which gives information about maths riddles puzzles tricky questions games etc
    Its my humble request

  11. Pehle Atharv ki role kitna strong tha,day by day dir uska ek Joker bana diya!very bad . Ravish ka role bas ek chot pe chot Shadi ki pehle din se.janana….ye series based on love story,love triangle,kisico pyar pana,khoya…hota hai.Big film momei dekchuki.but yea series kaha se kaha jati hai?as a girl I don’t like Vividha ki role.star plus n other channels,sub series ki female lead role very stong n beautiful like Anika or Erika ki role.but vividha ki role…disgusting.I think Vividha should die n 2 handsome bro ke leya new female role leke aye.Atharv ko clown n Ravish ko hurt…not good.mere yea personal opinion.media is our entertainment n

    learning some good lessons so producer,director should be careful I think.

  12. Arey yaar! wt is dis nonsense going on?I’m watching Jndsd from the first day only for atharv and vividha….hw many days we hav to suffer with unnecessary twists…I want to see my atharv who is very kind,daring,lovely and of course gentle.I pity on ravish.. .pls introduce a girl into ravish’s life…….mee chethha twists tho super love story ni chandalam chesaru ra reyyyyyyyyy….orey mikanna nenu baga tesedannemo ra ….. asalu hero ki mental enti ra reyyy…..ravish kadu naku atharv ee hero……..asalu ee love story naku reality ga vundedi starting lo……ipudu chethha ra reyyy

    1. Navz

      Hahaaha reyyy anta baaga chepav naaku kuda alane undi hahaha I still can’t stop laughing reyyyy reyyyy hahahhah. By the way iam navya from vizag. May I know abt you.ikkada Telugu vallu baagundi nee comments Telugu lo.

      1. hi Navya.this is lakshmi .nijangane serial chala irritating ga vundhi day by day…………so inka mana mother tongue lo aithe correct ga titlu vastayi manaki…….anduke telugu lo petta…………

  13. Good morning friends ?.
    @Nidha.Better you ask some brain teasers.It’s good.You go and type maths brainteasers you will find it.
    My exams have started even though I’m watching tv lol…..


  14. I think Atharv didn’t shoot Ravish.
    That Suman is doing over now.She knows Atharv Ki halat theek nahi hai aur phir bhi hamesha usse daanti rehti hai.

    Yeh serial kab aage badhega???????

  15. I too feel the same if vividha dies Na all issues will get solved.justend vividha character as early as possible.

    1. y should vividha die. y can’t ravish die?? if ravish dies by making vithrav marriage on his own.then also problems solved.
      nly becoz of two brothers vividha has to die.is that wat u want to say. wrong idea

  16. If atharav accept vividha then he too be selfish and characterless.because marriage is not a play .it’s not matter of 2 people.it involves whole family.if file of that house went back to her love what the society think of it .it’s not that family fault it’s vividha s fault.she should have think of other family name she merely think of her love never think of others.she kept all members life at stake.their love has taken many innocent lives sofar.love wants sacrifice .if atharav explains vividha all this it would be good.and they should stay as friends. Or both they shuld be die.bez their love has no right to keep many lives at risk.how can they be happy by so.if they do their r not humans at all they r nothing short of animals.

    1. Oh my dear [email protected]:
      First of all shut that word “Society”. We live in society, but not for society. so whatever we gets in our life as (happiness or sadness) its depends on us and our family.so we don’t dependent on so called society.
      yeah u r right that if they(Vividha and Atharv) think to be together without thinking abt family and ravish. Vitharv are called selfish.
      But wat abt family members(R they not selfish) who expects (vitharv) seperation and if they welcome Ravidha to move on without love in life for so called society.
      was it right with Vitharv???? who has nothing else than love b/w each other.and got separated by a evil,gridy person made vividha marry for the sake atharv. Leave about so called society, leave about ethics,logics,culture,rituals,marriage.
      i just need answer as u r Human by birth(we r just human by birth not boy/girl, not indian-not any citizen)
      So just give ur answer as a Human. Ok!!!!
      And yeah some people can say i was taking serial seriously and going through.for them i can say its casual reply and.. its just my Question according to serial and as human.

  17. Tnkzz nazneen

  18. You are right keerthi

  19. ravish and vividha are the best jodis and I am following this program from episode 1 and I dislike atharava

  20. @Nidha.It’s ok dear?.

    I think Atharv will sacrifice Vividha to Ravish.as they are married.Don’t know what will happen????

  21. Babu e mystery track lu aapandi chudaleka chastunam.atharva ni normal cheyandi appudu e serial ki entha rating vastundo appudu chudandi

  22. Wat yar keerthi atharv nd vividha frds.. Lve never turns friendship.. Nd ramakanth last wish is atharv nd vivida marriage yar..

  23. Vividha is stuck between her love n marriage..i feel very pity for her
    Poor vidhuuuu…..
    She cant accept ravish as she doesn’t love him and only consider him as a friend,and the main thing “she is unable forget atharve
    She love atharve too much but she is not able to move on with him …as she doesn’t wanna break ravish ‘s family ‘s family…
    My atharve is too cute ….
    There is morning after every night ,like that there will be happiness after every sad situation…i still believe that vitharve will unite

  24. *ravish’s family *
    SNS kinjal as aruna….i think there is something fishy b/w vipul and aruna

  25. @Nazneen if atharv sacrifies vivida for ravish then wt is the meaning of true luv????????

  26. previously i watched only DABH show in star plus. that was ended.
    i loved JNDSD from starting.But after phase1. this show was like mixture of all tv shows and movies.
    i feel i was watching same DABH, secret rooms, guddi murder mystry, terrorist attacks, playing with gun. and a bollywood movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

  27. Dabh was my favourite too…am happy that dabh season 2 is coming soon
    I heard that nity Taylor will play the role of kanak (suraj&sandhay’s daughter)

  28. What is the full form of DABH?????

    1. Diya aur baathi hum

  29. @143 I am telling about humans family not kailash family.is ravish family aware of vividhas past during marriage ?u r just thinking of vividha family.vividha did 100 % wrong during her marriagetime by hiding this truth .can anyone puts anyone’s life in intrications without thinking.do nt feel she is selfish here if they do nt want to separate let they should die Na by dng so they can show even death can’t separate them .if vashistas aware of that love issue suman never let this marriage happened do u get that as she already experienced a loveless life.one more thing sofar expect ravish no one aware of vividhas past then wt u find wrong if his family want them together. and one more thing I am not anybody’s fan I just want directors convey a good message through this serial.do nt take it too personal yaar I commented wt I felt that’s it.

  30. Ohhhh .k sry.i also watched that serial

  31. @Keerthi vivida thinks for atharv at that marriage time .if vivida tella truth that kailash will definitely kill atharv.
    Atharv is alive now just bcoz of vivida

  32. I wish for vividha atharva union and am thinking that maybebthat aruna and ravish fall for each other

  33. why todays episode is not updated.Awaiting for it patiently.One hour is passed.Can you please upload it asap

  34. Ravish is good bt pls introduce another girl for Ravish . Actually kailash ne sabkuch barbaad kardiya . Atharv ravish and vividha bechare unki galti nahi hai .

  35. Pls unite vitharv ……

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