Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sujata asking Uma why did she allow Kailash to beat her. She asks why did you make yourself so weak. Uma says who said being quiet means being weak, we take many decisions for family. Sujata says wrong decisions is against family, why are you afraid, that your children will see Kailash’s truth, its better if they see the truth, no one has right to limit you. Uma asks Sujata to say her husband is not in his life, even then his shadow is always there. She says your husband left you and your child forever, when he came back, you happily go and meet him, why, I have seen you applying sindoor since many years, if you have forgiven him after so many years then…. Why can’t I forgive Kailash? Vividha asks Atharv not to sleep, else they will lose balance and fall off.

The men see them and comment.

Sujata says there is big difference in both things, he was helpless to do that, what I m doing is respect which I m giving him to keep my promise, what you are doing is by fear. Uma asks don’t you have fear that if Atharv meets his father, what will he do, you have raised Atharv bearing many difficulties, did you not try to save respect in Atharv’s heart for his father, whats difference in us, just our situation is different, I don’t want anyone to know about this, I did what I felt is right, I want you not to tell this to anyone, promise me. She makes Sujata swear on her. Sujata promises Uma. Kailash looks on from balcony. Sujata gets her husband’s call. Uma asks her to attend the call, and says I know your problem is bigger than mine. Sujata attends call and goes. Kailash says what are they talking, did Uma open her mouth infront of Sujata.

Vividha tells Atharv that we will reach hospital in some time. He says we will go to home, we will reach there soon and call doctor. She says its better idea, and asks him to be careful. He calls Abdul uncle and asks him to get doctor home, he is hurt and wounded. Abdul uncle asks what happened. Atharv says don’t ask anything, just drive. The men see Atharv and Vividha passing on the bike, and think to talk to Kailash about them.

Kailash stops Uma and confronts her for talking to Sujata. He hurts her hand. She says Sujata took me to hospital. He says you mean I should be afraid of Sujata now. He gets angry on her and hurts her. Some people come there and gather. Kailash asks what happened. The man says you don’t know whats happening, you can keep Vividha at home and let her romance with Atharv, she is going out with milkman and riding his bike too.

Kailash says this can’t happen, Vividha does not know riding the motorcycle, you are mistaken. The man says we are saying true, you should ask milkman. Sujata asks them to talk with respects. The man insults Sujata and her bad example. She asks him to say this thing infront of her son. The man says we will say, but where is he, he has no time than romancing Vividha. Kailash says its impossible that Vividha does this.

Ankit worries. Vividha drives the bike and gets Atharv home. They all get shocked seeing them. Sujata rushes to Atharv seeing him wounded. Vividha says I will tell what happened. Everyone get worried seeing Atharv’s state. Abdul uncle reaches home with doctor, and worries for Atharv. Doctor asks them not to worry and checks Atharv. Vividha says we were at temple, a bell fell on me, Atharv was saving me and he got hurt by trishul. Sujata sees Atharv’s wound.

The man asks Kailash can he believe now, that Vividha was riding motorcycle. Dadi scolds everyone and asks can’t they see Atharv’s wounded state, they can just see Vividha and Atharv on bike, you all get lost. Vividha says I did not know riding the bike, I was helpless to do this. Doctor gives medicines to Atharv. The man taunts on Vividha and Atharv’s relation. Kailash asks them who gave right to them to point finger at Vividha, she is living life as per her wish, whats their problem. Vividha and everyone smile.

Kailash says if she is helping this poor helpless guy, will you say anything. Vividha gets shocked. Kailash says guys ride bike rashly, maybe he got wounded, Vividha is helping this useless guy, if she helped him, whats her mistaken. Vividha cries. The man says why did Vividha go to that cliff along with Atharv, whats the matter. They laugh.

Vividha asks the men to talk to her, not her dad. She says yes, I went to meet Atharv at mountain temple, so what did I do a crime? She says I did not do any crime, I met Atharv, I love him, I m going to marry Atharv. She says we both know our limits and Maryada. The man says this is limit of shame, to talk like this infront of elders. Atharv resting in Sujata’s lap just looks on. Vividha asks why should I get shame, my Papa says to keep head high if intentions are good, I did the same, I m not wrong, intentions can be wrong, but not love, if my love is not wrong, I don’t need to be afraid and shameful, thing done by hiding is lust, not love, I know the difference between these two things. Everyone look at her.

Kailash asks Vividha to apply cow dung on his face. She says no, leave this. He applies cow dung on his own face and asks her is she happy now. Atharv takes cow dung and says I will fulfill your wish today. He walks to Kailash. Vividha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode , Reg precap – but wish vividha doesnt fight with Atharv once again .

  2. Nice episode.

  3. Nice epi…

  4. Susmita sharma

    wow this was awesome episode i love this show as always

    1. same here

  5. There is a limit for everything but this show is keep promoting domestic abuse against women, Kailash’s abuse towards his wife is untoleratabble, which in fact needs to be stopped.

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