Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha checking her weight. Atharv asks how much is it. She says its same. He insists and makes her stand. He says its 3 kgs more, you got fat. She scolds him. He says we will go out on jogging together.

Atharv and Vividha come back from jogging. Kangana gets the food. Dadi says Kangana has made breakfast today. Bhoomi gets shocked seeing Vipul coming, with knife stabbed on his chest. They all get shocked. Kangana wakes up from her dream and worries. Atharv and Vividha come home after jogging and talk to everyone. He jokes on her. She says it was first day, I got tired. Ravish asks Kangana are you fine now. Kangana nods. Vividha says she was fine. Kangana says I had headache at night. Vividha teases Ravish.

Bhoomi comes and asks Kangana about Vipul.

Kangana asks how would I know. Vividha says maybe he went for some work. Bhoomi says he did not come home since night, I m worried, I know Kangana knows about him. Ravish says maybe he went to get Kalindi. She says he did not know about mom. Atharv says maybe he got to know something about Bua. Vividha asks how would Kangana know. Vipul says he messaged me at night, he just wrote Kangana.

Kangana recalls telling Vipul about Kalindi buried here and stabbing him. She moves back. He tries reaching her. He falls down. She asks him to prepare to go up. He tries to message. He writes Kangana. She sees him and steps on his hand. She takes his phone and says I gave phone to Kalindi, I won’t give this to you, now sleep. He dies. She drags him and puts him in the water tank. FB ends.

Bhoomi asks Kangana to tell her where is Vipul. Vividha recalls seeing Kangana. She says Kangana was playing with Madhav at that time, she does not know about Vipul. Bhoomi asks why did Vipul write Kangana’s name, she knows something. She cries and requests Kangana to tell where is Vipul. Sujata says calm down, we will find Vipul. Bhoomi says you all are not listening to me. She goes. Everyone go. Atharv says first Bua went and now Vipul. Ravish says Vipul is also missing, we have to seriously find him. He calls someone.

Vividha asks what are you thinking. Atharv says I find something wrong with this girl. Vividha says maybe he was typing something else in the message, you are doubting her. He says I don’t find her right, I will try to find out.

Kangana calls someone and says it was important, I was also thinking the same. She sees the family members pics and says its time of killing Atharv now. She goes to Atharv and sees him busy on phone. She gets her hairpin and takes poison from her bangle. She goes to hurt him. Atharv turns. She falls in his arms. Vividha comes and sees them. She gets angry. She asks what’s happening. He leaves Kangana. Kangana goes.

Atharv says she came, she was falling, so I held her. She asks why did she come here. He says how would I know, I was going to have shower, what, did you go mad. He goes. She looks on. Ravish makes calls to find Vipul. Sujata says we have to find Vipul. He says I spoke to everyone. The man comes and says water is not passing. Atharv and Vividha go to check. Ravish asks maybe there is something stuck in outlet, we have to get it cleaned.

Ravish goes to the water tank and asks servant who opened this lock. The man says no, it was locked yesterday night. Ravish opens the water tank and says maybe cloth got stuck inside. He gets shocked seeing Vipul lying dead inside the water tank. He shouts Atharv. Atharv and Vividha rush to Ravish. Atharv asks what happened. They get shocked seeing Vipul dead.

Everyone come and see Vipul dead. Bhoomi cries and asks Kangana why did you kill Vipul. She slaps Kangana. Kangana gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Hiiii vitharv fans.happy sunday to all.have a nyc day.

    Guys iam writing an ff on vitharv ,plsss read it and support me.
    iam now at episode 6.

    1. Hello di. Happy Sunday ?

    2. good noon dear. we always support u.just continue.

    3. Love you everybody. There are only few hours left. Iam going forever.

    4. Hi Sunanda, I think I already asked abt this. Plz , how can i cmnt in ff page. There they r asking abt website. Which website they r asking? I didn’t understand dear. reply me plz. Gud aftr noon dear. Happy Easter.

      1. Sunanda12345

        Go to tellyupdates in chrome.then click tellyupdates website.then you find star plus. Serials list.click jndsd

      2. Usha sis…Open this link in chrome and make bookmark there..It will be easy to open jndsd page.

    5. Hi Sweety sis, thank u da.

  2. Usha sis. Thank you for understanding my feeling. Being a adopted person I never
    got anyone’s love. As your wish I will consult psychartisit. Iam am very happy that you called me sis. That gave me great feeling . There is some one in this world who love me and support’s me. Love you sis.

    1. What are you adopted girl????.

  3. This is a public platform.hence every one have the right to write their opinion about the story or the characters..so criticisms are invited . Only buttering praising comments about the lead characters cannot be expected..So nobody can tell others wwhat to comment as if they own this page..never..i also don’t like vividha’s character and her I am the best I know all attitude. It is irritating….her character has become so dominating and goes on scolding every others as if she is god…such characters are not likeable to every one….we are only criticising such characteristics in a person..not anyone personally..not against shivani too..only thing is we don’t like certain characteristics of vividha an we have every right to write it here. We will continue to do it…ty to respect difference of opinion…..

  4. Good morning every vitharv fans.

  5. Please Vismaya don’t do police complaint
    Me and my friends will never do anything else. Please dear enni njan repeat cheiyillya.

  6. Usha sis please tell Vismaya not to give complaint against. Please ask me to give one more chance.

  7. Iam very sorry vitharv fans . please give me one more chance.

  8. Vismaya njan ninde kallu pidikam. Complaint cheiyanda please. Please. Please please please please please plese

  9. Yes nazneen and vitharv fans.Iam a adopted girl. Me and my sisters are twins.
    Actually my parents didn’t die. They are living lavishly without any repatance.
    Actually my parents didn’t like girl childs.
    So they put me and my sister in a orphanage. Then after that we were adopted. But after they had their own son,they ignored us. We were all alone.
    No one in our family loved us. And we were taunted every now then for being black.
    Because of this and all we became like this.
    For me my sister is only relative
    there in the world.

  10. Please give me some love vitharv fans.

    1. @anju, do u know this? GIVE RESPECT and TAKE RESPECT. So just try first to respect other’s feelings. May be u didn’t get proper consideration frm ur family. Bt that is not a reason to behave like this.U should face them with ur life. Ur success in life will be a right revenge fr them who avoided u bfr. Instead what r u doing? U r spoiling ur life in the name of revenging. This is not fair.U should show them who u r only with ur sucess in life. May be u r not so brilliant or have no tallent in music, dance etc. Bt every person born in this world must have a tallent fr something. Find it first. Being jeolous with others is also not good. Just believe ur self .Don’t try to give so much attention to others. That’s all.Also being black is not a reason fr others there avoid u.U ‘ve a sis, then how can u bcm an orphan? Turn ur face towards the sun, u can never see shadows. If u approach others with sincere smile, they will make ur day full of happiness. Gud aftr noon .

      1. Usha dear these r all waste of ur time and hand pain 4r typing.she will never change.don’t keep hope on her.I also melted 4r some time after reading her comments and thought of giving a chance but again she started saying namratha etc etc r not her ids. r we fools to believe everything what she says.they r 100 percent her id’s no doubt.just leave her.

        One thing I have to say ur counselling was osm???????? u can try it on anyother ppl but not on this wild animal.gud noon dear….

      2. I completely agree with you Usha di. ?. What you said is right.
        @Anju. Do some productive work. If you could have given some respect to us we could have also showered love and respect to you. I don’t know whether you will change or not? If you change it’s good and be successful in your life and show your parents that girls can be more successful and independent in their lives than boys. Grow up and all the best.

      3. @Pinky and Nazneen, I know she wil never consider my words properly. I just hope fr that . Anyway as a human being , I’ve told her what i want to share with . I would like to bcm a professor . So I should consider any teenagers as a good frnd. Then only I can bcm a sincere teacher. Even me too scolded her very badly bfr. Bt now I think that was not the correct way to deal with people like her. Any way , thank u guyz, fr sharing ur views with me. Let’s hope, she will change in future. That is necessary to the society that she belong to. If we r not ready to prevent her now,in future many one will have to face severe problems due to her. Gud aftr noon frnds.

  11. Anju i don’t know that u changed or not god only knows it.if u really change first thing u have to do is stop commenting from various id’s and various names.just choose one name of ur wish &one id.first u do this than we can think of anything else.if we again see u commenting from different names we will never trust u in future.keep it in mind and comment or else leave the page and go again don’t appear here. choice is urs.

    1. I really wonder??? that my friends r still caring for that wild animal???. I feel happy that my frnds r good hearted..but this anju..oh hell..???

      @usha..really that was nice to see your hope to change someone attitude. Good job dear.well said?????

      Hey u @Anju(unknown name) atleast now change yourself. I know its not habit of u to change…but Try to change attitude.

      Good evening.

  12. I told lies yesterday dev,radha,namratha,and jay id’s was not mine. They have no relation with me guys.
    Sorry all of you.I really wanted to stop more fans coming to this page.sorry once again

  13. Hai friends did u remember me ? I’m ur old friend sreelekshmi Sry due to some reasons i can’t comment continually but i like to be ur part pinne njanum oru malayaliya ketto ? Ellavarkum oru late happy vishu

  14. Good afternoon jndsd fans

  15. Happy easter viz pinky. Iam leaving India forever. We are going to settle in srilanka.
    Today night will be my last comment. If you have a doubt you can ask aailya. I also asked forgiveness to her also.

    1. Why are you going to Sri Lanka?

  16. xyz sis. Are you angry with me. Iam going please comment sis

  17. good after noon to all

    1. Good afternoon Aleya di?.

    2. Hi Aleya, gud aftr noon.Srry dear , some days bfr I called u as Aleta.Why do u think that u have no frnds here. We all r ur frnds.

  18. Hai vitharv fans can everyone send me with your sweet greetings. As iam going please show mercy.

  19. Dear vitharvians don’t fall in anjus trap.She and her sister together playing game with us.As she said she and her sister were adopted by parents. But the both sisters never gave any value to those parents. The two sisters original names r aswini &akalya. Not anju.Both sisters were lived very luxurious and immodest life. And they had many other activities which I don’t want to reveal in this public platform but she already revealed that once.
    Her parents had been tolerating for a long time them.But now they crossed all limits.so their parents banished them from house.Then the two sisters registered case against their parents by making fake stories like their parents never loved them after the birth of their own child etc etc.
    Now those parents gave their house,all properties to the two sisters. And now she and her sister enjoy more luxurious life than before.
    Guys I don’t know the 2 sisters personally but I got information about them from aailya. Bcz these 2 sisters were exclassmates of aailya. Due to their illegal activities in college, they got dismissal from college and went to coimbatore and also from there they got dismissal. The 2 sisters have personal malicious towards aailya . For that they came to this page.
    So pls nobody had need to show mercy on her and never believe her words also.
    As I got information from aailya, these 2 sisters can go any limit for fullfilling their evil plan.
    So beware of them.

    Good evening friends

    1. Thanks di for the information. Now I will never accept her and never trust her. One day they should be removed from this earth only.

    2. Hi XYZ,me too not ready to belive her. Bt this is a new way of me to treat people like her. Enikkum thonni, avalkku aailya yodu paka undennu. Aailya yodu aarum frnds aakunnathu avalkku ishtamalla. Thanikkariyumo, ee upadesham aarkkum ishtamulla karyamalla. Athanu ente puthiya aayudham.njan avale upadhesichu kollum. Salyam sahikkan vayyathe aval ee page vittu pokanam.Engane undu ente plan. Avalkku mal ariyavunnathu kondu ee plan aarodum discuss cheyyenda enna karuthiyathu. bt ippo thannodu parayanamennu thonni. Njan avale viswasichu ennu thetti dharikkalle da.

      1. Usha. Aval anginonnum e pagel vittu pokilla. Aval oru rare species anu. Avalkku maduravakkukal kond ellavareyum mayakkam enna vicharam. But avalde truth aailya & me arinjupoya karanam avalde planning work out akilla.
        Pinne upadesham onnum avalkku elkkilla. Bcz aval serikkum oru wild animal thanneya.
        Aval aailya de mobile munp moshtichittu aailya de Id use chythu e pagel cmmnt chythirunnu vitharv ne harass cheythum kond. Angane njangl annu pavam aailya ye misunderstood cheythathum anu.pinne avlde sister vitharv ne support chythu cmmnt chythu. 2 chernnulla plan ayrnnu athu.
        E 2 sistersnum clssil lesbian s*x ayrnnu Hoby. Pinne kallukudiyum und .athina coimbatore collgil ninm dismiss cheythathu.
        So e 2 sisters m pakka frauds anu.
        Good evening dear.

  20. I need more romantic scene of atharv and vividhaa….becoz shaadi ka bt v ye serial m drama hi drama chal rai….vitharv ka scene dekne ko nhi milraha h…or ravish desrve much bttr life patner…

  21. I need more romantic scene of atharv and vividhaa….becoz shaadi ka bt v ye serial m drama hi drama chal rai….vitharv ka scene dekne ko nhi milraha h…or ravish desrve much bttr life patner…

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