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The Episode starts with Bhoomi saying where did Vipul go. Suman gets call from Mausi’s home and says car stopped, we are on the way and coming in puja, what, there is no puja, but you told Ravish about puja. She tells this to Kalindi and wonders why would Ravish lie. Fake Atharv gets close to Vividha. He steps on her saree. Ravish comes running. Suman calls Ravish and says come here, car got damaged, Situram went to get mechanic. He asks her to make him talk to Vipul.

She says he went somewhere to get food. He says Vipul…. and runs inside the house. Vividha pushes the man and tries to get away. He catches her and says I m bearing your misbehavior, you are very weak. She recalls Atharv’s encouraging words for not bearing any misbehavior, no woman is weak. She pulls his head

and hits his head with a coconut, kept in kalash. She runs from there.

Ravish reaches the house and finds door locked. He knocks the door. The man/fake Atharv looks for Vividha. He sees her and whistles. Ravish tries to break the door. The man catches Vividha and holds her. She angrily hits on his head and sees his mask getting off. Atharv gets conscious. Vividha asks him to stay there and not come close. Ravish comes inside the door. Vividha says Ravish, he is the one. Ravish comes and pushes Atharv. Atharv asks why are you beating me, what did I do. Vividha realizes he is real Atharv and stops Ravish, saying its not him. The man looks at them from far.

Uma calls Vividha and says why is she not answering, I had to ask her about Atharv. She hears sound and says did Guddi come back from school, she did not tell me. She calls out Guddi to change clothes and come for having food. Guddi calls Uma and says I have extra classes, I will be late. Uma thinks if Guddi is in school, who is there. Atharv says we are playing hide and seek, who beats in this game, are you mad. Ravish asks where is he. Atharv asks Ravish to play with him. Vividha says no, let Ravish go, he has work.

Uma thinks who is upstairs. She calls out Ankit and Dadi. She sees the room door open and goes to see. She asks is anyone there and picks the fallen cushion. She gets shocked seeing the room messed up and says who could be the person. Someone is standing behind her.

Atharv says we will play. Vividha says no, let Ravish go. The man looks at them and leaves. Sujata comes and asks Atharv where did you go. Ravish says take him to room, I will find that man. Sujata and Vividha ask Atharv to come to room. Atharv says I have to play with you, else I will play with them. They all turn and get shocked seeing Suman and everyone. Suman, Daddy ji, Kalindi and everyone get shocked seeing Sujata and Atharv.

Suman recalls her fears that Sujata will come to get her rights after Ramakant’s death. Suman says Sujata….. Kalindi says I think he is Atharv, Ramakant and Sujata’s son. Ravish looks on worried.

Atharv tells Sujata that this mummy is of captain Saab, this is Dada ji. Daddy ji recalls hearing him in kitchen. Atharv says she is Bua, she is very bad. Everyone stare at Atharv. Atharv says Bhoomi is chameleon, she is good and bad, she stays with Bua. He says this is brother Vipul, he is also bad, this girl is good, she is Ravish’s sister. He tells everything he has seen in the house. Suman asks how does he know all this, who told him.

Vividha cries. Atharv says I have seen it myself. Kalindi says you are saying as if you stay here. He says yes, I stay with you all. They get shocked. Atharv says I stay here and go to everyone’s rooms. Suman and Aditi cry. Suman asks do you stay here, what is happening, since when….. Ravish says since a month. Suman gets shocked.

Kalindi says it means when you got married, since then. Suman says they are in my house since one month, you knew it Ravish. Ravish nods. Suman cries. She asks who got them here. Atharv says he got us, captain got us here. Suman gets angry.

Suman slaps Ravish and says this is that woman because of whom our family did not complete. Suman scolds Sujata and says you snatched my husband, and now you want to snatch my son, I won’t let you snatch my Ravish. She aims gun at Sujata. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. on suman is right on her point of view where her husband had affair with sujata and other hand ravish should clam suman down and tell the whole truth to the family and they need to cure athrav and then decide wat they need to do.

    1. Sujata never had an affair with atharv’s father, she was married to him first. Suman is the second wife

  2. who is fake atharv someone plz tell me

    1. Wasana Dabare


  3. Superb precap she slaps ravish ho no how ravish will handle thisssss

  4. Guess atharv gets back his memory…n stops suman from insulting his mother

  5. Not affair sujatha ramakanth ka pyar tha oo shadi karna chahatha tha sujatha se par suman agaya bech me.. She is not crct atharv nd sujatha kabi much bi nahi manga ramakanth se aur viska parivar se..

  6. Well done.. my boy!!!! How sweat Atharv introduced all Ravish family members to sujatha…. 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  7. Oh no kailash is back. Now Suman also known half truth. Our atharvs condition is still same.vividha alone need to stand for her love. Wt happens next. Too much of suspense.it will be better if she knows complete truth about vitharv also.

  8. Ravish tells the whole truth to the family but doesn’t revealed vidharv love mater. Any way finally whole family in one place. Nice.
    Finally vitharv r ravidha evarina ee family lo sujatha&adharv kooda kalisunte I am so happy.

  9. nice episode,,its good vividha saved herself by the strength of Atharv… waiting for tomorrow wat will happen????
    Ravish will stop suman or Our Atharv Sujatha will be back???

  10. Awsm
    I want raveesh vividha together ??

  11. Hope to hear the truth about why Ramakant left Sujata n Atharv. Does anyone know?

  12. Vivida fall in love with ravish.. Any one tel me is this true

  13. No yar. how many times one will fall in love. Vividha atharv ka Hai. Vividha is atharv n atharv is vividha. They r not two. One soul in two. This is my strong belief. Atharv only told vividha if we have strong belief, den dat will come true. Ya atharv ??seriously nice introduction of ravish family to sujatha. I enjoyed dis a lot.

  14. Hehe..vivida saved herself by d strngth of atharv…..ye atharv kab teek hoga….

  15. One hide and seek ends and another starts. Now uma is thinking whose in her house. Wonder what kailash’s next plan will be. I think ravish should tell the whole truth to his family that this was his dad’s last wish and show his mom his dad’s letter. But who is the fake atharv?

  16. Suman is really funny ,how can she point out the gun to sujatha..sujatha don’t want anything from u..

  17. indera sanichara

    Yes Aaliya you said right, someone please tell the whole story why Ramakant left Sujata for Suman and please tell us who is fake Artharv.

  18. I was so delighted with together episode.I really want Aathra and Vividha to be reunited.

  19. I think the culprit is sethuram and nt vipul..

    1. I think you are right, because even Vipul doesn’t know Arthava, whereas Sethuram knows about Arthava.

  20. Ravish should te the whole truth to his mom about this being his dad’s last wish and show her the letter.
    One game of hide and seek ends and another starts, now uma wants to know whose in her house. But who is the fake atharv?

  21. Atharv you are super awesome!!?? We want to see our one and only Atharv Sujatha soon… No one can replace him, not even Ravish. Hope he regains his memory when Suman confront Sumatra & raise the gun…. Hope Vividha will fight for Atharv & Sujatha, and will unite with her Atharv again. Without Atharv Sujatha this serial is nothing.

    1. It should be ‘Sujatha’ instead of Sumatra in 4th sentence.

  22. Finally sujata nd atharv r infront of ravish family

  23. lol Sujata snatched Sumans husband away from her? more like she took him away from Sujata when he really loved Sujata and wanted to marry her. She came in between and married him. So she can shut up and listen to her dead Husbands last wish.

  24. Thanks yar suman clarifying my doubt.. I hope atharv sujatha is back on action..

  25. I think fake atharv is vipul..eroju atharv nd vipul same clr shirt vesukunaru

  26. the story is lovely.. good love story.. one wont find a loving person like atharv or Ravish
    but a person whose head is broken with hammer is walking within few days.
    I understand its a story …but there should be some logic..i know some one whose head got fractured is in Coma for past 5 months….

  27. Who is the fake Atharva?

  28. Hope vitharv – seekram senthudanum. I am eagerly waiting.

  29. Seturam will be fake Atharva… He is the one no one suspects…

  30. Vividha will fall in love with ravish soon…i guess

  31. If vividha will fall love with ravish ,i won’t see this serial.i mean this is worst serial .

  32. Ravidha really superbbb…..want ravidha to uniteee

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