Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Madhav getting Khushi. Everyone smile. They sit for dining. Madhav forwards hand to take something. Khushi drops the hot dish on his hand. Madhav screams. Kangana asks Vividha to see what happened, her daughter can’t do this with Madhav. She takes Madhav to apply ointment. They all look on. Kangana applies ointment to Madhav. Vividha looks on. Kangana goes to Vividha. Vividha asks about Madhav. Kangana says he is fine, I have applied ointment and gave pain killer, he is scared, I made him sleep, I think we should let him sleep now. Vividha stops Kangana.

She says I think whatever you said about Khushi, you should have not said it. Kangana says I know, I was tensed seeing Madhav hurt, don’t you think we should tell truth to Madhav. Vividha says yes, but he should

know it this way, we will tell him right way at right time, don’t worry, I will tell everything to Madhav myself. Kangana asks do you think right time has not come, Madhav is seeing everything, he understands elders’ talk, he is seeing things changing. She goes.

Its night, Vividha recalls Atharv and Madhav’s words. Atharv says I applied ice to Madhav, he is fine. She asks for Khushi. He says she is sleeping with mum, don’t worry, Madhav is fine now. She asks how will Madhav be fine, since Khushi came, we forgot Madhav, we did not see him, he would have many questions, we should have said him everything. He asks her not to worry, its none’s mistake, situation is sensitive. Madhav has to know the truth, we will take care of them, both children are ours, sometimes one of the children is weak, we will make Khushi fine, both Madhav and Khushi will be with us. Jaana na dil se door….plays… She cries. He says we used to listen to that funny RJ, I will play his show. He plays radio. She stops the radio. She says I just want us to be happy, whatever Kailash did, I have pain inside, I m unable to forget it, I have lost myself in all this. She cries. He sings Jee le zara… He hugs her and makes her sleep in his lap.

Its morning, Vividha asks Madhav what will he have. Kangana says I made breakfast for Madhav. Vividha asks why, I make it every day. Kangana says I made his fav things. She packs his bag. Vividha sees Madhav ready and asks did you get ready on own. Madhav says Kangana made me ready. Vividha asks what was the need to do this, I have fixed timing, he got late. Kangana says I know, I was thinking to take him to temple today, he will be raised with good values. She takes his bag. Atharv asks Madhav did you get ready for school soon, its good I have to talk to you. Kangana asks what talk. Atharv says we have to talk something imp Madhav, you know we love you. Vividha says we were not able to give you time since last few days, we did not celebrate your prize winning, Khushi is different, so we have to give her much time.

Atharv says you would be thinking who is Khushi, how did she come, you will have many questions, you can ask us anything. Madhav says no, I know everything. Atharv asks what do you know. Madhav says that I m Kangana’s son, and you two are Khushi’s parents. They get shocked. Vividha stares at Kangana.

They all confront Kangana. Vividha asks why did you tell Madhav. Kangana says you said we should tell him. Vividha says I said we will tell him when right time comes, you are forgetting the rules, Madhav is my son. Kangana says you are forgetting he is my son, I m thankful you all did a lot for him, but I have right on him. Atharv says it does not mean you will do as you want. Kangana says no, I did not wish to hurt anyone, Madhav asked me why is everyone sad, why is Khushi here, so I explained her, see how normal is he. Vividha says enough, I know you are behaving well with him to take him away, how dare you tell him. Ravish asks Vividha to relax, Kangana is Madhav’s mum. Vividha says I fought with you all, and got her here. Ravish and everyone think to decide together. Vividha says I want to clear few things with Kangana today.

Vividha gets Madhav’s belongings and tells Kangana that she has raised Madhav, I have spent many nights taking care of him, I know what’s good for him and what’s bad, I can feel his happiness and sorrow, remember I will not let you snatch my son from me.

Vividha looks for Madhav and asks Ravish. They hear car sound. Atharv stops the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys i think this is breaking news.in saras ig story she was in bridal dress. it means what???is she going to marry ravish…omg!!!!!This should not happen ????? I don’t like kavish…..aaaaaa????aaaaaa???……

    1. https://twitter.com/TeamShivik/status/864055623956279297
      Ms on kang neck and ravish in bridal dress

    2. Sunanda12345

      Pinky I think vitharv find any nyc guy and marriying kangana….she will won’t marry ravish…don’t worry…

  2. Hi aailya dear.I had class today dear so I couldn’t to touch my phone like always and couldn’t support my friends. Really very sorry .I nly just saw the virus attack .what vagabondages r they talking. Such stooping mad dogs ??.
    Ya .u explained very well about yesterday epsd. Especially about our vitharv ????. True soulmates vitharv ???.
    And spa ohhhh I still shivering with anger from head to foot. Everybody enjoyed star payed award show very well.ie ishqbas parivar award???. Nly rudhra was remained to get an award from ishqbas. All other ishqbaz members snatched award but don’t know what happened starplus in the case of rudra .very bad.
    Such a bl**dy channel and the worst award show for gatiya soch .It is better to nt talk about it more.
    But I hope our shivik will recognise by ITA award .Actually millions of ppl recognised their talent already but I really wish to see them together in an award show which
    deserves for shivik.
    And me too so excited for today’s epsd.I m dying to see our Atharv sujatha with his own music shiv thandav ?????
    Good afternoon dear

    1. Yes chechi like always my two comments didn’t got published. One for you other for linah. Ethina chechi sorry parayune. Ivarodum ethu parajalum thala I’ll keryillya.

      I also felt bad for rudra. I like only him from ishqbazz. Thank god narbhi didn’t get
      Favourite pati and patni and jodi award. But it was joke of the year when Chandra received best pati award. After our vitharv kaira only deserved these awards. I don’t chechi what chemistry they can find between narbhi couple. I hate them a lot.
      Chechi in twitter who don’t watch jndsd also consoled vitharv fans and also told they deserved award. Even some fans of ishqbazz ,yeh,rishta ,namkaran also told the same. See the popularity of vitharv.
      Nakul himself told that it took long seven years for the award. One day surely our vikku will get the price for his hardwork.
      SPA is just a award for those people who gives more money to the starplus. Give and take policy. Give money and get award.??????????????????????????????.
      In Twitter I saw one tweet , narbhi fan told vitharv fan that she thinks that shivik are dating. She went to attend the spa and saw with her own eyes. I wish this news would become true. I get angry on shivani sometimes but I always wish to see shivik’s
      love story. Chechi I cried very badly after the SPA and couldn’t able to sleep also but vikku’s dance made me very happy.

      Good evening chechi

  3. Veer

    Vikram via Shivani’s insta


    Man, he’s too funny, too naughty, too shy.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Yes veer even i also watched it…too funny vikku..????

    2. Watched just now . So cute to see his shyness .

    3. I also watched it veer. Vikku is always a entertainer. Very cute to see his shyness.

  4. Veer

    Sara in bridal dress.


    Maybe Ravish-Kangana marriage.
    Congratulations Ravish fans. If their marriage happens, Guddi gets cheated again this time by trusting Ravish and his love. Poor Guddi, dont think she has true love written in her life. But if Madhav has to stay with Vitharv, Ravish-Kangana marriage can’t be avoided without ending Sara’s character in the show.

    1. Veer

      Confirmed, its Ravish-Kangana marriage sequence shoot going on.

      1. Great ! Now Guddy will get a life partner who only loves her. He will never be an honest husband fr Guddy. Kangana ( thara ) is perfect fr him. Made fr each other. Both r first love failures . Raveesh never deserves pure love .

    2. omg what is this??
      why did ravish take this decision??
      what is guddi’s position now..
      i don’t want to talk anything about ravish fst we have to know why is this happening??
      any ways thanks for the info veer…

    3. Veer I heard that kangana will add something in food of ravish and ravish will get unconscious . And kangana will use this opportunity to trap ravish. And finally kangana will become pregnant.

      Good evening.

      1. Aailya dear .what r u saying? Kangana trapped ravish? I also heard that kangana will bcm pregnant but I didn’t believe. But this.chii??? the bl**dy kangana stoop to those level. Feeling so ???????????. And for that kangana -Ravish marriage happen ???????..Then what about our Madhav? ? Madhav has to call ravish ,papa again? Oh noo Madhav is nly Atharv’s son .Nobody can replace it???

  5. @ Linah , read ur cmnt just now. Don’t know how to console u dear. Plz be stay strong . Ma has not gone anywhere . She will be always in ur heart. Just close ur eyes , u can see her , hear her & feel her in every moment. She never likes to see ur tears. So don’t cry .That will hurt ur ma. Know that these words will never give any relief frm ur worry. We all r nothing without mom.Bt have to live aftr they have gone. U shoud be strong frm inside and this is a must fr ur siblings & father too. Gud evening dear.

  6. @Pinky , happy to see u back with strong & pleasant mind. Couldn’t give courage to face the prblm that u had yesterday ,or couldn’t give any words to make u cheer up. Srry dear I was busy yesterday so couldn’t reach here. Bt feeling so happy that our frnds were with u and tried to bring out of ur prblm and made u cool. This is what i expect frm this page. Love , care & making others empower as our Adharv Sujatha did. So proud to be a fan of JNDSD , VITHARV ,especially Atharv Sujatha and more over being a member of this family. Gud evening dear.

  7. GUYZ , ATTENTION PLZ : Why r u wasting ur time & energy to argue with those people who only wants to spoil vitharvians peace and happiness. Just leave those type of cmnts. Bcz they ( know thst one is behind with these all names & ids ) were getting so called peace & satisfaction aftr making us upset by these type of cmnts. Agreed that me too ‘ve tried to advise her ,to make her realizing her faults many times. Bt that was of no use , only waste of time. She will never change and cann’t ever. So just leave her to do what she wants. THIS IS A REQUEST FRM ME : Don’t over react with those type of cmnts . She is enjoying with our over reacting attitude and that make her to bash Vitharv & us again and again. What ever she say ( that may against our vitharv or our frndship ) just ignore that. Gud evening frnds.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Yes u r correct….gud evg dear……

    2. RAOne

      yes dii….. you are right sometimes its beyond control….u know what…..
      by the way be happy and stay healthy because we love U…..

    3. Ok usha chechi I will never repeat this.

      Good evening chechi.

  8. Pinky dear &Linah dear.sorry I couldn’t console u 2 in proper time. Actually I don’t know how to console u 2 bcz I think that is ur personal matter which u 2 want to forget . And I didn’t want to remind those things which u r trying hard to forget.
    So nly bcz of that I couldn’t type a single word for u dears. I am really very sorry pinky &Linah .
    @Pinky .Again I don’t want to remind ur sorrow especially now u regained ur happiness. I m so happy to hear from u that u will bcm strong ahead. Very good.
    And of course we all r with u always for ur strength. So don’t worry dear.Be happy and keep smiling always ☺☺☺

    @ Linah dear.still I don’t know what to say .I can’t tell u to forget ur mom.But u have to be more strong in ur life for ur mom.And don’t feel ur mom is nt with u .she is always with u dear.And I m sure she is smiling by seeing ur smile .Bcz every mom wants her child to be happy always .so just be strong and keep smiling dear.
    I don’t want to say more about that as I dont want to make u feel sad .
    OK keep smiling dear☺☺☺☺☺
    Good evening pinky &Linah

  9. RAOne

    hey i can feel ur pain because for my studies i’m away from my maa….
    I miss her so much which i can never explain u in words……. i know i will see my maa soon… but you know u can’t… this mosy difficult thing to digest…. i can leave without dad, any other else….but not without my maa……
    I’m her son…. i want her name to mine as protaganist of the story has…..
    yr please never cry yr…..because still she is away yet she loves u….. ur her part only…. never cry….just love her…. she is your god….she will always bless u….whereever she is…so try to be happy.

  10. RAOne

    hey!!!! aaliya i want say u something don’t take me wrong ok buddy, if yes sorry then…
    do u know there is one person who loves u most here….who cares for…never forgets, ur in heart of that person….I’m talking about Anju…. She always talks about…. I didn’t know u when I used to commen…… but that Anju brought you to spotlight……she loves u so much that she made u friend, reconsiable to everyone…..

    my this statment means that what wrong she do that to has postive way….. I know how to stop her…… we all are friends are right and we always love our friends……. to take her comment as positive for urself……. I know u must be thinking that I”M insane man….. sorry if any one is hurt.

  11. Welcome nikh and viz pinky. Iam fine pinky dear.

    Good evening dears

  12. Linah I commented for you didn’t get published . Linah your mother is always
    there with you. The thing is that you cannot see her but her presence will be there. And don’t feel sad. Your mother will also feel sad. So it is your responsibility
    to make her happy. Keep smiling dear.?

    Good evening dear.

  13. RAOne

    what i feel is that he may do all this for Madhav so yhat he could take Madhav custody….so that he could be with vividha and atharv….because as mother she had a strong hold and she may have put such situation in front of ravish to save madhav he sacrificed his love….
    this what i think can be possiblity.

  14. O God kangana ????? how dare u trap ravish??? I think this time it is ravish’s fault he should not have believed kangana blindly.
    Poor guddi how will she face such situation ? But I hope everything will become all right.

  15. Aam2000

    OMG… Kangana-Ravish marriage….!!!!!….
    I like Shwetha (Guddi) and Ravish pair… ShweRav….
    Pls CVs…pls give some importance to Guddi. She is sidelined in the show….

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