Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Atharv running to the bike shop. He sees the shop shut and calls the man. He thinks whether bike is here or sold out. Guddi asks Vividha why did you do this, Atharv has been good with us and your joke has troubled him. Vividha asks her not to make her feel guilty. Atharv stands outside the shop.

Sujata comes to meet Kailash. She says she has to talk to him. He acts to be busy and ignores her. He asks Sujata to talk to Dubey, I don’t have time. She asks him to give her a min, and asks why did you send this loan account to Atharv, I did not delay to pay the interest, why did you…. Kailash shouts on Dubey and asks him why did you send this paper to Atharv. Dubey says sorry, you said Atharv will pay loan. Kailash says I said Sujata is sure that Atharv will pay the

loan, not that he knows about loan. Sujata says I took loan, not Atharv, don’t get him in between, tell this to Dubey.

He says I thought you will have idea about paying loan, I agree you did not delay in paying interest, but even I gave you loan without thinking what people say about you. She says fine, I will repay loan, no need to tell Atharv about this loan. She gives milk container. He gives her extra money and asks her to keep change. She cries and leaves.

Vividha sits seeing the moon and cries recalling Atharv finding the anklet. Atharv rests in his stable and misses his bike. Vividha tells Guddi that I did big mistake while joking. Guddi asks why are you crying. Vividha hugs her and says I have to do anything and rectify my mistake. Guddi asks what can you do.

Its morning, Sujata asks Atharv is he worried for his bike, what happened. He says that Vividha…. She asks what did she do. He says that girl is mad, she said she made calf wear 25000rs anklet which got lost, I thought to give her anklet and did not get, so I sold bike so that she does not taunt me. She says you would have told me, I knew that anklet is cheap, I did not expect this from Vividha, she did a bad joke. He says leave it, I m going to garage shop to get my bike. He runs to the shop and sees its locked. The man comes. Atharv gives him 25000rs and says I m taking my bike. The man says no, rate of bike got high, give me 40000rs, I have a client. Atharv asks why are you joking, you are asking 15000rs more in one day. The man asks him to leave. Atharv asks him to take 250rs interest for one night. The man says give 40000rs, or go. Atharv says you are earning bad way, you are cheating me, this is not business, but theft. The man argues. Vividha hears them and hides. Atharv sees his bike. The man asks him to get away from bike. Atharv goes.

Vividha asks the man how can he use someone’s helplessness, and scolds him. She asks him to give bike to Atharv. He says its my bike, I want 40000rs for it. He gets client’s call and asks him to come and take bike. She thinks he will sell bike, I have to do something.

Sujata worries thinking of Atharv. He comes home and says garage man is asking for 40000rs, I have tried to convince him, leave him. She says I will talk to him. He says think we have 25000rs cash now, I m thinking to get a gold necklace for you. She says you know gold rate, nothing will come in 25000rs. He says we will do kitchen tiles work, or stable repair. He asks her to get food, he is very hungry. He hides his sorrow and goes. She cries and says even if you hide, I know what you are going through.

Vividha breaks her money box and counts money. She gets 3000rs and says I want 15000rs. Sujata tells uncle that she has kept some money. Uncle counts and says its very less. Vividha says I broke that money box for Papa’s birthday gift, what shall I do now. Vividha prays to Lord and says I did big mistake, I have to rectify this.

Dadi argues with a man and bargains. Vividha says Atharv has to sell his bike, show me some way to get his bike back, else this guilt will trouble me. Sujata finds more money, here and there hidden in her house. Uma calls Vividha and gives her debit card. She says I got this in old newspaper, your Papa opened this account, he always adds money in it, take some money from it for your use. Vividha thinks I can help Atharv with this money, but this money belongs to Papa, Atharv lost his bike because of me, what to do. She thanks Lord for showing way to her.

Sujata says its just 2000rs. Atharv needs 15000rs. Uncle says I can give 2500rs. She gets sad. Kailash tastes food and scolds the cooks for making ordinary food. Vividha calls Kailash and tells him about Atharv’s bike. He does not hear anything. She asks shall I withdraw money from account ATM card. He says yes, sure, did I stop you. She thanks him and goes. Atharv hugs Sujata and cries. Vividha runs to garage shop. The man sells bike to someone else. Vividha stops him and gives him money.

Atharv sees a lady taunting Sujata on her husband leaving her. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t like the story.bcoz vividha will marry another guy. that is atharv ‘s step brother. very sad. I don’t like that track

    1. How do you know that?

  2. How do you know that?..Arya

  3. The story is so bad as she is going to marry atharv’s step brother. The track in which it now goes is good

  4. yaa.. ishan i also red in spoiless. mi thnk i read it in Wikipedia i dono clearly dudee..

  5. yaa.. ishan i also red it…i thnk soo i hav read it in Wikipedia i dono clearly dudee..

  6. ys guys it true.busy da isliye reply nahi Kari sry

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