Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha saying I want to stay as Atharv’s widow and live with his memories. Sujata and Suman ask what is she saying and ask her not to hurry up. Kalindi taunts Vividha to be lover’s widow. Ravish asks Kalindi not to say anything. Dadi Bua asks Vividha to think, she belongs to this house. Vividha says no, this is fate’s decision, my life’s decision ended after Atharv’s death, when I was forced to marry Ravish, life snatched my happiness, but then Atharv came back in my life, I got a reason to live my life, I wanted to see him recover, but that also got snatched, I don’t want to live, but I have to live, so I want to leave this house.

Suman asks and Ravish? Did you not think anything about him, was Ravish a stair to reach Atharv, nothing else. Vividha

says no, Ravish is a very nice man, trust me, I always felt sad when I did not become his wife, I did not become a good bahu which you all wanted, he deserves a better wife. She holds Ravish’s hand and says you never told me, but I have seen love for me in your eyes.

She asks Ravish to find a good life partner, its my fate that I lost my love, you did not get late, so I want to free you from this relation, so that you get such love which I could not give you. Ravish cries. Suman says great Vividha, you said conveniently that you want to free Ravish, who said that you don’t have responsibility towards Ravish with whom you took the seven vows, marriage is not a joke its that relation which is kept till death, it can’t be thrown like any waste paper. Sujata says Vividha is saying right, she has loved Atharv, not Ravish, so this marriage does not mean anything to him, she does not has right to break it, but she has right to leave it. Vividha says I have hurt everyone, I don’t want to hurt everyone more, so I wanted to leave silently, I m sure Ravish will understand me and respect my decision. Sujata says Ravish is smart, but did you think how will Ravish go ahead in relation after you leave, this mangalsutra and vows do not matter to you, leave everything and go.

Vividha says I don’t want to hurt Ravish more, for Ravish’s life and Atharv’s widow, if this is right, then its fine, I m ready to sign on divorce papers. They all get shocked. Sujata says you took vows around the fire, it won’t break by signs, you have to take reverse rounds to break the vows. Vividha says reverse rounds. Sujata says yes, you took every vow by keeping the fire as witness, you have to break every vow by taking reverse rounds now. Ravish says its not needed. Sujata says its needed, and Vividha is ready. She asks Vividha is she ready. Vividha says fine, I m ready to pay this price. Everyone get shocked.

Ravish cries and sees Vividha. Uma comes and talks to Vividha. She asks how can you do this, how can you all let her do this, what’s need of the reverse rounds. Suman says Vividha has full right to break marriage if she is unhappy, but this relation will be broken the way it was joint, they took seven vows and joined each other, now they have to break vows and free each other, mangalsutra will be removed now. Sujata asks Vividha to think, its the last chance, are you ready for this. Vividha looks on. Ravish says no, I m not ready, I lived life with my commitment, I never get back, I committed to this marriage by my heart, I will not go against it now, today decision can’t be of Vividha alone. He goes.

Its night, Vividha comes to room and sees Ravish. He says if you came to explain me same thing, then I request you not to waste time. She says what will I explain you, I also want to understand, whatever is happening, why is this happening, is it necessary to break a line, why is life not simple, small hopes and happiness, why can’t two people get freedom to love each other, why do people need to mortgage happiness to society, why can’t our happiness be just ours, if Atharv and I had to get separated, then why did we meet, why did we fall in love, why did we get married. I have become hollow within, I could not give you love, I did not wish to become like this, but when did I become like this, I did not realize, you did a lot for me, I can’t pay for the favors in this birth, what shall I do of the burden on my heart, I m doing wrong with you by not giving you husband’s right, do a last favor on me, let me go.

She cries and says what’s promise is you is chains for me, I don’t want to wear your promise as chains, I don’t want to insult marriage, you pity on me and forgive me, please. He says I did not refuse that I could not let you go, I was refusing because I don’t want to let you go, you are saying right. He wipes her tears and says if something is not ours, claiming right on it is injustice. Its morning, Vividha gets ready for breaking the marriage. Ravish cries.

Ravish wears Pagdi and cries. He tries to smile and tears roll down his cheek. Sujata asks Ravish to come. Ravish and Vividha sit in the mandap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plz don’t separate ravida.##RAVIDHA?##,

  2. Good morning and Good noon to all..
    Have a nice day..

    just waiting for today’s episode…….

  3. Sweetuishkara

    ravidha fans it is difficult to find husband like ravish but it is impossible to find lover like atharva .vividha was correct ravish can get a better life partner but vividha can’t get a partner like atharva .it is a girl’s wish with whom she wants to spend whole life .if she loves atharva then she should unite with atharva only .ravish is a nice guy and he deserves a better girl then vividha so let vividha unite with atharva

  4. This Link is for those ..people who r still against Vividha’s decision to be free from marriage.
    Read it and answer yourself…….


  5. “Jaane dhijiye mujhe…jo aapke liye vachan hai, wo mere liye bediyaan hai”
    simple superb dialouge…
    finally ravish got a clear cut answer from vividha.

  6. “jane dijie mujhe..jo apke liye vachan hai, wo deal thi mere liye” would have been more truthful.. isn’t it..

    1. it won’t, make any sense if she said that “its a deal”. becoz there will be another answer raise immedeatly i.e., jo hogai se hogaya..ab agae ke jindage deal nehai hai..ristha bananeke hai………so its too good she said. deal nahi bediyaan.
      clear cut answer…

  7. @apple well said

  8. @ wtever u said its right but I won’t agree it’s ravish mistake not to divorce her when he came to know of her love affair. he thought of her mom Na but when her truth disclosed before everyone then she should have asked herself for divorce though ravish was not willing to do that becz somewhere he is not ready to that by himself but once she would have asked Na he would have given it to her .it’s definitely her fault becz she is very clear about her decision of going back to her love.i too don’t like some of fans were said that how could he loves his babhi.HE Is LOVING HIS WIFE.vivida considered athrav as her husband but wt about athrava?

    1. No.before knowing truth ravish can consider vividha as his wife.but after knowing truth how can he consider vividha as his wife.?due to mangalsuthra and sindhoor.no if a girl is not ready to accept a person as her husband then no mangalsuthra and sindhoor can tie her into that person.here vividha already accepted atharv as her husband before and after mrrge then without any relation how can ravish consider vivi as his wife?.no relation can make with just a ms and sindhoor.and vivi already said that for accepting atharv as her husband she has no need of Ms and sindhoor .she accepted atharv by his heart.so relations are making bw hearts not by a ms and sindhoor.
      In case of atharv .he already accepted vivi as his wife before vivi accepted him.and atharv promised to vivi that he never think about any other girl other than vividha and in his life he will only marry vividha .

      Vitharv relation is not a simple love affair like others.they were faced and overcame many difficult situation in their lives.so their relationship is not for a few days as they can easily forget.but in case of ravish he loved vivi for just a few days only aftr mrrge. Also it is one sided love and easily can forget.

      Based on these situations apart from mrrge vivi is atharvs wife and ravishs bhabhi. So it is nt fair ravish to luv vividha after knowing all truth.so it is better to give his bhabhi to his brother and marry another good girl who only luv him.

  9. Guys i saw a pic in instagram that vivida weared a red saree she is very beautiful??
    @nazneen u said atharv will come at puja.maybe vivida wearing that saree nd doing pooja

  10. Any one can't beat up

    We want atharav back with vividha along with there love Atharav is made for vividha and vividha is made for atharav no stupid can come in between we know that ravish is very good but ravish have to understand that he is coming between two lovers she want to live atharav that is her wish so why is everyone want to distory that in this serial there shows the love between two person atharav and vividha if ravish and vividha come together then it is shown that love can be distory no powers for love atharavs and vivdha s all love have no value at all atharav s promise is as stronger than ravish s promise atharav can’t die atharav will live for vividha no one can come between them ravish be nahi atharav vividha is always taken together they can’t be separated by anyone they will be always one

  11. OK ravish loves vividha as his wife nd got to know of her love later,nd by den he’s been developing feelings 4 her…Just by knowing their love ravish can’t cut his feelings as they r d matter of heart….So same logic applies to vividha…She loved ATHARV through her soul nd heart,nd just bcoz she’s married,she has 2 frget her love nd move on vth ravish???,doesn’t her feelings matter 4 anyone ??? Are marriages so superior to human feelings??I agree dat ravish condition is bad but ATHARV after knowing all these ,his condition would b worser dan d worst,he would b completely broken..Ravish’s pain can’t even touch d surface of suffering he’ll go through.its true that it’s still not late 4 ravish to search a new partner who would make him forget all these nd give him d happiness he deserves….It’s Vivi’s helplessness dat led 2 all these,but der’s nthng 2 blame her on.. situations were critical nd 4 now VITHARV reunion nd getting a new girl 4 ravish would clear everyone’s pain..

    Lastly a woman is not any toy to shift her wherever u want ,she has her own right to take decisions of her life…So stop blaming vividha?

  12. Absolutely right.well [email protected] can’t beatup

  13. Sunjiv puri tweeted atharv sujatha will be back in few hours. Means is it today.?waiting eagerly

    1. plss can you send me the link??
      i didn’t find it anywhere in twitter..

    2. Oh my god..If Atharva come today.he may be stop the ultta marriage function today.he sacrifice his love and allow Ra…vitha’s union..He advice vivitha..And atharv’s words always accept vivitha..May be Ra….Vitha’s seperation is not possible..atharv’s entry may be this situation..He definitely stop this ultta process..Oh my god Ra..Vitha’s seperation is most happy..First vivitha should release …

  14. plss atharv come back soon..
    we can’t see the show with out you..
    you are the soul of this show..
    vitharv union is secondary but atharv in this serial is compulsory at present situation..
    everything will become fine with atharv only..
    and finally to every one … i can’t bare a single comment against our atharv okay..
    remain characters is your wish..
    but atharv is unique independent and so selfless there is no comparison for atharv don’t compare atharv with anyone or anything
    and there is not a single mistake of atharv in this but so much pain is baring by atharv only..
    if there is not a single mistake of atharv then there is no need to point you finger at atharv i cann’t tolerate this okay…

  15. Sonu is true atharva come back when will he come back. So happyyyyyyyy.
    And a doubt is he returns as our atharvasujatha.

    Guys how many are here from kerala.
    Please tell me.
    And thank you sonu for giving me such a good news.

    1. Hi renu I m from kerala.

  16. vevidha aur atharv saath me bhot achey lagtey hai ….shuru sey ye donu ko saath me pyar sey deekha to alag ho k ab intrest kam kar dia writer ney…uffffffffff Atharv beechara na ghar ka na ghat ka….

  17. I feel sorry for a good looking and a good natured guy like Ravish
    He deserved someone and something much better than Vividha, who is so selfish and thinks of only herself. She is very ungrateful and selfish,She did not stop one minute to think about Ravish and how much he loves her selflessly
    I prefer Ravish any day over Atharva

  18. wow…
    atharv came back..
    what will happen now..
    eagerly waiting for tmrw episode..

  19. Luv u atharv only .atharv is much much better than any other persons in the world.i know ravish too a gud person but he is nothing in front of our atharv sujatha.luv u atharvvvvvvvvv

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