Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha saying I want to stay as Atharv’s widow and live with his memories. Sujata and Suman ask what is she saying and ask her not to hurry up. Kalindi taunts Vividha to be lover’s widow. Ravish asks Kalindi not to say anything. Dadi Bua asks Vividha to think, she belongs to this house. Vividha says no, this is fate’s decision, my life’s decision ended after Atharv’s death, when I was forced to marry Ravish, life snatched my happiness, but then Atharv came back in my life, I got a reason to live my life, I wanted to see him recover, but that also got snatched, I don’t want to live, but I have to live, so I want to leave this house.

Suman asks and Ravish? Did you not think anything about him, was Ravish a stair to reach Atharv, nothing else. Vividha

says no, Ravish is a very nice man, trust me, I always felt sad when I did not become his wife, I did not become a good bahu which you all wanted, he deserves a better wife. She holds Ravish’s hand and says you never told me, but I have seen love for me in your eyes.

She asks Ravish to find a good life partner, its my fate that I lost my love, you did not get late, so I want to free you from this relation, so that you get such love which I could not give you. Ravish cries. Suman says great Vividha, you said conveniently that you want to free Ravish, who said that you don’t have responsibility towards Ravish with whom you took the seven vows, marriage is not a joke its that relation which is kept till death, it can’t be thrown like any waste paper. Sujata says Vividha is saying right, she has loved Atharv, not Ravish, so this marriage does not mean anything to him, she does not has right to break it, but she has right to leave it. Vividha says I have hurt everyone, I don’t want to hurt everyone more, so I wanted to leave silently, I m sure Ravish will understand me and respect my decision. Sujata says Ravish is smart, but did you think how will Ravish go ahead in relation after you leave, this mangalsutra and vows do not matter to you, leave everything and go.

Vividha says I don’t want to hurt Ravish more, for Ravish’s life and Atharv’s widow, if this is right, then its fine, I m ready to sign on divorce papers. They all get shocked. Sujata says you took vows around the fire, it won’t break by signs, you have to take reverse rounds to break the vows. Vividha says reverse rounds. Sujata says yes, you took every vow by keeping the fire as witness, you have to break every vow by taking reverse rounds now. Ravish says its not needed. Sujata says its needed, and Vividha is ready. She asks Vividha is she ready. Vividha says fine, I m ready to pay this price. Everyone get shocked.

Ravish cries and sees Vividha. Uma comes and talks to Vividha. She asks how can you do this, how can you all let her do this, what’s need of the reverse rounds. Suman says Vividha has full right to break marriage if she is unhappy, but this relation will be broken the way it was joint, they took seven vows and joined each other, now they have to break vows and free each other, mangalsutra will be removed now. Sujata asks Vividha to think, its the last chance, are you ready for this. Vividha looks on. Ravish says no, I m not ready, I lived life with my commitment, I never get back, I committed to this marriage by my heart, I will not go against it now, today decision can’t be of Vividha alone. He goes.

Its night, Vividha comes to room and sees Ravish. He says if you came to explain me same thing, then I request you not to waste time. She says what will I explain you, I also want to understand, whatever is happening, why is this happening, is it necessary to break a line, why is life not simple, small hopes and happiness, why can’t two people get freedom to love each other, why do people need to mortgage happiness to society, why can’t our happiness be just ours, if Atharv and I had to get separated, then why did we meet, why did we fall in love, why did we get married. I have become hollow within, I could not give you love, I did not wish to become like this, but when did I become like this, I did not realize, you did a lot for me, I can’t pay for the favors in this birth, what shall I do of the burden on my heart, I m doing wrong with you by not giving you husband’s right, do a last favor on me, let me go.

She cries and says what’s promise is you is chains for me, I don’t want to wear your promise as chains, I don’t want to insult marriage, you pity on me and forgive me, please. He says I did not refuse that I could not let you go, I was refusing because I don’t want to let you go, you are saying right. He wipes her tears and says if something is not ours, claiming right on it is injustice. Its morning, Vividha gets ready for breaking the marriage. Ravish cries.

Ravish wears Pagdi and cries. He tries to smile and tears roll down his cheek. Sujata asks Ravish to come. Ravish and Vividha sit in the mandap.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aisha

    O god what is this happening atharva plsssssssss come back nothing is good without you this serial is not a serial without you see what gas happened to vuvidha hope these reverse oheras happen without and dustster or difficulty possesses assesses unite
    Vividha atharva
    Vivudha atharva
    Vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva plsssssss
    I always cry seeing vivudha ravishs wife and not being atharva plssssssssss
    Unite vividha atharav
    Vividha atharva

  2. karishma

    what nonsense. JNDSD has become very boring and stupid now. Atharva and Vicidha should have united now but now apparently he is dead. What rubbish !! directors ypu please need to consider viewers likes. sorry to say but your serial has lost all its charm. i wouldnt be watching it ahead.

  3. Atharv fan

    Thanx for the fast update amena.when atharv comes,all become fine.vividha,dont cry your atharv is coming.

  4. Adrianna

    Vividha is down right one hell of a “itch. Ravish should leave her Ass, and when Atharva returns he should also live her ass and Choose his brother, then Vividha and Kailash can now become one. Cold hearted *itch…

  5. Nikhat

    I am feeling very sad for Ravish…dis are all happening becoz of dt kailash…Shoitan..bt guys why vividha was luking at ravish…Is she going to stop dis?:-((And will ravish follow her to ajmer..Kya vividha apni thought chnge karlagi?COME BACK ATHARV:-*

    • 143

      Stop comparison…. If u really knows the difference. B/w Present marriage breaking drama in jndsd and..Aahvanam movie.that’s it.

  6. 123

    Omg I’m so worry for ravish I also cring for him but what should l do i like vithra I’m sorry for ravish

  7. Eswari

    Oh my god I can not guess anything. What is this? What command can I write now,? I can’t see ravish s tears. My cute captain please face it, your confident always with you. I did not agree one dialogue which you told ” marriage is not comittment captain ” marriage is promise and unbreakable rishtha. I know you know that well. Whatever you have done for vivitha that are not for the commitment for love ok.so u get back that dialogue only captain.Vivitha feels very guilty . That’s why she decided to leave you. Don’t worry she will understand you soon. Don’t cry captain. I wish your love again comeback in your hand.

  8. Nikh

    Everyone is baring pain but there is no mistake of these people..
    That stupid kk and dada ji make everyone life hell really…
    Relationships are really so complicated..
    I am not able to judge anyone..
    Atharv didn’t do any mistake but he lost his girl..
    Ravish also didn’t do any mistake he is also baring too much pain..
    Poor vivida without any mistake of her she became a culprit in everyone’s eyes and no one is there to understand her..
    Really everyone condition is so bad..
    Plss atharv everything will be come at correct position and everyone’s happiness will come back with you only..
    Plss cm back as soon as possible..
    We are missing you very badly..
    Plss come soon..
    We desperate to see you..

    • 143

      Simple superb comment. Only positive.
      And yeah u were right that our Atharv can only make everything fine…till then we have to bear all torture from writers/directors.

      • Nikh...

        thank you..
        but what to do no one is understanding vivida
        poor girl really..
        i’m feeling very bad for vivida..
        guiltiness give more pain than anything which is vivida baring now..
        but all are scolding her only..

  9. Sunanda

    Very sad of ravish for today eposide
    Plss jaldi hona dejeaye yae shadi nd vivida ,sujata aup donom ajmer chelo

    • 143

      aapne bilkul sahi kaha… But director sab ne hume itine asani se kaise chodega…o be jaldi poora kaisa karega.ye reverse shadi ka drama..ise karne se director sab KO maza nehi aega na…tho fir hume intazar karne padega…
      Aur Atharv Sujatha KO vapus ane may be vakth hai na….
      Still 7 days remaining for Atharv to come back…7 days, 1 week,24*7 hours😨😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨

  10. Eswari

    If commitment finish means automatically we move to next. Please captain don’t use that word commitment to represent marriage. It shows that you are army man. I think sujatha ji has some plan to reunite ravish and Vivitha that’s why she arranged this ultey phere . Is this any ritual that has to follow for divorce. I never heard this anywhere. Anyone please explain me that is necessary for divorce.

  11. Renu

    I really sad with raveesh.precap is so painful I really sorry for raveesh can a boy can cry like this so sad.but I can’t think of ravish.I only like love vitharva. Sorry raveesh.

    • Abc

      Marriage is not joke. If u have taken up the decision of marrying someone then u must fulfil it. Ravish is such a nice guy. Forget your past and move ahead. It’s good for everyone . If was Atharv was fine then he would have told vividha to move on in her life. Atharv will never take away his brothers happiness.

  12. Sami karthi

    Don’t force vividha, she took decision. Suman r u idiot u want son life to hell and sujatha u r only mother to atharv not vividha okay don’t interfere in her decision

  13. Renu

    I don’t know the news is true guys. One of my friend said that vitharva will unite and raveesh married a girl whom he met in the military camp. I also ask her where did you get this news and she said that it from her relative give.
    Any way ,is this imagination or not it must happen. I look spoilers about this news but I didn’t. Any one knows about this news tell me please.
    When will atharva come back??????????

  14. Vivithatharv

    Its fake.nothing will happen..Vividha’s mind become change..She start to love Ravish..After she loves Ravish, Atharva will come..Athrav sacrifice his love..Then I say to good bye jndsr..

  15. revathi

    Yar iam leaving this show there is no hope for uniting vitharv iam very sad 😢 till these many days I had strong feeling that there will be vitharv but no by todays episode got clearly confirmed that these writers are making realise of all vachans and shadi nd vividha will realise it and she will move forward with ravish…… Y every love story has pain nd sad endings iam really very sad 😢 .i feel pity for ravish he is a nice guy nice brother from every aspect he is too good . But he deserves a better girl more than vividha… I can’t see vividha with ravish I like to watch nly atharv and vividha . I can’t see this iam leaving this show goodbye jana Na dil see door . I Luv nly vitharv……… Nak Inka e show chudatam istam ledu ….i hate to watch also from now onwards…..

  16. sudheer

    Heart breaking epi. And also heart breaking precap. Why why why vividha ur doing so wrong. Don’t worry ravidha fans, vividha moves on with ravish definitely ravidha unite always. May be I think director doesn’t reveal d breaking marriage scene till up to end of d show.because director still creates confusing on ravidha&vidharv.
    If director will reveal d breaking marriage scene tmrw r day after tmrw vividha does not accept d breaking marriage in last minute. I strongly believe. Vividha doesn’t break bond with ravish. ( intha varaku ee film&ee serial naina breaking marriage scene successful avvaledu. Not only films real life also this scene not succcessfull. Cause dis is india. No women can’t do dis.

    • sudheer

      Hmm I saw kanyadanam movie & I love srikanth character in dis movie but in that film srikanth character doesn’t love rachana(female lead in d film). But ravish loves vividha. Vividha also knows ravish loves her. In kanyadanam film, rachana saw only gud behavior in srikanth character not love like ravish. So pls didn’t compare dat.
      And one more thing lover entha manchi vadina/entha manchidaina thanani pranam kante ekkuvaga love these life partner ni evvaru vadulukoru.

      • Nikh

        You all see love of ravish it’s good and correct but can’t anyone see how much injustice happened to atharv? ?
        There is no value for vitharv love before ravish love??
        There is only value for 2 days love of that ravish..

      • Dimpurose11234


        |Registered Member

        K, hus ni vadulikoleru, kani okka vishayam cheppu ravish life long vivi tho ne undala edi telisi kuda vivi tanani premichatledani, eppatiki premichadani telisi kuda.
        In that film srikanth loves rachana evaru tana wife ni premincharu. Ina tana frnd kosam sacrifice chestadu. Endukante a ammayi happiness akkade undi kabatti.

  17. Mubee

    Aree. …bakwaas… serial.i think vivida- ravish ek hojaynge….aur atharv regain his memory nd cm vd a negative role…….Guddi ko bhi mar diya…kisne maara woh bhi nahi pata…..boring yaar

  18. Raji

    Ho god …….tdy episode is soooooooooooooooooooo much of emotional……… Iam vivatharv big fan…… But ravish ……Iam cried(lightly)…. 😭😭…. He has also love for vivdha…..
    What will happen tomorrow …..?? Iam egarly waiting ……..( atharv., vividha., ravish.,) both three of love is sooo painful…😍😪

  19. xyz

    Again sad full episode.why do I feel that the full family is trying to unite ra vidha including sujatha.and uma also want to hang vividha on forced marriage.and I felt very bad that vividha & sujatha accepted the Death of atharv!!!how they could??and ravishs behaviour was also strange. I really wish the reverse phere will complete without any drama as soon as possible.and when they are talking about 7 vachans why do vivi silent?bcz she already take 7 vachans bfr mrrge and she never take 7 vachans with ravish in mrrge.she only remembered 7 vachans of herself &atharv in mrrge.then what is the need of talking about 7 vachans.

    Anywise soul of the serial is only and only atharv.so without atharv the serial became very boring and for how many days we have to watching this show without atharv.i feel 7 more days are like 7 years without u atharv.vikku plss come back soon dearrr

  20. Nazneen Syed

    Today’s episode was very emotional 😞.
    So that’s why Vividha wears bride costume.
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.I felt very bad for Ravish.
    Vividha said right that it’s not too late to find a new life partner for himself.

  21. Vitharva fan

    First time feeling sad for ravish and uske ek dialogue ne fir se mujhe usse nafart karne pe majboor kar diya hoping for atharva return

  22. jessy

    O god what is going on in jndsd . I thought it is a fabulous love story …nw they made it hell. Really very boring serial. I don’t know y every love story has sad nd tearfull endings . I became a very big fan of atharav and vividha love story ,then writers made it end with uniting vividha with ravish ,y every girl should bear force marriage , they showed girl stills loves his first love then they showed starting uniting vitharv again and then made again atharv dead . How many times , i don’t knw what writers wants to show, i feel very sad and pity for ravish vividha atharav , they r very good characters , i don’t know what to comment but I just want to see a girl with her first love only , i just want see a girl empowered with her love and never caring society ,every time y sould a girl adjust to her life she too has feelings ,right if writers wants to show a girl empowerment then it is good , but if they want to show with a force nd guilty marriage, i can’t say anything . I feel very sad for this show ,i think this show will be end soon because it already has lost it value ….dear writers and directors we have seen many such films nd story’s that a girl end up with her husband not with her first love…. So nothing new from this serial . By todays episode it is clear that vividha will realise the value of marriage nd she will continue with ravish not with atharv, nd writers don’t make atharv as villain plz we all had such a good impression on his character plzzzzzzzz. Gud bye jndsd . I feel sad to watch this show and boaring too…. I luv vitharv to c but not ravidha feeling very sad……

  23. Simz

    This programme is so rubbish. Its agaist Indian values and you guys are loving it. Amazing. You guys are saying Atharva should come back is that what you would wish if that happens to you in real life??

    • Vamshi

      Well if ur talking abt real life than let me ask u one thing..If ur married to a guy who loves another girl n meets her even after marriage,always thinking of her than do u stil think u r going to continue with that marriage or go for a divorce..

    • Nikh...

      oh really..
      do you know really what are indian values?
      atleast do you know what are values?
      by the way who are you to question us?
      what should we think in your opinion we have to think atharv should not come ravish vivida should united ?? Is it do you wanna say??
      if vivida is a boy then she want to come out from a forced mrg then can you say same like this?
      why a girl can not come out from a forced mrg?
      rituals and customs has their values when they are done by soul not physically..
      people think very well about rituals and all which are made by human beings only but they can not think about humans..
      people are important than all rituals and customs..
      if she hide everything from ravish and then she continue a fake relationship with him then she will be mahan in your eyes and indian pathni…
      atleast respect her she tells only truth..
      she never try to hide anything from her husband..
      loyalty is more important than any ritual..
      try to understand..
      finally everyone has right to express their opinion and you can express your opinion but never dare to question any one’s opinion okay..

      • Suman

        Wt was d role of jagya in balika vadhu. He came out of a marriage with anandi. N he was in live in relation with gouri before divorce. After dat married ganga. Because of this role all loved jagya. Same people criticizing a girl. Leave dem yar. They can’t understand.

  24. shivani

    Iam sooo proud of u vividha…u proved today that marriage and promises are taken by heart and soul and not by performing it physically. Now all the promises given in jndsd will be cpmpleted. I just respect vividha for what she has done. Iam sure atharv would have done the same thing if he had been in her place…even though vividha thinks that she lost atharv she still wants to live with his memories. Now she is following what her heart is saying….rather than following the forced marriage… thats what atharv taught her to do…to listen what ur heart wants to do..and iam so happy that sujatha is understanding her soo well…And as for suman she deserves all this…dont know what to say for ravish….anyway jndsd is getting back on track…so vitharv fans can celebrate now♡♥♥♥♡

  25. Nazneen Syed

    Guys Vividha aur Ravish kal saath ulte phere lenge.Aur Ravish Vividha ke gale se mangalsutr vaapas nikaal lega.

    Aaj ka episode really very emotional Tha.Tomorrow we will come to know what will happen?

  26. Akansha

    No vitharv…then no cause 4 watching this serial vitharv is the soul of this serial the show hs lost its charm..after separating such a beautiful couple like vitharv…vry sad nvr thought that this serial wld tk such a rubbish track..bye will stop watching ths show

  27. Nazneen Syed

    Atharv please come back soon.Your fans are waiting for you 😊

    Guys Atharv will come back during Pooja and he has regained his memory.

  28. Ruby

    Divorce is the best option vividha agar tum ravish kye sath rahi tho tumhare ankhoo meyy atharv kye liyee pyarr ravish ney deykhaa tho life long suffer hogaa tumhare jaaney sye ravish ko koyii achii ladki mileyy gii agar tum uskye sath ho tho ravish suman ki tarah zindagi bhar royee gaaa pehli mey sad lageyy gaa leykin ravish ko koyi ladki miley gi joo usye pyarr kareygi break this marraige other wise u will suffer like ramakanth life long feel sad for ravish but he will deserve better girl than vividha

  29. Vitharva fan

    Kya koi mujhe bata sakta hai ki Indian society humesha girls ko hi target kyu karti hai (hum dil de chuke sanam and saath phare movie bhi kuch aisa movies mai gai jisme first love ko chod kar heroine apne husband ke saath chali jati hai because they feel they are better really so y they fall for someone whom they forget easily.
    Jab Ravidha ko hi director milna hai toh starting se aisa show karna tha and y always atharva should bear all the pain,humiliation and sacrifice. From the episode first to till the date abhi tak atharva ko koi happiness nhi mili and ab kya chahte ho usko uska pyaar bhi na mile hadd hai voh bhi surf isliye kyu ki society kya sochegi o plz stop this crap.

    • Vamshi

      Agree with what u said agar director vividha aur ravish ko unite karna chatha hai tho atharv ko wapas kyu laya gaya tha aur vividha ke saath utna bada dialogues kyu kahlaya vividha atharv ki vidwa hai n y those hugging scenes n all….Ravish ki character ko itna niche giradiya ki vo jantha hai atharv aur vividha ek dusre se pyar karthe hai aur phir bhi vo vividha ko chatha hai ye kahne ke baad ki vo atharv ki vidwa hai

    • xyz

      Absolutely right said@ vitharv a fan.always atharv tolerated so much and so much.i think no body was tolerated as much as atharv tolerated.each &every person only gave him sorrow & tragedy. Firstly his father,society,evil kailash kashyap, vividha (not willingly),ravish (not willingly).

      I know ravish too faced more pain.but his pain is nothing in front of my atharv.bcz ravish got everything.his father,full family,paternal love,respect in society,wealth,happiness,………and one more thing ravish became soldier as his father was also soldier. from father’s support and guidance he achieved that.but in case of atharv he won everything through only his hardworking nt under the shadow of father.so u guys plsssss think what were he deservd that everything were went to ravish.now ravish gained Atharv’s soul vividha too .full family is with ravish but in Atharv’s life only 2 persons sujatha and vividha.so pls ravish don’t snatch ur brothers soul (vividha).vividha is the only reason for living atharv and vice versa.so atharv has only right on vividha.

    • 143

      Yeah.. U r right.,.. in all movies they proved… Marriage and husband is valuable… More than love…its means no true love…
      But in this show, from starting episode to till now..going according to story line..abt a true love… B/w two people. High point in the show is, they still supporting true love.. more than forced marriage… that is y they not even concentrating on vividha fall for ravish. As it was not in his story line..So we can clearly understand. Its a true love story and vitharv should united.
      Last but not least “True love always win” not forced marriage.

    • Akansha

      Lstn makers this star plus is abt nai soch…n nai soch means that a girl wld b free 4m a forcefull marriage were a society n a family cares abt that the girl is married n she had 2 continue it even if she dsnt want n she luvs any1 else..like vivi love atharv…n max films n serial it had seen that the girl hd 2 choose her husband 4 pressure n 4gthng her love..here s the thing abht nai soch..in which the makers had 2 show that vividha has her full ryt 2 marry the person she loves atharv..nt that she s married jst bcse of under pressure of her cruel fathers blackmail..so makers unite vitharv show the nai soch..a girls freedom n respect of love..

  30. Nikh...

    I know..
    vivida definitely stick to her decision…
    she never think about another person in her life..
    I think their divorce process will complete with out any dramaa..
    ravish pain is very sad but if she maintain relationship with ravish then also he will have same heart break and pain so it is good for ravish also if he come out from this mrg..
    it is very painful for ravish now but after some time he will come out from this pain surely and he can find out his soulmate..
    finally vitharv will unite definitely..
    vikkuu come soon plss…

  31. Nikhat

    Arre yaar koi batao plzz whether she’ll fall in love in with ravish or nt..if dis gonne happen den bye bye JNSD…PLZ WRITERS UNITE VITHARV..PLZZ

  32. xyz

    Oh God after reading every one’s comments I am totally afraid. Pls don’t think ngtvly.and vividha pls don’t change ur mind.remember Atharv’s words u must have to hear what ur heart wants.dont notice others words.pls u break ur mrrge soon and go to ajmeer.
    Now I have no interest to watch this show.so I am watching previous epsds (vitharvs epsds) on hotstar.after watching those epsds I strongly supports vitharv more than before.bcz what a noble lvstry is that.no substitution is applicable for vitharv espclly for atharv.so VITHARV=VITHARV only

  33. Sachin

    Very very emotional episode…😭😭😭😭

    Viv and ravish both r right in thr case..,

    guys i cnt see ravish like tht,m really sry…he doesn’t deserve Ths pain…well Viv is also right…

    uff😠😠😠….all these stupid things mixed together nd creating all nonsense….

    After ths episode i don’t think endgame is vitharva!….

    guys …did u all noticed one thing???

    suman picture changed in between fr an instant…

    after umma came she was wearing normal Bt suddenly after some time it was show that she is wearing white….


    i have a very bad feeling! I feel tht atharva will come be4 ths event ends nd stop it ,inorder to save his bro’s life…he will sacrifice his love…😭

    just hope ths don’t happen!

    i cnt comment as i m broken frm core…

    such a beautiful love story…wt was the need to keep two main leads of +ve???

    guys m quitting the show if atharva sacrifices as i don’t want to watch it further more even if in the end its vitharva!!! As thr wont be any point of re-union of vitharav…either they will kill ravish or negative! Which will be more complex nd worse….

    Writers be4 doing any plz note tht ,u hv show 2 things tht needs to be kept in mind ….

    1) atharva putting sindoor in viv’s mang during thr frst separation…

    2) ravish promising abt vitharv marriage…

  34. 143

    Too emotional😨😥😢😢😩😩😰😰
    Well vividha rightly said..y can’t life be simple….?????
    Those lines r so similar to.. Atharv’s 1st equality promise.

    So sad abt ravish.
    But nly vitharv vitharv..
    Anyways.. Just waiting.. Wat next.
    Vividha no need to compromise. Come on u can do it…
    Don’t want any stupidity from marriage breaking drama..

  35. noma

    Very sad vivdha kch to taras khao captain pe.u r very big khoti u deserve for extra load on u.today’s episode is very painful from ravish point of view.

  36. srishti

    aisa kuchh nahi hone wala hai.q k agar aisa hua to baki k aur sirial me aur isme fark hi kya rah jaaega.don’t worry nikhat ravish vividha ko divorce denge aur vividha ka ye faisla hame achchha laga q k isse ravish ke life ko ek mauka milega sawarne ka.vividha ki khushi to atharva se hai..agr sach me atharva wapas aate h to achchha rahega jo ki real life me nahi hota.

  37. samiha chowdhury

    i hope vividha n ravish ak ho jaye n happy ending ho jaye,,,but its not that easy i know,,cz atharv will be back cz ravish has dane many things for him for his step brother ..so at least he will have to come back for his brother…n idkw but i think atharv also wants to see ravish n vividha together cz may be he is fine now n also knows what ravish has done ….its his turn ..love atharv also but want to see RAVIDHA together … ravish ki sath itni unfair nehi hona chahiye …as koyi new heroin bhi too nehi hein…

  38. Renu

    Correct guys if vividha accept raveesh and love him I will never become see this serial.I say bye bye .

    Atharva please come back for us please please please please

  39. nidha

    What a rubbish…..
    They are still dragging….I think CVs don’t wanna unite vitharve so soon ,they are taking time for vitharve reunion just because if vitharve unites then CVs will have to stop the show,as there will be no spicy things after their union
    According to me,the Hindi dramas having main theme” true love” will not exist longer like saas-bahu dramas like ye rishta kya kehlata he ,yhm& sns ,which is running over years
    Am saying this on the basis of saraswatichandra& ipkknd which showed true love as a main theme ,unfortunately these shows didn’t exist no longer after main lead union ….i loved these two shows but CVs gave a sudden ending to these shows hope jndsd won’t be like this….
    If vividha loves atharve true and if she has self control then she will not fall for ravish…..
    Vitharvians lets hope for the best …..
    Gd night my dear friends

  40. Shani

    Stupid serial . omg now they want to unite Ravidha and vividha vl fall for Ravish . I think director don’t want to unite Vitharv . 👎👎👎👎👎👎.

  41. nidha

    I think…there so many new friends to comment here …hello everyone
    @nazneen ,dear I couldn’t comment just because I was busy with sports at my college
    Hi malayalee frnds ,Sonu alfiya pavi xyz ……

  42. Nisa

    very sad episode. Feel so much pain in Ravish eyes.

    Vividha is a selfish person. She married Ravish to save Artharvs life. Made a deal with her father and now I’m not understanding her reason for becoming a widow when she is married to Ravish

    Not sure I want to continue watching this program as it does not teach me any morals or values

  43. Akansha

    Makers the channel is abt nai soch so show a nai soch thing…like vivi has full ryt 2 marry atharv n nt 2 cntne a forcefull marriage..n mny films n serial it had bn shown that the girl has 2 sacrifice her love 4 her family n society bcse she s married? ? she had the full ryt 2 gv divorce n live her lyf as she wnt..gv a msg 2 soceity that marriage is nt only imp n that too a forcefull marriage..a girls decision is also imp respect a girl..her decision n love too..unite vitharv

  44. Nisa

    Now we will see Atharv coming back from the dead, a bash wound on his head and drowned in the river just like SAmbhav in Suhani si ek ladkhi came back from the dead.

    Miraculously only in these Parivaar serials do people come back to life

    • xyz

      @nisa don’t compare our atharv with sambav in ssel. Bcz sambav is a negtve charctr in that show or he is nt the hero in that show.
      But here our atharv is a very genuine and positive charctr in jndsd and he is the hero of our show.here atharv should have to come back bcz without atharv jndsd is nothing.

  45. Akansha

    N a thing…that vividha is nt a trophy or prize..that jst bcse ravish had done many things 4 atharv n sujata..4 that atharv wld handover vividha 2 ravish..is this a jock…..or love is a joke ravish loves her bt she doesn’t love na..vitharv love each other bt ravish n vividha dnt love each other…so plz makers dnt make a girls feeling joke unite vitharv..or bye bye jndsd

  46. Kal

    I am afraid that vividha change her mind before reverse rounds.. I wish vivi goes to ajmer after divorce before atharv returns.. I feel sad for ravish.. He should divorce vivi soon nd let her go to ajmer.. That is the better option for the 3 of them.. Atharv, waiting for your arrival..
    Love you shivu, vikku, shashank

  47. sam

    Omg cvs realized soon to separate ravish vividha…at least they are showed mercy on vividha…i hope they didn’t drag separate marriage rituals.it’s sad for ravish..but it’s better to go away from vividha..i don’t want to see same track few days later atharv will come back..if they both in relationship..it will look horrible to see again triangle story.and at last cvs given value to marriage in today full of episode.separate ravidha soon.if atharv came back vivdha will go back to him with out any problem.don’t show like tashan e ishq z tv serial.

  48. Joe

    Muje bahut acha nahi lag raha hain.. I dont knw wat tgey want show.. If ravidha continues their married lfe atharv ka kya higa.. Atharv ake kya karega.. O zindagi main do logo me se pyar kara hain…sujatha nd vivi without vivi atharv nahi gii payega..

  49. Simz

    Nikh I know indian values. Please dont give me BS about girl rights. No one forced her to marry Ravish. Vividha’s mum and grandma was telling her dont do this. You dont have ro but she continued.

    She has played with Ravish emotions. Vividha is so selfish. If she was in so much love why did she marry Ravish??

    • Nikh

      You saw the every episode right then how can you say she didn’t forced by anyone??
      She was forced by her father..
      If in that case she didn’t mrg ravish then that stupid kk will kill atharv that’s why she married ravish dadi nd uma stopped her but they don’t know about the condition of they know about that condition then they also told her to marry for atharv life
      You are correct ravish has to bare so much pain I also agree but see the the pain of vivida and atharv also..
      Ravish has pain in this matter only..
      But atharv is he has anu happiness till his childhood no right??
      His happiness is only Sujatha and vivida
      Then what about atharv pain??
      You all can see ravish pain you all right I am also agree with you but before thinking about ravish just think about atharv nd tell me what is the justice for atharv then you can say vivida and ravish should continue okay..
      Am not saying vivida is right but why can’t you understand her helplessness. ??

    • Nikh...

      and you are saying she has no right to play with ravish feelings this is also right but think once if she move on with ravish then in that case she also played with atharv feelings right?
      then there is no right to her to play with atharv feelings right..
      then what is the justice tell me??
      if she move on with ravish can’t she remember her love atharv atleast once?
      is that not injustice to ravish??
      indian rituals and customs all have values and every indian respect our culture but in this vivida’s case is different and ypu are also know that very well..
      we can tell anything to a person who don’e know anything , but we can’t tell anything to a person who knows everything so i can’t tell anything to you..
      just think what is justice that’s it..
      and am sorry for my rude comment yesterday..

  50. Happpyyyy fan

    Dont worry vitharv fans the latest off screen photos of vividha is there and shes without sindoor and mangalsutra.that means the divorce has happened.and atharv is back everyone.and i think he will come to the vashisht house cause hes offscreen pics have been taken their.but not sure.but 100percent sure atharv is bacl so chill vitharv fandom.after vitharv reunion then the new twist will happen KAILASH RETURN!!!

  51. Simz

    Vamshi, I would like to ask you same question if a guy married you and said he is in love with someone else would you not say why did you marry me? Yes you would divorce him but would you say he is so nice he told me the truth or would you curse him??

  52. Usha

    Ravidha.’s fan just stay quite n enjoy d show …. achha socho aur Karo to God will give u same way n I can feel ravidha is on d way

  53. Nina

    They have to justice ravish first He deserves happiness. if they reunite vitharva trp drop too low coz whole world is watching this show they r watchin unfair is taking over place it is not digestive for people.so they have to justify ravish other wise trp gonna be too low and chanel force them go off air .if u want to watch jndsd more longer-term pls be patient and enjoy d show.

    • Aliyah

      Nina, don’t you think that Atharv deserves happiness too, after all look at how much the poor guy has been through, starting with demon kk n then at last with dadiji. KK n dadiji are two of a kind, both of them would walk over dead bodies to get what they want. If Ravidha unites then Vitharv will be defeated. I’m surprise at Suman she had Ramakant n now she wants Vividha, how sad for Suman!!!

  54. Priya

    Waiting for union of ravidha….unanbe to see ravish pain…he is such a nice husband..if there is no ravidha i will stop watching the show..😢….

  55. indera sanichara

    Hi everyone all you guys who are talking negative about Artharv and Vividha please stop now. Writers remember Sujata didn’t get her love so please bring back Artharv and give him his love Vividha. Ravish go find your true love.

  56. Sheela

    I agree athrav is good. but here vividha is so selfish and unfair.to save athrav she married ravish i agree.but according to dharma or righteous to save one person vividha shouldnt spoil another person ravish and hurt his mother.iam not a fan of ravish or athrav.if the same trend follow in real life na like vividha na,its give wrong message to society and so many people follow this wrong message.

  57. sheela

    before marriage ravish and vividha. vividha mother and grand mother told to her alot of times not to marry ravish.and vividha left athrav in a sad state where athrav is in big injuries.atleast she didnt enquire and left him in sad state at that time.she married ravish.now infront of her husband she always hurt her husband to be with athrav.its really unfair towards ravish and suman what vividha did. i agree athrav and sujatha are good people.they are so nice.but here ravish and suman also good and they are innocent.marriage is decided by god and very sacred relation.

    • Joe

      Yes frd many tumes they told dont get marry to ravish plz think onces if she refuses to ramish kk definitely kill atharv.. Sujatha nd atharv struggles whole life bcoz od dadiji.. U want again injustice with atharv nd sujatha.. K atharv promz vividha to he can never lve any other girl except u thn wat abt atharv life.. If vivida move on with ravish they both live happy life bt wat abt atharv he again suffers his life..

  58. Nazneen Syed

    @Nidha.Hi.It’s OK.

    If Ravidha unite then I will stop watching this serial 😓😥
    Lets hope for the best VITHARVIANS.

    Vitharv ka pyaar Sacha hai aur jeet sachhe pyaar Ki hi honi chahiye😊

  59. abeer

    As of now athrav is dead (for sometime)entire family agreed that.i know athrav will return in the show but for now I request directors plz unite RAVIDHA .I do nt ask this when vividha still believes that athrav is dead but she accepted he is dead.but it will be good if u unite ravida.though I am a vithrava fan I will support ravida a/c to current track.

  60. sangeetha

    I think sujatha won’t go to Ajmer along with vividha if she goes kailash will not spare her for sure becz now he had another reason becz of her his daughter life spoiled.if vividha goes to Ajmer guddis murder and avinash murder will not revealed.the director said that that kalindi boyfriend has gonna play a strong negative role in the show but his character is no more.wts nonsense all these.

  61. nidha

    Am unable to understand ravish,when atharve was there he told that he will unite vitharve but when atharve went missing he is not ready to break the marriage even though vividha wants to….
    Shame on u ravish ,u wanna live with ur brother’s widow, u must value ur words or uniting vitharve although atharve is not there ,u must let vividha free ,let vividha live her life the way she like ,let live her with atharve ‘s memories …i know u love her, but in a marriage one sided love doesn’t make any sense…if u expect that vividha will fall for u as time passess then its a unnecessary expectation as my vivi loves atharve soooo much ,she will not be ready to forget each n every she spent with atharve …
    Time can heal the wounds but Time can’t heal the powerfulness of true love …..
    Some people are over reacting that it will be unfair with ravish if vitharve unite,such people plss watch the show from beginning,if Ra……….
    Vidha unites who will give justice to atharve tell me tell me……
    It will only take few days for ravish to forget vividha as there is whole family to console him and a job to engage his mind and important thing is that CVs didn’t show the intense love of ra…..vidha as much as vitharve…..
    As per the first episode atharve was a bright student he got so may job opportunities but he left that and came to Ajmer for his mother and then met vividha after that their love story started…..
    Still vitharve ‘s love for each other after so many hurdles like ra….vidha marriage,atharve’s memory loss MAKE THIS SERIAL UNIQUE FROM ALL OTHER HINDI SERIAL…..IF RA…VIDHA UNITES THIS WILL LOSE ITS UNIQUENESS…….

  62. xyz

    Don’t curse vividha.i know vividha married to ravish and also know her mother advised to leave marrge.but vividha sticked on marriage with ravish only bcz she know that what is his father.if she heard her mother’s advice then definitely kailash kashyap would killed atharv.if vivi will sacrificed atharv or was ending her life also then what about sujatha???how can she sacrifice her only son?so as vivi know the evil &cruel face of kk she were forced to the marrge for saving Atharv’s life.then she couldn’t think other than his life.unfrtntly ravish become her husband even vivi didn’t know about ravish.actlly there is no guilty of atharv,vividha,ravish.the real culprit is only kk.kk spoiled 3 innocent persons life.so vivi has full right to break her marriage and ravish also has right to get love from a girl who is only suitable for him and love only him.but that girl is nt vividha.vivi is only Atharv’s girl. So hope ravish will also get his soul mate after vitharv union.

  63. xyz

    U r right nazneensyed. I also have that doubt .I think they will introduce a new girl for ravish after vitharv union.lets hope for that

  64. Sonu

    Good morning mallus and vitharv fans

    OUR ATHARV SUJATHA is going to come back.

    He teewted on twitter

    IF I fall,I”ll get back again,IF iam beaten,I”ll return.

    So it is party time vitharv fans and iam sooooo ooooooo happy.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👐👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • xyz

      Hi hi dear sonu.is it true??!!!.our atharv is back kkkk. I am super happyyyy. When will we can see him on TV? .we are eagerly waiting for ur entry athuuuu.

      Atharv will come back OK. But I have a doubt also when he will realise about the marriage of ra vidha then what will happen ?if he accept his vivi or like always he will go to sacrifice means scarifying vivi.???.oh no atharv don’t do that plsssss accept ur vivi as she is only Urs and only waiting to see u.

      Any wise the news of Atharv’s entry is great relief for all vitharv fans.come back athuu👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏it’s time for celebration 😄😄😄😄😄😄💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👼👼👼👼👼👼💃💃💃💃💃🙋🙋🙌🙋

  65. Kratika

    ” if I fall, I’ll get back again. If i’m beaten, I’ll return” …. Vikram’s latest insta pic captioned with this quote… Means he is back into jaana na dil se door….

  66. Jyoti

    People who are saying this show is about love empowerment and blah blah blah.. i didn’t see it when kk held vividha’s hands and atharva was getting beaten by goons.. at that time Vividha was crying and asking for kks mercy.. i didnt see love empowerment when vitharva waited for approval of kailash kashyap(a guy who was ready to forgive guddy’s molester just for the sake of his honour).. i didnt see love empowerment when vividha got married to Ravish (and spoil his life later)..

    If vividha’s love for atharva was really empowered, then following would have happened:
    1. Marrying Atharva without waiting for Approval from wicked person like kailash kashyap as it was already proven to vividha as well
    2. Waiting for Atharva to fight kk’s goons otherwise killing herself..
    3. Not marrying Ravish or any other person
    at any condition
    4. Telling Ravish the truth immediately after marriage ( i remember few happy scenes between vividha and ravish).. instead vividha waited for Atharva’s entry to be straightforward as she is now..
    5. Letting Ravish to pull off mangalsutra earlier as it was always meaningless for Vividha. What was the need to carry a token of marriage with Ravish when her soul is married to Atharva

    People who are saying that they are waiting for some stupid scene where vividha jump off the cliff.. guys i am sure you are supportes of suicides which happen due to refusal of love..

    People saying shame on Ravish if he still continues to love vividha. He has all the rights to keep loving vividha because he didn’t know vividha loves his brother when he fell for vividha..will it not be shame on Atharva if he loves his brother’s wife and unites with her even when he know that ravish loves Vividha..
    all 3 should part their ways and do whatever they want to do.. i think this will be fair to all.

      • Apple

        just a second..u need a correction. in ur words.u wer right that as a husband ravish has all rights to fall for vividha. But not vividha.. who never accepted him as her husband.
        And the logic u got….that how can Atharv love his brother’s wife, For ur kind info..,Atharv loved his girl not his his brother’s wife.But ravish, still loves his brother’s love after knowing vitharv truth and even when vividha herself said she can’t make any relation with ravish, relation should be from both side not one side. abt one who u r talking here, vividha herself cleared…her husband is Atharv Sujatha not Ravish.
        Still the question here is Marriage????
        Anways director also made this marriage breaking drama. to answer all.
        today u guys will get good answer…so just wait and watch

      • Jyoti

        Hi 143, somehow i am not able to reply to apple in the inline comment.. hope he/she is able view it..
        I stand corrected by your logic again..

        1. Ravish loved his wife and not his brother’s love..please take a note that ravish got aware of this in much later episodes.. but you are saying its evil on his part to continue loving vividha even after knowing this..

        by this logic of yours..

        2. Atharva loved his girl who is now his brother’s legal wife and apparently his love.. will it not be bad on atharva’s part to unite with the same girl.

        Now coming on to Vividha’s part.. and taking a real world scenario..

        If a guy/girl still continues to be in love with his/her partner even after being married to someother person.. wearing sindoor and mangalsutra or any other token of marriage but still loving his/her lover.. then its called adultery .

        I had no problem if vividha told ravish about atharva immediately after their marriage.. but what she did was to hesitate for all the time.. she got courage to talk about atharva once he was in front of her.. by that time ravish already started feeling for her..

        Ravish was just a tool for vividha to save atharva’s life.. please admit it that she used her for atharva.. which is ok on her part.. but atleast her fans should not be proud of her for this..

      • Apple

        i feel u have a problem with vividha and atharv, ravish.. becoz the misundrstood relation made by there fate…i.e, Vividha and Atharv are lovers. Vividha married ravish for Atharv’s life. by unknowlingly to his step brother.
        For a while, leave whose wife or who’s lover is she!!!!
        now get a point that a girl who sacrified her life for his lover and got married, still loves becoz she made of marriage as a deal. not any relation.
        she made deal to save one life.its not wrong. its her helplessness to bend over her father condition. that does not mean she wants to make someone’s life hell..it just helplessness for a girl to save her love by making deal.
        Now coming to fate… its made such a relation. all the 3 three should feel shame on each..But if u consider it by overriding these relations mind.. u will get clear idea. whose relation is strong and to whom justice done.
        only one person life will be disater if Vitharv reunited. only ravish. if Ra…..vidha united..it becoms disaster for all 3. if ravish wants he can get some new life partner than vividha. but vitharv(vividha and Atharv) can’t make new relation other than vitharv.

        and plz don’t say that vividha used ravish as a tool to get Atharv. its wrong..both did there duty.for Atharv. being lover(vividha) and ravish(as brother).

      • Jyoti

        I am sorry 143 as i am using ur comment thread in order to reply to Apple.. reply isn’t enabled for him/her..
        I am against people who are saying ravish’s love for vividha is unethical and bad.. so far ravish’s potrayal is thr most positive.. he never forced himself on vividha untill yesterday which was rightful.. even he understood all the contention on vividha yesterday..
        I am not sure who will turn negative in the upcoming episodes but ravish’s love is more pious then vitharva’s.. he has been the most sacrificing till now.. vitharva should unite coz they love each other..
        But who problem is with Vitharva’s fans who have problem with the way ravish looking at vividha or talking to Vividha or praying for ravish to turn out negative..
        Common guys.. ravish too loves vividha but i never saw him making vividha uncomfirtable.. he just has questioned vividha’s concern for him when she doesn’t feel for him..

    • xyz

      People who are trying to blame vividha unnecessarily I think u should already got reply for ur comments.so why don’t u understand fact??.u told that we are supporting suicides then tell me about ur second suggestion. In ur second suggestion u also said that to killing vivi herself.then what is called killing ourself??if killing ourself is not called suicide? Why did u say that?so pls firstly understand fact and then blames others

      • Jyoti

        Ok.. the only suggestion i made was that all 3 should part their ways..
        U got me wrong and thought i was contradicting my point..
        If it was fine with vividha to jump off the cliff when atharva ignored her, then shouldn’t it be fine to kill herself when atharva is no more.. please be clear that i think it is stupid for anyone to harm themselves for the sake of love..

        I am not only blaming vividha.. i think Ravish should be equally blamed for the pitiful condition he is into..
        Why didn’t he leave vividha when he knew that vividha is in love with Atharva.. why they waited for so long to get separated..
        The whole message that i wrote earlier was against the concept of love empowerment.. the whole serial is a crap that I am tied to and not able to say bye bye as most of you have been saying for long..

        Of all three, i find Vividha’s character to be the weakest and kind of selfish and opportunist.. i like both the guys though..

    • Nikh...

      don’t tell a single word against atharv okay..
      when ravish fell for vivida he didin’t know about vitharv that’s right..
      we didn’t oppose it..
      like that only atharv love vivida before only..
      and they complete all rituals before mrg ..
      this ravish is loving vivida after knowing the whole truth also then what is it?
      atharv is never like that he leaves when vivida didn’t go to temple he never forced her after that
      finally vivida only realises that she loves atharv
      but this ravish he know very well then why can’t he divorce vivida??
      and we are not telling that atharv will accept vivida after return
      he thinks everything correctly and make a good decision..
      atharv is so selfless independent and so much strong..
      he can survive at any worst situation..
      you can comment anything i don’t care but never dare to type a single word against our atharv okay..

      • Jyoti

        Really.. can you tell me where did you read my single word against atharva? As far as i know i never commented anything against ravish or atharva.. we haven’t heard of atharva’s prerogative yet..

        The only character i am disappointed with is vividha.. she could have initiated divorce process without expecting it from Ravish.. y was she waiting for atharva to die and comes this upfront.. why do we expect everything from ravish to behave sanely..

        Who are you to dare me anything..?
        Learn some politeness and humbleness from atharva..
        Peace from my side..

      • Nikh...

        i am already told you i don’t care about any other characters except atharv right..
        and what did you comment did it not shame of atharv means what??
        if he love vivida is it shame for atharv?
        atharv loves vivida before ravish chapter only right then how can atharv forget his love?
        even if he sacrifices vivida then also he cann’t forget vivida right??
        if ravish loves vivida after knowing the vitharv truth it is not shame for you people..
        but if atharv loves after knowing the truth of ravish and vivida then it will be shame on atharv right??
        can you tell me what is the shame on atharv??
        who are to teach me what to learn and what not to..

      • Nikh...

        of course i told something too much
        but what to do i just got some anger by your comment and am sry fr that
        but think once yar how can atharv will be shame if he loves vivida after return
        their love happened before only right then how can he forget vivida if he sacrifice her then also he cann’t forget her so is it shame on atharv??
        then if atharv is on shame it means ravish also on shame right??
        any ways i don’t want to fight with anyone just think once that’s it

      • Jyoti

        Lol.. mam/sir.. i think you need to revisit my answera on this thread.. i clearly said that if vividha and atharva loves each other, they should unite..

        Regarding shaming atharva..
        What i meant was if it is shameful for ravish to love his wife about whom he wasn’t aware of her love with his brother and continue loving her.. will it not be shameful for atharva to love vividha who is his brother’s legal wife and love..

        As atharva’s love for vividha is right, so is ravish love for vividha..

        If vividha’ s love for atharva cannot die, why are we asking ravish to kill his love for vividha..

        I hope it clears my point to you…:)

      • Nikh...

        that point also right..
        relationships and love are always very complicated really..
        everyone should get justice,,,

  67. Sweetuishkara


    |Registered Member

    ravidha fans it is difficult to find husband like ravish but it is impossible to find lover like atharva .vividha was correct ravish can get a better life partner but vividha can’t get a partner like atharva .it is a girl’s wish with whom she wants to spend whole life .if she loves atharva then she should unite with atharva only .ravish is a nice guy and he deserves a better girl then vividha so let vividha unite with atharva

  68. 143

    “Jaane dhijiye mujhe…jo aapke liye vachan hai, wo mere liye bediyaan hai”
    simple superb dialouge…
    finally ravish got a clear cut answer from vividha.

  69. Jyoti

    “jane dijie mujhe..jo apke liye vachan hai, wo deal thi mere liye” would have been more truthful.. isn’t it..

    • 143

      it won’t, make any sense if she said that “its a deal”. becoz there will be another answer raise immedeatly i.e., jo hogai se hogaya..ab agae ke jindage deal nehai hai..ristha bananeke hai………so its too good she said. deal nahi bediyaan.
      clear cut answer…

  70. teja

    @ wtever u said its right but I won’t agree it’s ravish mistake not to divorce her when he came to know of her love affair. he thought of her mom Na but when her truth disclosed before everyone then she should have asked herself for divorce though ravish was not willing to do that becz somewhere he is not ready to that by himself but once she would have asked Na he would have given it to her .it’s definitely her fault becz she is very clear about her decision of going back to her love.i too don’t like some of fans were said that how could he loves his babhi.HE Is LOVING HIS WIFE.vivida considered athrav as her husband but wt about athrava?

    • xyz

      No.before knowing truth ravish can consider vividha as his wife.but after knowing truth how can he consider vividha as his wife.?due to mangalsuthra and sindhoor.no if a girl is not ready to accept a person as her husband then no mangalsuthra and sindhoor can tie her into that person.here vividha already accepted atharv as her husband before and after mrrge then without any relation how can ravish consider vivi as his wife?.no relation can make with just a ms and sindhoor.and vivi already said that for accepting atharv as her husband she has no need of Ms and sindhoor .she accepted atharv by his heart.so relations are making bw hearts not by a ms and sindhoor.
      In case of atharv .he already accepted vivi as his wife before vivi accepted him.and atharv promised to vivi that he never think about any other girl other than vividha and in his life he will only marry vividha .

      Vitharv relation is not a simple love affair like others.they were faced and overcame many difficult situation in their lives.so their relationship is not for a few days as they can easily forget.but in case of ravish he loved vivi for just a few days only aftr mrrge. Also it is one sided love and easily can forget.

      Based on these situations apart from mrrge vivi is atharvs wife and ravishs bhabhi. So it is nt fair ravish to luv vividha after knowing all truth.so it is better to give his bhabhi to his brother and marry another good girl who only luv him.

  71. Sunanda

    Guys i saw a pic in instagram that vivida weared a red saree she is very beautiful😍😍
    @nazneen u said atharv will come at puja.maybe vivida wearing that saree nd doing pooja

  72. Any one can't beat up

    We want atharav back with vividha along with there love Atharav is made for vividha and vividha is made for atharav no stupid can come in between we know that ravish is very good but ravish have to understand that he is coming between two lovers she want to live atharav that is her wish so why is everyone want to distory that in this serial there shows the love between two person atharav and vividha if ravish and vividha come together then it is shown that love can be distory no powers for love atharavs and vivdha s all love have no value at all atharav s promise is as stronger than ravish s promise atharav can’t die atharav will live for vividha no one can come between them ravish be nahi atharav vividha is always taken together they can’t be separated by anyone they will be always one

  73. Anonymous

    OK ravish loves vividha as his wife nd got to know of her love later,nd by den he’s been developing feelings 4 her…Just by knowing their love ravish can’t cut his feelings as they r d matter of heart….So same logic applies to vividha…She loved ATHARV through her soul nd heart,nd just bcoz she’s married,she has 2 frget her love nd move on vth ravish???,doesn’t her feelings matter 4 anyone ??? Are marriages so superior to human feelings??I agree dat ravish condition is bad but ATHARV after knowing all these ,his condition would b worser dan d worst,he would b completely broken..Ravish’s pain can’t even touch d surface of suffering he’ll go through.its true that it’s still not late 4 ravish to search a new partner who would make him forget all these nd give him d happiness he deserves….It’s Vivi’s helplessness dat led 2 all these,but der’s nthng 2 blame her on.. situations were critical nd 4 now VITHARV reunion nd getting a new girl 4 ravish would clear everyone’s pain..

    Lastly a woman is not any toy to shift her wherever u want ,she has her own right to take decisions of her life…So stop blaming vividha😶

    • Vivithatharv

      Oh my god..If Atharva come today.he may be stop the ultta marriage function today.he sacrifice his love and allow Ra…vitha’s union..He advice vivitha..And atharv’s words always accept vivitha..May be Ra….Vitha’s seperation is not possible..atharv’s entry may be this situation..He definitely stop this ultta process..Oh my god Ra..Vitha’s seperation is most happy..First vivitha should release …

  74. Nikh...

    plss atharv come back soon..
    we can’t see the show with out you..
    you are the soul of this show..
    vitharv union is secondary but atharv in this serial is compulsory at present situation..
    everything will become fine with atharv only..
    and finally to every one … i can’t bare a single comment against our atharv okay..
    remain characters is your wish..
    but atharv is unique independent and so selfless there is no comparison for atharv don’t compare atharv with anyone or anything
    and there is not a single mistake of atharv in this but so much pain is baring by atharv only..
    if there is not a single mistake of atharv then there is no need to point you finger at atharv i cann’t tolerate this okay…

  75. Renu

    Sonu is true atharva come back when will he come back. So happyyyyyyyy.
    And a doubt is he returns as our atharvasujatha.

    Guys how many are here from kerala.
    Please tell me.
    And thank you sonu for giving me such a good news.

  76. Hina

    vevidha aur atharv saath me bhot achey lagtey hai ….shuru sey ye donu ko saath me pyar sey deekha to alag ho k ab intrest kam kar dia writer ney…uffffffffff Atharv beechara na ghar ka na ghat ka….

  77. Sakina

    I feel sorry for a good looking and a good natured guy like Ravish
    He deserved someone and something much better than Vividha, who is so selfish and thinks of only herself. She is very ungrateful and selfish,She did not stop one minute to think about Ravish and how much he loves her selflessly
    I prefer Ravish any day over Atharva

  78. xyz

    Luv u atharv only .atharv is much much better than any other persons in the world.i know ravish too a gud person but he is nothing in front of our atharv sujatha.luv u atharvvvvvvvvv

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.