Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying an elder brother’s duty is to save younger brother from pain but I gave you the pain, that’s seen in your eyes, whatever is happening, its not your mistake, you kept Vividha here and gave her respect, I m snatching her from you, its big injustice. Ravish says Vividha is your Amanat, the two hearts made for each other are just for each other, nothing else. Atharv asks what about the love for Vividha in your eyes. Ravish says what matters is whom Vividha loves, she just loves you Atharv, if she had any love for me, I would have fought with world and not let her go, but truth is she loves you, no one has right to come between you two.

Atharv says I understood that when two married people get separated, not just hearts, but house also breaks,

I can’t bear this. Ravish looks at him. Ravish says I know you have bear a lot till now because of you, you did not get a father, I just want you and Vividha to unite forever, this will give me peace, I will see to it that this happens. He signs on the divorce papers. Atharv looks on.

Ravish turns away and cries. His tear drop falls over his sign. Ravish keeps the papers in drawer. He smiles and turns to Atharv. He says you will always see smile on my face from today, get prepared Dulhe Raja, the Shahnai is going to play. He leaves. Atharv looks on.

Suman gets some jewelry. Sujata asks why did you call me. Suman says I had to give this items to you. Sujata asks why. Suman says this is for house bahu, Ravish decided Atharv will get married from this house by all rituals, so I m giving what elder son’s wife should get. Sujata says calm down, Atharv is not elder son of this house by right, we don’t want this. Suman says you took my bahu, this is just jewelry, why to leave it, take it. Atharv hears this and gets sad. Suman goes.

Ravish arranges the chairs. Sujata asks Ravish to stop this and not do this. Ravish says yes, seating arrangement is not right, I also felt the same, now its fine. Sujata says no, nothing is fine, stop this. Vipul says now drama will begin. Dadi Bua asks what are you doing. Sujata says I m saying right, Ravish let us go Ajmer. Uma agrees. Sujata says whatever is happening, pain will increase. Ravish says its happiness, I want to do this, all preparations are going on well, even Dadi has come. He greets Dadi. Dadi blesses him.

He asks what’s the problem now. Sujata says your mum will be hurt along you, you can bear pain, who will understand Suman’s pain. Dadi says yes, I came here for your sake, how can we celebrate this happiness seeing Suman sad. Sujata says let us go. Ravish says I did not refuse to you till now, I have a right to convince you once, I will talk to Suman, its a soldier’s promise which should not break, prepare for haldi.

Uma makes Vividha ready. Chutki comes to Atharv and asks did you not get ready till now. Ravish goes to Suman and asks her to come for haldi ritual. He sits and explains her. Suman says you have grown up, you do anything you want, you took decision of this marriage, you can’t take me in marriage forcibly, I will do what you want, I won’t come. He says I don’t have right to force my wish on you, you do what you want. They have a talk. She says I m fine. He says but I m not fine. She gets sad.

Vividha also looks sad. Chutki asks Atharv to get ready, Vividha got ready, you were eager and went to meet Vividha in party, hurry up, everyone is waiting. She leaves her phone. He asks her to take her phone. She goes. He sees the video when he was not fine and behaved like a kid. He recalls the past.

Ravish says I m not fine Maa, you remember when I was 7 year old, I liked cycling, I was waiting for cycle race, then my leg broke one day before the race, I was sad, I was much hurt, but you held my hand and that pain went somewhere, today I m feeling that pain of losing something, if you don’t leave my hand, this pain will get away. Suman cries and holds him. She asks him why are you doing this to hurt yourself. He says I want to see Atharv and Vividha happy, we have to bear this pain for them, we will share the pain and it will get less. She says fine if you want this, I will get ready and come.

Sujata and everyone are downstairs. Vividha asks for Ravish. Dadi says look he has come. Ravish gets Suman. Ravish asks Suman to come. Suman sits with other ladies. Ravish sees Vividha and says I will get Atharv. Chutki/Adaa says no I will get him. Vividha asks Ravish where are you going. He says where will I go, I m here, I have to apply haldi to you first. Atharv comes downstairs, and looks at Ravish and Vividha. Chutki says I got the groom. Ravish sees Vividha and smiles. Atharv smiles seeing her. He recalls their moments.

He thinks of Ravish’s words. He leaves Chutki’s hand. She records him. Atharv falls down the stairs and rolls down. They all worry. Sujata and Vividha shout Atharv. Ravish looks on shocked.

Ravish asks them to call doctor fast. They all ask Atharv to open eyes. Atharv behaves like a kid again. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If reports to be believed we could see the end of Vikram part from soap. Shashank will be lead the lead hero.

    The accident when happened with Vikram in drama, is he is just enacting mad actually
    he thinks that Shivani feel for Shashank but she not accepting fact so Vikram trying just bring out Shivani true feeling for Shashank. This could may the end of Vikram from drama love story and solid chemistry of Vikram and Shivani.

    Keep smiling Shivani, please…… I love U as well as
    your smile…

    1. Registered Raone&you both are same?if same? why you are giving two male lead sides of stories to confuse us.

      1. RAOne

        @Rishi! bro, I’m the person in above situation the first comment the registered was to @ Hanshika my reaction whatever she told to all of us because I was really working on the same story for fanfiction and in a non-registered comment, it was that what I came to know. If think so sorry to you and everyone else who all got confused. By the way, if you search the future story of JNDSD you will come to know the same whatever I mentioned non-registred comment you also have an option to google so will come to above the truth of Soap.

  2. Hai everyone.

  3. Sorry for the mistakes I don’t know English very well so lam not having confidence to comment so that is why I couldn’t able to comment regularly

    1. It’s ok hanshika. U did Gd job. No one point out about our English vocabulary here. Cheers dear.

    2. Hanshika ji thanks for information,and what about that mahaàaaaaaaaaaaan raveesh

      1. Wt he will do. He will help vividha. ?. Mahaan tho hai

    3. Can you tell information regarding ravish story plz. Will he go on duty or he will be around vividha staring her while she taking care of babies. Plz can u tell me about Mahaan

      1. Ha ha ha ????
        Again staring … so funny… ???

      2. Haa haaa haaaa……taking care of vividha’s babies..nice comment suman ji

  4. It is very hard to swallow this story. I can’t believe it. Iam very sorry Hanshika.

  5. I hate this show pls unite vitharv

  6. Iam once again sorry hanshika .I have no intension to hurt you but I never want this to happen in the serial. Anyway thanks for the information hanshika.

    1. Dear aailya and other vitharvarians. I m just reached my home now. And I m totally shocked after reading the story of hanshika.pls tell me one thing all u r believing this story? .I can’t digest it truly. Sorry hanshika I don’t know u and I never noticed ur cmmnts bfr also.
      If hanshika commented bfr in telly updates or this was her first cmmnt?
      Don’t take it wrongly but I want to ask whether she was supporting vitharv or ra…vidha? No don’t feel bad hanshika. Sorry to say but nowadays in telly updates lots of fakers r coming and doing some wrong things to hurt genuine fans (both vitharv &ra..vidha) s feelings.
      So I asked to u .I really don’t want to hurt u.If u feel bad then sorry.
      But seriously I can never believe this upcoming story.bcz how can vivi be pregnant? There was no such a relationship bw vitharv. If it happened in manali as someone is saying then we know atharv very well na? If it is true then atharv must marry vividha and never says to marry ravish. And how the future story can leake this type of way?if Jndsd team is so irresponsible to keep their story? ?.
      How can they spoil crores of fans heart cruelly?
      I don’t know. If the leaked story is true then sure no use to watch this srl as they will cross all limits and I will deftly quit the show as my self respect never allows me to watch the show.
      Hope it s nt true.
      And once again hanshika m nt hurting u.pls if l hurted u then really very sorry.

      1. Yes chechi the story is incredible. I don’t think so it will happen.
        What you have said is 100% correct chechi. ??????.

      2. Aailya. That anju is back.so I think she and her frnds will creating so much dramas here. So we can believe any new person.

        Pinne aailya, ara e hanshika? Aailya kku nerathe aryamo?nerethe cmmnt chythttundo a kutti? Vitharvarian ano? Allengl ith mattavalude pani thanneya.enkkanginya thonnunne.

      3. Sorry spelling mistake not we can.
        Only we can’t belive any new person

      4. Hai xyz,aaliya…..nd evry one.wat is this serial yaar….hansika prnja pole aayal…i mean there is possibility for it.,baki ulla serial pole akum lyk
        Tashn e ishq,krpab,etc.grrr enik vruna deshym undalooo????.Anyway it vl be clr in 2weeks wats going to happen.if the track is lyk tat….I vll defntly stop watching this…Praanth serial.shi….Verthe tym waste chyyathu….
        But vikku,????

  7. Please get Atharv and Vividha together. I mean the theme of this serial started from them so should end on them too. I do not want any emotional saga please!!!

    I hope CVs don’t think of getting Vividha together with Ravish now …. this will be a disaster. Otherwise, it will be better for this serial to go off air.

  8. If this story is true ……it’s better I quit the show…..bcoz I watch this serial only for my both heroes…..& according to this story they both are not happy & I can’t see both of them in pain..
    @aaliya I also think same….. It really tough to believe this story……..

    1. Yes mia it is very hard to digest the story..

  9. Hanshika is it true?…til now I felted he is good.i thaought Atharv also turned mahaaaaaan,if this story is true, I hate atharv, he acted like one side he sacrificed vividha but another side he is responsible for vividha pregnancy to spoil ravish life to give fake hopes.

  10. as per hanshika info i’m excited for one thing to see vitharv children…
    ha ha ha… atleast children will be cute and that is better than this crap…

  11. Janu and suman.Oh no I forgot to tell about ravish. Vividha will be leaving with the taunts of vashisht family. But suman cross her extreme limits by calling Vitharv’s
    Children bastard. But vividha couldn’t tolerate that and she raises hand on suman and aks her and vashit family to go from the house as the house belonged to atharv. By this ravish comes to handle the situation but vividha curses ravish and tells him that all this are happening because of his marriage idea and not letting them free. She tells that every time you will be in middle of us.Vividha gets totally changed after that . She applies sindoor and mangslsutra in the name of atharv and starts to rule the house.Ravish asks everyone to stay for him.From that day
    Onwards ravish refers vividha as bhabhi and be like lakshman to her.
    Suman asks ravish to marry but he says atharv happiness is important to him more
    than him. By this vividha gets angry and ask him to marry for god’s sake.

    1. Thank you hanshika

    2. Oh really…..those Vashista’s people need this from Vividha. and that suman should got slapped 100’s and 100’s of times by vividha. for that word.And vivdha angry on ravish should also burst out…for all drama.. psycho vashista’s should leave d home and take foot path..that vipul,kalindi,bhoomi..useless fellows..vividha throw them out.
      Really I want this to happen in show.
      it may true or not but i loved this information.
      Thank [email protected]

    3. Can you tell me how many years of leap. Plz

    4. Vividha ruling over vashisht family.. they deserves it.. Every character is completely changed.. Ajmer scenes.. I will miss those scenes

    5. if its true………abt vividha accusing ravish and asking him to marry another girl. means really directors has goneeeeeeeeeeee mad……….. directors should have concentrated this point before spoiling things b/w vitharv. beyond showing this marriage drama and Atharv misunderstandings. Vitharv should have asked ravish to marry other girl and then only they will marry peaceful.. but its not happening………and even if it happens in future means whats d use…stupid shocked.. mad writers.

    6. Oh atharv mahaaaaan went away after given babies,ravish taken care like every time all..after end also atharv will doubt again vividha for kids.its bad,,cvs has to change serial name.crap story.

  12. Instead of watching this crap serial it’s better to watch comedy shows like The Kapil Sharma Show. It’s really good & we can watch this instead of watching this crap serial.
    @Hanshika. Thanks for the information. No problem if you made mistakes. You tried that’s good. By the way you explained very good.

  13. Ya Hanshika what about Ravish the mahaan?? Those 2 children’s are Ravish’s or Atharv’s?

  14. It is OK aliya.Even my best friend didn’t believe me.

  15. See I had predicted this crap long back. I am surely getting out of this mad show. Atharva’s character, what a waste of talent. Thanks for the secret leak of the story but I ain’t excited abt these twists and turns.

  16. For showing this crap…y cvs are directing d show…y r u wasting ur money producers…dey hav mny dey r wasting…n we…we all viewers are mad and wasting our time…

    Vikram just quit this show n do a good show…if u atleast quit d show…we can stop watching d show…i am watching this show only for vikram…

    1. Hey @Neeth. if it abt vikram? u can’t leave d show means U can’t leave.. Y becoz,, y will vikram ruin his earnings ???from show. So it won’t happen????????.

  17. I will bear dis crap if ravish is not around vividha. Ravish is great villain than kk. Kk only broke their marriage(still they were together) . But Mahan ravish broke their marriage along with vitharv hearts. N they r hating each other. Big clap for ravish ???.

    1. In telugu ravish marriage track started n in hindi also. But both are ?????


  19. In general show story is trp driven. N no one knows about proper story line except CVS. How come such in detail spoiler?

  20. All vitharv moments in today’s telugu version episode… how can anyone accept this crap after that amazing moments. ..
    Really this is one of the great love story in which I watch till now..?????
    Ruined everything… blo*dy stupids…
    And atharv is an amazing character I never see anyone like him… if I want to see jndsd I’ll see only fst 100 episodes repeatedly from now onwards..

  21. Iam not interested to give you more shocks but I cold not control myself by doing so.Iam not interested in doing so. I am sorry.
    Makers are planning to bring perfect pair of atharva..They will most probably bring
    Sana Amin Sheik. Again love triangle track will be there. Atharv will be having more enemies in business. The girl who will be coming in atharv’s life will love him so much.So when accident takes place she will push atharv’ and makes her hurt.
    From this atharv will develop a good friendship with that girl. The girl will be none other than vividha’s twin sister.
    Kk was not happy seeing two girl twins so he gave one child to childless persons. Later he repents for that and considers girl children as god.That was the reason why he always harmed ankit for their deeds.
    This was the reason why directors killed guddi.

  22. I agree with you Neeth. I’m also watching this show only for Atharv that’s it.
    These stupid jndsd cast didn’t utilised Atharv’s character properly. This show was known for Vitharv but now ????.
    Go to he’ll you jndsd so directors & cvs?

  23. It is OK miya no prblem

  24. Good eve friends .Enjoy the tea with snacks.

  25. Makers are dilemma to find names of vitharv’s children. As in all the serials name will be combined with father and mother. What name you all wanted think guys.

    1. RAOne

      Bay the in the story in which I was working I already name the child thinking of the story I went through the same track which. I was just trying to write the dialogue in a proper way, was justing trying the story in proper sequence but now if write the story or try to publish then you will think I copied whatever @Hanshika informed You. I’m in dilemma what should I do next I’m ready to accept your solution if you’re willing to suggest me.
      You may be thinking that I’m trying to COOK THE BOOKS.

  26. Suman di. We all are discussing here about the serial and those 3 of them are enjoying after shoot.
    @Nidha.You are right she has thorn in her throat to tell Atharv that she loves him and wants to leave with him but after shooting when interviewer asks questions she replies whatever she knows about Ravish.
    Here we are discussing & wasting our time & there she is playing compatibility test with Shashank???

  27. Sorry for spoiling your day. Forgive me and not curse me for telling future story.
    Suman di and nazneen thanks for support.

  28. Hai chellakuttis

  29. May be children’s name will be vitharv and vitharva

  30. By brother says that you will enjoy the serial the serial main focus will be vitharv and his children. The girl is to show vividha realize the pain atharv went through.

  31. Sorry suman di it is four years leap

  32. Shut up ? anju nobody wants you

    1. Ya I also watched the vdo in instagram. But if marriage will happen or nt?
      Really feeling angry on atharv. Y atharv?.
      Vividha is easy for marrying him but what is he doing?
      Atharv it is my warning ,marry vividha otherwise I will ?✊✊✊✊✊????

  33. Nt easy
    Ready for marriage

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