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The Episode starts with Ravish asking Wasim to stop. He asks him to surrender, as the death is infront of him. Wasim says who are you scaring of death, we will teach you to get scared, we will ruin your country. Wasim catches a soldier and asks shall I kill him, Ravish shoots Wasim. FB ends. Ravish says what can they plan against me and my family. Atharv asks Chutki to tell him if she is hungry, he knows kitchen. Vividha asks Aruna to ask for any help. Aruna says you did a lot. Atharv asks will Chutki stay with me. Ravish comes and looks on. Vividha says Chutki will stay here with her mum. Chutki asks Vividha why is Atharv like this, he behaves like a kid. Atharv says because I m mad. Vividha says Atharv’s mind and heart is like a kid. Chutki says I sleep with my mumma, I get scared without

her. Atharv says okay. Chutki names Atharv as chotu. Atharv gets glad and says we will play together. Ravish smiles. Aruna thanks Ravish.

Later, Aruna goes to the room given to her and gets a phone and sim. She calls someone and says mission accomplished, I will talk later. Atharv hears her and asks why are you hiding. She gets angry and asks what did you mean. He says I m very smart, answer me. She takes a knife. Chutki comes there. Aruna hides knife.

Chutki asks Atharv to go, good night, you are still a kid. Atharv says thanks, bye. He leaves. Its morning, Suman meets Ravish. She asks why did you not tell me about the bomb in house, you should have told me, I m glad everyone is safe, who is that woman and her daughter, how did you permit Atharv to get anyone at home. He says I will find the job for that woman, then she will leave. He says you got habitual to wounds and pain, for outsiders. He says Atharv is my loved one. She says this is your voice, but the words are of your dad, what better present could you give him on his birthday. I m making all the dishes of your dad’s choice today.

Sujata wishes Ramakant and sees the pic. She thinks this picture has our memories, Atharv always scolded me when I did puja for you. She recalls Ramakant and cries. She keeps all his fav things ad touches his pic. Suman tells Vividha that all this is Ramakant’s fav food, I used to cook his fav things on his birthday, he used to teach table manners to Ravish. She says we will keep this plate as bhog in temple, I will prepare for aarti.

Vividha compliments Aruna and Chutki. Aruna says no need to do all this, I did not see new clothes before, thanks. Vividha says you look good. Chutki says I always look good. Suman looks on. Aruna goes to help Suman. Ravish talks about work on call. Suman asks Aruna to pass the sriyantra. Aruna sees the things and says its not there. Vividha says its there, look. Aruna says I did not see it. Vividha says it happens. Ravish looks on.

Chutki goes to have food. Atharv says don’t eat this, its Suman’s. Chutki says but its food, I m hungry. Atharv says eat something else. Chutki makes the food plate fall, while Atharv was taking the plate from her. Everyone get shocked. Suman goes and scolds Atharv. She says this was for Ramakant, you ruined this and the day’s state also. Sujata and everyone come and look on. Suman asks Atharv what’s his problem. Ravish says maybe it happened by mistake. Suman says mistake is rectified, not made a hobby, don’t know what all does everyone has to bear, this guy gets something to spoil, what were you doing with this plate. Atharv gets worried and sees Chutki. He says I was hungry, sorry this fell down.

Suman says could you not wait or ask anything, don’t you get food here, this plate was for Ramakant’s bhog, you ruined it. Ravish says so what if Atharv eats food from Papa’s bhog, he is his son. Suman says Sujata and Atharv will have rights in this house, but not on my emotions, I have bear a lot, but this is limit of indiscipline, Atharv will be locked in his room from today. Sujata cries. Suman scolds Atharv. Atharv promises he will not do this again. Suman does not listen.

Ravish asks her to calm down. Suman says all preparations for Ramakant’s birthday spoiled, don’t you feel bad of what he did. Chutki speaks up and says its not Atharv’s mistake, he was not eating anything, I was hungry, I wanted to have food from the plate, he was stopping me, don’t lock him please. They all get shocked. Aruna scolds Chutki. Suman gets angry.

Suman says Sujata explain your son to be in limits of manners. Atharv uses the gun. Ravish gets hurt. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now what hurdles that aruna will create in vasist family.
    Atharv is very kindhearted that he deserved all tourtunes by suman.
    I think atharv did not shot ravish in precap i think some one else?????

  2. ?..i am unable to watch due to the signal problems of set top box..
    This terrorist track remind me of DAHLEEZ serial….my favourite one
    Why don’t CVs reveal guddy’s murderer and make my atharve well …instead of doing this they are showing terrorist track which is totally disgusting just same as star plus old serial dahleez
    Am angry

  3. Stuppid suman… Always scolds Sujata and Atharv… Suman is very selfish… I don’t know how she give a birth to good hounerble personperson like a Ravish…
    When Atharv Sujata come back then Suman k band bajaega…
    Hiiiiiii…. Sunanda,Nithya,Aswini and Sudheer.. How r u friends…

    1. Fine hw r u

  4. Oh god…..!!!! What did atharv????? But he is out of his mind na….! Ok get well soon atharv,,,,, but your kid role is more fabulous… Supoooooopp Atharv ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  5. OMG Ravish got hurt in precap so bad.
    Suman creates nuisance always.Jab tak vo Atharv Ko daanti nahi uska din nahi jaata shayad aur bechari Sujatha hamesha chup rehti hai Suman Ko kuch nahi kehti.
    The way Ravish said Atharv bhi papa ka hi beta hai ..was so good.
    The lady is very clever but don’t worry she will be cought soon..

  6. this show is very slow, story keep going in circle. not an interesting show at all. hurting killing and putting each other down that all we get to see. now another drama with Aruna.

  7. vitharv fanzzzzzz

    All ravidha fans plz do watch July 24 episode and then u wish to unite ravidha….even after watching that epi if u r willing to unite ravidha then there vl b no meaning fr love in ur hearts….

    1. We don’t need to watch it again that boring episode … we just like to watch ravish. not even that selfish vividha .. pagal atarva and selfish vividha r making suman and ravish’s family life miserable

  8. oh no…y suman is scolding atharvvv pavam atharvv missing old jndsd??

  9. Hi havilah how r u? I am fine tq

    1. I am fine Aswani..

  10. i sometimes watch this show n whenever i watch it kahani wahi ki wahi hoti hai n aur complications hoti hai.i’m a big fan of krpkab bcoz of its fast pace n excellent storyline.i can’t believe this same banner n same producers ke show mein itna difference.lik earlier it used to be a nic serial i suppose but now they seem to be so confused.god knows
    lets see 1 week baad dobara tv pe dekhungi ki kya hua

  11. O god mentally ill atharba shot ravish. Ravish why don’t you just through them out of the house with his selfish gf. U deserves better girl and better life ravish

  12. I’m also having signal problem, so couldn’t watch. Omg..another drama??? When is artharv getting better or is he normal and acting? Something don’t seem right? What’s the need for Kalish to ruin this family when he got vividha married to ravish? So he wants to kill all of them? what an obsession for his daughter. Sick. I think something good should come out of this show. Vividha get your man better aND flee. I hate the way she is acting. she seems to forget why she’s there.

  13. Hi frnds gud mrng. Ravidha ni unite cheyataniki director serial ni sagadeestunnadu.

    1. Ravidha unite ayithene serial baghuntundhiiiii…..kani vividha inka athrav ni love chestundhiiiii

  14. Fine sudheer

  15. @Nina.I agree with you that Ravish deserves better girl and better life.
    The precap is interesting can’t wait for today’s episode.
    Suman why she is acting like that as if she has rights on everything.Sujatha always keeps mum it doesn’t mean that Suman tells whatever she likes.
    When will Atharv come out from his mental state????

  16. Iam gud havilah.how r u dear?????

  17. I find Ravish’s fans funny, they want a better girl 4 Ravish, at d same time they want Ravish’s to unite and some also find Vividha selfish.

    Decide…..there seems to b a confused audience. Ravish himself wants Vividha and Atharva to stay in that house, so he’ll unfortunately have to bear d brunt of his wants…..

    Ravish shot? ???? Don’t panic he won’t die.

  18. I don’t knw why sujatha akways keep calm when suman scolds atharv y sujatha says nithing..atharv ko kya se kya bana dhiya makers ne.. Strng independent hardwrking atharv sujatha ko bekar bana diya chi..

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