Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with inspector asking everyone about the goon’s murder. Ravish says I have seen him before, he was threatening us. Inspector asks what. Kangana acts to get dizzy. Vividha holds her. Atharv says Kangana was roaming out at night, maybe she has seen or heard anything. Vividha says I don’t know Kangana knows something else she would have told us. Atharv says yes, but he has come here before also. Kangana says yes, he wanted to take me forcibly, I swear I did not see him yesterday. Ravish asks her not to worry. Inspector says she has to worry a bit, why did she come out late night, did she not see anything, was this man after you, he would have been a problem for you right. Ravish asks why are you asking Kangana, maybe that man came here and died. Inspector says he did not

die by heart attack, he died by snake poison. They all get shocked.

Atharv says then its all clear, what’s the problem. Inspector says problem is there are no snakes here, there is no sign of snake bite on his body. Ravish looks at Kangana. Vipul asks relatives about Kalindi. He sits worried. He cries and says where are you Maa. Everyone think how did that man did in front of our house. Dadi says why was there no marks of snake bites. Atharv says its strange. Ravish says how did snake poison go in his body. Vividha says Kangana is coming, don’t talk in front of her. Kangana comes and asks why are you all sitting quiet. Vividha says we were thinking what should Madhav become in his school’s fancy dress competition. Ravish asks Madhav what did you think. Madhav says its your work to think, I just have to win. They all smile. Vipul sees Kangana.

Vipul goes to Kangana and asks where is my mum. She looks at her hairpin and says I don’t know. He says tell me where is she. She says I told you what I heard, she went somewhere. He says she did not go anywhere. She asks how can I say. He says you can fool my family, not me, I can guess your truth, I don’t know what’s going on in your mind, I won’t let you succeed, I will not leave you, remember. He goes. She gets the bangle box and says he said he won’t leave me, what will I do now. She gets the knife and says one more is gone.

Vividha sees Kangana going with a knife in hand. She gets shocked and says knife in hand, where is she going. Kangana smiles and goes to stab… Vividha shouts Kangana. Kangana sees her and stops. Vividha asks what are you doing. Madhav comes and says you spoiled the game, we were playing Chor police. Vividha asks with knife. Madhav says you don’t understand anything. Kangana shows toy knife. Vividha says sorry, anyone will get scared seeing this at night. Madhav says thief comes at night. Vividha asks them to play and goes. Kangana thinks yes, this is just a game.

Vipul lies in the water, after getting stabbed. Vividha says Madhav is saying he wants to become a policeman in real life. Atharv jokes two policemen in one house, Madhav and you. She says he will ask for many things, he is very naughty, I thought I will have a peaceful daughter, Ajmer’s Daima said I will have a daughter, but I got a naughty son. He gets thinking.

He thinks of doctor’s words. She asks what are you thinking. He says Daima’s saying is never wrong, how did it get wrong in our case. She says she is human, it can be wrong, we should be happy, we have our Madhav. He says we shall sleep now. They sleep.

Kangana cries seeing the water tank. Ravish comes there and sees her. He asks did anyone tell you something, tell me. Kangana says no. He asks why are you worried. She says you all are good and take care of me, I feel did I turn burden on you all. He says everyone likes you a lot, especially Madhav. She says I know, but I don’t know myself, who am I, what do I do, you have seen the goons who came to take me, maybe they know me, goon’s dead body was found here, I maybe harmful for you all. He says I believe we all won’t have harm by you. She asks how can you say that. He says I don’t know anything about you, person is not known by name and family, person is known by eyes, which is mirror of heart. She asks what do you see in my eyes. He says just truth. She smiles and asks are you just saying this or do you believe this. He says I believe so. She rests on his shoulder and smiles.

Bhoomi asks Kangana where is Vipul. Kangana asks how will I know. Bhoomi says he did not come home since night. She shows Vipul’s message where he named Kangana. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Every welcomed namratha whole heartedly. Iam only namratha. Thank you for your welcome viz pinky and sunanda.

    1. I already had dbt abt u . Bt now u admited ur self that u r none other than the great Anju. And one thing , u r not a new comer here. U already use the name Narmata to hurt vitharv fans bfr and I ‘ve noticed that. Today I ‘m ur target, right?Any way enjoy . Srry I ‘ve no time to argue with u . So don’t use my name any more.

  2. I know telgu my friends are there to help me. So can I comment being namratha.

    Thank you so much kind and mahaan vitharv fans for welcoming me.??????????????????

    1. First know telugu spelling than u can try to comment in telugu waste girl dirty nasty stupid idiot every thing.i don’t know word’s more than this or else i have used that also.I have that much angry on u.dirty girl ?????????????????????????

  3. Gm sandy all Telugu people and all loyal and genuine fans of jndsd

    1. hii namratha,,gud mrng,,hearty vlcm 2 dis fmly..
      me 2 from Andhra…

  4. Omg,,hw cud u do dis ravish,,how cud u? Vry disappointed…
    hw can u sit dat much close 2 dat stranger girl,,nt nly dat,,,u allowed her 2 rest on ur shoulder..am totally angry vth u man by dis act..
    hw can u c truth in dat killer girl eyes..i dnt knw about her past,,but killing vth r vth out ny strong reason r revenge is crime…
    plsss dont fall for her nd keep her away…atharv plss save ur bro nd fmly….
    as am completely angry,,der is no luv text fr u captain dis day :-((

  5. Hey sanjana who r u??? U wild anju s I’m Telugu but I’m not foolish now get lost u said ur changed but ur not pity on u and he dare u use my name…get lost guys don’t trust her I’m namratha

  6. @Sunanda, Pinky and Sandy,dear frnds how can u bcm this much poor. That anju was playing with us by saying that she is telungu. Plz guyz, don’t fall in to her net. This is her new technique . So frnds, don’t try to reply or chat with new comers for some days. That may be anju and she ‘ll make u fools like this. So just beware of fake cmnters. I ‘m not trying to hurt u guyz, bt just requesting u. Gud mrning guyz.

    1. Gud mng chechi
      Ya that will be good for not chatting with new comers for some days until their genuin nature comes out

      1. Hi Sandy, very gud mrng. Have a nice day mole.

    2. Usha. Leave it dear.Don’t feel bad. We all know very well that some ravish fans r really frustrated after vitharv mrrge. They can’t digest that. So they r coming here for showing their unwanted frustration. For that they intentionally targetting us .
      I already said in my yesrdy cmmnts as we have no need to welcome new comers. But some of us vitharvians bcm so kind hearted and blinded in their fake words. So poor they welcomed them .
      And u r right Usha. Some ppl think that ravish is playing game to find the truth of kangana. Lol.what to say about that ppl?
      Yesrdy ravish saw innocent love and truth in her eyes, bfr some days he was over protective of her and each &every time he supported kangana in the case of kalindi murder, that goons murder etc.
      When vipul enquiried about his mom to kangana ,then ravish supported kangana and said worrying vipul to be relax. Bcz that time vipul was so worrying about the missing of his mom. But ravish said him to just relax. Superb. After all these things some says ravish is planning to reveal kangana’s truth. Actually they had need some points to support ravish. Thats y some one come today but yesrdy they were absent bcz bfr yesrdy our vitharv scns were more than ravish.
      And some one said that atharv harmed sujatha, vividha. But I never saw baby atharv attacked them. I saw fake atharv attacked sujatha by cricket bat and tried to molest vividha. That time atharv was innocent and nt was in sense also. But ravish was in sense .But he beated atharv .
      But they found that was Atharv’s fault not ravish! !!.
      When atharv realised the truth then he beated ravish in anger. But we never find any fault of atharv as that must ravish deserved from atharv for ravishs fault by slapping baby atharv many times unnessassirly, being anger towards sujatha .
      We never support the stupidity of vividha also. She is just like ravish and blindly believes that vamp kangana.
      So don’t care that ppl .
      And to every vitharvians pls don’t accept any new comers also if u can.

      1. @XYZ,thank u so much dear , fr supporting me. I’m so much tired aftr fighting with that raveesh fans. What did they say? Adharv can not show heroism without belittling raveesh. So funny na. Behind all this dramma, that wild animal anju was there. She is playing with our patience. I know that the raveesh fans r in frustration aftr vitharv mrrg so that those people behave like this. Bt this is not a matter fr us to loose our patience. Nammal mallus,eppozhum malayalathil raveesh ne cheetha vilikkukayanu enna avarude cmnt. So pity abt these type of cmnts . Oh srry, forget to wish u , Gud mrng dear and have a nice day. @All genuine fans of jndsd, gud mrng and have a nice day.

      2. Usha dear.No need of thanks dear. Thanks paryenda karyamilla bcz nammude familyil ulla oralkku oru pblm varumbol help cheyendathu nammude kadamayalle.
        Pinne malayalathil nammal ravish ne cheetha paranjengil athu nthanennu avar thanne parayatte.Nammude ethu word anu avarkku cheetha ayi thonnye ennu avar thanne parayatte.
        Pinne nammal nthengilum ravish ne kurichu paranjittund engil thanne athu ravish deserve cheyyana words anu. So no pblm.
        Pinne Usha paranja penkonthan ille athu avanu pattiya peru thannya. Avante Ippozhathe acting nu suitable anu.
        Pinne kureyennam und ivide engane genuine fansnte samadhanam illathakkan. What to do.nammal care cheyyanda avattakale.
        Pinne veedu kadakkal alle avide starplus kittunnundo? Njanglkku starplus kittunnilla. Signal pblm.so njn hotstar ila kanane Ippo.
        Good afternoon dear

      3. Well said xyz chechi

      4. Yes XYZ, star plus kittunnundu. Set up box annu. Ningalkku signal illa ennu arinju. Entha prblm.Complaint koduthille?

    3. Usha ?????I have again fallen in trap of that virus anju ????????
      But it was by mistake.actually yesterday i went to my cousins son birthday party.there i got tiered and also got headache.after coming home i am not able to sleep with out visiting our sec at once.i did not read any comments namrathas comment was short and then i saw telugu word in her comment so i read it and commented becoz of love on our telugu ppl and language.after reading her reply comment to u than i got doubt on her but slept with out thinking more about her as i am not feeling well but when i saw her recent comments one by one my doubt increased.when i saw sanjana comment then i got conformed after reading all comments i got mad really got mad u don’t believe.so only i have commented her in telugu let us see what she will do.she is playing double role here and also created fake story dirty girl no words to discribe her.i have never seen a girl like her.omg my headache increased.I came here to share my views with u all ppl but that dirty girl spoiled every thing.and these ravish fans got mad in love of ravish as same as ravish got mad in love with that phyco kangana.they r not able to accept truth we r pointing both ravish and viv 4r their foolishness even though we r viv fans but they can only see our comments on ravish not able to see on viv if atharv does the same thing than we have point out atharv also but that will never happen our atharv cannot trust that much blindly any one.so they r jealous of atharv character.

      @jyoti what did u say..at that time when atharv beat ravish our all vitharv fans did not say him that he have done a nice job.we told that much anger is not good atharv not only that pointed him in many ways.if u have doubt u can once again visit that page.just come out of ur ravish world and think in every ones point of view.

      Yes 4r some days don’t trust any new commer.i am safe this problem was not there when i came here.or else u all would have not trust me also.thank got.

      1. Hi Pinky, leave it dear. R u ok now? She ‘ll do everything, that she can ,to spoil our peace.Bt U don’t worry. Just ignore new comers fr some days. These people bcm mad now a days due to Raveesh .That ‘s why behave like this. Don’t get upset .We vitharvians r in one family, no one can destroy our happines. Gud aftr noon dear.

      2. Thank u 4r understanding me dear.ya i am ok now.never i will trust any new commer from now.gud afternoon dear….☺☺☺

  7. Usha I dint hurt any vitharvians u can kindly check my comments and that anju is fooling u dear nd I don’t have to give any explanation to the person who don’t believe me BTW hi Sam I’m from narsapur west god district and intr completed in Vijayawada sri chaitanya tnks for welcoming me and also thanks sunanda sandy vizpinky andaru bagunnara???

    1. Namratha nuvu nijamgana telugu ammai vena naku doubt a nijam chepu.aina thana peru anju ani neeku elaga thelusu.thana peru marchindhi kadha bhabhoy

      Did u understand anything from my comment.then reply me in telugu without using English.do it fast

  8. Sunanda12345

    Hi suman di, xyz di, 143, 143k, nazneen, ragini, viz pinky, namratha, sanjan,aleya,raone ,Usha, Sam, sandy, diya, sweety ,sunitha
    Sryyyy other if I forget any name. Gud mrg guys have a nyc day

    1. Hi.. Good morning.
      Have nice day.

    2. Gud mng di and enjoy the day ?

    3. Good morning sunanda dear

    4. Hi sunanda, I know this is already late to wish gud mrng. Bt what to do dear. I was busy in fighting with some great raveesh fans. Srry dear fr late wish. Any way gud mrng and have a nice day dear.

    5. gud mrng sunanda,,and cngrts dat u completed practical and viva successfully…

    6. Good morning sunanda dear

    7. Please Telugu fans don’t believe that namratha. She is fooling you all by commenting in Telugu. That anju has many Telugu friends also. Not only that now she got settled in andhra Pradesh.

      I don’t want my friends to fall in that blo*dy anju’s trap. So please don’t believe her. It is a request.

    8. sunanda dear good afternoon

    9. Hello and good afternoon Sunanda di?

  9. Really I felt very hurt how can u say don’t chat with new comers OK now if u are a new comer than I say pls don’t talk with her how would u feel and if anju use ur name by commenting u how would u feel and I already mentioned that I’m a silent reader and dear u have to see the diff bet anju and new comers I think all know the diff except you anyways again pls don’t repeat with any girl bcz they hurt very easily have a nice day spread love

  10. Thank you jyothi for supporting this great anju. See I made the fans fight with each other. Iam neither a ravish or atharv fan.
    Iam namratha,jay,and sunitha. All are myself only. Jyothi come on you became fool of yourself by supporting fake identity.????????????????

    1. Sunanda12345

      You idiot, stupid, rascal just goo out of jndsd page. U R spoiling our jndsd family frnds.
      How dare uu ?????
      We r very gud that accepting and new commers. U R playing with our gudness
      Don’t have any shame. That how many members scould uu. Shame less girl. Just goo he’ll out of here.

      No one here r fool or made fool???, except you wild animal??.you r the big fool thinking u made us fools…but u r a universal fool???????
      Omg!!! Sorry you wild animal???. You are mistaken???, only a person can make other person fool..but you are a wild animal. So how can my friends become fools..u r not human,,???? don’t forget that u r a wild animal???????!!!! So don’t spoil ur health by thinking ?????that u made my friends fools?????.
      Anyways we don’t bother abt what wild animals feel!!
      Friends pray for this poor wild soul..GET WELL SOON and REST IN PEACE.

      1. Hi 143.. i hope u r calling me ur friend.. thanks:)..let the loser enjoy some time..

    3. Whoever u are.. do you think we care about u.. atleast i don’t care..
      Thank god u had some fun in life by making us fight otherwise u are living a loser life in reality..
      Please go ahead and make us fight, it will be a charity for us to bring some cheap thrills in ur life.. and i am very happy to be a fool by the biggest fool in the world.. and please keep commenting on this thread and don’t commit suicide due to ur loneliness.. today is saturday and we have ample time to invest on u and to save ur life..

      Suggestion: get a life

  11. plss dnt say dat,,vivi is bhabhi 2 ravish,,vry disgusting…vivi is frnd of ravish..
    ravish is bro of atharv,,so vivi is bhabhi 2 him..
    k,den in dat sense if ravish is bro-in law of atharv,,den vil u say ravish is bro 2 vivi..
    nd sum r saying dat ravish didn’t do ny sacrifice,jst helped vitharv 2 get back der luv..
    oh really,,is vivi a thing to handovr it nd help atharv,,watevr may b da reason,,ravish married her twice nd dey lived together fr 4 yrs,,vth r vth out rltnshp doesnt matter,,at dat tym vivi nd madhav both became his world…undoubtedly he sacrificed vivi 2 atharv…
    i alrdy said,,am nt saying ravish is mahaan,,he is very pure nd gud at heart…he is also human,,whether u undrstnd him r nt,,but gv respect 2 his flngs..i badly want happiness of both heroes..
    not 2 hurt anyone…

  12. Amma thalli Nenu Telugu ammainene namma Telugu lo reply is they andarki ardam kaadani specially usha malayali kada tanaki ardam kadani eng lo reply ichanu vaddama babu inka Chali osey anju nv maaravey inka maraku Neku neeney dorikana yedavani cheytaniki Edo Jio last day fav serial comment cheddamani cheste motham penta penta chesindi anju garu

    1. Still not able to trust u.don’t feel bad if u r not really anju.they r just 4r anju.if u r really anju than god will only punish u(here u means anju).if u r not anju be patient 4r some days than we can trust u.ok bye…

    2. @Anju, ninte courage sammathichu thannirikkunnu. Tholikattiyil ninne vellan ee lokithil ennalla anya grahathil polum arumilla. Bt ninakku enne kurichu enthenkilum parayuvan undenkil , u can speak it in eng, mal, hindi or tamil. I agree I don’t know telungu. Here no one respect u, even not ready to consider as u a human. Then why do u stay here. Just go where ur frnds have , just like zoo, kuthira vattom etc. Plz leave us . If u scold me in any language that i don’t know, I ‘ll consider u as a biggest coward in the world. Bheeru, bhayanthan kolli.

  13. And xyz Nenu frustrate avvaledu Nenu serial ni Mari antha serious ga teeskonu and I’m very happy ravish ki freedom vachindii mugguru happy ga vunnaranii take care

    1. Hey faker namratha I can imagine what did u say about me.I have no need to know telungu. R u coward ? If u want to say something to me then come directly no need of this drama. Ok.I don’t know who r u may be u r anju or nt .But u have no right to abuse anyone.
      And I have no need of frustrating as our vitharv r married now. So y I bcm insecure or frustrate?
      Ya ur ravish got freedom then what else u want now.
      Athukond kooduthal smart Akan nokkalle.
      Athu pole aval eval ennokke thante levelil ulla areyengilum poyi angu vilichal mathi Ketto. Ennodu kooduthal vilachil edukkaruthu.

      1. dear xyz I’m not able to understand those sentences. is this namratha…brainless girl anju????

      2. Dear diya.yes she is none other than that shameless anju. Now she is playing double role.
        Those lines r for her to make understand about me and I think she understood very well.
        By the way diya r u not malayali? ???

      3. no xyz dear I’m Bengali.

  14. Sunitha and jay pls comment something this fool is saying we are all one picchi di yerragadda vallu nv neekadey correct

  15. @jyothi. Ravish is ex army man. How can he trust anyone so blindly. Being a army man it is his duty to identify the nature of peoples. During the terrorist track he could easily recognize zeenat nature. But what happened now. That time he was in love with vividha so that he could not fall for any other girl.
    What truth can he see in the eyes of kangana. Even vipul understood her true colour. And ravish even didn’t care about buaji. He didn’t care for his own family member. When kangana became unconscious he immediately ran towards her being worried. This care is not shown in buaji’s matter. For him country’s security was important than his family. He didn’t think about his country when he went with vividha. Because he was blind in vividha’s love. This shows he was never a good army
    man. Now also same thing is happening in kangana’s case also.

    Baby atharv did not harm vividha and sujatha. It was seturam who harmed them.
    He saved sujatha and vividha when he was not stable also. Ravish knew that atharv’s mental condition was not proper. Then also he showed no mercy against atharv.
    He only took good care of atharv after knowing vividha’s truth. He did only this to show his greatness to vividha.

    Even he knew vividha loved atharv . He still never stopped eyeing on vividha. No one in this world will tolerate seeing his lover dancing with any other men. In that case it is not a mistake from atharv’s side.

    Atharv had a memory loss and he had been drugged. That is why he trusted guddi,suman,and chintu badly. Otherwise atharv sujatha can easily identify nature of people.

    1. Well said mole. I’m totally tired aftr fighting with these people. Raveesh was so selfish towards vividha, even aftr knowing that vitharv love and always tried to take advantage with her. So he deserved what ever he had got frm Adharv. I think that was so less fr him.That’s why he again ready to marry her. Here some one will say, that was her gratitude to protect her self respect. Bt truth is that by marring her and leaving army heproved that he had no self respect . How dare he could take all the things that belong to Adharv.His fans will say that was his mahanta.Now his mahanta is towards kangana. And one thing ,he had stopped eyeing on vividha so that we can enjoy our vitharv moments peacefully without any frustration

      1. Usha.evidem set top box anu.but star plus,Asianet plus,kittunnilla. Signal pblm.innale vare Asianet movies m illarnnu. But innale vannu.
        Njan complaint koduthirunnu but avar paranjathu 2 days kazhyum enna. But Ippo 1 week ayi.
        Njglkku matramalla vereyum chila placelum e pblm und. I mean ayoor, velamannor thudangiya placelum.

    2. Aailya dear. Very well said ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.

      Good afternoon dear

      1. Thank you xyz chechi and usha chechi.

    3. ???
      good afternoon dear.have a nice day.

      1. Thank you diya dear

    4. Sunanda12345

      Aliya ????dear

      1. Thank you sunanda dear.

    5. Aailya.. how can u call a man who faced bullet thrice while saving his country not a good army man.. btw he is an army man and not an intelligence officer.. it the people from intelligence who inform to army about terrorist whereabouts.. so learn to distinguish between them..

      Ok ravish gave some beating to atharva for his misbehaviour with vividha and sujata.. though he wasn’t aware that it was seturam in disguise..ok i accept ravish did bad..

      But would you say atharva did bad for beating ravish incessantly just because he girlfriend made a deal to marry the poor guy.. no u won’t say it.. so y shud i say ravish did bad..

      Ravish wasn’t interested to bring buaji back.. but the people who were concerned for her and pleaded ravish to forgive her are euqally ignorant.. so y shud ravish get the bashing and not others..

      And usha.. did he ever made vividha uncomfirtable.. he was eyring on vividha..lol.. tell me did he ever forced himself on vividha, did e ever behaved vulgar or disrepectfully with her, even after marrying her the second time and lying with her on the same bed, did he ever claimed his right to be her husband..

      Y don’t u assassinate vividha’s character like u r doing with ravish.. she was the one who married him twice, gave right to madhav to call him his father, had eyelock with ravish, danced with her.. just because she has now united with atharva..

  16. @viz pinky reply ichanu chudaventiiii naku antha prove cheskovalsina avasaram ledu edantha endukante I have my self respect and how can I criticised by people who I don’t know Nenu chala sensitive e vishyam gurtutechukuni mares feel ipothanu Nenu andukey clear cheskuntunnanu OK bye

  17. Usha chechi ethu anju inte mastermind annu chechi. So leave it chechi. Avulde comment innu mind cheiyane ponda. Innale sunanda ayirunu target, innu chechi,Nale chelapol njan ayirikum.

    Jyothi njan sherikum manaslaki koduthut und. Appol don’t worry chechi.

    Good morning chechi

  18. Hi friends…Good afternoon.
    Have nice day!!!

    Hi friends..only thing i can say u all..y need to say welcome welcome welcome……… U can say them(new ppl) they don’t no need permission and can ask them keep commenting.. if they r interested will comment, if they don’t have interest they won’t do……that’s it.
    And I don’t understand y new ppl say…. I am new…I am new….

    I am not saying welcoming someone is bad…but becoz of wild animal..the word welcome lost its value.
    Anyway its my suggestion to be aware of unknown ppl…

    1. u r right.we always say….don’t need permission.still some stupid I mean only this brainless girl….can’t understand.
      yeah welcome just lost it’s value.
      good noon dear.

    2. Hello di ?. Good afternoon.

    3. @143, I totally agree with u. If people really want to share their views abt jndsd,they can cmnt here. No need of permission frm any one here to do that. Even me too didn’t ask anyone to accept as their frnd . My frst cmnt here is that when ever vividha will know all the truth she would commit suicide. That’s her punishment fr what ever she done with Adharv. Just like this. And this cmnt was in the beginning of 4 year leap. This was my frst cmnt here. So my pt is , no one need permission to join this jndsd family fr genuine fans of jndsd. And here some always ready to welcome new comers. Bcz,most of the people here r so innocent , so that any one can make them fools. Bt no one wil do like this except that wild animal anju. Me too requested every one to beware of her dirty activities.

    4. Gud aftr noon dear.

    5. Okk dear budhi vachindhi kadha inka epudu welcome ana mata upayoginchanu.inka dhini gurinchi marchipodham.naku e gola emi lekunda happy ga undali ani undhi e page lo.
      How r u dear and me sister elaga unaru thanu kuda jndsd chusthara.

    6. Good afternoon dear 143.

  19. Xyz some one mentioned in the comment that u know Telugu while welcoming me so I replied u in Telugu I am sorry and viz pinky I tried my best to prove myself its OK Sry if I hurt anybody bye take care all and namratha is my name which my parents kept to me please don’t abuse it by calling faker namratha anju I don’t know why r u doing this but god is there to punish you and tommorow is easter happy easter to all good day all of you Sry pinky said 143 I thought xyz so sorry I kinda confused ihve just rechecked the comment again sorry as a christian I can say god bless u all ?bye

  20. Some times I felt anju is wrong to scold vitharvians..but vithavians deserved Anju hatred..you guys reacting overly if someone comments against atharv.if you don’t like then neglect it,but you guys insulting other views or like to make fun on them.&vidharv marriage failed to get trp still,but all are in dreaming on sky for flop show..whom stopped kangana when goons taken her,vividha stopped and make a fake relationship with ravish.atharv also asked ravish to marry kangana,ravish didn’t accepted.he pampered her as a human to see her tears.there is no need to insult army profession to praise ur favorite fiction person.


    I’m feeling pity to see those people like who thinks or who asked u to show more goodness on them or us.

    1. Whether jndsd is a flop show or not,we vitharvians will stay with our favourite jodi until the end. Don’t get bother abt this.That will affect ur brain harmfully. Next, we , vitharvians deserve that wild animal’s stupidities, oh really. Now u get a new frnd like her to fight with us and u like her activities . so superb. Bt be careful, she will make u fool also. And if u r anju again ,then no cmnts frm me. Just change ur name if u can,plz. Bcz, anju is my best frnd’s name. So I cann’t scold her properly.If u r not anju, just start frndship with her immediately so that u people both can fight with us .

    2. For or kind info. Atharv never said to ravish to marry kangana .He said that vivida liked kangana being married to ravish and atharv just asked ravish’s opinion. When ravish asked about atharv’s suggestion in that case he replied that until then he cannot say any opinion because he don’t know much about kangana
      So stop bashing atharv

    3. @karma what we r reacting????
      uff u r also anju bcoz I don’t think there is anyone…. to support her???
      she behaved so badly and u said u deserve. how???
      and we vitharvians have no wish to blame anyone.
      we luv vitharv and jndsd and vikram,shivani…..we don’t need ur valuable comments.

      1. *we* deserve. u go to hell anju??? or sanjana ea karma…..whatever

  21. Good afternoon my sweet lovely didis;
    Suman di, Joe Di,143 di,xyz di, Aailya di,Aleya Marzan di,Sunanda di,Usha di,Nikh di,VizPinky di,Vimala di,Sandy di,Dimpurpose di,Diya di,Sweety di,
    Linah di and everyone sorry if I have missed somebody’s name?.
    I don’t have any Didi because I’m the eldest in my home . I’m lucky that I have so many didis now?????.
    Yesterday you all observed Atharv,Vividha,Bhoomi,Sujata,Daadi all were wearing blue colour ?

    1. Good afternoon nazneen dear.
      Ya.sujatha family were rocked in blue. Especially vitharv ?????????????????

    2. nazneen good afternoon dear have a nice day.

    3. Gud afternoon nazneen dear
      yesterday I didn’t see the episode so I didn’t see that beautiful scene but I will watchbit on hotstar.

    4. Good afternoon dear nazneen.

    5. Sunanda12345

      Gud afternoon nazneen

    6. Yes Nazneen, I ‘ve observed that. Blue is my favourite colour. So I felt so cool by seeing that. U can call me didi, bcz,me too have a younger sis (doing msc) in house and many chotti sis here. No need of asking permission. Actually,I don’t know where u frm.R u telungu? What r u doing? studying? Gud evening dear.

  22. Xyz I thought u are Telugu sorry I replied u in Telugu and please don’t call me faker namratha my name is kept by my parents which they love so much I literally cried by reading bashing comments on me OK I don’t want to prove myself pls leave the topic pls don’t call faker and all keeping my name u can use anju name anju I don’t know why r u doing this but u will severely punisher in heaven for ur bad deeds anyways don’t happy easter to jndsd family once again sorry xyz act pinky told me 143 knows Telugu I lit confused and replied u in Telugu and Nenu telugammaini Madi andhra lo westgod district narsapuram this line for my Telugu people take care bye

    1. Again & again u .what is ur pblm? I know nobody said that I know telugu. I usually visit this page.so don’t dragg any other person.
      And if u r so bothered about trp,story line ,etc etc then what r u doing here .bcz this is the page of that show which u called flop.
      Then y do u spoil ur precious 30 minutes for watching the show or reading updates. And again y r u losing ur precious time for commenting here. Oh I forgot u r still nt aware of the show and u nly want to ruin this page’s peace .
      And don’t act like innocent. It is disgusting in the case of u like ppl.

  23. @usha
    Vivi is actually forcing Kangana to ravish..So don’t blame ravish blindly..Then vivitha is the ex .Wife of ravish.first of all while marrying Vivi he don’t know anything about her love towards Atharva.second time Vivi begged ravish to marry her.so fault with ravish.He is a gentle man in on screen as well as off screen.shivani is good friend to Shashank not a lover.In one of his interview he clearly told that he wont marry in same profession.And he always respect his parents.

    1. I have no time to chat with people like u. So don’t use my name again.Bcz I alredy explained my views to u in detail. Bt now u r trying to make me cmnts abt shanky and shivani. Srry I ‘m not interested in any actor’s personnel life and don’t try to compare their personal life with serial characters. Even me too not interested in vikku’s personal life. Pinne enikkariyam ithu ninte puthiya kaliyalle. Enne athinu kittilla. Ninte thalathinothu thullunna pava yalla njan .mind it. Ninne pole orupadu ennathine njan kaikaryam cheythittundu. So nee vere pani vallathum undenkil nokku. Enikkariyam, pandu njan ninakku oru reply thannirunnallo.Athinte vattom theerkkukayalle.Pakshe ninakku allu mari poyi. Enne pattimennu karuthiyenkil aa parippu ee kalathil vekilla.Penne maryadhayku anenkil angane, allenkil ente thani swabhavam nee ariyum . Phn vachittu podi .

      1. Usha ??????????????.Now she is coming with actors personal life matters. I think all the stock of the serial matters r over now or date expired????

  24. https://www.instagram.com/p/BS5bDdYAxWy/
    Guys did u all see this……crazy one ????

    1. Ya saw it, viz pinky. Yes awsome. Cute booth ?.

    2. Thank you for sharing the link pinky dear.

      It is a nice and cute one.

    3. Thank u pinky.Both r so cute.

  25. Only for Atharva fans first marr ..For other viewers vivid third marriage to atharv.she is the ex.Wife of ravish

    1. Oh really. Heyy all vitharvarians breaking news !!!!!! Breaking news. Notice it. .u all r actually unaware of jndsd story in fact we all.
      But here is some “other viewers” also they know the truth.
      Anyway thanku for ur kind information. What a breaking news oh God ????

      1. Ha ha ha.Iyyo njan ee news nerathe arinjillallo. Valare kazhtamayi poyi alle? Ini enthu cheyyum?

  26. Sunanda12345

    Malayalis how you celebrated your vishu festival? ????hope u guys enjoyed aa lot

    1. Hi sunanda, we, south keralites never celebrate vishu as a grand festival. Just went to temple fr seeing vishu kani. Bt north keralites like Aailya and sandy etc celebrate vishu as a grand one.I think they have enjoyed a lot ystrday . Gud evening dear

    2. Ya sunanda dear. We rockedddd it.

  27. How dumbo is this sunanda. You wrote the name of some persons who never supported and encouraged you. You included namratha and sanjana also who didn’t care about you.

    What nikh and aailya will be feeling. They both encouraged you and supported you and happy about your success. You even ignored them.

    Aailya nokkiko sunanda ik inni ninodu deshayam varum. Agane misunderstandings create cheiyum. Pinne ippum xyz usha enne pidichu. Nine athre vella kalpikunillya. Thank you usha for that.
    Agane ni lonely avum.

    Sangada pedada aailya . ????????

    1. Actually ninakku vattanu alle? ????
      Appo veruthe alla nammal itta peru “physco ” .u deserve the name physco akalya or physco aswini.
      Bcz we know ur name is not anju.u r either akalya or aswini.
      Whoever u r actually u r the jocker for this page⛄. Bcz u r entertaining us very well by ur physco activities but pblm is that nobody is interested in u.poor animal.
      Anyway we got a chance to see a animal jocker.
      Komali ????

  28. Dear vitharv fans my another I’d karma. You can give complaint. But for whom. There are so many id’s for me.

    1. If all these r ur ids, kondu poyi puzhungi thinnedi . Enthina waiting. Kurachu ninte frnds num kodutho. Aarthi maratte.

  29. Hi Diya and all dear bengali frnds, happy bengali new year. I know I ‘m so late to wish. Srry fr that. Enjoy the day .

  30. Hi anju, Namratha, sunitha, jay , karma, dash , dash, dash ,etc. I had so much fun here today bcz of u. I ‘venever noticed that the time is going, so thank ful to u .Today mrng I was worried that how can i spend today , bcz I had no class today. Bt u make the day so funny by making ur self as a jocker. I know that u have no job , everyday. Bt we all r not like u. We have many Responsibilities other than this. So frm tmrw onwards this much time will never get. So thank u once again. Ninte fraud frnds nodum visesham paranjekkane. Illenkil avar ninne kadichu keeri thinnum. Theeta bhranthikal. Ini time kittumbol okke varane. Nee ingane ellavarudeyum munpil fool akunnathu kanan nalla rasamundu. Any way I enjoyed a lot today.Thank u once again.

  31. Chechi plz help me I am not getting today’s update

    1. Go to jndsd page and then to telly update or written update. There u can see 15 april jndsd telly update. Just try again

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