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The Episode starts with Ravish calling out Vividha. She comes. He holds her hand and asks are you fine. She looks at him. He leaves her hand. She says I m fine. He asks did you see anyone in room. She says no. He gets cigarette smell and gets the burning cigarette. He picks it. He says someone has come here. Its morning, Uma and Guddi do puja. Uma tells Guddi that Dadi gave me grass yesterday and went. Guddi says Dadi was with me and did not come out.

The man comes and says this is your medicines. Uma says we did not order medicines. The man says this was the address, I did not do any mistake. Uma pays the man. Guddi asks why did you pay the man when this is not our packet. Uma asks her to go after the guy and find out from which chemist shop he has come and who ordered medicines.

Uma checks medicines.

Ravish talks to Suman. Suman says your Mausi’s phone is not connection. Ravish says her landline is not working, she called me from neighbor and insisted us to come in puja. Suman says it would be good if you both came along. Ravish says I need to be with Vividha, she needs rest, Situram will drop you. He gets a call about urgent meeting and says fine, I will reach. He says I m sorry, I have imp meeting and have to go. Suman says Vividha will be alone. Ravish says its matter of 2 hours. Vividha says I will manage. Bhoomi tells Vipul does not want to come with us. Vipul says I have to make imp presentation. Kalindi says let him stay back home. Daddy ji says Vipul, you should come with us, it won’t look good. Vipul agrees. They leave. Vipul stares at Vividha and leaves in the car.

Uma sees the medicine packet gone. Guddi comes back and says the chemist said he does not remember the person who ordered the medicines. Uma says let it be, the person took the medicines. They wonder who took the medicine packet. Someone is shown healing the wounds by the medicines and tying bandages to his face again.

Vividha is in hall. She asks who is there. She feels like someone is watching her. Situram drives the car. The car stops. Daddy ji asks what happened. Situram says there is some problem and checks car. He says I have to find mechanic, you all sit here, it could take some time, I will go and see mechanic. He goes. Vipul says I will try to arrange some food, I will see where can I find shop here. He goes.

Someone knocks the door. Vividha thinks who is knocking door this way. She takes a vase to hit and opens the door. She sees a courier boy. She signs and takes the box. She shuts door. She goes to Atharv. Sujata asks Atharv to have medicines. He refuses. Vividha comes and asks him to have medicines, then she will feed him food. He takes medicines and asks him to have food. He runs out. Vividha runs after her and the door gets locked. Sujata gets locked in room and knocks. Atharv runs and asks Vividha to find him. Vividha asks him to listen.

He says I m here, find me. She asks where are you. Fake Atharv comes and holds her. She says you should not roam like this in house for some days, come to room now. He stops her and holds her hand. He pushes her on the sofa. She sees mark on his right hand and thinks of the incident. She says burn mark is on the right hand…… and cries.

He removes the makeup and shows the burn mark. She thinks Vipul has shown his left hand. She says don’t come close, I know who you are. She says please help me Ravish. He turns and looks. He checks her hair and gets bluetooth. She recalls Ravish’s plan to send everyone and then he will make excuse of meeting, this plan is to catch that man. Ravish promises that he will not let anything happen to her. He hears Ravish connected to the call. Ravish asks Vividha is she listening. FB shows Ravish telling Vividha that he is close and asks her not to worry. She asks Ravish to please come fast. The man throws the bluetooth and says no one will come to save you, its just you and your Atharv today.

She says I know who you are, you are not my Atharv, where are you Atharv. Atharv is seen lying unconscious on the ground. Fake Atharv smiles and gets close to Vividha. Ravish runs on the road.

Ravish talks to Suman. Suman asks him to come, car got damaged, Vipul went to take food. Ravish says Vipul and runs home. Vividha hits fake Atharv on his head. Ravish enters the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think its not vipul but situram who is trying to molest vivida

  2. Whts happening…? i hope atharv should save vivitha…vitharv …pls jana na dilse door…..

  3. Hell with this fake atharv go nd die

  4. I think it’s situram

  5. ravish protecting vividha and vividha will fall in love with him

  6. Precap who will save vividha……ravish or athrav aj epi really boreee

  7. What is this over action nonsense time pass drama..how many boys wants vividha..after knowing that she is his brother’s wife ravish is also trying to flirt vividha..they are continuing their flirting loving drama and vipul is also going for vividha..You are spoiling ravish’s character. you are showing him also as a characterless fellow.what do you mean this writers and directors..that means she is an angel for them..everybody needs to fall in love with her..how stupidly u r thinking. i think u will fallow the girls like this..stupid director..what is the use of flirting vividha by vipul.stupids..crack directors..you know waht you want to show..one heroine is having three lovers..stupid drama.you are showing vividha as a pr*stitute..i have that girl vividha..how many boys she want..stupid characterless girl.

    1. u r right..writers are making lead female role as charecterless by showing all this nonsense.

    2. Don’t think so blindly, u should understand circumstances around the role..and should think politely..its a respect of a girl..its like a glass u know.. not any white paper what u want u can write on it Ok!!!!

  8. hi i am new here.

  9. I hate vividha and i hate this serial because of that stupid girl

    1. I am also hate vividha

  10. Omg! What a precappp

  11. I wish atharv save vivida…not ravish…d fake atharv is situram not vipul m sure…..

    1. Nalini Persad

      The name is actually Seturam

    2. Nalini Persad

      The name is actually Seturam
      and I have never made this remark before.n You can check his name on the web

  12. guys today I didn’t watched the episode ohhhhhh

  13. What is going on jndsd yar.. Kal than atharv saves vivida.. Aaj ravish agaya wat is this nonsense.. I want vitharv ????

  14. I think now kailash may come back with other face(i think he undergone plastic surgery). Again starts planning to separate vitharv. But fact is whenever he tries to separate them, they come close. N wt great gentleman ravish doing, making vividha to feel guilty for him. N flirting with his brothers wife. Already vividha cleared him dat she loved atharv n still loving him in front of ravish n all. N I hope writers won’t dare to make female lead characterless.The one Who saves vividha is definitely atharv sujatha. Marriage is not a joke. Couple together takes 7 vows to start their life. But the vows should be deep from heart. Not just agni Sakshi or as a part of rituals. Those vows already taken by vitharv from heart. Where as in case of ravidha it is just a part of marriage ritual (for vividha). So vividhas husband is atharv. Definitely kailash will return n indirectly unites vitharv.

    1. these word must come true,anyhow whatever they do make thrilling twists to unite vitharv

  15. What is ravish doing wrong exactly? He has married a girl and he has fallen in love so that’s his wife anyone thinks that is wrong then Ur deluded.. Arthava and vividha did love each other but she married another and she shud fulfill wedding vows as its not ravish fault she could have defied the marriage from the start. She shud be ashamed like it’s easy to break a relation of marriage fool.

    1. She had no other option at that time except saving atharv but later she told ravish that their marriage was just a deal..A deal to save atharv’s life

    2. Total agree with u…i think she will fall for ravish….

  16. stop showing ravish as a hero n y r this writers/director reducing atharv character day by day..

    I think by the time atharv gets well vividha falls for ravish n if that really happens then i assume the writers as heartless n characterless person

  17. AngelxN I agree with u…

  18. Ravish a selfless character really superb make ravidha unite and athrav should go on his life and become rich and marry another girl

    1. Total agree ravish n vividhaa make a lovely couple…they respect each other….that call true love…

  19. Ya angel ravish is vividhas husband. N he loves his wife. I too accept dat. Den wt is d need of promising for uniting vitharv. If he want his wife means he need to stand for dat n fight bravely from front. Nothing wrong in dis . But instead of dat he promised in front of all like mahan n making vividha feel guilty. It’s not fair. He knows vividha is his wife, den y should he promise. If vividha falls for ravish means hero of the show will be none other than kailash kashyap. N real villain is atharv who
    Separated baap n beti. N made kashyap women rebels. If ravidha r United den plz stop dis boring bakwas serial. The serial name should be Jana na shadi se door caption breaking promises n vows. As promises broken by vitharv, ravish, (especially promise to ramakant), great son great husband n great soldier. If ravidha United means bye bye Jana na dil se door

    1. Correctly said..?

  20. I also think it is sithuram. Becoz only he knew about atharv

  21. Love can fail….but not marriage should not fail. ..

  22. Let’s wait and watch what happens tomorrow and which way the writers are taking JNDSD. I think when ravish’s family find out about atharv and sujata and let’s not forget kailash, I’m sure he’s not going to change his ways and what he does, only then will we know which way the story is going to turn.

  23. Ravidha….is correct couple
    Wat ever situation Bt the fact is thy r husband nd wife nd by the ravish started loving vividha when he saw in mandap….so its nt ravish fault…stop blaming ravish

  24. Ya I agree with suman

  25. Ravish ne dil pe pathar rakhke promise Kiya thha lekin o vividha se bahun karta hai iss main galat kya hai … dil se majboor hai.jaise vividha atarva k pyar main majboor hai . Writer is doing his job let him do it who does not like ravidha don’t watch it till vitharva United …. …. come on get a life …. keep yourself busy in right place …

  26. Mujhe ye show bohut achha lata hai.. I wish ki adharva aur vividha ek ho jaye.

  27. Characterless Vividha ?

  28. Frnds, this time vividha tanani tanu kapaukontundi. At this time nobody can saved vividha from fake adharv. Next secene lo ravish enter ayyesariki vividha tana roomlo Untundi. ( fb vividha feels that thank u adharv nannu nenu kapadukone strength ni ecchinanduku I love u ani sleeping……..but tana dreamlo ravish ki tanu love ni express chestunnattu kanipistundi tanu kallu terichi chuse sariki eduruga ravish). So director clarifies that adharv is vividha’s strength and ravish is vividha’s love.

    1. Sudheer.nuvvu nooru mustava koncham

  29. Sudheer plz aaputhava.

  30. Ravish I love u so much

  31. This time vividha is gng to save herself and she is gng to be angry on ravish because not came in timee….again sad scenes on ravidha

  32. Ravish role is not selfless. He shouted at Sujata angrily several times and slapped a helpless guy many times. He has no control on his temper. He is selfish because he does not raise his voice at his own family and does it to the too helpless people he is keeping as fugitives. He is also thick in the head that till now he is unable to comprehend why is was chosen by his father to be the husband now that he knows his older brother was in love with the neighbor. Surely if is supposedly controlling a army unit he can not be so dumb. In the end Arthav will be the one to walk away as he is a decent guy who had so much respect for vids Ma grandma and sister. Ravish character does not even come close.

  33. First of all we want our atharva sujatha back. N all who supporting ravidha can u answer simple question. Even ramakant n sujatha r lovers after dat because of destiny they got separated, n ramakant moved on with marriage life. Den y Suman suffered without love, n y sujatha didn’t move on with some other person. N y ramakant came back to sujatha in his last moments for sujatha n atharva. Just because it is love very sacred than marriage(without love). N ramakants last wish is vitharvs marriage. Dis situation again repeating for vividha. Den how can u expect ravidha happy together. It is a responsibility of every family member to fulfill it. N in India we give more importance to promises made more than any thing including relationships. N in any situation we should stand on our promise. As ravish is a nice person we r supporting ravidha, if he was similar to kailash den also will we say ravidha only because they r married. Vividha should compromise n move on with ravish. No na. Here we would have supported vividha to separate from ravish. So it’s clear. It is not the matter of rituals. It is matter of love. True love is more sacred than marriage which is just a deal ( for vividha). Dis marriage was based on cheating. No one forced ravish to promise with pattar on dil.i feel vitharv union is justified than ravidha. If ravidha United means no villain in serial. No one to oppose. Writers need to portray atharv as negative role. Den only story can move. For vitharv all will oppose for sure. Kailash will try his luck again in separating. N we can expect some content in story.

  34. Jndsd start indhe viladari lve valla.. Ina ninnati varuku manam soulmates anna valu jst 2 weks lo vere vala medha lve vachestundha.. Ravish nd vivi ni kalipetapudu fst nudi nduku atharv ni strong ga chupinchatam.. Without atharv jndsd is nothing

  35. Fulfilling ramakants last wish is responsibility of every family member.

  36. yar vividha started loving ravish after saving from fake atharv

  37. Wn ravish saved her from fake atharv. Who saved her is atharv sujatha she used to escape by her self some times

  38. i think vividha saves herself.. as showed in precap she closed and opened eyes, then she slapped fake atharv very hard that made his mask got damage.. so vividha saved herself by recalling atharv words abt women strength..
    i wish it would happen

  39. plz mujhy hindi ya urdu main read krni hai in roman

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