Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv waking up and not finding the girl. The girl pours kerosene and drops the bottle. She takes a matchstick to light. Atharv comes there and stops her. He asks what were you doing. Vividha wakes up and looks for them. Atharv says you would have ignited fire in house. Everyone come there. Vividha asks what’s happening. The girl tries to run away. Atharv holds her. Madhav comes there. He asks them can’t they understand a girl’s sorrow and pain. Atharv asks what happened. Madhav says she is hungry, when I get hungry, I also come in kitchen, feed her some food.

Atharv signs her about food. She nods. Vividha gets food. Atharv stops the girl and says I know you are hungry, but you can’t have food this way, you have food well if you want. He says this girl

does not know talking, studying, having food, its not her mistake, if we don’t teach her, it will be our mistake, big disaster would have happened here today, the house would have got on fire, this girl is raised such way, if she is here, we will make her a human from animal.

He tells her that this is a plate and that’s a spoon, pick the spoon and have food by it. Sujata asks why are you adamant, she is hungry, she will not learn everything in one day. He says we have to make a start to teach her something. He stops the girl again and asks her to eat well, else they will sit and wait for her to eat right way.

Madhav looks on and says give me that bowl. Kangana smiles. Madhav asks the girl to look at him, hold spoon and eat this way. The girl eats with spoon. Atharv makes her hold spoon right. They smile.

Its morning, Vividha and Atharv see the girl. She says we have to take action now. They go near her. The girl plays with colors. He turns away when she sees him. He signs Vividha. He goes to her. She runs away. Ravish comes and runs to catch her. Everyone surround her. She runs outside the house.

Ankit gets trapped inside junk bin. Atharv and Ravish help him. They run to catch the girl. Vividha laughs. Madhav comes there. He asks Ankit did he get hurt. Ankit says no. Madhav asks him to sit. He smells his shirt and asks him to go and have bath. He opens the water tap. The water falls on the girl. The girl plays in water.

Everyone go to her. Atharv cleans her face and plays with her. Later, Vividha wipes her hair and combs. She asks the girl is comb hurting her, we will just do a bit today and then do rest tomorrow, this is called a comb, we will set your hair, your eyes are like Atharv, you know I m your mum, call me Maa. The girl looks at her. Vividha says I will wait for the day when you call me Maa. The girl runs.

Atharv comes and asks where did Khushi/girl go, why are you crying. She says its tears of happiness and hope, when she came home, I was scared, I thought I can never help this girl, whatever I saw yesterday, I got a hope, I will help her. He says yes, if we don’t lose hope, destinations also make some way, children are always like hope, they fall and then get up, if children don’t lose belief in them, how can we lose belief, and about Khushi, if I made her mum straight, what is she then. She asks what do you mean, I was an animal, you made me a human right. He says yes, how to praise myself. She asks how. He says I will tell you if you are asking. He tickles her. Jaana na dil se door….plays…. They laugh.

Kangana asks Vividha to come, I have made food today as you were busy. Atharv jokes and says she makes me work too hard, she was not letting me come downstairs, she was asking me to be with her. Vividha asks him to be quiet. He says she was making me clean cupboard. Sujata asks Vividha to make Atharv work harder. Atharv says see what is mum saying, you can make me work every day. Ravish comes. Dadi and Atharv ask where is Khushi. Madhav goes to call her. He gets her. They all get surprised seeing her.

Kangana says I made sandwich for Madhav, he is fine now, he was having much pain, I made him sleep, don’t you think we should tell him truth. Vividha says we will tell him when right time comes. Kangana asks do you think its not the right time now. Madhav says I know everything. Atharv asks what do you know. Madhav says that I m Kangana’s son.

Update Credit to: Amena

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