Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Vividha telling Guddi about the anklet story. Atharv looks for the anklet in the stable. Guddi says you mean you joked with him. Vividha says his attitude will go away. Guddi wishes his hotness does not get less. Atharv checks even cow dung to find the anklet, and says that girl is mad to make calf wear 25000rs anklet.

Sujata thinks of Kailash’s words. She gets a registered post. She calls Atharv and asks him to check. He asks her to keep it on table. She rushes to check the dish on stove and keeps letter in kitchen. Atharv looks for anklet. Sujata comes there and asks what are you finding. Atharv makes excuses. She gets the letter and keeps it in stable. He murmurs that Maa will be worried knowing about anklet. He asks did Kailash say anything when you refused.

She says nothing. She goes and says if I say what Kailash said, you will be worried. She thinks Atharv will break his dreams knowing about loan.

Uncle comes and extracts milk from the cows. The milk falls on Atharv’s face. Atharv wakes up and tells uncle that he was in stable all night, he was finding something. Uncle asks what, you can even get Lord if you find. He says I will take cow to the lake for bath, I take the cows daily. Atharv asks what, does the calf also go there. Uncle says yes. Atharv worries. Uncle picks the letter and gives him. Atharv takes letter and rushes.

Atharv goes to the lake and jumps inside the water recalling Vividha’s words. He tries to find water. Vividha and family women are going to the lake for puja. Dadi argues with Guddi. Vividha and everyone do the puja, while Atharv is still trying to find anklet. Uma prays that both her daughters get such husbands who always respect them. Vividha sees Atharv coming out of the water and says what is this Akdu doing here. Guddi smiles seeing him. Dadi asks whom are they seeing. Guddi says what will you do by seeing, your days to see anyone are gone. Dadi goes.

Vividha asks shopkeeper what is this guy doing. Shopkeeper says the guy is finding an anklet since 3 hours, I think it belongs to his GF. Vividha and Guddi get shocked. Atharv goes to other side of lake and jumps into water. Vividha realizes her lie and steps ahead. Kailash comes and asks is your puja over, shall we leave. He calls Dubey. Dubey says registry is obtained, post is received. Kailash takes his family and leaves.

Atharv comes out of water and wears the shirt. He sees the letter and opens it. A boy writes on his bike with chalk. Atharv asks him to move away from his bike and makes them run. He cleans his bike and keeps the letter back.

Vividha feels guilty to lie to him and recalls his efforts to find the anklet. She goes to his house to tell him the truth. Atharv sells his bike for Rs 25000rs. He comes home and Vividha meets him. He gives her the money and apologizes for not getting her anklet. He refuses to take money.

Vividha says I got that anklet yesterday itself, infact I have hidden it, the anklet costs 25rs, not 25000rs, I was joking. Atharv gets shocked and says you were joking, did you know I could not sleep all night, lied to Maa and dived in lake to find your 25rs anklet. She cries. He scolds her. He gets angry and says I worked part time for 2.5 years and did not eat dinner, I bought that bike by hardwork, and today I had to sell it because of your cheap joke. He shouts and asks her to just leave. She says sorry and goes, keeping money there. He sees the money and says I did mistake. Ha takes money and runs. Sujata comes home and asks where are you going. He says I will come back and say. He leaves and the letter falls. Sujata thinks he is careless, this can be bank letter. She checks loan document and thinks Atharv read it, did he run to meet Kailash. Atharv runs to get bike back. She goes home and is upset. Guddi asks did you tell him…. Guddi asks what, did he sell his bike, he loved his bike a lot. Vividha asks how do you know. Guddi says he had a fight near the school, I have seen him saving his bike, I saw him through school’s window. Vividha says I was also there, tell me truth. Guddi says some guys were teasing me, he saved me. Vividha realizes scolding Atharv that day.

Atharv gives 25000rs to man and asks him to give bike. The man asks for 40000rs. Vividha meets the man and asks him to give bike to Atharv. The man refuses. She thinks to do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today episode was awesome.. i jst luved d way vividha looking at atharav

  2. bt i was confused!! … how come she s wearing an anklet of cost just rs 25??? .. aftr al his appaa wont alow.. becoz he s too much drown up in thnks lyk luxurious n bla blaaaa…

  3. nice. Vividha should realise he is anice guy and their friendship should start soon.

  4. Why isn’t the next days written update not updated by Amena. Please update today’s written update

  5. Pls update fast

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