Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Kailash looking worried and in shock. He is very silent and lies down to rest. Uma goes to him and asks him to have milk, as he did not eat anything since morning. She says I had to say something, I feel like Vividha is in love with Atharv. He gets shocked. Uma says Vividha loves you a lot, but I m seeing love for Atharv in her eyes. Kailash walks to her and she gets tensed.

Sujata washes some clothes sitting outside. Kailash shuts the door and asks Uma what did she say, Atharv is really nice and did a big work for us, now you will decide whats good and whats wrong. He slaps Uma. Sujata hears the sound and sees Kailash and Uma’s shadow on the window curtain. Kailash tells Uma that your tongue got a voice, how, you think it will happen what you want, I will not

let Vividha become like you, you think Vividha will become like you and then you will get peace. He holds Uma’s neck and hurts her angrily. Sujata sees this and gets shocked. Kailash pushes Uma and says I will never let Vividha become like you. He breaks the glass and says Vividha has my blood too. He asks Uma to be quiet and say in low tone in his ears. She says I did not see anyone except you. He holds her hair and asks what about before marriage, how many men did you see, is there any count, you want to color Vividha like you, you don’t have any status, you are standing infront of me and favoring that milkman. Sujata looks at the shadows and worries. Kailash goes and Uma is seen crying.

Uma comes at the window crying and holding her hurt hand. She sees Sujata downstairs and smiles, acting normal. She shuts the window. Sujata thinks does Uma still hope that I m thinking wrong. Dadi is with Guddi and Vividha. Guddi says I can’t talk to Papa. Vividha says you have to forget things, you go and talk to Papa, he will forgive you. Kailash comes and Guddi apologizes to him. Guddi says I know I have hurt you, I promise I will never do such mistake again, I m really sorry. Ankit comes whistling. Kailash stops Ankit and asks where were you, its such a big incident and you are whistling and wandering, you don’t care. Ankit says I went to Rahul’s house, I told Maa. Kailash gets Ankit’s belt and beats him. Uma, Dadi, Vividha and Guddi get shocked and cry. They all ask Kailash to leave Ankit. Kailash beats Ankit a lot. Vividha asks Kailash to stop, and cries. Kailash stops and looks at her.

Kailash says you are son of this house, you don’t know what your sisters are doing, there is no use of you being a guy. He throws saree at Ankit, and asks him to wear saree and sit at home, Vividha and Guddi has not done anything less to cut my nose, why do you want to be lagging, I will tell them that I have no son, I have three daughters, third one is you. Ankit cries. Kailash asks Uma to come along him to attend some relative’s daughter’s engagement, be ready, I have to show face in society. He leaves.

Guddi cries and says Papa has beaten Ankit because of me. Vividha says Papa is angry. Guddi tells her about Atharv, who would do anything for you, you don’t care for him and take him granted, when will you understand his value, what’s right for you. She leaves. Vividha gets thinking. She goes out and is on the way. She thinks of Atharv and recalls his words. She asks driver to take left. He says that way does not go to college. She says I know, and stops the auto at Atharv’s factory. Atharv is talking to some men. She looks at him and smiles. Tumse milke aisa laga……………..plays………….Her bangles flash light on his face. She realizes that and hides. Atharv sees her. Jaana na dil se door………..plays……… he gets busy in work. She smiles staring at him and recalls their moments.

She walks to him and stumbles. Atharv holds her hand. He recalls the similar old moment and removes his shoe to keep her foot on it. He checks her shoe torn, and fixes it with the glue. He makes her wear her shoe. She smiles.

He asks what are you doing here, I think Kailash still wants to spy on me, so he has sent another spy. She says no, I did not come on anyone’s saying, I had to talk to you. He says I m busy right now, and asks the staff guy to drop madam till her auto. She says no, and gets tearful eyed.

Ankit pushes Uma and Sujata holds Uma. Ankit blames Sujata’s son for all this. Sujata scolds him and says if I call Atharv, you will feel very bad. Atharv comes there and sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I want to see more of arthrav and vividah romance ❤️
    Plz jana na dil Se

  2. Hey guys how are you hey arshdeep how are you….am busy with my studies… So can’t comment.. Whenever I time I will surely comment…. Today’s epi I will give 4****

  3. I will give *** stars because of kailash why he will always scould uma nd ankit

  4. I want vivi and adharvs epi more

  5. Nyc epi…..but this kailash is out of control…..
    I will give 3***…….

    Hai Sulthana….hw r u dear……im too busy with studies……but i will try my best to visit JNDSD telly update….

  6. I would give *** for today’s episode.

  7. Kavya25

    Episode was ok…but that kailash he is mad why is he beating uma and ankit….vitharv scene was amazing…hope to see more of it..

  8. Hey happy fan how are you which class your studying… And what’s your name…

  9. All 4 women should join together, thrash Kailash good and pull out his doti,miserable scum. So evil.

  10. Yes..want see more romance of athrava and vividha…**** for yesterday’s episode

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