Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman pacifying Sujata for Atharv’s death. Sujata recalls Atharv’s words. Suman says pandit ji said right, his last rites should be done for his soul peace. Sujata says you always wanted peace, you felt Atharv’s leaving will get peace in this house, peace has come now, are you happy. Suman cries and holds her hand. She says I did not mean this. Sujata says I have seen meaning changing, you slapped my son and called him infection, see infection has gone from your house. Suman says I can understand your annoyance, but its imp to do his final rites.

Sujata says its easy for you, as you are not bearing the pain to lose a son, person can’t feel other’s pain. Suman says when my son gets ready wearing uniform to go on war, I prepare for his final rites

every time, I had fear to lose him always, so I understand your fear and your pain, I said what I felt is imp for Atharv, you are his mother, it will be your decision.

Ravish, Sujata, Suman and other family members do the final rites of Atharv by keeping his clothes and memories. Bhoomi says they are paying for their deeds, Dada ji did everything and they have send Vipul to jail. Pandit asks Ravish to make a statue of Atharv for final rites. Ravish makes a dry glass statue. He lights the statue. Sujata shouts Atharv.

Ravish cries and thinks of Atharv. Abhi mujhme kahin…..plays….. Sujata cries for Atharv and says there is nothing without Atharv. Suman says Ravish always did a son’s duty towards you, you will have no complains with him. Sujata says I have no complains, I wish Ravish always stays happy, all his hopes turn true. Suman says for Ravish’s happiness, no need to go till Lord, you can give him all his happiness, you saw dry grass burning and cried assuming him to be your son, but I see my son burning every day and can’t do anything, now I feel I have to see his burning heart all his life, I m proud of Ravish, he regarded Vividha’s love relation more than his marriage, he did all duties of a husband and did not claim any right, I feel he got just loneliness in return of his goodness, I told him to find a new life partner, but he refused as he loves Vividha.

Sujata asks what do you want from me. Suman says my son’s happiness, Vividha, Ravish loves her a lot, now will his love for Vividha be wrong, Atharv could not become Vividha’s support, but will she stay alone with Atharv’s memories, I want to see Ravish and Vividha together. She asks Sujata to think from Atharv’s perception, what would he wish for Ravish and Vividha in this state. Sujata cries.

Dadi Bua asks Ravish about Vividha, she did not come in final rites puja. They all get shocked seeing Vividha coming downstairs wearing white saree and getting a bag. Suman asks why did you wear white saree. Dadi Bua asks whats in your bag. Suman says you did not come for final rites, why white saree. Vividha says a widow is widow. They all get shocked. Ravish cries. Sujata asks what are you saying. Vividha says I m saying what my soul is saying, I did not take seven rounds with Atharv, but I accepted him as my husband by heart and soul.

Vividha says my life is just for Atharv, and now my Atharv is not here, so I have burnt everything with his funeral, now I m Atharv’s widow. They all get shocked. Suman asks what are you saying. Vividha says I know you all will not accept this decision, so I decided to leave this house.

Sujata says signs will not break the rounds taken around fire, you have to take reverse rounds with Ravish. Vividha agrees. Ravish says no, today’s decision can’t be of Vividha alone.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Vitharva fan

    How can suman say such things after the funeral of atharva how selfish she is. And what happened to ravish I just can’t imagine

    • 143

      Hey its Noting different in suman. She made as usual thing…that which she wants… Atharv out of raviah and vividha relation. It’s…happened and she got a chance….

  2. Karan

    Reverse pehras !!!! Joke….never heard of anything like this before. But if it happens it will b a treat to watch them walk backwards;)))))

    Anyway, what matters now is what does Vividha want in her life while Ravish I don’t think is keen on a divorce ……not now when Atharva is ( supposedly dead) or even when he was alive.

    Atharav, waiting 4 ur come back……hopefully the serial will get interesting then.

    8 days!!!…….already seems like forever with such a slow track.

    • Nitibha

      Lol it’s not walking backwards. In normal pheras they walk clockwise, and in ulte phera they walk anti clockwise 😂

  3. Deepu

    Wats this they are uniting ravivida..where is my atharv n vividha hw she can agree dat atharv is dead…

  4. Eswari

    Oh no very sad episode. Suman madam can’t you understand that this is not a right time to speak about ravish to sujata ji . This episode and precap also made me very confusion. Writerji what is in your mind? I can not guess anything. Atharv entry ravish decision vivithas feelings oh no. One famous dialogue in tamil ” mudiyala , mudiyala” that means ” I can’t” .To come out from this confusion what should I do? Yes , I am going to watch pongal special programmes. Tomorrow evening again I will ready to meet this confusion ok . Ok bye.

  5. Eswari

    Hai guys enjoyed bhogi today and let’s enjoy pongal tomorrow. Happy pongal to all tamil and Telugu viewers of jndsd

  6. Ruby

    Abeyy director tu vividha aur ravish ko milaa ney kye liye atharv ko maar diyaa what the hell is thisss stop this nonsense vividha don’t accept ravish plzzz atharv is alive serial ko extend karney keyy liye itnaa bakwass sehna padey gaa vitharv fans ko without atharv this show is rubbish director u just go to hell

  7. aisha

    O god atharva come back plsssssss for vividha I knew it she will become atharva and that also that she will take reverse round but than why in twitter it was written shadi first on pic and why ravish and suaman are binding her in fae relationship I know ravish cares for her but why hamesha vividha Ku nhi chalegi use manani padegi kyunki vividha doesn’t love him how can she fall for ravish if she has given her soul to atharva as o’er live and if this love will covert for ravish than that love ffor atharva was not love that will be a timepasss plsssssssssssplsssssssssss
    Vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva

  8. Atharv fan

    Atharv where are you?all assumed that you are dead.your vividha is waiting for you.when did you come.i liked the part where ravish thinks about atharv.

  9. NaveenS

    Why is Suman so busy for Vividha to forgetting Arthav and move on with Ravish?
    So Vividha is just meant to turn off her feelings? It’s that same behaviour of Suman that contributed to daddyji’s crimes including Guddi’s death.
    Arthav is not gone properly but there she is ready to move on like nothing happened.
    So Ravish loves Vividha…..And?

    Something isn’t right here….Things seems too suspicious.

  10. NITA 26

    👎👎👎 for today’s episode.. suman such a selfish lady.. actually i should skip some epi from today when they showed atharv vividha separation by making atharv’s final rites scenes. Bye bye jndsd..

    will love vitharv always..

  11. xyz

    Such a very disappointing episode was it.i felt very boring without my athu.and my eyes were filled with tears an flowed like a river when they showed the funeral scene.what is the need to show that even they never got the body of atharv. And how can suman want vividha frm sujatha and atharv.its nt fair as she already know the truth.

    And I m nt glad to see vivi as vidow and how can vivi accept the Death of atharv.i didn’t expect frm u.vivi.and I have a doubt that when sujatha said vivi fr reverse phere I felt sujatha has some intention that vivi accept ravish.nno no..and I have also a doubt that when atharv returned if he accept vivi or say to move with ravish.oh plsssss cvs don’t do like that. We are only waiting for vitharv union.and plsssss sujatha & vivi go to ajmeer. Quit Delhi plss

  12. Vitharva fan

    Kya hai yaar kuch jyaada complicated kar diye hai relationships ko kuch samaj nhi aa raha I am getting frustrated plz koi toh hint toh do related spoiler(apart from happy lohari and advance pogal

  13. Vitharva fan

    Dosto maine spoiler pada abhi usme jo likha hai usko dekar toh Dar lag raha uske according ravish vividha ko divorce de dega and voh vapas ajmer chali jayegi and ravish bhi jayega usko apne pyaar ka ehsaas dilane I have a fear agar voh success hota and then atharva ki entry hoti hai toh sab complicated ho jayega writers plz stop this crap it’s a request

  14. Joe

    If she taken refers phara with ravish nd latest pics she wears mangalsutra.. I dont understand wht happening there.. I think vivi mve on with ravish for family sake

  15. Gautmi

    vividha ka pyar dekhr to lgta hai ki atherva aayega , lakin ab ye bhi aam serialo ki tarah hota ja rha hai bad mi vividha atherva ko bhul jayege episode ko dekhne se asa hi lg rha hai ki vividha ravish ek ho jayege jo ki ek ekdam bkwas story hoga

    • Eswari

      Arya ji pongal is the harvest festival of tamilnadu and Anthra . It is celebrated in the first day of tamil month ,”Thai”. We are celebrating this for 3 days. First day is bhogi .that day we clean our house and buy new things. Second day pongal . Pongal is sweet rice. In early morning we offer pongal to sun. Because of sum we get crops. So we thank to sun. Third day we celebrate mattu pongal. Maadu means cow. We feed pongal to cows and thank them. Because cows help for agriculture. Next day kaanum pongal . That day we go somewhere any beach or river bank with family and enjoy dinner there. Actually it is the important festival of farmers and tamilans. Omg I typed so much. Please read and understand arya ji thank you

  16. sudheer

    My guess is right. Ravidha always.
    May be I think ravish obeys all his father’s(ramakanth) words.
    Happy pongal to all jndsd fans & frnds.

  17. amruta

    I could not understanding onething y she is wearing the mangalsutra on other side she felt she is saying she is a widow
    Wt does it mean.😐😐

  18. Renu

    I agree with vividha.right decision.
    May be raveesh trying to make divorce.
    When will atharva come back like our atharvasujata.Can you guys tell me our atharva will come back?

  19. Gautmi

    atherva ke bina vividha adhuri hai lakin khi na khi ab asa lgta hai ki ravish ke achai ke karan usse ravish se pyat ho jayega lakin asa hone se vitherv ki adhuri kahani rah jayege jo hm viewer dekh nhi payege

  20. Nikhat

    Wat d hell is dis…Plz anyone tell me whether Atharv will be back in 8 days or we will be able to see frm monday..Jst luk at dis suman..so selfish…kya ravish aur vividha ka talaq hoga ya nahi..plz koi batao na..aur woh dulhan costume…wat was dat..??

  21. Joe

    If she taken reverse pheara with ravish.. In some pics she wears mangalsutra does mean she didn’t give divore to ravish..i dont understand wat heppening in thiz show.. So much Confusionn…

  22. Anam

    I really don’t want vividah to handle the pain of atharve widow and I’m sure atharve is not dead☝🏻️☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻
    And dont

  23. Sneha

    Achchi khasi serial thi ye vashishth family ki entry se pehle..serial ki band baja ke rakh di hai.i know Atharva sujata will come back for vividha Atharva Sujata.

  24. xyz

    What is going on this serial? Actually what is the spoiler?ravish will go with vividha to ajmeer?what is the prblm f ravish.?why do he follow vividha?and actually cvs are killed my atharv????and the idiots are trying to unite ra vidha??what nonsense is this.if that will happen then it is the big cheating towards atharv & audience.what are u cvs thinking about us?we audience are not fools to watch ur nonsense.and bring back our atharv soon we want only vitharv
    No more ra vidha dramas we can’t bear it

  25. Piya

    I saw in one interview of atharava. In that he gave a statement that he took leave and went to goa for a holiday. I guess that’s why these people are dragging and more over this serial will lose their TRP if vitharva is not their. And vividha and atharv said that don’t be so angry on the serial of what is going on…. from next episodes yu will going to like don’t be disappointed. I hope those episodes shd come soon

  26. Suman

    Any one know aahvanam telugu movie. Almost same. They follow marriage rituals but vulta to get separated. I mean for divorce.

    • Ramya

      Ha I know that mve.in that case Ramya Krishna loves srikanth but he is greedy fellow.but here different.I don’t know what the makers want to show us.just we want vitharv.come atharv

  27. areebah

    where is atharva plsssssss bring him back soon feeling bad for ravish he truly loves vividha i hope he gets a true life partner and doesn’t turn into a villain reverse pheras what a joke human y do u have to b sooooo selfish bad timing to talk about a ravish + vividahas relationship . vividha is also becoming really selfish how can she become a widow when ravish is there even just for people a marriage is a marriage not a joke

  28. Sachin

    very emotional and sad epi!

    is suman mad???hw selfish yaar?its nt even a hour after funeral,and suman reached to her goals!is ths the time to ask such stupid an useless question???and one more thing y she is asking to sujatha is sujatha atharv’s lover???no nah! thn? wtever they have to do with ravish and viv , viv must be asked abt her decision….she has all rights to choose wt she wants… who the hell are sujatha and suman to decide wt she should do???Viv m proud u did wt u should do!

    and one more thing ulte phere to ho chhuka he….hahaha…..jab ravish ne viv ke gale se maglasutra nikala tha tabhi aap sabko yaad he ek scene dikhaya jaa raha tha sab cheez rewind hone ki tarah!…..

    any way here ulte phere means DIVORCE nothing else!

    wt decision ravish wants to take?any way according to spoilers he will divorce wn he see atharva….i think till thn he may want viv fr him! thts y he told these!

    ATHARVA plz be back soon these 8 days are looking too mny days!

    4 situations tht have possibility after atharva return! they are:

    1)atharva turning villain knowing ravidha’s marriage!

    2)ravish turning villain as he cnt take any more and see anymore vitharva being close ( i mean he nw accepted tht he cn move on with viv bt after atharva his feelings might get hurt again and tht too deep,so he may turn -ve)…

    3)ravish sacrificing and allowing viv to go with atharva!(here both +ve)

    4)atharva sacrificing viv so tht she cn move on with ravish!(here both +ve)

    lets see wt happens! eagerly waiting fr 8 days!

  29. Sachin

    hey all those who saying telly has given last warning fr regional language just stop ur mouth…ok!

    are u telly member manager???

    we have full right to comment in wtever language we want…who are u to say??we never said u, nt do tht!

    and fr ur kindinfo….who tells u to read them and do ur time waste???

    wah u guys will try to read thm and then tell we r doing time waste! wt an idea, SIR ji?

    if u guys have any problem thn thr r 2 ways fr u- either leave ths site or else ignore and do ur work!

    and stop ur fightings…

    ohh god i m fed up trying to make them understand nt to fight!

    MIND IT! m also nt a south indian and i cnt understand thr language…and if i have np thn wt the hell makes u having problem….i just ignore those message as simple as tht….

    han if u are asking thn in one language and they r giving replies in othr language thn u cn say ths things….

    bt sad to say no one is doing such things…

    So plz stop ths or else m gonna block ur ids by emailing telly tht u r just creating mess over here!

  30. Sunanda

    Suman of u happy selfishness nd your sons happiness u r not asking sujata 2 convience vivida u r begging her idot.there is not difference b/w you,dadi ji nd kailsh.
    Dada ji nd kalish try 2 kill atharv nd u r trying 2 kill sujata when she is alive

  31. xyz

    What a lovely show was this.now cvs spoiled this show with unwanted new entries that is vashisht family with full criminals.vitharv story in ajmeer was superb.now cvs spoiled the cute love stry.if they will continuing this deftly show will loses Thier viewers.bcz most of the people in the world watch this show for vitharv espclly for atharv.

  32. Eva1


    |Registered Member

    If Ravish believes his brother is not alive any more and wants Vividha, he should give her divorce and then try to get her ,do it properly the way its supposed to be and then marriage… No matter the circumstances wath they live in is a part of a pity and forced lie , result of a crime . But anyway the girl only has eyes for Atharv, so … And by the way what happened to the talk that Suman and Ravish only want love not pity

  33. Nikhat

    I think dey want to show some closeness betn ravish and vividha nd dats why dey hv taken atharv fr some days..if srsly dis gonne..den it will jst b a waste..a total waste..m missing atharv so much..”AB MUJKO BOHOT AACHA NAHI LAG RAHA HAI”…dt was so cute

  34. Naina 15

    After seeing all latest offscreen pic of jndsd , i think there won’t be happen any divorce of vivi-ravish anyday. Even after when atharv will back, this drama will still continue with love triangle..

    i find this type of drama is too boring nowdays.. so now i can quit this show from watching..

    bye bye jndsd.. vitharv or rabidha whatever best of luck..

  35. TUFFY

    I just think any things possible the way the writers are going. What will kailash do now? Will vividha forgive him? Will he come out of hiding?

  36. Nikh...

    this suman is really so selfish..
    such a stupid..
    after spoiling her life and ramakanth , sujata life she is trying to spoil 3 lives again..
    she don’t have brain really..
    plss vikkuu come back soon..
    we can’t wait..
    pls pls come back ..
    after your reentry everything becomes normal..
    and every truth will also come out..
    and plss after come back understand vivida and accept her..
    and finally i’m not able to understand this ravish character is he good or bad..
    this directors are always confusing us about ravish..
    any ways happy boghi and pongal..

  37. sudheer

    Some people doubt on ravish who is villain. But its not true cause he is savier of adharv’s life don’t forget. Pls don’t blame ravish character. He is a main lead in the show.
    Vividha take right decision.
    If ravidha united all problems are solved in vasist family.
    I think if adharv is alive. His reentry only after ravidha unite.

    • Joe

      Oye wat ever u want to cmnt bt not abt our atharv sujatha.. Both are main leads not only u r ravish.. Atharv sujatha is not side character ok..

    • Sonu

      My atharv is the main lead of the show. Jndsd is made for atharv sujatha only.Ravish is the second hero not the main

    • Pinky

      Well said @sudheer
      No doubt atharv will return but after ravidha unite.
      Happy pongal to all telugu fans 😊☺

  38. Akansha

    Rly this serial is bcmng a waste day by day…started 4m vitharv n nw jst look at the show became mess.if vitharv r nt gng 2 unite then the show will lose max viewers..very disappointed…rly we watch ths show 4 vitharv..if they dnt unite n ok jndsd bye bye…

  39. vishal

    Guys writter pagal hogaya bichara atharv ke pehle he itne bar chot lg chuki sur mai then tb be yadhash wapas nhi ayi or ab usko mar dala hdd h yr bkwas krdiya episode agr use wapas show m nhi nhi kiya log dekhna chordh denge or ravush he nhi chahta ki atharv ki ab entry ho because he’s also luv vividha this is my fav. Serial nd m sirf use he dekhna pasand krta hu director sir it’t request u plz atharv ki wapasa entry dikhao nd vividha atharv ko ek saath rkho scene m ab

  40. Ragini

    Hi I can’t understand what VIVDHA doing if she call herself atharv’s widow so why she wear MS.why she should not remove MS or MS is a necklace for her.she always hurt RAVISH feelings if she really think that she is atharv’s window so she do whatever she wants but 1stly she should asked DIVORCE from RAVISH. Mana ki ye shadi sirf ek deal thi VIVDHA K liye par phir v how can she call her self widow in front of RAVISH uski feeling ko or kitna hurt karegi give some respect your husband &take DIVORCE.1stly VIVDHA ne marriage ka majak banaya or ab ye drama and people call her NAYI SOCH of star plus. At least give some importance to our values. I think ki VIVDHA ne or sujata ne DIVORCE Ward nahi suna. Tabhi ye ulte phere and all drama .let see what can RAVISH do tomorrow.hope he take a right decision.

    • Anshika

      Right…what is the reason for taking reverse pheras wen u hve the “facility” of divorce…The directors hav surely lost their senses..whethr vividha accpts Ravish as her husband or not he is her husband for the moment nd still ahe is wearing white saree calling herself a widow..
      I dun understand why these directrs are showing Ravish so sacrificing nd great..alwyz trying to prove tht ones who are good nd great.. life always asks them to sacrifice their happiness.. I think now Ravish shud stop stalking her nd leave her to her fate..nd move on..

  41. Sam



    Please meet atharva to vividha soon. I can’t watch this type of non sense episode. They made for each other. So, i requested to writer jee plz. Plz. Plz.. i want to see vividha to marry with atharva. After that u do anything as u wish. But atharva should alive. While plz. Return the love of vividha.

  43. nidha

    Hello my dear friends ..suman,143,nazneen,Karan,Sachin,joe,anam,xyz,Sonu,sudheer,pinky,sweety…don’t know if I missed anyone..hello every jndsd fans …
    Gd mrng…have a blessed day 😉
    I couldn’t comment because I was busy with annual athletic meet at my college….
    On coming to the episode…i hate suman ,she is such a bad women,she is still despo about ravish’s future without considering atharve ‘s missing
    How can she talk to sujata like that ,she still wanna save Ra…..
    Vidha’s marriage that’s why she is asking help to unite Ra…vidha to sujata ,who is still upset on Atharv ‘s missing…sujata u should not have agreed to greedy women suman
    And now this ravish is upto what???????….don’t know if he is really showing his true colours after atharve’s missing…..
    Hands off to you vividha u have done a good thing by making decision to leave the home ……..but vividha if u really wanna stay as atharve ‘s widow,then u must have removed that MANGALSUTRA ,which is on ravish’s name
    Plsss come back soon atharve

  44. Happpyyyy fan

    LOL!!!!!!!.RAVIDHA fans are still hoping for their reunion.thats so funnyy.vividha will go back to ajmer with sujatha and i think atharv will come there.and even if vividha accepts ravish and after atharva comes back she will just leave him and go back to him.ravish fans should understand that this serial is not like other serials.force marriage will be a challenge to vividha and this show shows that you always get your true love.and i think ravish agrees with vividhas decision.what do you guys think??

  45. Nazneen Syed

    Good morning Vitharvians.

    Don’t worry Vividha tumhara Atharv vaapas Aa jaayega.I loved the Last scene.
    Hum Suman se kya expect kar sakte hai.She is selfish.
    What will Ravish do now .Lets wait and watch in today’s episode 😉

  46. Nazneen Syed

    Hi dear.Where were you from these many days?

    I think aaj ke episode Mein Ravish decides to give divorce to Vividha.
    Come back Atharv Sujata.Your fans are waiting for you.Please come back soon.😞😞😞.

  47. xyz

    Hello nidha gud mrng have a nice day.but now I am totally disappointed bcz someone said that ravish will also go with vividha to ajmeer after divorce and will make vivi to convince his love towards her.so I am really afraid that if vivi will forget our atharv and falls for that ravish before that entry of atharv.???

  48. Maha

    Till then atharv return not gonna watch this crap show…. Hate all those vashist members…. Ravish y can’t u go back to ur work… How long u took leave… Pls atharv come back soon …

  49. NazneenSyed

    Don’t allow negative thoughts come into your mind.Only Vitharv will unite.
    Don’t worry 😊 ok.I think Ravish will give divorce to Vividha today.
    Lets hope for the best.😊

    • xyz

      Yha nazneensyed.u r right.i also hope for the best.but why someone tells that they are arranging the marriage of vividha_ravish again.so I don’t know dear what is happening there? Anywise I am still waiting for our vitharv reunion.

      • Joe

        If vivi marry ravish only ravidha united wat the use of returning atharv sujatha.. I wil stop watching thiz show

  50. sravani

    Sofar I am supporting vithrava but now I want to see that brothers bonding more than vithrava I am eagerly waiting how athrav going to react towards ravish.now I don’t find wrong if ravish still continuing his love for vividha as she herself admitted that athrav is dead.but it’s up to her whether to move on with ravish or to spend her life with athrav memories.but remove that ms immediately to be called a widow.somewhere we felt bad for ravish though she did nt admit that marriage he wholeheartedly admitted that.its gives so much pain to him to see vividha as widow as he still alive.

  51. Sonu

    Good morning mallus and vitharv fans.

    HAPPY PONGAL to All the viewers of JNDSD.

    @ nidha,iam very happy to see u back.

    @xyz innalathe ennampechium and marrapettium combination super ayi to.Chirichu Chirichu mathi ayi.Nalla humour sense ann allo,namichu mole.
    Pinne vikkum and shivum real partners aayal mathiayirunu.

    Advice maranitillya to,njan ignore cheiyam.

    Dear xyz don’t get disappointment dear.Don’t think negatively.Nothing like that is going to happen. I don’t think director will take any risk.Anyway he know’s that jndsd has only viewers because of time slot and I don’t think he will change the story line.He surely knows 99% are vitharv fans.

    So don’t get upset dear,he may drag the serial but the climax will be vitharv union only.

    Coming to yesterday’s episode ,Iam very proud of my vividha. She showed to vashisht family and especially that suman that how much she loved his atharv.
    That blo*dy bullshit suman knowing the situation nicely,she is emotionally blackmailing sujatha. And mother teresa sujatha yet another emotional fool.
    I didn’t expect it from sujatha,she should have at least fired suman for saying that.Utter Nonsense.Being Selfless is a great thing but when it becomes extreme he /she is considered as joker or Buffon.

    • xyz

      Athe dear eniku avarude cmmnt kettappol enampechiym marappattiyumaya thonniyathu.truely they are made for each other.😂😂😂.
      But some one said that ravish will also go to ajmeer for convincing his love to vividha.that made me very sad and disappointing. But I know already lakh of people accepted vitharv.so cvs has no right to hurt us .so I also belive our vitharv will unite finally after these dramas.and wish in real life also vikku &shivani ningalkku onnu kettikude.
      Luv u vitharv😚😚😚
      Luv u shivik💖💖💖

  52. 143

    Hey guys…any of you have seen any movie like reverse marriage ritual in Hindi Movies,…
    i didn’t seen such movie…then how dis director got this thought of reverse drama to irritate viewers..
    Plz telugu people don’t say abt telugu movie(Ahavanam).. u guys know wats the movie is. here its different.
    vividha never loves ravish.. but this reverse marriage drama in show was disgusting…

  53. 143

    Vividha…….rocked todayyyyyyyyy. its good she decided abt her life rather than that suman or sujath took overhead decision abt future…………….love u vividhaaaaaaaaaa..she looks gr8t in white saree
    nly vitharvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
    Come back Atharv sujathaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Anshika

      Glad tht u are happy to see her in white saree…heard first time frm any fan abt it tht the female lead is looking good as a widow .. Ure the true fan tht appreciates all the things tht are going on th show..

  54. nadiya

    Mujhe lagta hai who log vividha aur ravish ki fir se shaadi karcmva denge kyunki vividha ki shaadi waali photo mein peeche decorations Hain.

  55. 143

    I am afraid,,that in yesterdays comment some one said show was going to end in 2-3 months.was it ture..some one plz reply abt it….is there any such news???????

  56. 143

    its too goooooooooood that vividha accepted to reverse rounds drama..without scared by these old people words.
    before Atharv return… she should come back to her old life without any bonds from Vashista family.

  57. Nazneen Syed

    @143.hahahaha meine toh nahi dekha.
    @143.Yeh directors Ko koi kaam.nahi hai simply showing these kind of things like ulte phere seedhe phere.
    Lagta hai voh directors hammein bevkoof samajhte hai.😁

    • 143

      maybe director sab feels, yehi unake नई सोच…..different from other shows right…director/writers…r gone mad.,, to spoil d show

  58. Renu

    Guys did you heard about the news that vitharva were unite in future and raveesh will marry a girl whom he met in the military camp. I don’t it is true or not.anyway I like this news.if any one know about this news tell me it is right or not.

  59. Anam

    I’ve heard atharve will be back while ravish tries to win vividahs heart …..
    And with proper memory👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  60. xyz

    Renu is the news true??where did u hear about the news? Plsssss tell me dear.if this is news is fake or someone’s imagination??or is true!!!I hope this news to be true.if the news will become true then I will be super happy.pls tell me about the news.any body??.wow if ravish will met a pretty girl in miltrycmp and they will fall for each other oh God what a fantastic moment will be then.pls God plsssss make this news to be true..luv u vitharvvv

  61. Sachin

    guys gud evening to all! guys there are mny rumors dont waste ur mind putting sense on those!

    and abt show yea if channel and trp didn’t go well thn it might end soon ! bt its sure its nt gonna end by the coming 2-3 months…!

    so plz love and keep watching JNDSD

  62. Sachin

    guys no more ravidha marriage in the upcoming scenes as confirmed by the writer ….

    he said “y will she marry to ravish wn she is already married”….

    and also said to ignore these things and to wait and watch with patience to know y she gonna wear dulhania/bridal dress….

    guys chill dont think too much and enjoy the present upcoming nok-jhoks of vitharva!

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.