Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish asking Atharv to tell him reason which forced him to doubt on Vividha. Atharv recalls the incidents. He smiles and says she has your photos in her purse, she wrote your name instead my name in engagement ritual, she looks for her mangalsutra and sindoor often, you are saying she does not think of you. Ravish asks what did Vividha tell you, I know she never lies. Atharv says I know she never lies, she refused…. Ravish says even then you did not believe her, I thought your love is strong but I regret, your love for her is weak. Atharv says no, my love is not weak, but I can see her feelings, I know her since long time, she can’t deny that, many things changed in 3 months.

Ravish says nothing changed, except your thinking, she stayed here as my

wife, but she just waited for you, just that wait changed. Atharv says maybe I m not able to explain you or understand.

Ravish says just few get true love, you are lucky, keep it safe. He smiles and goes. Atharv says you said right, just few get true love, you got it, keep it safe. He goes to room and thinks of Vividha’s and Ravish’s words. Its morning, Atharv asks Uma to come. He sees Vividha. Ravish asks someone to fix big flowers that side. They go out to see. Suman asks what’s happening. Ravish says I m doing preparations. Suman asks for what. He sees Atharv and everyone and asks where are you going. Sujata and Atharv say we are going Ajmer. Ravish says none will go, you will stay here, else how will marriage happen without the groom. They all get shocked.

Suman asks what do you mean. Ravish says I promised Vividha that I will get her and Atharv married, fate supported me, I spoke to lawyer, divorce papers will be signed today, there will be no delay now, my brother’s marriage will happen from this house, and even Vividha’s vidaai will happen from here. He smiles. Ravish asks men about the wedding cards, mandap and catering.

Ravish gets busy in arrangements. He sees the mandap and recalls his marriage. O re piya……plays……..Sujata, Uma and Suman see Ravish sadly looking at mandap. He sees Vividha and smiles acting fine and happy. He goes. Atharv looks on. Sujata sees Suman upset.

Ravish recalls Vividha. Suman comes to him and cries. He smiles with tearful eyes. Atharv sees them and cries. Ravish wipes Suman’s tears. Atharv feels sad. Vividha sees the shagun. Ravish asks her why did she not choose the saree till now. He selects saree for her and gives it to her. Atharv looks on. Ravish guarantees that Atharv will like this saree and goes with a smile on face.

Lawyer comes and calls out Ravish. Ravish stops and goes to lawyer. Lawyer gives him file and asks him to come to court once. Ravish’s heart starts sinking and he still smiles. He says see the divorce papers came on right time, it means everything is happening on time, very good. He controls his emotions. He asks Vividha to sign on papers. Everyone look on.

He says life makes person wait, and does not wait for anyone, your wait is over, go ahead and hug life, sign. Vividha signs on the papers. Atharv and everyone look on. Ravish takes paper to sign. Suman signs no to Ravish. Ravish holds his sorrow within. He gets hesitant and says I think pen is not working, I will check in my room, its fine. He goes. Atharv looks on.

Ravsish goes to his room and gets a pen from drawer. He cries and thinks of Vividha. Atharv comes and asks is pen not working or hands refusing to sign? Ravish says nothing, everything is fine. Atharv stops him from signing and asks why are you doing this. Ravish says no reason is needed to do right work. Atharv says you have weighed your pain in right and wrong, how shall I weigh my guilt. Ravish looks at him.

Chutki asks Atharv why did he not get ready till now. He sees his old video. Atharv comes downstairs. Ravish sees Vividha and Atharv, and smiles. Atharv sees Vividha and Ravish……. Atharv falls down from stairs and holds his head. Everyone worry for him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Happy valentines day my dear friends…xyz aliya nazneen 143 143k nikh..neeth neemu Ria karan Sachin joe Suman Naveens anam…have a blessed day
    I deliberately stopped commenting bcz there is no such thing left in this serial with which we can comment…the show has become a complete crap ,there is only confusion left in every character’s behaviour,no happy moments,everyone is looking at each other by guilt ,what’s is this???
    First of all everyone must talk directly to clear all the confusion…
    Ravish must have let them go to Ajmer ,just because of u everyone is having guilt and no one is enjoying the marriage….
    Vitharve marriage must be grand with lot of happiness and masti ,it shouldn’t be like this ,although if vitharve marriage happens they will not have a mindset to lead their marriage life happily as they are having guilt of breaking ravish ‘s happiness..so please directors stop this marriage drama and clear all confusion….
    Atharve is trying to unite Ra…vidha because he have doubt that vivi too have feelings for ravish ,this thought was devoleped from that crap letter and from some recent incidents of crap dupatta fell on ravish’s face and vivi looking at ravish’s eyes etc etc etc …
    Plsss clear this confusion

    1. Same to u dear nidha.
      Ya serial is becoming worst day by day. But what to do dear ?so we have to wait for upcoming epsd and as per the latest news atharv convince vividha for marrying ravish. But even if atharv convinces vivi ,how can ravish ready for marriage. ?,??.
      No, ravish can never marrying vividha after knowing every truth .
      So let’s hope not ravish nly atharv will marry vividha. That is justice.

      1. Sho chechi enik nanum varunu pearl yo ?????? .Enik vayae

      2. Aailya. Happy valentines day dear .
        Ya u r pearl of vitharvarians. ????????

    2. Thank you. Wish you d same nidha

    3. Happy Valentines Nidha!
      I agree with the points you made but this story can go the way Arthav is seeing things!
      The truth is, Vividha has started liking Ravish….Think from a man’s point of view!
      Ravish family is behaving desperate as ever! It’s like Ravish has some sort of shortcomings that they alone aware of that will prevent him from getting another woman.
      They behave like Vividha is his end-all and be-all. You would it was a funeral in that place today with all the long faces and bulging eyes!

      Writers need to give us a break, this crap is too heavy for daytime entertainment!
      I’m Vividha is not the only eligible girl in Dehli, Ajmer or India.

    4. happy Valentine’s Day nidha

    5. Thq dear..
      Wish you the same..

    6. Happy valentines day nidha.

      Good evening dear

  2. Vivi plss be strong dear u must give a tight slap to atharve and make him understand that u only loves him not that mahan ravish …then there will be no confusion

  3. Every vitharve fan would be glad of ravish if he have started the marriage process only after clearing the misunderstandings and confusions amid vitharve and by returning the old charm vitharve to everyone
    I too respect ravish’s feelings but lets hope best for ravish

    1. Hi nidha dear…happy valentines day…sorry dear i forgot ur name…i was remembring some one with n othr dan nikh n nazneen bt i wasnt getting d exact name…sory dear..

  4. Some of these comments on here are just ridiculous, especially those defending Ravish’s actions.

    First of all Ravish does not understand what it is to live in lack. He had his mother and father’s love. In fact he had his entire family all his life. He was literally protected….The golden boy, Vashtish heir, decorated army captain who came from a family of distinguished army officers.

    No one is saying Ravish is a stone, I know he has feelings but why put Arthav in such a situation where he feels guilty to be in love with Vividha? I lost respect for Ravish when did the bangles-breaking, mangalsutra removal etc.
    He knew he loved his wife, then he should fight for her. Love blossoms from caring for someone and like it or not Vividha does care for Ravish. With Arthav out of the picture at some point someone would’ve convinced her to give Ravish a chance.
    They say a woman’s heart is huge and can hold many relationships.
    Ravish appears to be a man who don’t mind being with a woman who loves him as he believes his love is enough for them both.
    Unlike Arthav Ravish does not know his worth but fans seem to know it.

    Having said all this I still believe Vividha is not worthy of Ravish or Arthav at this point in time.
    The truth is, as far as I can see I’m with Arthav here on what he sees. Forget about the name in the plate, letter etc
    Her actions are contradicting what she’s saying to Arthav. Her silence at times is acceptance which she does not understand!

    Arthav is right to make her realise what he sees when looks at her. Only a lover can tell what he sees in the eyes of his love interest. In Vividha’s eyes Arthav does not see himself only anymore, he does not believe in sharing his space with anyone else and rightly so!
    Arthav is a real man because he understands things are too complicated and it’s best he removes himself from the situation for the happiness of the desperate ones!

      1. Happy Valentines day KARAN

        Good evening

      2. Happy Valentines day NAVEEN.

        Good evening dear

    1. NaveenS superb stuff. Can we guys take CVS place. We’ll do a much better job trust me.

      Btw Happy Valentine’s Day to all the wonderful friends here!! Hope we all drown in love that we truly deserve.

      NaveenS didn’t know you too were missing in action out here the past days?
      Glad to b back. I enjoy these comments more than this serial.????

      1. Karan I was away for a bit, duty calls.
        These CVs will not know a good story if it snacks them in the face.

        These Ravish phankies are rabid!
        It’s a serial for heaven’s sake! It’s like he’s their flesh and blood!

        People need to separate real from reel.
        What Karan, Suman, Aaliya, Nazeen, Misha and the others who support each others write, is what CVs has shown us. We don’t speculate, or make up stories! Arthav has always been in character, as for Ravish we speaking based on what we’ve seen.
        He’s slowly becoming a master manipulator like his mother.
        I don’t feel sorry for the guy…He’s the architect of his own problems.

        Always trying to hold on to someone against their will!

        Happy valentine’s to all my friends on here!

    2. For d first time i wished if there was an emoji of whistle…but stilll ??????

    3. Nice one..

    4. Rightly said NAVEEN.

  5. Good morning to all my friends..
    Have a great day guyssssssss

    i think many are waiting for today.,,,,,, its valantiens day..how many tweeted to Vikku and still how many remain……………………and what’s d reply u guys expecting from Vikku??????????????

    1. Happy valentines dear 143.

      Good evening dear

  6. @jyoti, u are one of the very few here who understand the situation of the jndsd characters without any bias. I like ur perception which is same as mine and u can express it really well.everyday I look for ur comments.pls keep commenting!!

    1. Thank u Nalini.. its the fans who upset me.. they aren’t seeing the characters with the same spects.. it is really irritating that u always have to side either ravish or atharva… No guys.. both are the heroes with different personalities..

      They just love putting all the blame on ravish for no reasons.. now some of the atharva’s fans are saying ravish shud hv fought for his love for vividha.. how can that be possible when he has seen vividha’s love for atharva.. will that be justified..

      Some say that he got in between vitharva.. no guys.. it is always vitharva who brought ravish in between them..

      They say ravish is making atharva feel guilty.. but in reality they never cared for ravish love.. atharva took vividha with him to ajmer knowingly that ravish love vividha.. vividha knew it too but still she went with him.. where was this guilt then..

      They say that atharva is right that he is not seeing love for himself in vividha’s eyes.. so will u support ravidha now coz vividha and ravish love each other..

      Please understand, vitharva are responsible for distancing apart… No third person can come between them.. its their ego and misunderstanding which is killing their relationship and they need to sort it out..

      1. @jyoti.
        well let me go with ur steps.
        1. with same spects???. Its ok u have your POV. but not all should have d same.Ok!!
        2.for no reasons blaming Ravis->>and how is it possible to fight for his love..when ravish has seen vivi love for Atharv.. Ravish can’t fight, but he can stare on viv and also won’t sign on divorce papers for his love. then where is that obsvtn of ravish on viv’s luv for Atharv.
        Where is ur spects gone here??
        3.Vitharv got Ravish in b/w. is it true???? where is ur spects and circumstance gone here. u really don’t know what happen???
        4.in reality vither never cared ravish love.. yeah its true. its becoz Ravish himself wants unite vitharv and that to Vitharv love each other..ravish is one side.. no value for it.becoz ravish himself Don’t want it.so need any question here..
        And what drama now going in vashista’s home is clearly shows ravish killing vitharv with his guilty eye staring each and every on..not only vividha.Ok!!
        5.Atharv is not seeing love for him in vivi’s eyes… its ok its Atharv POV..
        But What is ur POV abt vivi?? whom she loves Atharv OR Ravish?
        what do u understood.. vitharv themselve breaking relations.. maybe u forgot. its all many evil distruction in b/w by kk and now ravish guilty staring and suman behaviour

        don’t think i am any fan. i am not any fan of any fandom. its just my POV on ur POV.
        And no sorry for this. and i don’t even expecting sorry from you. Ok!!!!

  7. @suman.
    Omg!!!!!!!!!! wats going on dear………wat the hell on location videos… and y that monster daddy ji back again.
    and why playing these games with vividha…y both bro’s don’t think abt vividha’s feeling., its better she leave from there and leave life alone for some time.. unexpected sacrificing dramaaa….
    ff’s are far better that these blo*dy daily soap.stupid writters/directors and we are stupid viewers still watching all Bakawaas shown on screen.

    Finally till these vashista family and Army Drama exists in show. show will never get its peaceful and joyful charm.

  8. @all who r bashing ravish,,
    y u all guys saying ravish didn’t let vitharv 2 go Ajmer nd he is making dem guilty,,, just remember 1thing misunderstandings started in Ajmer not in vashist’s house,,I can clearly say dat even if dey r in Ajmer their marriage is not going 2 happen because of their misunderstandings,,first tell 2 vitharv 2 clear those all.. don’t c one side of coin always,,ravish 2 has feelings,,how can he hide dat always,,,
    instead of bashing u shud all b thankful 2 ravish because if vitharv is in Ajmer their misunderstandings hv been increased due 2 kk,,but ravish tried 2 sort out all dat here,,by doing their marriage…
    I 2 luv nd respect atharv,,but frankly saying I didn’t find any strong reason 2 doubt vividha and what made atharv 2 think lyk dat,,if it is true luv is there any space for doubt and will it effect for those silly reasons,,,y r u dragging ravish into diss? how can a third person ravish can clear dat..
    yeah, now I got it ,may b u all jealous on ravish because he is loving vividha more dan atharv,,dats y u r bashing him for atharv insecurities…
    don’t hurt plss,,it is all u people made me 2 think and comment lyk dat..
    am so sry for diss…

    1. @sam.
      Yeah.. u r right.. we should have think 1st, if ravish allowed vitharv to go to Ajmer.then how will ravish get a chance to stare at vividha and..y can’t misunderstandings get increase by guilty staring ravish towards vitharv..and this divorce drama and also that ur loved capt. mom suman is there to care and stare vitharv for ravish..

      if they went to ajmer..there would have a chance for vividha to find who has done all things worse b/w vitharv. but Ravish stoped saying..some words like Bro’s shadi…Vividha bidhai.
      now whats going nowwwwwwwwwwwww
      i am sorry but its true right!!!

      1. Mr. White, what Ravish is doing is quite creepy!
        The girl who loves his brother and refused to stay married to him, he’s eyeing her.

        He prefers to keep them at Vashtish house so he can continue to stare at her secretly.
        Ravish need to stop eyeing Vividha in that disgusting way……..Yes it is disgusting because as he says she belongs to Arthav his older brother! She is Vividha bhabi, not some random girl.
        The day he acknowledges her as his bhabi then I will know he means business!
        We need a rakhi scene soon!

      2. @Naveens. Yeah i agree. its a gooood idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!there should be a Rakhi scene b/w Ravish and Vividha. not divorce dramaaa

  9. Plz check my comment ?. I shared shivani learning dialogs for show

      1. Thanku so much for this link ,suman di.superb .This vikku is sooooooo ??????????????????

    1. My vikku you are so cute.


  10. @jyothi,,I agree with u…

  11. Suman di..few days back i saw suman jyothi reddy in comment section…just fr clarification am asking u di…adi meerena…ante sorry personal qusn adginanduku…just clarify cheskoniki adiganu…hurt chesi unte sorry di

    1. Ha avunu. Nene ?. Google lo first name middle last ani save ayi vundi. Auto fill chesukundi name place lo

  12. Thanks for the link Suman di?

  13. Hi Aailya. Hi dear. I typed your name but it din’t come dear.Sorry how can I forget your name.

  14. Ravish isn’t like the other vashisht members but actually better
    His mum is selfish so are the others
    Ravish was happy ? sacrificing his love ❤️ while suman didn’t want that…
    I’m living the way how both brothers are trying to sacrifice their love ❤️.that clearly shows they want the happiness for their brother.first it was ravish now atharve but the question is who is vividah going to choose

  15. Good to have you back naveen s

  16. Happy valentines times day nazneen nidha Aaliyah xyz suman di 143 neeth Karan bhay Sam and the rest of vitharve fans?

    1. Hi anam…thank u same 2 u dear…

    2. Same to you Anam ?

    3. Same to you dear anam

    4. Same to u dear anam.?

  17. Can I join vitharve fan group

    1. Welcome dear Riba .

  18. @Naveens. well said.
    Happy valentain day.

    yeah i too agree with u. y can’t we take Cv’s place. see people who are writing fan fiction are far better than JNDSD cv’s.
    The only thing here is they do creative job for earningss..so they don’t want to ruin there earnings

  19. Yesterday’s episode was so boring and hating too. I think next Atharv is going to sacrifice his love for vividha and his brother.I think Atharv deserves a girl who is better than vividha in many ways.According to me vividha after 3month’s gap changed totally because there is no doubt that she is kk’s daughter
    and have capability to change colour as chameleon. I think the story must focus on true love ;so Atharv deserves the main lead hero and please introduce a new character who had actual feelings towards him not as that chameleon vividha and the must be around there true relationship.

    When talking about fate of Sujata and his son I really feels sad. While suman is greedy even though she gets everything and she makes his stupid son follows her ways.Once they Will felt guilty for their action.

  20. happy valentine 2 all jndsd fans.

  21. It is ok dear no need to say sorry for that.

    Anyway happy valentines day dear

    1. Good evening dear nazneen

      1. Gud eveng aailya dear

      2. Goods evening chechi

      3. Aailya. Happy valentines day dear .
        Ya u r pearl of vitharvarians. ????????

  22. Good evening and welcome dear Rabia

  23. Please chechi ?????.

    By the way chechi did you tweet vikku today. I tweeted and got reply also.

    1. Pls ??oh my cmmnts repeated twice.???.ok aailya. I couldn’t tweet. Sorry .anyway
      What did u tweet to vikku?And what was vikkus reply?please tell me dear.

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