Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Atharv saying I got this girl with me. FB shows Atharv telling girl that its his birthday and asks him to become his friend. He takes her in box. He tells them that he met the girl in market, she was hungry, so he has put her in box and got her here. Sujata recalls Atharv talking to the box. Sujata says I did not know Atharv got the box in his house. Atharv says I m very smart. Sujata says you can’t get anyone’s girl like this. Vividha says yes, her parents will be worried. Atharv says I did not think that. Ravish asks the girl whats her name. Vividha asks where are your parents. The girl says I m Chutki, I don’t know my house and my parents. They get shocked.

Atharv says we will cut birthday cake. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…………

He gives cake to Vividha. She signs him to feed Sujata. He feeds cake to Sujata and Chutki. Chutki likes the cake. Atharv says she is my friend. Ravish calls inspector and says we got a girl near temple, locate her family, thanks. Sujata and Daddy ji refuse to have cake. Sujata asks Atharv how did he get the girl. Daddy ji taunts Atharv is mentally ill. Ravish gets call and says police started checking missing reports.

A lady comes there and calls out Chutki. She hugs Chutki and says she is my daughter. She says she lost Chutki, then she got to know Chutki is here, so I came here. Ravish says its good you found your daughter. The lady tells about her poverty. Vividha says Chutki was safe here, don’t worry. Atharv asks who is she. He stops the lady and gives snacks for Chutki. Vividha asks the lady to take it, its Atharv’s birthday today. The lady blesses and wishes him. She thanks them. The lady faints. They get shocked.

Doctor comes to check the lady. Doctor says its starvation case, she needs rest and good food, such state ruins mind and body. I have written vitamins. The lady says my name is Aruna. Vividha says I got food packed for you, Ravish will drop you. Aruna says no need for that. Ravish says I will drop you. Aruna asks him to drop them till door, as she stays on footpath, I was finding work. Ravish says I will try you get some work. She thanks him. She says I will leave now. Atharv asks where will you go, there will be cold on road. Chutki goes to washroom.

Vividha asks where will they stay. Atharv says here, with me. Daddy ji says she will not stay here, this is not an orphanage. Vividha tries to convince him. Daddy ji says seeing the situation, I can’t keep strangers at home, Suman is going through problems, I can’t invite more trouble. Aruna hears them and says don’t worry, poverty is my fate, I will manage. Vividha says don’t say this. Aruna says we are habitual to stay on footpath. Ravish says till I arrange the work for you, stay here. Atharv thanks Ravish. Aruna says no need, you did a lot for us, I don’t want we beecome reason for your family tension.

Ravish says its Atharv’s birthday today, their coming can’t be without reason, don’t worry, no work can be wrong if done by good intention. Daddy ji says fine, as you all decide. Atharv says thanks. Come Chutki, we will play. Vividha asks Ravish what is he thinking. Ravish says I feel some problem, but not able to see it, I don’t know we should allow Aruna and Chutki to stay here or not. She says but you said they can stay here. He says yes, because you wanted it, even Atharv wanted this, but I don’t want to take chance, they are strangers. She says what can they harm us, we will do wrong with them if we make them leave. He says I just want to say, we should be careful. Ravish meets his colleagues and discuss about security measures. The man says our neighbor country is planning an attack with secrets, there are no specific details till now. Ravish says but Avinash, why did he target my family. The man says you were trying to expose his friend, maybe that’s why.

Vividha compliments Aruna and Chutki. Suman comes home. Aruna offers help. Suman asks her to pass some book.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Atharv is very handsome nd rockzzzzzzzz

  2. Atharv is handsome nd rockzzzzz

  3. How cute atharvv vikram singh is best actor yee serial bahuth booring ban raha hai aur kitney nayee actors yarr worst prolonging

  4. OMG romatic serial become terrist serial . I don’t know when will it end.

    1. Yeah…u r right

  5. @NAZNEEN SYED…can u Plz give link of that video….where suman killed guddi Plz Plz Plz

  6. writter please meet atherva vividha finally

  7. Please atharva and vividha ni okati cheyandi.apude e serial ki poorva vaibavam vastundi

  8. Seriously .. such a wonderful show of love turned out to be a suspense thriller…


    1. blo*dy fool…pehle tum chup raho?

  10. Stupid track irrating vividha

  11. atharv is super cute todayyy..

  12. Hi..my dear friends..how are u doing ???
    I couldn’t watch the episode…tankzz for the update…
    New characters means new twists
    Love u atharve from [-infinity,+infinity]???

    1. It’s not how are you doing
      It will be ‘What are you doing?’
      Don’t mind plz

    2. @ atnu..
      No ..she was right by saying ” how are u doing”.. It is an expression used to ask about a person’s health or well being.. So u took it in another way..

      1. @Anshika
        I didn’t know it.Thanks dear

    3. Wlcm..
      : )

  13. I have a major doubt…is this story really about vitharv or ravidha ? How will vividha choose between the two once atharv regains his memory? It just doesnt seem fair to any of them. Does anyone know for sure about this…

  14. chutki ki mother ho terrist i saw in youtube

    1. Is it true??

  15. OMG…..!!!!! Sachch main terrorists…. Oh writer ji love equation ko to pehele solve kardete…… Fir hum har sequence ko enjoy karpate. Chalo sirf intezar karna padega,,,, baas kisika death na hojae…… Ab tak guddi’s culprit ka to pata nehi chchala. ?????????

  16. This story has totally lost the focus. The writer seems to be struggling to find ways to prolong this serial by adding irrelevant episodes.
    I have lost interest in this serial.

  17. Atharv so cute ………luv u atharv . Pls unite our vitharv …… baad me kuch bhi karo . When atharv vl bcom normal ?? Pls do something writters pls ……… otherwise serial is boring . I cnt see vividha vth ravish anymore .

  18. Please unite Vitharv first. We want them get married.Then you can proceed.

  19. Ravidha
    Ravidha forever

  20. Omg this vividha is annoying God she is talking ravish for granted. If u don’t love ravish than u have no right to use ravish for every single time ravish ravish ravish selfish lead actress ever … poor ravish ready to die for her anytime

    1. s usha vividha is using ravish as a robot.so shameless lead avtress

  21. Pyar nahi katti par oder deti hai ravish ko. hakk jamati hai khudgarj woman I hate u vividha u r shameless and selfish woman

  22. Of course Saanvi.
    You just goto youtube and type latest news of Jaana na dil se door and you will find it.?

  23. @Nidha.Hi.I’m going good.What about you???
    Yesterday’s episode was boring.I don’t know why the writers are dragging the show unnecessary.

  24. Evry day new characters, new twists, dragging track, waste of talented actors, messed up story line…..of couse not to mention we baited audience waiting in hope 4 Vitharav union.

    SV, has a huge fan following, the potrayed character of Ravish is no doubt a positive one….but in real life there ain’t any1 so selfless. ( Sometimes he takes up 4 Atharva only 4 Vividha’s happiness ) that is being secretly selfish!!

  25. It’s better vividha will die.and introduce 2 new girls for both male leads. By doing this both ravish and viyhtav fans also get satisfied.and vividha will stay in both male leads heart as first love .title will be matched right

    1. This is the best solution for both family and ravidha and ravish fan lol saap v maraa aur lathi v nahi tuti

  26. @Saanvi.You goto youtube and type jaana na dil se door latest news you will find it.

    @Nidha.I’m good.What about you??
    Yesterday’s episode was boring.Why the writers are dragging unnecessary.
    First you unite Vitharv afterwards you can do anything.

  27. Hahahaha Amrutha.I couldn’t control my laughter by seeing your comment.

  28. Yeah…i like the episode…..pls make vitharv

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