Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv telling everyone about the new client. He feeds sweets to everyone. Dadi asks him to get new saree and make up items. Atharv says its coming, have sweets. Ravish sees Kangana and gives her sweets. Guddi looks on. Kangana congratulates him. He thanks her. Atharv feeds sweets to Vividha. She congratulates him. He kisses on her cheek. Madhav says I have seen. Atharv feeds him sweets and asks him to be quiet. Madhav says I won’t be quiet. Atharv asks why, are we not in one team. Madhav says no, I m in Kangana’s team, its a secret.

Vipul says you said Kalindi went to Rekha’s house, she is not there, either you are lying or Rekha is lying. Kangana gets worried. She says I did not understand what name she said. They all look at her. Bhoomi says maybe you

heard something else. Kangana says sorry, I forgot the name, call others and check. Vipul says I will call everyone and find out. Ravish says relax, she does not know her own name, how will she remember our relatives name. Vividha says Kangana does not remember, we should not give her stress, if Bua went in hurry, she will call us once she is free. Bhoomi asks Vipul not to worry. Kangana says sorry. Vipul goes. Vividha asks Kangana to go and rest. Kangana smiles and thinks its easy to fool them, if I act to faint, they take care of me, they all are big fools. She sees a goon outside the window. He signs her to come out.

Atharv goes to Vividha and holds her. She gets scared and says I would have got heart attack. He asks how, I have your heart. She asks for Madhav. He says he is sleeping with mum, we are alone now. She asks him to go, I have work. He says you did not say you are alone in kitchen. She says Kangana came to help me, I asked her to help. He says you work a lot, I will help. She says no, its less space here, go. He holds her.

She says anyone can come. He wipes the plates. They have a romantic moment. Kangana goes and meets the goon. She asks why did you come. He says I came to get money, I helped you to get entry in this house, I acted and told the bride’s story. He laughs and says I got beaten up also. She says but I paid you money. He says yes, I did not know this family is so rich, I want more money. She asks how will I get money, I can’t ask them for money. He says you have to give me money, else I will expose your truth in front of them tomorrow.

Vividha asks Atharv to go, she will end work and come. He goes. She looks out of window and sees Kangana. Kangana asks the man not to do this. She removes a pin and gets poison from her bangle. She injects the pin to his feet. She says I will arrange money, what will you do of money now, why did you do this. Vividha goes to see. Kangana pushes the man. He falls down. Kangana turns and sees Vividha. She says I was just getting bored here and came. Vividha asks who was that man. She says someone was asking address, I said I have no idea. Vividha asks why did you wear this bridal dress.

Kangana says I have worn this, thinking I will get my memory back, I m trying to recall who I m, I m not able to recall. Vividha asks her not to worry. Kangana sees the man. She says my pin is lost, I will just get it. Vividha says leave it, its just a hairpin. Kangana says I will just come. She takes the hairpin from the man’s feet and says I will come to see you dying. She comes to Vividha and says come, we will go and sleep.

Atharv says why did Kangana go out wearing bridal dress. Vividha says to have fresh air, you are reacting as if she is mad, I told you reason. He asks how can anyone do this. She says I found its logical, you should understand this, you went through this phase, the girl is trying to discover herself, if her family is worried, I don’t understand. Kangana sees the man dead. She says I did not do anything, greed is bad, see what you did with yourself, you died on own, don’t cheat anyone in hell, keep everyone happy I will miss you. She goes.

Vividha says you are doubting on her. Atharv says I m not. She says you are not supporting her. He says she is strange, I m not able to explain. She says relax, Kangana is a nice girl, she has no wrong intentions, stop doubting her. Kangana goes to her room and calls someone. She asks why did he ask more money, I had to kill him, don’t know why people have greed. She sees the poison liquid bottle. She takes the liquid in an injection. She fills the poison in her bangle. She checks her bangle and wears it. She smiles.

Inspector says we got this dead body outside the house. Ravish says we don’t know anything. Atharv says Kangana was outside at night. Kangana says I don’t know anyone. Inspector says this man died by snake poison.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Hi guys,I am lily. I commented yesterday and no one replied so asking again is the show going off air?

    1. Lilly and Sammy it was a rumour .

  3. Hi guys,I am sammy. I commented yesterday and no one replied so asking again is the show going off air?

  4. Nazneen dear. The vishu is celebrated in all over Kerala. The malayali’sbelieve that the fortune of the year depend up on the nature of the object one sees first in the morning of the Vishu day. This is called Kani. It literally means that which is seen first . So Vishu Kani means that which is seen first on Vishu. The mother of the family arranges the Vishu Kanni. It is the panorama of auspicious items including fruits ,vegetables, clothes,mirror,gold coins, special flower called Konna.( cassia fistula), Krishna idol and a lamp filled with coconut oil. After making of Kani people brust crackers. Then at 4’o clock ,the mother of the family wakes up first and sees the Kani. Then she will go to wake up others . When one’s wake up she will close the eyes of that person from back and will open it in front of the Kani. Then the eldest member of the family takes some silver coins including rupees also and gives them to junior member with some raw rice and konna flower. This is process is repeated and is called Vishu Kaineetam. Children’s eagerly wait’s for this session as they will get money from every family member. After that everyone will go to burst crackers. Then after the daily morning rituals a special feast called sadya is prepared keeping in mind all flavours that should be equally present in the meal. The meal usually consists of rice,sambhar,chips,pickle,rasam and different varieties of sweets and payasams.
    Like this way vishu is completed. Then at night everyone begin’s to fire brust left over crackers.

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    Yes chechi vitharv inne kannan enthu oru rasam annu. Especially atharv inne . Nokki irrikan thane thoni.

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  8. Sunanda12345

    Hiii guys
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    “””SHUVO NOBOBARSHA 1424″””

    actually i went to school to attend a function. so i’m late to wish. but i wnted to celebrate it with my fav jndsd and jndsd team

    1. Same to you dear aleya ?

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  13. hi guys happy vishu & gud Friday to all
    @sunanda happy for you.
    Am busy i don’t get time to comment frequently but loved yesterday’s vitharv moments only but not kanganaconda’s scenes hope they bring more of vitharv scenes.
    gud evening vitharvians see you soon.

    1. Same to you dear linah ? And ya waiting for today’s episode with little much of hope

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  14. RAOne

    hey!!! you seek for forgiveness……. good, but yes i promise the day when all the disputes between sunil paji and kapil bhai will be resolved, I will definately forgave from my side…….. hope and pray that sunil paji forgive kapil…….. and he should return back to show……. as mashhor dr. gulati…………@Sanjana

    sunil paji tkss is colourless without you………. i miss dr, rinku bhuaji, Sidhu9by you) etc.

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