Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha going to that room and hearing some sound. She says maybe he is hiding here, and calls out who is here. She says my eyes are cheating me, I m seeing Atharv, but he is in Himachal, it can’t e him. Atharv comes towards her. Kalindi holds her and she screams. Vividha says you….. Kalindi says what are you doing here, this breakfast tray was for Ravish, to whom did you come to feed food here. Vividha says I heard some sound and came here to see, I will clean this. Kalindi says I will get that cleaned, come I will show you the way out, we can’t afford to lose our new bahu. Kalindi goes. Vividha reads her name on the mirror and turns to see. She says who wrote Vividha here. Kalindi asks did you stop again. Vividha goes.

Vividha gets tea for Ravish and

wakes him up. She says I got breakfast and tea for you here, will you have something first or tea? He says I will have tea, but I will first freshen up. She asks him how much sugar will he have in tea. He goes. She turns and gets shocked seeing Atharv. She drops the spoon in shock and looks at him. She says no, this can’t be you Atharv…. I m imagining this. Ravish calls out Vividha and says I m coming in two mins. She worries. She says no, this is not you …… and rushes away. Atharv looks at her. She sees Atharv not disappearing and worries. Ravish comes out of the bathroom…… Vividha cries seeing Atharv and Ravish on her either side. Ravish gets shocked seeing Atharv in his room.

Ravish asks are you okay….. She gets shocked. He asks what is the matter…… She gets dizzy and faints near Atharv….. Ravish says Vividha, and holds her. Atharv gets angry seeing Ravish holding Vividha. Ravish makes Vividha lie on the bed. Atharv goes to Ravish and holds his hand. Ravish asks Atharv to relax…. Atharv leaves his hand. Ravish holds Atharv and says don’t move from here till I say, stand here.

Atharv holds Vividha’s hand and the beads fall there. Ravish comes and pulls him away. He gives him injection on his neck. Situram comes there. Ravish signs him to take Atharv away. Ravish takes Atharv wrapping him in the blanket. They take Atharv to the secret room. Ravish asks Situram to be alert. He cares for Atharv. He recalls Ramakant’s words, that Sujata and Atharv will be his responsibility after Ramakant’s death, you have to see that they get their rights, respect and status, this won’t be easy for you, I could not do this, but I m sure you can do this, I did not have courage, I know you will fulfil my wish. Ravish hits his hand on the wall and says this will be getting tougher for me each day. He goes.

Vividha recalls seeing Atharv and shouts no…. She wakes up. Kalindi, Suman and Bhoomi come there. Suman asks what happened, why did you shout. Vividha says he was in my room, standing here. Ravish comes and says there is no one except us. Vividha asks did you not see anyone here. He says I have seen just you, you fainted when I came out of washroom, I thought its by stress or something, I made you rest and leave, when I heard your scream, I came here. Suman says there is no one, its just us, you are safe here. He says I think Vividha should rest, she will feel relax. Kalindi and Bhoomi leave. Suman says Ravish, I need to talk to you. She asks Vividha to take care and they leave. Vividha thinks.

Kalindi says there is something wrong with Vividha. Bhoomi says Ramakant chose her. Kalindi says he could not make Sujata his wife, how did he choose her neighbour as bahu, there is something wrong, I have to understand this. Suman says its not a small thing, there is some problem. Ravish says maybe she is feeling weak or some reactions by change or air and water, she will be fine. She says there is something, Vividha stays scared, I noticed it, Kalindi and Bhoomi leave no chance to point at her, I don’t care what they say, I m ready to become wall to protect Vividha, but there is something.

Vividha holds her head and says no, I have seen Atharv, he was here….. She gets the Rudraksh beads of his wrist band. She gets shocked seeing it. She says Atharv used to wear this Rudraksh in his wrist, it means Atharv was here. She cries.

Vividha hears the sound from the cupboard. She opens the door. Sujata is there in the room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank god that Ravish is seeing Atharv also , it means he is not a ghost!!!
    I was wondering if it was becoming a horror movie with a touch of Narnia’s wardrobe……

    1. hehehe
      Nice one 😉

    2. I think u didn’t read rest of the update

  2. Super episode…Atharva s back…i luv Ravish,[email protected] acting…sujathaji s also back,waiting for twrw’s episode…

  3. I am egerly waited that when will viv see that rudraksh balls put by atharv.
    Finally she get it. Nd ravish know that he is his step brother but he did not know that he loves vivida.
    I think very soon that viv see atharv with real face but not in dream nd in precap she saw sujata too it’s good
    Tq writers. Tq amena di for update.

  4. So ramakants last wish was for atharv and sujata to get their rights, respect and status. He doesn’t know yet that atharv and vividha love each other. Wonder how suman will feel when she and the family find out what was ramakants last wish and that they have been used by kailash’s lie.

  5. How will uma feel when she too finds out that atharv and sujata are with vividha? How much longer can ravish hide them?

  6. Never want to see atharv like dis pls pls want to see Vitharv together മലയാളീസ്

  7. മലയാളീസ്

    Never want to see atharv like dis pls pls want to see Vitharv together

  8. Finally atharv for real,hope we see you soon

  9. I would like to know where kailash is and what is he doing , because I’m sure he wont stop being trouble

  10. Supb episode happy that my atharv is back…….. Pls unite atharv and vivitha… Pls don’t let be win kailash…. Unite athar and taught the value of real true love meaning to kailash

  11. I guess Ravish turns negative when he comes to know that Vividha likes Atharav

  12. Plz writers make arthav nd vivi jodi together i would like to c them together nt with ravish …….

  13. i just only hope.. even after long drama athrav and vividha should pair up.. please please do so.. don’t always break love couples yar.. they were such a good pair.. and make sure ravish finds another girl.. make sure that athrav and vividha shouldn’t separate their ways… yar

  14. i want athrav n vividha to be united n ravish s also a gud person but cant help

  15. Very interesting episode

  16. Today’s episode was interesting. Let d story flow . Take it forward n bring back atharv n sujata .

  17. I am so happy Atharv came (real) omg how many days we tensioned.we r free now

  18. I can’t see atharv in such type of situation .when he will recover . but it is nice that vividha saw atharv ,still now she thought it was a dream. he is behaving like mad person ohhhh…….

    Tq amena for the update

  19. No yaar vivish should be together

  20. HI.. MALAYALIS,VIVIDHA,SWEETY.This is my 1st comment for a serial.

  21. Good to see atharv alive. But is he mentally ill. How will ravish family will treat atharv and sujatha

  22. nice episode…nice to see ravish knowing the truth bt nt abt their love 🙁 . It seems though atharva has lost his memory he still has feelings fr viv…

    guys m sure the precap shown as is nt the way its shown…as viv was looking straight horizontal,where as the secret room is below,and also there was no reaction frm sujatha too…so m sure tht they are not going to meet each other in tht scene and may be viv saw something else or nthing and got shocked…

    jope some intresting twists come ahead bt plz reunite vitharva thts the reason we r watching the show… 🙂

    most funny thing was tht wnever viv enters tht room she take some eatables which later falls on the ground making noise :> lol

  23. Sindhu i agree with u

  24. I am the only one who feels that atharav is cruel after today’s episode……..he is acting as though he is mad…and I don’t understand what is true love…and the person who tries to fulfil his father’s last wish will never turn negative. ….so ravish is only positive character. …and let me see what athrav is ……..

  25. I love this serial very much especially the chemistry bw adharv n vividha..however i hope adharv n vividha will become togthr frevr..pls unite them becz their love is true n true love never dies.dnt make ravish as a wall bw adharv n vividha.very hpy to see adharv again ,thnks to return adharv back.but cant see adharv in such a bad condition when he will recover this all..waiting for adharv n vividha reunion..

  26. Awesome episode. But wanted to tell something that marriage s not a game. If vividha married Ravish, then its her fate and she should accept that fate instead of reuniting again with Atharva which is not fair and we are Indians not Foreigners. Dont spoil our culture by uniting with Atharv again. Plz.

    1. plz don’t think in such a way…using country.
      even though there are different countries in world….remember that all are HUMAN’s not any other.. all are same but different in culture.. and wat u think marriage is one’s fate and there is no values for One’s feeling????
      feeling of two souls are important not a relation like NAMED as marriage
      Note:i’m an indian

  27. How come nobody see atharv going to her room???

    1. Excatly…. nly vividha can see him not others….how stupid.

  28. I am pissed with that room nd cupboard scenes.every time she enters room precap shows she is shocked bt nothing happens in actual.stop making her roam around the same room.

  29. I can sense the turning point of couples in this drama coz the way alway athrav react…….like possessive lover
    And both of them longed for their father love
    Both of them respect their mother so much
    Much worse they will fall for one girl
    But the difference between them is calmness and the way they control anger…and who will be ready to give up
    Remember when arthav father gave him watch?but he through it away but when he died he felt bad for his reaction
    Dont forget in this drama although ravish lived with his father but he never felt his love but when he died he gave him responsibilities to take care and his response…. He accepted whole hearted and he deserve vivida more
    So u can see the differences between them maybe if there is something more bad about ravish but for now he is the good/leading actor i guess

  30. I like this serial and the character of atharba and bividha because of their views of love and respect to each other. Marriage is a culture. But to be getting married forcefully, even by cheating like this, it’s a torture and social hypocrisy.. And the show is all about empowerment through love and standing up against the hypocrisy and inhumanity.. I hope vivathrb’s love will win the battle of their life at last.

  31. how come nobody sees adharv going to her room

  32. how athrav could be alive like this .because in the previous episode we have seen that vividha’s brother was hiting

  33. I trust vitharva willlll reunite. That’s the power of love

  34. I am in srilanka and watch the repeat show at 10.30pm.I love this shoe hope Vividah and Athrav reunite.

  35. Why all are saying Ravish will be negative., i son’t think he will be -ve.., one who loves country than his life,, how can hee -ve??
    i think atharv will negative, y coz after atharv become normal.. he can’t accept Ravish-Vividha together… and vividha won’t go vit atharv
    so athrv will shown in -ve

  36. Atharv seems to have gone mad.. also he was hit on his head a lot.i feel like at the end it vl b viv n rav as he is doing a lot for them although its hurting him and he shouldn’t lose viv also . Atleast viv vl say so similar to hum did de chuke sanam…But we all want vitharv..atharv did so many big big things for viv n family..nd i don’t want to see atharv under anybody’s sympathy…coz he was independent man so far..he was a self made man and now they don’t need to gain status under someone else’s name..
    I hope they bring back vitharv again nd also keep ravish positive

  37. I like ravish and bividha as a couple. Now I think bividha care for ravish. After that, bividha choose Ravish like a movie dhadkan shilpa sheety choose akhsay Kumar . Not a sunil sheety.

  38. Story has a very interesting twist. Ravish is also a stunning actor and fits very well
    into the story. Will be sad if he does not get Vividha.

  39. omg!!!!atharva is alive thank god…what a fab act by him he seems to b mad….plz cm to normal i cant see u suffering…vitharv is d besttt

  40. This serial is a unique and special . It binds human relationship into in true love and understanding. Atwa his mum should leave and move to another city to seek treatment and he encountered beautiful doctor and very rich family who helped him to gain his health and his goal and atwa loves her very and decided to marry her. I would like to hear songs from DAG ( talat mamoud ) and Pakeza ( lata and mamod Rafic) or the famous song in Mulhe Azam ) in a party aiming at ATwa’s grandfather and family who deprived sujata married and accepted. A film should emotions, nostalgia and the human factor. The actress to be introduced should be a good danger an mesmerized lyrics like some of Dilip kumar films.Atwa can imitatee dilip kumar in his serial. The film has objectivity and the style unique to Dilip Kumar is manifested.

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