Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish telling Vividha that that man is very clever, we have to be careful while catching him, that man’s left hand is burnt. They see Vipul coming wearing glovers in hand. Ravish asks from where are you coming. Vipul says nothing, I was doing some work.

Ravish asks wearing gloves. Vipul says yes, I was checking the electric meter, lights were fluctuating. Ravish tells Vipul about the bet and says you have won. Vipul asks him to give money. Ravvish asks him to remove gloves and take money. Vipul says fine and forwards hand. Ravish sees his hand clear and gives him money. Vipul gets glad and goes.

Vividha asks Ravish will you doubt on your brother too. Ravish asks are you sure about the burn mark, we are trained in army that danger has no face and

doubt is out friend, my duty is to keep you safe and I m doing that, come. Ravish tells Vividha that I can’t leave you alone and take risk, as you are attacked many times, I will stay here. Vividha goes to sleep. Ravish looks on and guards her all night.

Its morning, Vividha wakes up and sees Ravish. She asks did you not sleep all night. He says there was no danger movement, but it does not mean danger is gone, we have to be careful. She says I will get tea for you. He says no, I will ask Situram to get your breakfast to room. Vividha cooks food along with Suman. Flour gets on her forehead, and Suman laughs. Ravish smiles seeing Vividha. Ravish helps Vividha in the work. Jaana na dil se door……plays……… Vividha takes care of Atharv and feeds him food. Atharv dances with her and calls Ravish. Ravish signs no. He looks at them. Vividha cries seeing Atharv’s state. Ravish goes. Days pass……….Vividha sits crying. Ravish looks on.

Uma feeds the cows and asks Dadi to get the grass cut, maybe cow wants more food. Someone passes the grass to Uma. Uma says we have to get grass for them from market tomorrow. She turns and does not see Dadi. She says where did Maa ji go. She goes.

Vividha says nothing happened since last few days, it means he knows you are with me all the time, and now he can’t harm me. Ravish says it does not mean he will not try again, if we try to think like him, he will attack you again. The man applies makeup and fake skin to his hand to cover up the burn mark. Ravish says he will take risk and make mistake again. The man applies Atharv’s mask again. Vividha gets worried. Ravish asks her not to worry, I m saying he will try, but its my duty to fail his every attempt. He pacifies her. He says when I get him, even mirror will not identify him. She asks him to take rest. He says I m fine, till there is danger on you, I will be awake, please sleep. She says its cold, you take the blanket. He switches off the lights. She sees him and thinks we all are going through tough phase, mostly Ravish, Atharv you have to get fine soon so that you can share our pain.

Sujata makes a plane and asks Sujata to see. Sujata is sleeping. Someone comes there. Atharv asks Sujata who is it, will he play with me, shall I go to play. Atharv goes towards the door and asks who are you, will you play with me. Atharv opens the door. The man holds the knife and throws at him. Atharv bends to pick he plane and the knife goes over his head. The knife falls inside the room. Atharv wakes up Sujata and says see this flying knife. She worries and asks Atharv not to touch the knife.

She calls Ravish. Ravish answers and thinks to send Situram. He says I have sent Situram out, and goes to see Atharv. He checks the knife. Sujata says if Atharv did not bend to pick plane, he would have got hurt by knife. Atharv asks where do we get flying knife. Ravish asks Atharv are you fine. Atharv says yes.

Sujata asks did the man get angry on you for protecting Vividha and did this attack on Vividha. Ravish says no, that man’s focus is on Vividha. He asks Sujata to lock door and not open it. He runs to protect Vividha. The man/fake Atharv enters Vividha’s room. Ravish runs through the corridors. Vividha is sleeping. The man gets a burning cigarette. Ravish comes in the room and calls out Vividha. He sees Vividha missing and gets shocked.

Ravish looks for Vividha. He sees the cigarette there and picks it.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Suman

    Thank you for fast update. Don’t know wt to comment. Feeling sad. By today’s episode I feel like writers initiating steps to unite ravidha. Today feeling very sad. But all r going to break their promises ❔plz unite vitharv. Ramakant did nothing to his son atharv. At least he might have given vividhas hand in atharv before death.his athma going to cry by seeing all this.😢😭. Hope atharv saves vividha in time not ravish. N vividha should feel guilty for ravish not love. How can she fall for ravish. don’t take u turn writers.

  2. Vamshi

    Omg it was his left hand that has a burn mark n now how did it shift to right hand..n is ravish flirting vividha even after knowing that she is her brother lover..?and director saab the serial is going in a very slowww speed making the viewers sleepy.

  3. simmy😘

    hate this fake athrav because they keep adding more secret and suspence in the show and not letting ravish or vividha cure athrav and make him better again cazs i want to see athrav sujata back in action and where the hell has kalash gone to and cant wait for suman and the rest family reaction to sujata and athrav😂😘😍👌
    today episode was kinda okay tbh 😏😏😏

  4. sriti gaur

    I hate all this ….wht rubbish …ASA hota h kbhi phle kisi ko pyr kro fr kisi ko …AGR vividha ravish k sth rhi to I m sure show ko band krna jyda better h isse to vo sb bhul gyi vividha jo sb phle bola tha usne … Kisi new bnde k sth vo itna true love chor degi apna agr vividja atharv ko nhi milana to m to show dekhna chor dugi ya to ravish ko villain bnao kch b kro bt vividha atharv ko milado atleast kch to show kro hm kbtk fltu m show dekhre h….y show hm only vitharv k liye dekhte h…

  5. Apple

    Hunting fake Atharv started…. In d similar way ravish-vividha falling luv also started….
    From now nly ravidha. JNDSD

  6. simmy😘

    who ever the fake person is might touch vividha in a bad way and ravish might save her in time and she might go a bit close to ravish 👌😏😏😏😂😂

  7. simmy😘

    fake person might touch vividha in a bad way and ravish might save her in time and she might go a bit close to ravish 👌😏😏😏😂😂

  8. Apple

    Atharv is present in front of vividha so no thinking abt Atharv… Only towards ravish and falls for selfless army man…NEW journey of b/w ravidha JNDSD started…😱😱😍😍😍

  9. Prachi

    WOW Vividha koi itna CHARACTERLESS kaise Ho sakta hai ….Seriously….Have u Forgot Ki Ravish ne tume kyu us ghar me rakha hai because tum Atharv Ki care kar sako ….par Yaha to tumne Ravish ko hi apna Bodyguard bana Diya..na tum khud Atharv ke pass jaa rahi Ho na Ravish tumari vajaha se ja pata hai..Tumari vajahase Atharv par Attack Hua…Atharv ke pass hokar bhi tum Ravish ko hi stair karti Ho….Viewers r not fools Atharv to sirf ek reason hai ..tume to sirf Ravish se chipak na hai..ek bhai ( Atharv) ka ghar chin liya use totally barbaad kiya ab dusre ke piche pad gai….Dono bhai bhi us b*t*h Vividha ke piche hi Pagal hai..Vividha kya koi queen Vitoria hai Jo har koi uske piche pada hai uska rape karna chahta hai…Vividha hai hi Characterless wo apne karmoka fal bhugat rahi hai jab dekho tab ladkose chipak ti rehti hai..Call girl kahiki…Main to Karta hai murder hi kardu uska….use sadak pe khada karke uska mu kaala karna chahiye…..Kill that blo*dy Vividha…Hopeless..Useless..Characterless BAHU in television history ever…Sujata is right about u ..u deserve big punishment..u b*t*h….F**k u …Go to hell…Makers u stoop so low for only giving importance to character of this Chip Third class Heroine u make the characters of hero’s MAJNU…..Hate this serial because of Vividha…😈

    • Shivani

      Exactly… saaare mens uss ghar k vividha k piche hi pade huye hai expect daddy ji…the makers have made her characterless….

  10. Havilah

    I hope Atharv will get soon.. it’s very intresting thats who is fake Atharv..
    May be he was Seturam.. no doubt for it.. he is a Seturam..

  11. Sachin

    feeling sad fr ravish…and m sure writers are planning to unite ravish and viv nt our viharva…if thts the case thn waste of watching this show

  12. shaheen

    I am sure at last it will ravidha not vitharv 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    The writers are spoiling it.

    And don’t know why vikram Singh Chauhan not opposing that show is giving more importance to Shashank vyas when he is the male lead opposite sivani surve.

    I know ravish is a great person whom every girl want to marry but don’t forget atharva he is also a great idle guy with all qualities that a girl want in her husband.

    As I commented before both the boys have suffered.

    So it’s fair enough to unite vitharv, if they unite ravidha then they insulting the meaning of true love, it’s hard but true it’s a simple insult.

    If every one fall in love after marriage then why do they love before marriage for time pass or what??????

    I know marriage is beautiful thing but without love its like a duty that the respective partners fulfill which is equal to hell…..

    Now come to divorce now a days in real life divorces are happening more than marriages…

    After all its serial a single man in serial marry twice or even thrice then what is the problem to give divorce once…..that to a marriage without love ??????

    I don’t understand why they are not supporting true love which is only vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv……………..

    I am sorry if I had hurt someone……

    Please give me your opinion?????

  13. 143

    All u guys forget about vipul and seeturam as fake atharv…. for While think he may be someone else … i mean he is friend of Ravish(Captain Avinash).
    Just a guess guyssssssss

  14. NS4

    O MY GOD!!!!
    where is vividha???
    wat will happen nxt????
    so exitedddddddddd for tomorrow………….don’t make any stupid ideas Mr.Writer/Director

  15. Vamshi

    Watch episode no 135 if the writers intentions r true than i think he will definitely reunite atharv and vividha…

  16. Mr.White

    My dear mad Writers and Director.. y r u showing this nonsense.
    U guys should atleast shown both Male lead as normal. y r u making one man show. atharv has no mental balance and ravish is fine physcally nd mentally.

    For Ravidha Fans and supporters:
    how can u guys”point out abt love b/w ravidha not vitharv”. will u guys differentiate b/w ill atharv and strong ravish.
    Don’t forget about ————–>>Atharv Sujatha<no substitute—not even ravish can replace atharv place… Ravish was good But he is not Athrva Sujatha

    So Ravidha fools stop dreaming ..

    • manju

      i strongly support to mr.white JDSD means vitharv not such idiotic,boneless ,spineless characters of vashistas family its basically everything is gungun,payal,sujatha,vitharv and indmathiji only considersd as show.

  17. Suman

    Ya even I didn’t like ravish flirting with vividha even after knowing she is his brothers love. He promised he will take responsibility of vitharvs marriage . and trying his luck in his marriage n making vividha to feel guilt about him. It’s not fair. If he want rights of husband he should fight openly like soldier. Not like dis. Don’t spoil ravishs image.

  18. siri

    I think kalindi ia also involved in it.. Because the fingers of the person who threw d knife at atharav are like female hands..

    Hope dey find d real culprit soon..

  19. cat

    Ye kya chal ra ha hei..i don no…ye writers kyu ravish ko itna important bana ra ha hei…no vitharv scene..i wnt atharv sujatha back…and save vivida from fake atharv….not ravish…

  20. mansi

    It’s seems that now jndsd track will be for ravidha 😍😍 superb vividha started feeling 4 ravish n unite ravidha only

  21. mansi

    It’s seems that now jndsd track will be for ravidha 😍😍 superb vividha started feeling 4 ravish n unite ravidha only …..upcoming story should be like arthav ke recovery ke baad vividha ravish ko chod ke jaane Ki na jaye bcz ge will be in love with ravish ❤

  22. shenuka fernando

    i think vivida will end up with ravish like kailash wanted..feel very sorry for atharv life is very unfair for him,without atharv no mood to watch this anymore, please recover him soon..i’m frm srilanka

  23. Suman

    Even though I am having doubt writers may unite ravidha. But some where I feel atharv only saves vividha. As he can feel vividhas pain. If vividha is in trouble means atharv can’t stay in his room. Definitely he will come out of room n he is d one to save his vividha. If dis not happened means we can come to conclusion dat writers decided to unite ravidha. We may need to gather courage to accept dis. But dis is not fair. I hope vividha showing pity not love. How is it possible to Forget her love in 2 weeks.

  24. cat

    Praach u r absolutely right….hate dis vivida….vivi atharv ke liye kya kiya,kuch bi nahi kya…vivi n atharv ekhi gar par hai phir bhi kuch nahi kar thi..vivida go to helll…..hate u vivida…..hate uuiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….

  25. Antonio conte

    Why atharv is in that house?plz send him agra.. mental hospital. Atleast there he will get good treatment.. here both ravish and vividha.. are busy doing romance with eachother..atharv need good doctors..not these two fools..

  26. Havilah

    Guys are you absorving Vividha.. she did’nt feel love about Atharv.. just she have a sympathy on Atharv..
    If Vividha starting to love Ravish it means Vividha never love’s Atharv to true love.. and She don’t know about true love.. She wil be charecterless.. that she could loves Who saves her.. First Atharv , next Ravish , than will be anyone though who saves her..
    Such a selfish girl she is.. that she will falls only who save’s her ???
    So plz writer don’t make that Vividha falls for Ravish.. that will proves Vividha was charecter less…

  27. Suman

    Will vividha fall for every guy who saves her life. First in pushkar she is d one who hugged atharv first. She made atharv feel for her. But now same thing is she repeating with ravish. according to me it’s not possible. Who said ravish selfless. If he is selfless y he making vividha
    Feel for him with his actions. For me main villain is ravish who came in between two souls. I hope atharv saves vividha. Or else make atharv kidnapped n make him to Forget vividha. Like in kumkumbhagya serial make him to remember till his degree completion. Making dis serial bakwass.

    • sudheer

      Frnds, Vividha future lo ravish love kosam Adharv life nunchi sasvitanga vellipotundi.( vidharv relation payal tho ne start avutundi & payal tho ne end avutundi. This is d simbolic representation of vidharv relation. So payal adharv life lo unnantha varuku vividha adharv life lo untundi). May be I think payal dongalinchabadina scene malli repeat chestaru cause this time adharv memory back ayye time ki payal & vividha chanipotaru. (Nijaniki vividha chanipodu adharv life lo nunchi vellipotundi sasvitanga ravish saves her). Prev epi lo adharv tanki tana kalalaki madyalo evarini ranivvanu anna time lo vividha enter avutundi. So present vividha ledu ani telusukonna adharv tana life lo move on ayyipotadu. This is d story.

      • 143

        Babu!!! @sudheer :aputhava ne sodi ..payal birth tho vitharv luv start ayindi.. payal death tho luv pothundi. enduku ra savadobuthunavu ne sodi story tho apara nayana..neku danda vesi dandam pedatha….just stop ur nonsense

  28. Ayesh042


    |Registered Member

    Okay so they gonna unite Ravidha? Good bt it will be injustice with Atharv.He loved her truly tht he was ready to scarifice for her.
    And if they unite Vitharv then it will b wrong with Ravish.He is suffering becoz of Vividha.
    I hv 2 possible ends of this serial ri8 nw.
    Bringing a new herione for atharv/ravish (most probably fr ravish) OR A new girl who looks exactly lyk Vividha


    Death of vividha.
    Both the brothers are in luv with her and both will be ready to svarifice their love for each other bt Vipul the villan will kill vividha 😄

    I dont know what CVs are upto bt these are two possible ends I thought of.But who ever they unite vividha with, They shouldnt show the death of the other.Both the boys are the only child of their mothers.They must not die due to vividha.

    Feel free to comment.I would love reading ur reviews on this 😊.

  29. ritika

    Hii. .guys I am new to comment but going through all your comments in want to tell u all if vividha move on with ravish is not that she doesn’t love atharva I hope u all have seen dhadkan movie of akshay kumar and she loved some one before shaadi but after shaadi she fell for akshay and most famous movie of salman khan and Aishwarya rai hum dil de chuke sanam even in that aish after shaadi fall for ajay devgen so according too me they will end up as ravidha

  30. ammu

    Really hate ravitha…😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 stop this nonsence…stupid romance bw ravitha..no more words to say abt this bcz shame on myself..chiiii..

  31. Suman jyothi Potlapati

    Just now saw Instagram. I came to know whole family going to confronted about sujatha n atharv. Need to wait till Monday or Tuesday

  32. chithra

    Initially I was watching this show bcz I was soo impressed vid athrv-sujatha concept.. I liked athrv more then vivedha.. He was just amazing if you compare athrv vid vivedha nd ravish then I vl say athrv is far better and best then vivedha&ravish… I juss remember initially ven this serial aired on how rocking athrv was 😊😊😊.,he and his thoughts, his self-respect oh god how cute it was…i was big fan of this serial that tym.. But I stopped watching this serial when vivedha married ravish nd they showed athrv mentally not fit.. I was not worried vivedha married ravish I worried written mad athrv as mentally lost nd came under his father roop nd his step brothers care.. I doesn’t like this track.. Really feeling sad writter ruined athrv charecter 😯😯😴😴😤😤😰😰😰😩😩😰.. Now they are showing ravish nd vivedha are mahan.. 😰😩😩😩where is my athrv??strong straight bold boy where is my strong selfindepent sujatha😰😰😰i stopped watching this show now here nd there once in week I vl see one episode thats it

  33. Natalya

    I don’t think the writers can decide who this characterless female should go to. How about vipul? Some of the comments here regarding Arthav shud marry is stupid. It’s sad that people assume a younger sister should be sacrificed when the older sister is at fault. I don’t think Arthrav shud even unite with Viid as her character is weak and pathetic. Why has there been no investigation and arrests as to who beat Arthav. How can a military family have no security at home that this new stupid track has come thru. Maybe the female will fall in love with the masked man.

  34. Vamshi

    #Revealations ahead the entire vashist family is going to know the truth that atharv n sujata r in their house…but will they know abt atharv n vividha’s relation?will ravish tell suman abt their relation???

  35. Akanksha

    Atharv and ravish both hv a very strong character n dey r idiol person any women want in her lyf.its true that show started wid vividha n atharvs love story in its so beautiful.but it was destiny which brought vividha n ravish together.n ravish’s love for vividha is so pure.n hw vividha can b called a characterless women? Jo kuch v hua it was against her wish n luckily c got such a beautiful family.according to me ravish vl try to unite vitharv but jitna mai atharv to jaanti hu n from his strong charater he vl ask vividha to get back to ravish.n c vl do d same.ravish vividha ka pati h or usse badhkr ek bhut hi acha insaan.or atharve ne vividha ko promise kiya tha ki atharv sujata wapas aega but ye ni kha tha ki usse shaadi krega.its atharv who vl finally sacrifice his love for ravish.or may b ravish being an elder brother vl sacrifice his love for atharv which he is doing avi v.it vl b very interesting to c what happens next.n vipul is d fake atharv.i luv u atharv n ravish.such a beautiful n idol character u hv.:)

  36. Joe

    Atharv or vivida ek honi chahiye atharv ne kya much nahi kiya vivida keliye.. This track is so disappointed tha all vithav fans keliye..

  37. Havilah

    I think this time Atharv will save’s Vividha.. and also I think he will get his memory back at this incident.

    And Akankasha you said well.. I agry with you..
    But one thing Akanksha.. Atharv did a Promise to Vividha that who can’t make them seperate.. and he will take Vividha Even world go againest them..

  38. Vamshi

    @akanksha:I agree with what u said destiny brought them together but let me ask u a ques n i want ur ans whole heartedly..I donno if u have a boyfriend or not if yes u could ans it easily.if u have a boyfriend who is always in ur dreams thougts heart n wat not he is evry where around u..n one day u get married to an unknown person do u think u wld adjust urself n say destiny brought me here n ill compromise??

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