Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv and Vividha seeing the girl and asking her to listen. The girl runs to room and sees herself in mirror. She gets on table and sits. She throws things on Atharv and Vividha. They ask her to listen and come to them. The girl runs and throws pillows on them. Atharv says if we run after her, she will get scared. Vividha says if she goes out then. He says no, doors and windows are shut. She asks why is she behaving such, what’s the problem.

Everyone sit thinking. Ravish says I checked all doors and windows, she can’t go out. Sujata asks how can any child be like this. They hear the girl breaking things. Atharv says she is much scared and feels this house is cage. Ankit asks why is she scared of us. Sujata says we have to find who took her. Guddi says why is

she behaving this way. Dadi says maybe Kailash scared her. Ankit says he did wrong with a little girl. Vividha says her behavior does not matter to me, she is my daughter, I got her after long time.

Sujata says we all understand your pain, we are happy for you, but we should find out, is this your daughter or not. From where did she come, who got her, we have to find out. Dadi agrees. Vividha says there is no sound now, how did she get calm, I will go and see. The girl sees a toy plane and checks. Madhav comes there and sees her. He says its a plane, I will fly this and show. They fight for the plane. Madhav shouts mumma. Vividha comes there and asks what happened. Madhav says she has pushed me. Vividha says its wrong, and sees Madhav if he is fine. Kangana comes and says hold Madhav, saying I will see him, you have a bigger problem to see. She goes.

Doctor checks the girl. He asks her to sit quiet and have chocolate. Everyone look on. The girl tries to run. She bites Ankit’s hand and runs. Ravish stops her. Ankit asks Guddi to catch her. Atharv takes the girl and says nothing will happen to you. The doctor takes blood sample of the girl. Atharv says its done. The girl runs upstairs. Doctor says don’t worry, I will call you and give you entire info.

Kangana takes care of Madhav. Everyone sit awake. Vividha comes downstairs. She says the girl was not sleeping on bed, she is sleeping under the bed on ground, she was much comfortable there, she behaves strange. Atharv talks to doctor. Vividha asks what did doctor say. Atharv says DNA test result is positive, she is our daughter, her age is nearly 6 years like Madhav, she is the girl who was swapped with Madhav. They all smile. Sujata says we should thank Lord we got her back. Atharv says doctor observed and said she was kept away from humans, she was not taught anything, she does not know behaving with anyone, she was kept like an animal in cage. Vividha cries and says why did he do this with my daughter. Atharv says no, he did this with me, he took revenge with me, not my daughter, he has tortured me this way, we had a fight about society and customs, I said father’s name was not necessary to make a name, he has given an animal’s identity to my daughter, he died and took a big price from me, anyways we have our daughter now, she is fine physically, we can make her human from animal, we did not lose.

Atharv sees the girl sleeping under the bed. Vividha asks for Madhav. Ravish asks will it be fine if he sleeps here. She says yes, he is my son. He says I mean this girl attacked him in day, its not just about Madhav, its about the girl too. Atharv agrees with Ravish and says both the children can fight, this world is not of this girl, we have to understand her world. Kangana says Atharv is right, give her some time to understand herself, she will make her relations, just concentrate on her, don’t worry for Madhav, I m here, I mean I will take care of your Madhav well. She goes. Ravish takes Madhav.

Vividha says we will make her sleep on bed. Atharv says if she wakes up, she will be scared. Vividha says I won’t feel good if she sleeps on ground and we sleep on bed. He hugs her and says we will also sleep on ground. They lie down near either sides of the bed. They sleep. The girl wakes up and sees them. She goes out and checks a vase. She goes to dining table and sits to have salt. She recalls Atharv’s words and checks for food. She sees a kerosene bottle and recalls Kailash getting such bottle and igniting fire, cooking food over the fire.

The girl pours kerosene and drops the bottle. She gets the matchstick and tries to light fire.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today is not good for me all bad things r happening.??????my whole family is enjoying there happily and i am sitting here and crying in closed room….even this star plus is making me to cry.what to say not getting anywords to say about this gatiya soch channel ?????…I can’t even imagine vitharv not getting award ?????…..

    1. Veer

      Hey, Pinky why are you crying ? ? Nothing bad happens, if you stay strong and positive. By the way, do you have a water bottle beside you? If you don’t have, go and get it immediately. Actually it’s high summer and that too you decided to cry ? in a closed room, you will get dehydrated if you do so, you will badly need more and more water ? to continue crying ? and we already have drinking water scarcity in our country so please atleast to save water stop crying ?.
      Teardrops are so precious, so use them sparsely. If you really want to cry ?, cry only till your eyes ? get cleaned and then stop crying. Now watch Vikram’s IG Videos and chill. I bet you, you can’t control your laughter after seeing them.
      So just chill and smile.

      1. Superb Veer .Cann’t stop my laugh.Gud aftr noon dear

    2. What happened pinky dear ? If you have any problem you can share with us.
      If starplus nomination’s is your problem then don’t worry dear. Let us hope for the best dear. Don’t get disappointment.
      Vitharv are already winners for us without
      any gatiya award. So be happy dear and don’t be sad please .And if you are going through any other problem please share with us. We are their to help you out.

      Good afternoon dear

      1. there not their

    3. Pinky dear , what happened ? Why r u crying ? Aftr watching spa nomination ? Or fr anything else ? Just share what ‘s in ur mind to here & i ‘m sure u will defntly feel better & can stop crying. Stop stop, stop reading cmnts.First off the phn and go to ur family members . They r waiting fr u dear. Go & enjoy with them. And aftr bcm cool, plz come back . Gud aftr noon dear.

    4. Sunanda12345

      Pinky dear…plsss don’t be sad….be smile dear…

    5. Pinky don’t cry dear….we are here for u just go to hell blo*dy spa??????we know vitharv are the best so keep smiling dear??

    1. Pinky don’t cry dear by seeing the nomination list…even though spa has avoided our jndsd and vitharv we have given many awards to the team in our heart and also have a special position …don’t cry plz …if u have any other problem share it with us we will definitely try to find a solution for that.
      Be happy ? and keep smiling and by crying don’t spoil ur beautiful face,ok

  2. @ Ponnu .https://t.co/8aO7Je7Bm2?amp=1

    This is the link of shivik invw .Don’t know it will work or nt.otherwise u can goto direct you tube for watching shivik latest invw .

    1. Ponnu

      Thnx a lotttt chechiiiiiiiii??..

  3. Usha dear ???.yes me & aailya bcm so funny after reaching tu page. What to do ? Our experiences from here made us so funny.
    And ya it is better to nt talk about the bl**dy spa .it is disgusting. Just hate to the core starplus. Business channel. Just neglect them.
    Ya kushi is so cute. Just like our vivi. I also enjoyed shivik invw . S.vikku is a true gentle man and of course shivani is so
    cute. And on the whole our shivik is soooo cute and lovely pair.Mr king chauhan & queen shivani surve ??????

    I commented to u also but didn’t publish may be due to Malayalam. Saturday exam ille ?
    Ok .Good noon dear

  4. Aailya dear, did u see this pic? It is an old pic.And I know everybody already watched it.But now again I saw this pic I don’t know I feel very different. I mean the photography of vineetji. Superb click.shivik r extraordinary cute in this pic.


    1. Hi XYZ , me too have the exam . Bt didn’t download the hall ticket yet since not interested. I know nothing abt this psc exams and no. of vacancies is also less fr this . At the same time , uncle nte chadangu (16th day ) sat annu. And this pic. it is also in my phn gallery. U know my phn gallery is filled with shivik pics ( abt more than 1000 pic ). My cousins & frnds r getting surprised by seeing this. Sis called me mad fr this and make Amna to scold me abt this . Now i locked gallery & no one can see these except me. Gud aftr noon dear.

      1. Usha. I also didn’t download hall ticket yet.just looked the examination venue through site. I also don’t know more about it.
        My phone gallery also filled with shivik pics. Everybody in my class started to teasing me.some elder chechis questioned me about vikku. Then my intimate friend said to that chechi that vikku is my BF???.Bcz she didn’t knew about vikku. But she caught me &my Friend soon.Bcz she also watched mounam sammatham 3 in Asianet plus and noticed vikku already ?. Anyway now vikram singh chauhan is very famous among my friends and one of my friends said that vikku has many child fans also.so many little boys &girls r big big fans of vikku. I bcm so happy after hearing that.
        And the above pic is nt old one .it is recently posted by vineetkumar sir.I mean today. I think kk is also a shivik shipper.
        Good afternoon dear

      2. xyz and usha chechi my phone memory is also filled with lots of photos of shivik. Especially vikku’s.
        Not only in my phone but my walls are also filled with vikku’s pic. My mother scolded me like anything. But now she got tired in scolding me. She said Do Whatever You Want. Now there is no place in my wall ,so now iam not sparing my windows also.
        One day when I was pasting pic I fell from chair and also got fracture in my leg. After that everyone thought
        I will never again repeat this. But the fact is that no one would stop me from doing this. I have gone very crazy for my vikku.

        Good evening chechi dears

      3. @XYZ , yes u r right dear. This is a new pic. I also checked my gallery. In old pic,there was a little distance between shivik and this is missing now. How cute eyes both shivik have . Cann’t take my eyes . Gud evening dear.

    2. Sunanda12345

      @xyz this is pic is really awesome….
      I have this pic in black nd white nd in my pic vitharv is not soooo close…just bit away. ..

      1. Sunanda dear.vineetji posted this pic today .The pic we watched bfr and this one is different. In old one there is a little distance bw shivik as u said . But in this pic they r more closed to each other. In fact vineetji posted 2 shivik pics in his IG today. Both r ???

    3. Yes chechi vineeth sir captured the pic so nicely. And shivik’s chemistry is outstanding. Their eyes can speak million
      words. How they look at each other is always very special.Even though it is old pic
      love you chechi for sharing it.

      Chechi ik exams eppol annu chechi. Any way all the best for exams chechi.

      Good evening chechi

      1. xyz chechi it is a new pic. What a treat
        shivik and vineet sir gave us today.
        Again love you lot for sharing this information.

      2. Aailya dear.s .This is new pic.yes shiviks eyes r so special. Vikku already said bfr they r talking through eyes. Now I too feel that is right.something special in that look.
        I love vineetji for this visual treat. And his caption is mind blowing.
        I m so nervous by thinking about today’s spa. I dont expect anything from spa as they r already decided their awards for their favourites. But I feel bad for our shivik. Don’t know even shivik attend the function or nt.But I don’t want to see our shivik sitting just like audience and giving applauses to another pair’s performance??.But actually dying too see them together in red carpet.

        Pinne aailya de veedu full vikku mayam anu alle. So Eni veedinte name koodi vikku bhavan ennu akiyal matyallo ??. Oh my vikku singh ethra girls anu thangalkku fans ayi ullathu. Enjoy enjoy Mr VSC.????
        Good evening dear

      3. xyz chechi vikku bhavan ?. My house will witness third world war. ?
        When I get job I myself will create vikku bhavan.?.

        Today results will come out. If it is positive I will watc it on 27th April otherwise whose is going to watch that shitty awards.
        Chechi enik pinky karyam orkumbol sangadam varunu. Pavam Kutty.

        Good evening chechi.

  5. Nice episode

  6. Yes guys I think i should share this with u all or else i can control my sorrow.usha sis how can i go to them they very far from me. I have no chance to go to them.veer dear I am trying sooo much to stop my self up to eyes but not able to.aaliya dear my problem is actually my father……He is really very strict.he will never allow me to do anything by my own.he will never listen my words.my father and family members r having very silly personal problems so he is angry on them.today there was function of small kid (my cousins son) in our family.he is the 1st kid in 4th generation of our family.as my dad having angry on them he did not go and he even did not allow me to go.every person in our whole family went there and enjoying but me alone doing household work and crying in my house.when i requested my father as always he did not listen to me and started shouting on me.my dad loves me like anything to the crore but will never listen to me or never respect my words.this was happening with me since few years.I am notable to tolerate this.it is hurting me deep in heart.I will never have freedom in my home.what to do????now u all members have become cute happy family…I have no happy family outside this world.this is my problem guyssss ????…and in middle that spa nominations hurted me more.

    1. Pinky .Srry dear , i was mistaken. Don’t know how to console u dear. Most of the families have this same prblm of over ruling of fathers to the children . What to do dear. Can n’t change this attitude of ur papa. U said that we r ur family. That words make me feel crying and i ‘m sure we will be with u ever ,even aftr our show ends , if u wish. U also said that ur papa loves u so much. That means nothing abt lack of love , bt abt lack of attention and getting freedom of choice. That may be due to his possessiveness towards u dear. Bcz some parents have the fear that their children will be in danger if they ‘ve allowed their children freedom . This can n’t solve if u run away frm them. U should prove them that their thoughts r wrong by telling them slowly when they r free and having no tension . May be tension on working place made him rude in family. Don ‘t know abt the reason exactly & how to make u smile. Very srry dear. U can share ur prblms here with us, what ever it is . We cann’t be happy if one of our family member is in sad. Love u dear.

    2. Veer

      Pinky, this is a simple and common problem for 99% of Indian boys&girls. Parents show their love towards their children even in anger. You may be growing older but for them, you will always be their innocent little child. Don’t get impulsive and don’t get depressed. Try to make him understand that you’re mature enough to take independent decisions by your actions, by your way of thinking. They may sound harsh many of the times, but that’s the way they know to express their concern towards you.
      Coming to the function thing, these personal problems are common in extended families and they’ll take some time to settle, don’t worry. What happens if you miss 1 or 2 functions, does your love for that kid decreases? No, right. Accept the fact that, today the environment is not conducive for u to attend the function, who knows by next year it may become conducive and you can double enjoy the next function.
      So, don’t be sad, freshen up and watch SPA LIVE ON FACEBOOK [email protected] page it’s streaming
      Keep smiling.

  7. @Sandy ,my fb name is Nisha manoharan and dp is our Madhav. What ‘s ur name in fb. Can u tell me here. Then it is easy to avoid fake acc. U know na, that stupid virus is watching us and she will play any cheap game with us. So be careful mole.

  8. Pinky dear don’t know how to console you but never loose your hope dear. One day your father will definitely understand your
    inner thoughts and feelings. Please have faith in GOD. There will be up’s and down’s
    in life. That is life. And we should act according to the situation very bravely and not letting yourself down dear. I also had problem in my family but believe me if you believe in God truly then miracles will definitely happen. From my own experience my telling this. Pinky your father is very over possessive to you. But it is not right dear. Just go and speak to your
    father in calm mind. Speak out very frankly and don’t hestitate to tell your needs. We should obey our parents but it doesn’t mean that we should spoil our life for their selfishness. Sorry dear if I have hurt you by saying anything. We should have our own identity dear. You should be very stern in this matter. Otherwise if you continue like this by never responding you father will never going to change. So it is in your hands dear . You can do it dear. Fight for your right dear. Make him understand .

    Dear iam myself feeling very sad after seeing your comment. We friends are with you. I will definitely pray for you dear.

    Good evening dear.

  9. Veer

    Friends watch SPA live on Facebook
    Page: [email protected]
    It’s streaming already.

    1. Thank you veer for this information.

      Good evening dear.

  10. usha chechi when I found Mubi’s name missing I at once commented. But it didn’t published. Sorry asana dear I didn’t know you were a malayali. By the way Asana and ponnu keralathil evideya. And what are you studying?

    1. Ponnu

      Njj ernakulam…aliyade plc vdea…njn degree cheyunnu…than ntha cheyunne…

      Gud evng…?

  11. Veer

    Good news, we have a JNDSD table in SPA 2017. So, definitely ShiVik are attending SPA.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tqqq veer iam very happy for the news…

  12. And what about shanky I want him to cme 2

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