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The Episode starts with Kailash talking to Dubey. He says I did not see Sujata so confident before, she has got her support now. He calls Ankit. He asks her to tell Sujata that they will support her in her dreams. He coughs and Vividha gives him water. He asks Ankit to become like Vividha. He asks Ankit to give the papers. Dubey says I will give papers. Kailash says Ankit is 17 years old, can’t he do this small work. He leaves. Ankit argues with Vividha angrily. He keeps papers there and leaves. She says Papa said its imp papers, I will give it, else Ankit will get scolded.

Vividha goes to meet Sujata. She prays in her house temple and tells Sujata that she has come to meet her. Sujata asks did she come for some work, she is Kailash’s daughter and this is dairy farm. Vividha says

so what, dairy farm work is not embarrassing, can’t I come without any work, Papa gave this letter, check it. She goes to play with calf. Sujata smiles reading the papers. She shows the papers to Atharv. She says he is a big man. Atharv says we can’t agree to him. She asks why, he said he will take milk for his catering business from us.

He says yes, if anything wrong happens, then contract will get risky. He explains that they will lose other work if they do contract. Sujata agrees and says I will refuse to him. Atharv says I will refuse. She says it won’t look good, I will go. Atharv sees Vividha and asks did she come again. She asks what problem do you have, let her play with calf. He goes to Vividha and asks are you telling your dad’s stories to her, if calf does not get sleep at night then. She asks what do you mean.

Sujata comes to meet Kailash and greets Dadi and Uma. Kailash checks the papers and says its good you signed. He gets shocked seeing no sign. Sujata says we can’t agree to this contract, sorry, my son thinks it won’t be right to sell all milk to one customer. He asks are you refusing this good deal as your son thinks so, you raised him, he did not raise you, will you let him decide for you. She asks why not, I was waiting for this day, he will get educated, that he will take decisions for himself and me, he is more educated than me, I can trust his decision, he has grown up. Kailash says children can grow up, but not more than parents, the day children take decisions, they fall.

Vividha steps in cow dung and slips. Atharv holds her. Music plays……….. They both fall down. He says when children do mistake, our work is to manage them, you are giving him chance to do mistake. Atharv asks Vividha to walk carefully. He gets up and gives his hand to help her. She hits his hand and gets up on her own. They start arguing. She gets the anklet which she made calf wear and asks him where is it. He asks her to find it, he has no time. She says I want it, it was worth 25000rs. He asks what. She says yes, it was birthday gift of the calf, find it and keep, it was close to my heart. She makes a sad face and leaves smiling with the anklet. He thinks if he does not get anklet, how will he get 25000rs anklet.

Kailash says Vividha does work by asking me, we should love children, but not let them get out of hands, else they get black stains on them and come home. Vividha comes home with cow dung and dirty mud stains on her. He gets shocked. She says I went to stable…. He asks why. She says you asked to give papers. He says I told Ankit. She says I thought I will….. He asks her to go inside. Ankit comes there. Kailash slaps him. Ankit falls down and cries. Sujata says leave it, he is young. Kailash says I know to manage my son, don’t teach me. Sujata leaves.

Dadi pacifies Kailash. Kailash goes to Ankit and scolds him. Ankit apologizes. Kailash asks Vividha to let Ankit do anything. Vividha says I make him do much work. Kailash asks her to change clothes, and goes. Guddi comes there and teases Ankit for getting slap from Kailash. Dadi scolds Guddi and goes.

Kailash tells Dubey that Sujata refused to me, I always supported her, and she has refused to my deal, how could she do this. She says Sujata said her son is much educated, he will see how our world runs. He says if that son learns about mum’s loan, he will get ready to sell the haveli, women love old things, and men work by mind, that man will also work by mind. He asks him to send this letter by register post. He says its time that guy knows everything.

Ankit argues with Vividha and goes. Guddi asks Vividha what happened in stable, I know you go there to meet that hot guy. Vividha says he is not hot. Guddi says he is very hot, your taste is bad, he is Greek God. Vividha says I have made him bite dust. Guddi asks really, tell me what happened. Vividha says promise me, you won’t tell anyone, I made calf wear 25rs anklet, that anklet got lost, I got it and told Atharv that it was worth 25000rs, now he will find it all night, I said that anklet was close to my heart. Atharv looks for anklet everywhere. Vividha shows the anklet. Atharv thinks this girl is mad, does anyone make calf wear 25000rs anklet.

Vividha sees Atharv diving in the water. She asks what is this man doing. The man says Atharv is finding an anklet. Vividha gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. y i feel lyk.. vividhaa fathr s more dangerous than sasss.. lolzzz i was laughing lyk hel for his closeups dialogues.. heeee heee

  2. y i feel lyk.. vividhaa fathr s more dangerous than sasss.. lolzzz i was laughing lyk hel for his every closeups dialogues.. heeee heee

  3. Gud precap… Waiting 4 tomo… Luv u atharv and vividha…

  4. He will be very angry by knowing that she lied for today episode was ok

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