Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish signing no. Vividha cries. Ravish asks Suman for her phone. He calls rescue team. Vividha says we don’t have time, if you don’t go, I will find Atharv. Ravish says its dangerous for you. Vividha jumps in the lake and looks for Atharv. Koi dhunde rab …….plays……… Ravish jumps to save her. She faints. Ravish lifts her and gets her out of the lake. Ravish tries to make her conscious. He angrily stares at Daddy ji. Police comes. Daddy ji admits that he got Vividha here to kill her, he attacked her, he has beaten up Atharv too, he would have killed Vividha if Ravish did not come in between. Ravish and everyone look on shocked.

Inspector says your doings have made every uniform ashamed. Suman says Daddy ji you have made me regret

a lot. Daddy ji says I did this for my family’s happiness and I have no regrets for this. Ravish asks inspector to take Daddy ji. Rescue team looks for Atharv. The officer says we did not get anything. Ravish says my brother knows swimming, maybe he reached to the other side, please find him.

Vividha wakes up in her room and shouts Atharv. She says thank God, this was a dream, where is Atharv. She runs to see Atharv and does not see him. Ravish comes to her. She says I saw a bad dream that Atharv fell in lake and…. Ravish says unfortunately, it was not a dream. He tells everyone. She recalls the incident and cries hugging Atharv’s bag. Ravish says inspector, we have to find Atharv any way. Inspector says we did not get the body, we did our best, our divers are finding him in the river since three days. Vividha says wait, why are you saying body, his name is Atharv, take his name and talk, maybe you are finding him in wrong place. Ravish says we have to find Atharv. Inspector says there are crocodiles in the river.

Vividha says even if there are sharks, I m sure he will come back, Ravish I think we should take professional help, police can’t find him. Sujata says tell them Ravish to keep finding, i m sure nothing will happen to Atharv. Vividha says yes, nothing will happen if we sit here, find Atharv. She sits crying.

After 8 days, Sujata asks Vividha to have food, you just sit here and do not sleep. Vividha imagines Atharv. He smiles and signs to her. Vividha does not hear what Sujata is syaing and looks at Atharv. Its actually Ravish. Vividha sees Ravish and cries. She asks about Atharv. Ravish says we could not find him. Sujata says don’t say this, there will be some hope. He says maybe keeping fake hope will be wrong.

Pandit comes home. Everyone greet him. Suman says Swami ji you did not inform before coming. He says my inner soul got me here, I heard of someone’s sinking incident. Suman says its 8 days and we did not find him. He says there is big danger on this house, its less chances to find him now, you should complete the final rites of wandering soul, the soul will get peace. They get shocked. He says I wish Lord gives peace to all of you, I will leave. He sees Vividha and says this girl is surrounded by many sorrows, the sorrows will not end, take care of her well. He goes. Sujata says what did he tell, Atharv’s final rites, no this can’t happen. Ravish signs Suman.

Suman takes Sujata with her. Ravish cries seeing Vividha’s pain. Its night, Vividha recalls Atharv’s words. She says you came back that day, same way come back Atharv. Atharv knocks at window. She turns and smiles seeing Atharv. She runs to him and hugs. She says I knew you will come back, none heard me, they were going to do your final rites, how are you. He says I m fine, why are you not eating food. She says no, I m not hungry. He says even I will also not have food. He feeds her food.

She says they found you for 11 days, then they said you are dead, Sujata and I told them how can Atharv die, Atharv knows swimming, its good you came, you have food now. She feeds him. Ravish enters the room, and sees Vividha talking alone and feeding to imaginary Atharv. Ravish cries and thinks I can’t interfere in your life and memories. He leaves. Atharv asks Vividha not to cry and drink water. Vviidha’s imagination ends. She looks for him and shouts Atharv. She sits crying.

Sujata says you always wanted peace in this house, you called Atharv as infection, see infection has gone from your house. Suman says Swami ji said right, final rites will get soul peace for Atharv. Ravish conducts the final rites. They all come home and get shocked seeing…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Eswari

    Oh no very sad episode . Vivitha please don’t worry . Love is so happy and so painful also. I realised that in today’s episode.

  2. Eswari

    Happy pongal to all tamil and Telugu viewers of jndsd . 3 days let’s celebrate pongal. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Dhana vadra

      Tnq [email protected]


    Come back soon Atharv we r waiting…..JNDSD is nothing without u…..I am watching JNDSD only because of u……..please return not for Vividha but for us because we love to see u.

  4. vitharv forever

    So sad, What an emotional touching episode… The moment I saw atharv was, Godddd can’t explain how relaxed it was… Vividha rocked, her expressions, her love for atharv literally moved me to tears..
    Goddddd… Waiting for my atharv… Why everyone looked shocked… Can’t wait for tomorrow

  5. Vitharva fan

    Today’s episode made me cry I don’t know what will happen in next coming episodes I badly missing atharva

  6. Eswari

    I have one question to ravish . You did not scold dhadhaji why why why ? He tried to kill ur brother and Vivitha . You may scold him or should warn or should say something. But you didn’t . Atharv is your responsibility hai na? Why captain? This may lead to decrease your respect. Soooo sad.

    • NaveenS

      Eswari wasn’t just yesterday you were insinuating Ravish was the best. What happened today? Lol

      I’m glad you saw how he reacted with daddyji. Compare that to how he behaved with Vipul when he thought he pushed Arthav into the pool.

      • Eswari

        Naveen ji still I like ravish. But today he did not scold dhadhaji. That’s why I ask why he did not. That is wrong. If ravish does correct means I appreciate.If wrong means I arise question. That’s all. Please captain scold dhadhaji and I request captain to find atharv and keep your responsibility. Anything do you want ask naveenji . I am waiting for your reply

  7. Vivi Shivik

    Oh my God , Her intense love can make any one cry.

    I was shouting .No, Nothing happened to vivi’s athava , Uska antim sanskar mat karo.
    She was imagining him who was nowhere around her but everywhere inside her.

    Oh God just unite them. Unka ye dukh dekha ni jata.😪😍😍

  8. Sami karthi

    Happy pongal to all tamilans it’ atharv.
    vividha u leave vashist house and go to Ajmer.u got atharv otherwise ????

  9. ramya

    Come back atharv.where are u pls come we r dieing to see our atharv sujatha from past 4 months.enough is enough.we&Vivi can’t wait any more.we love u.don’t test our patience.Vivi don’t worry.atharva will be fine

  10. xyz

    A very very sad full and heartbreaking episode.certainly I will really miss u atharv.and fabulous vividha .I knew that vivi can never accept and tolerate the Death of atharv.it is no wonder that vividha became mad for atharv.such as this is the purest and noble love I ever had seen.hatts of vivi.

    And ravish u are also too good.i can’t see the funerals of atharv.and ravi plsssss give divorce to vividha as soon as possible .and atharv come back soon.without u no jndsd.without u we will never watch jndsd.when will u come back dearrrrr

    LUV U ATHARVvvvvvvv💖💖💖💖💖💖
    LUV U VITHARVvvvvvvv💕💕💕💕💕💕

  11. aisha

    what was shocking what have all seen plsssss telll anyone only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  12. Ramya

    Atharv wr r u come back pls.we dieing to see our atharv sujatha.enough is enough pls come back.don’t test our patience.we all love u.vivi don’t worry.he will be back with a bang.

  13. Kal

    I also cried watching the scene where vividha was feeding atharv as a dream.. What a pure love they both share.. Vividha was ready to drown to find atharv.. I really feel sad for ravish.. He takes care of vividha so much just like atharv.. He is a good husband nd a good brother..

  14. aisha

    guys I read that sujata will ask vividha to accept ravish after atharva death no plsssss when vividha was going back to ajmer with her no plsssssss jow can sujata say to vividha to accept ravish although she loves atharva vividha plsssssssss don’t listen to her and go back to ajmer with her plssssdssss
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  15. Vitharva fan

    Anyone know about spoiler regarding episode I really want to know when he is coming back I badly waiting for vitharva moments past 10 to 15 weeks I missing vitharva moments I want Mr. Atharva sujata

  16. Gowri

    I think boady missing atharv alive. Vivdha not to cry atharv alive he is coming early.give to divorce ravish.

  17. Vivi Shivik

    I think in precap they will show Vividha as mad or Vividha as vidhwa of atharva or she will not be accepting the antim sanskar of atharva .
    I have no idea but its just my thinking ,

  18. Vitharv

    ” Kaha thana maine..main laut kar aaunga..lo aagaya ”

    This is dialogue of our atharv after return..
    Waiting to hear these words from my atharv.

  19. Karan

    Hoping the best is yet to come. Worried about what the pandit said looking at Vividha……sorrows will not end??? How much more of torture to d poor girl. All is wanted was to be with her soul mate Atharva……where has she landed with absolutely no mistake?? So many pointing fingers at her, blaming her 4 ruining so many lives….

    Atharva, pls for her sake fight all odds and prove her belief right……come back soon.

    We r all waiting with her for the heart rending moment……come soon.

    Ravish, thank u 4 understanding her plight.

    Atharva Sujata……9 days 2 go……Our eyes r also searching 4 u with Vividha….

    • Vitharv Forever

      Yes dear, can’t wait for return of Atharv… God, cant see vivdha like this.. Even if any problems come vitharv together will face it and break all obstacles…

      Come back Atharv.
      Come back Atharv.
      Come back Atharv.
      Come back Atharv.
      Come back Atharv.

  20. amrutha

    It will be good if sujatha won’t go Ajmer until athrav return becz kk will nt allow her alive.plz send vividha alone to Ajmer.

  21. Vitharva fan

    Yes vivi shivik they definitely going to show vividha as widow because she already said that she is vividha atharva sujata and based on that it’s clear

  22. Adrianna

    I Wish that Atharv Would Never take back Vividha, matter of fact, I hope she loses both brothers, as in the brothers Unite and let no one come between them, Specially Vividha, Better to have a brother then fight over one women, love or no Love..VIVIDHA SHOULD BE THE ONE TO LOSE, THANKS TO HER FATHERS DOINGS…

  23. Renu

    Hai friends I am new in your comment family.Can you accepting me your family. I am from kerala.
    I am eagerly waiting for your response

  24. Renu

    I am watching this serial because of atharva.
    I can’t see atharva died he is the biggest example of true love
    Directors please don’t kill atharva
    Please make ajmir scenes more

  25. Raji

    Tdy episode is so emotional …..ravish respect vividha’s memories…. That so nice….waiting for tomorrow’s epi….. Happy happy pongal …..to all

  26. Kal

    I don’t think vivi will wear widow clothes
    .. Bcx she believes atharv will come back. I think she will be in bridal dress..

  27. Kal

    While watching this epi I felt that suman was hiding something.. I think she’s up to something.. Is there anyone else who felt that??

  28. Sachin

    Very emotional episode and so sad fr ravish …sujatha has no feelings becz she knows nothing has happened to atharva….

    may be in precap its Viv behaving mentally or in vidhva dress…’kal’ di i got ur point bt don’t think she will wear bridal dress 2moro…off course she is broken so she might ware white,dress….

    just hope she doesn’t try to harm herself….

    anyway it wont be atharva fr sure!😞

    Bt np atharva sujatha be back in less thn 9 days!✌✌✌

    countdown begins….

  29. Nikhat

    Why pandit ji was saying all dis to vividha?I guess vividha will be wearing bridal costume..dats why dey r shocked..if she wears a white saree..den dey might think dt she has accepted the death…Jst waiting fr VIKRAMS ENTRY AND VITHARVS REUNION:-*:-*:-)

  30. Dimpurose11234

    Im from ap, plz accept me in ur group.
    Happy pongal to all specially to telugu ones.
    Im waiting for ur response

  31. mythili

    love story of vitharv is awesome lekin sab serials me ye common he .I love ravish’s character like a perfect gentleman .he respects vividha and he doesn’t want to interfere in her memories also..it was so nice of him

  32. Anju

    Im from ap plz accept in ur group
    Happy pongal to all specially telugu ones
    Im waiting for ur responses

  33. mythili

    y cant she move on with ravish..it was not wrng. I don’t know whether every girl falls in love before marriage or not lekin shadi ke baad patni ko apni pati se pyaar zaroor hoga.sab sochte hein ki saari serials me yahi dikhate hein.is me kuch naya dikhana chaihiye,par yahi sahi hei

  34. Anam

    @nazneen they went well and I got 94.8 percent and my studies are really good what about you??

    Sad epi but I think it might be atharve at the door

  35. Rebyo

    I too think vividha will come in bridal costume and she will wait for her atharv…
    Dear vividha, ur wait will be over and atharv will come..
    We will get back our vitharv.

  36. indera sanichara

    Hello writers please bring back Artharv or let Vividha divorce Ravish and leave with Sujata from that house of sufffering. Thank you.

  37. imaginer

    I think she will be doing something with the memories of atharv and she don’t leave to Ajmer she have to live with atharv here itself becoz athrv has rights in this house he couldn’t let it and of course he have a loving brother and a sister may be they will become his responsibility . atharv and sujatha faced many insults for that rights as don’t know his fathers name. he may stand by himself as running dairy farm but he don’t leave from here

  38. imaginer

    I have a doubt,. swami ji said to do final rites for atharv I mean did he specify name or pointing him

  39. Ahlada

    Wt rubbish…These ppl r showing that Atharva died by sinking in a small lake that too wr v can c d underground n d divers r telling they didn’t get his body from that less water lake..So funny…… This dadaaji is so cruel….Hate u….

  40. Renu

    I think so imaginer bcz if he knows someone died why don’t he specifies his name. May it is a plan of someone who don’t want atharva in their family

  41. Ajju

    Oh My God….. it was so pain full episode….. I can’t see this today’s episode….. there is atharv’s funeral going on……………..adharv please come back…….. vividha se zyada hum log thujhe miss kar rabbi hoom.
    kaheen math Jana….please…… we badly miss you………

  42. amrutha

    She is not going to come in bridal dress because she is wearing mangalsutra on that. May be she comes with luggage to back to Ajmer.

  43. Bina

    well it will be a typical hindhi movie type story Atharv will found by people ina village where there will be a pretty girl he might even fall in love as he can’t remember ,then Vividah will fall in lone with Ravish and then Athrav will get his memory back and so on on the story will continue,
    please we want a normal love story

  44. Nazneen Syed


    Suman di,xyz,Sachin,Joe bhayya,143,
    Anam,Karan,Aisha,Hafna,Sunanda,Divya,Nidha,Kal,Ajju,Ahlada,Imaginer,Indera sanichera,Vimala,Rebyo,Sonu,Anju,Mythili,Nikhat,Havilah,Vitharv forever and all Vitharvians.

    @Anam.Wow dear good.
    @Anju.Welcome dear to Vitharv family.😊

  45. Nazneen Syed

    Guys Atharv will come back during Pooja with his memory.I read in metromasti and Ravish sacrifices Vividha to Atharv.
    In precap why Suman was shocked?

    Ya now its time to introduce Ravish’s life partner also.

  46. Meghana

    What is this guys??? Anyone Plz tell me vl atharv b back or not???anyone Plz suman Sachin Joe sunanda anam and you….Plz tell me…
    By the way happy pongal all vitharvians

  47. Sunanda

    @meghana atharv will back dont worry
    Its 100% sure.he will never hurt his fans
    Happy nd prospores pongal😊😊😊😊

  48. NITA 26

    What a love , companionship vitharv shared !!
    Just to say Atharv pls jana na vividha(dil) se door ..
    Vivi pls stay strong and never loose ur faith on urslf.

  49. Nazneen Syed

    Yesterday when I read your comments especially Sonu& Sachu’s .
    I couldn’t control my laughter 😃

  50. Nikhat

    Thank U….Nazneen Syed..fr including me in ur grp…. And Happy Makar Sangranti to everyone 😃😃😃🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  51. Sonu

    Gud afternoon mallus and vitharv fans.

    @xyz thank u dear for supporting me.Chala Mary nalla perru annu to,avalk athu nanayi cherrum.Kiddu dear.

    @Renu iam also a malayali from palakkad. In Kerala which place r u from.Welcome to our vitharv fans group dear.

    Coming to yesterday’s episode, I literally cried after seeing my vividha crying.Nowday’s jndsd is going through emotional episodes but I know happiness will come after that.I never thought ,i could see my atharv in the episode that to in two forms. 1.In his senses and 2.In his baby avathar.I was so happy to see him even though it was an imagination.His presence itself makes me happy.Jndsd is bore without him.I thought to take a break from the serial but I couldn’t.I never missed any episode till now.This serial has become part and parcel of my life.Iam very much addicted to it.

    And also I love my VIKKU and VITHARV infinitely.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    I wish they were real life partners also.

    By the way where r u NIDHA .I missing u and ur comments.

    • Sonu

      @Anam iam from Kerala dear.But last january I had a school tour to Delhi,Agra and kulumanali.

      Delhi is such a wonderful place and we enjoyed it a lot.

  52. Sonu

    I am from Kerala dear but last year at this time only I visited Delhi with my friends.It is such a wonderful place

  53. xyz

    Athe dear sonu .and thanks sonu to supporting me when I didn’t read the stupid comments of that chala mery early.but dear u responded on time.so thankuu so much dearrrr ☺☺☺☺☺☺😊

  54. Nikhat

    Guys listen to JNDSD full title song Armaan malik version…in dis song also Vividhas i.e female part is jst awesome…lyrics is jst amazing…I JST LOVE..VITHAR nd specially VIKRU…:-*:-*

    • Sonu

      @nikhat I have already downloaded the song. Every morning I used to hear the song like bhajans.I got addicted to the song and after hearing 100 times also,it is all time favourite song for me.

  55. Sachin

    gud afternoon guys!

    atharva has to come guys ,his future dias are already out…so why worrying?

    just chill 8 more days! and atharva sujatha will be on ON-SCREEN…

    guys i talked with writer he said the show isn’t going of within 1-2 months fr sure and if TRPs and channel allows it cn carry on fr few yrs too!

    hope jndsd rockzz in future and also its timing changes to little late so tht more cn watch and trp will be increased!

    bt according to all 5:30 telecasts in any channel JNDSD is in top in TRPs

    so guys we just want ur love and support of fans….so plz keep on watching it! with lots of love and affections!

  56. Sheela

    that @sonu irritating and @xyz irritating again started irritating me.that kerala language u.its waste of time to discuss about that people.

  57. megha

    yeah @xyz [email protected] are stupid people ,writing stupid comments.its waste of time to discuss about them.just ignore them.

  58. Sonu

    @sheela and @ megha,shut ur blo*dy mouth and don’t open ur mouth for saying I’ll towards xyz and also me.

    Stop the matter here itself for ur betterment.

  59. xyz

    Yha dear sonu in frndshp no thanks and no sorry.right?.then OK dear.and I am also downloaded jndsd song and shared to my friend.ippo njnm avalum rapakal jndsd song ketta uranguthm unarunnuthm

    And dear I also wish vikku&shivi to become real life partners. Actually they are made for each other for serial &real life also.am I right??

  60. xyz

    Sonu did u see there are not only one Sheela but also megha too.wondreful 😁😁😁😁😁.what to do dear.oru karym chyym namukku rand eenampechiym marappattyeym veruthe vidam alle??they are pavvvvvvammmm 😂😂😂😂

  61. xyz

    And @sheela and mega this time we are nt interesting to quarrel with u as I told before.and only I talked with sonu not with u .so plsssss don’t kill me and sonu with ur words.u brilliant Sheela and mega. ……………………and also this is just a serial and we are not enemies right. If u felt my words are irritating then sorry to

  62. xyz

    Sonu don’t. Calm down dear.no need to reply .we are keralians and we have no need to reply that people.dear nammude samskaram avarude samskaravmyi orikklm cherilla .they think they are brilliant and we are stupids.no prblm.we have no need to prove what we are but thy already proved what they are.so leave it dear.

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