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The Episode starts with Sujata coming and seeing Vividha with Atharv. Vividha caresses Atharv. He smiles in sleep. Vividha says happy birthday Atharv. He wakes up and asks is it my birthday today, we will party. Sujata asks party. Atharv says I have seen in movie, we will play music and dance, click pics. Sujata says no, we will go temple like always and then I will get a gift for you. Atharv asks why, we will do party as Vividha’s birthday. Vividha agrees to celebrate his birthday, but asks him to promise he will go temple with Sujata in morning. He agrees.

Its morning, Vividha helps Ravish in dressing up. She asks is it aching. He looks at her. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……….. She offers him help. He thanks her. She says I came to talk to you, I want a

favor. He asks her to say. She says when I wished to wish Atharv at night, he said he wants to celebrate birthday, he did not like party, he is behaving as kid now. He says this is good, everyone will like me, I will talk to Maa. She smiles and goes.

Ravish does security arrangements. Vividha calls party organizers. Ravish checks about them, and says you know we have risk on family, we have to know who is coming home, note down their names and address. She says okay, don’t worry, talk to Maa. He goes. She says I did not wish I will celebrate Atharv’s birthday like this.

Atharv and Sujata are at temple. He asks her to buy gun for him. She talks to a lady. He sees samosas and goes. He sees a kid hiding and taking samosas. Atharv gives her a samosa. Daddy ji and Bhoomi see the decorations at home.

Daddy ji asks Vividha whats happening. Vividha says its Atharv’s birthday today, so we thought to celebrate together. He says this is not the time, you know Ravish is much injured, you did not need to do this for Atharv’s birthday. Ravish comes and says I organized this party. Atharv sees the girl and gives her samosas. He tells Sujata that he has eaten it. He buys more sweets and says its my birthday, I will eat more sweets. Sujata smiles and buys medicines. She asks him to stand there and goes to get auto.

Ravish says I told Vividha to arrange party, its needed for our family, I m fine now, Vividha is taking care of me. Daddy ji and Bhoomi leave. Sujata and Atharv come home. Sujata asks Vividha why did you do this, you know everything, Suman will be annoyed. Vividha says I thought… Sujata says you should have thought I m there with him like always. She scolds Vividha. Ravish says Vividha and I are related to Atharv, we will do anything for his happiness. Sujata says you know your family. He says yes, I will explain them, I want to see Atharv happy, its his birthday today, celebrate his happiness, don’t think anything.

Atharv gets surprised and smiles seeing the arrangements. Ravish wishes him happy birthday. Atharv hugs Ravish. Ravish gets ache. Vividha moves Atharv away and says Ravish is much hurt. Atharv apologizes to Ravishh. Ravish says I m fine. Atharv asks will others not come in party, are they bad. Ravish says don’t say that, they all will come. Atharv says we will cut cake, play music and dance, I will wear new clothes and goes. Everyone come in party. Atharv says we will cut our cake now. Vividha sees a box moving and shouts Ravish. They all get shocked. Ravish checks the box. The girl come out of the box. Atharv laughs and says I scared everyone, see Sujata. Ravish and Sujata ask Atharv did he get this girl here. Atharv says yes. They all get shocked.

Atharv says this girl was hungry, I got her here in the box. Ravish informs police about the girl. The girls gets identified.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Are v memory loss patient or Atharv or this mad director??
    Bomb in package was kept by Avinash it gr8 discovery ???after getting clue from Avinash. Then wat abt vividha’s watch bomb.As usual for got abt important thing and invited a terrorist like fools. What’s this nonsense Mr.director

  2. Arey yar Vividha and family wished Atharv. Then y don’t we, come on guys.
    “Wish you happy birthday ?????Atharv”???☺☺☺??

  3. In yesterday episode someone said y we r using shasank vyas name and taking it personal.
    Madam ji???, we r specifying shasank vyas becoz.maximum members who r supporting ravish or Ravidha are fans of shasank vyas from balikha vadhu. That is y they r watching show for sv and supporting ravish and Ravidha. But v r supporting(vitharv) as Jndsd fans.
    And one thing by taking his/her name means not going personal OK!!
    Somebody goes personal and do such comments but v don’t have any such intention to be rude for after all this is daily soap OK!!??

  4. Wow ..loved Atharv scenes..he is soo kind-hearted that’s why he gave laddoos to the hungry girl
    I think in the upcoming episode..everyone will appreciate atharve for giving food to that girl and for taking her to the house…
    Atharve is the best ?
    U r the only reason why I watch this show…?????????????
    And ravish tnkz for arranging birthday party along with vividha

  5. @sia mind ur language. Yesterday ur language is very abusive. Ones language reflects their character.

    1. @sia you are blo*dy fool
      Country fellow
      I know that you are f**king??

  6. Wowwww atharv is soo hansome

  7. Atharv sujatha always kind hearted persn.. Ravish is a army man he saving vivida lfe dpnt feget abt atharv sujatha.. Atharv also saved vivida frm her father okk.. Atharv alwayz super nd rockngg..

  8. It breaks my heart to see the pain that Ravish endures. I cannot understand why he is still in this relationship with Vividha who clearly wants her cake and eat it at the same time.

  9. Why Ravish starred at Vividha… I don’t like that..
    Atharv acting is Rocking….
    I like you Atharv…. You are always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. We love you Atharv…

  10. Nice episode ..ravidha is rock

  11. Naku telisi it vl b vitharv vitharv vitharv and vitharv after all……endukante director ku vivi and atharv ni unite cheyali kabatte nearly 4-5 months varaku vitharv love ne choopincharu and also even after marriage they r showing vitharv past love scenes….these all only mean to unite them…..

    1. Exactly.. That’s a gr8t point dear..

  12. Chalo. From now onwards I support ravidha. Suman unknowingly came in between sujatha n ramakant. By d time she knows about sujatha, she was pregnant. So sujatha gave sacrifice. Now ravish unknowingly married vividha. But by d time he knows about vitharv, he already loving vividha. So sad. Now time for atharv to sacrifice. Because of sujatha Suman got home n family. But sujatha couldn’t do anything more , as it is not in her hand.(even though Suman couldn’t be happy ) now atharv will sacrifice. let vashists enjoy. But dis time hope ravish is not in place of Suman. N ravidhas kids in place of ravish. Hope vividha understands ravish love forgetting painful separation, atharv, his love n his sacrifices for kashyap family. Hope atharv get well soon, come back to his tabela (gifting his mansion to his girls family) n again start panga with kailash kashyap. U deserve only panga. Because u r soo selfish. Let ur step brother be happy with ur girl. Because he is soo selfless he deserves a wife who loves his brother. Uniting ravidha is solution for all. N all r justified. Hope Ravidha will be busy in their own life. N hope kailash makes atharv too busy so that he won’t even get a thought of vividha.

    1. Hope all understand Suman, ravish pain n his selflessness by making vividha feel guilty, by asking thujhe kuch fark padthi Hai kya, n staring at vividha without expecting any thing from her. Plz CVS understand only ravish pain n unite ravish with his brothers girl. Except vashists remaining all r soo selfish

    2. Hey suman..just chill yar don’t get anger be cool.leave those people who r rude and Abused comments.
      And ur gr8t yar in ur anger mood?? also u did comment politely. Sry but I can’t stop my laugh????

      1. No yar I am not getting angry. I am laughing at her. Just bcoz one side she supporting marriage. Like we r Indians we need to give importance to our culture, marriage, vows bhla bhla bhla n other side she is using such lame abusive language. I pity her. Any how I can’t support forced marriage or n high values of indian culture as her. But till now I don’t know girl using such a abuse language is our culture.

    3. Suman.. Ardham kaledu… Kadta clarity ga cheppava…

    4. Sorry kadta kadu kasta..

    5. hey suman………chill…..we will hope for the best jndsd story is vitharvz story no one can separate them only vitharvzz ……
      we all r the viewers of jndsd from epi 1 so we can undertand our vitharvzz welll….. but pple who strted to watch the show from second phase ie, after ravidhas marriage dont knpw wat happend before…..
      most of jndsd viewers who watch from epi1 supports vitharvzzz…. at the end it will be only vitharvzzz…
      suman really i liked ur way of commenting…..soo nice 🙂

  13. Hahhaa…
    Funny to see tht ppl take serials so seriously.. The ones who are acting Ravish Vividha n Athrva’s character dun mind anything .. The directors n the story writers din mind anything..bt we stupids are fighting amongst eachothr nd favouring those characters..
    Let us juz enjoy the serial..why to take so much of stress

    1. It looks like u r not Radha but its looks like u r krishna and v all those who support respective characters r like Arjuna. And u r explain us(like in war Krishna explains Arjuna).oh very good.
      But I think u know this, we Indians r very much crazy for fanisim(it may small screen or 70mm screen).

  14. Cvs …Marriage vows’ is valuable than love..if u want unite vidharv..end it soon ravidha relation with divorce..then show it vidharv love scenes.

    1. good joke yar???.. Promise values..don’t mind yar. CVS has made joke of those words(love,vows,promise, marriage and relations).
      Still u r waiting for values. So funny

      1. Ya it’s funny to expect from cvs..but till now more serials showed before marriage love triangle but this serial showing love triangle after marriage.it’s cheap thought.people will scold vividha character for this.i like vividha.so I can’t see if anyone scold her.so that’s why I tried to remind to them.

  15. Yes marriage vows is valuable.. Tat 7 vows taken atharv with vividha.. Without lve there is no relationship is perfect nd hpy..

  16. What is CVS.. any one tell me …?

    1. CV’s is creatives of serial yar. Just people who r behind serial

  17. Completely BAKWAAS SERIAL
    I really don’t know why people watch such cheap shit.
    I am sorry guyz, but you should not waste your time for this bull shit

  18. Don’t like the show

  19. Sam it’s star plus naya soch.

  20. My comment is only sam’s12:01am comment reply.

  21. Vividha ki ravish ki madya em ledhu they are just friends I hope that they will be friends forever

  22. Ravish and vividha are just friends.I hope that they are friends forever

  23. Hi Good morning,Karan,Joe,Sudheer,Havila,Janvi,
    Mr.White.Sorry if I have missed anyone’s name.

    Suman calm down.End game will be Vitharv only.
    Ravish deserves far better girl than Vividha.
    Ravish ka pehla pyaar Vividha hai isliye pehle pyaar Ko bhulana itna aasaan nahi hota.

    1. Hi good morning, have a nice day.

      Yes u r right ravish should get better girl not vividha. Nly vitharv.
      Director made JNDSD story too complicated. After marriage too much nonsense of hide and seek.if v clearly observed, now also playing hide and seek with upcoming terrorist. What fun they made JNDSD.
      A high drama was waiting, after Atharv gets fine. Brothers sacrifices vividha for each other. But wat abt vividha’s feeling??

  24. Na jaane kab ye serial aage badega.
    I want Vitharv to be married happily.
    I think Atharv ke theek hone ke baad Ravish un dono Ki shaadi karvayega as he has promised.

  25. Hello, happy to u Atharv, ?????????????really u r too good….
    Vividha tum or kitne favour loge ravish se…. I hope tumhare or atharv ke saadi ke baad usse free kardoge…. ???????kyun ki khus rehene ka or jindegi main age badhne ka hak usse bhi hai…. Yaar kitna jimebbari uthaega pehele deska, fir uske pappa ka, or fir tumhara or atharv ka….. Had hai yaar kabhi usse hasahua hi nehi dekha…… ???
    Or ravish plz plz plz tum vividha se dil lagane ka galati mat karna kyun ki dhoka to milchuka hai baas dukh hi milega ?????????
    At the end i love u all vividha, atharv & ravish??????????

  26. Hi guys,

    Was a bit lost with all the comments…..Suman, really chill. I love ur opinions on d serial. Having said that we have to understand that they r ppl who will have a difference in opinion. Pls don’t take it to heart and relax. I am sure u possess a strong personality ( atleast thus is what I gather from ur comments). Enjoy the show and keep posting those funny comments. At the end we r living a real life and don’t let anything change who u r.

  27. I agree with you Pinky.Ravish Ko bhi apni zindagi Mein aage badhne ka haq hai.Vividha stop ✋ asking favours from Ravish.Voh pehle se hi tumhare liye itna sab kuch kar raha hai.

    Hey guys I want Ravish’s life partner to be exactly opposite :
    He is silent.He should get talkative girl.
    He don’t gets angry.She should be short temper.She should be sweet,cheeky,fun loving girl and loves Ravish more than her life.

    What you guys think.Please do reply.

  28. Suman I got shocked by seeing your comment.I thought you were supporting Vitharv and now you are supporting Ravidha.Then I read other comments I got relieved ? oh it’s just a joke.?

  29. I don’t knw wat d directers are going to shw…….really tired of dis track….jst finger crossed fr Vitharva……hope so dey bring dem together soon….and don’t worry guys…dis is jst serial…don’t take it so seriously…..love U VIKRAM………HAPPY 2 U ATHARVA…..plz…bring back dt original….missing him very much……..

    1. original *ATHARVA….

  30. Hii gd aftrn nazneen.. Atharv kabi kisi ki help nahi manga oo tho kudh apni dam me banayatha sab kuck..atharv teek honeke bad ravish ke help nahi mangatha oo teke.. Oo tho mentally ill nahi tho vus gar me bhi kabi nahi ruktha k..

  31. Today is not atharve birthday ? atharve birthday ? is 19 August

  32. Guys Suman killed Guddi.I saw in youtube video.

  33. I don’t like this track…I want to see my Vidharav together… This story based upon Athrav and Vividha..not Ravish aur Vividha ki…Vividha ne badaya uski pehali aur akheri pyaar Athrav hai…plz end this track…plz make him well

  34. Why vividha is showing fake concerns grrrrr …it will be more hard for ravish to forget vividha pls I can’t dee him in more pain yaar rahem Karo ravish ko

  35. Omggg when vividha asks ravish its paining such a natural acting …eye lockkk….yes vividha ravish is in so much pain phisically and heart paining when will you understand ravish heart pain….I addicted to see jndsd because of shashank acting plzzz we want ravidhaaaaaaaaa I can’t see ravish like that plz jaldhi end this love triangle I can’t bareeeeeee

  36. Where is today’s episode.One hour passed and its not yet updated

  37. Happy to you my dear atharv .

  38. Hii nazneen pls send me tht YouTube link whr suman killed guddi

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