Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying its much of 70s. Vividha says 70s or 90rs, I am very hungry, come. They eat food. He says great, jackfruit dish. She says I have cut it myself and made this, its made good this time as there was no challenge pressure on me. He says you got filmi. He sees her finger cut and asks what happened. She says its said dish does not get tasty if finger does not get cut while cutting jackfruit. He says you did this for me. She says yes, you got annoyed with me, so I made this. He asks when did I get annoyed.

He recalls and says oh, you are stupid, I was just joking. She says I m not hurt. He says you won’t do anything that hurts you. He blows on her hurt finger and sucks her wound. She says its fine now, have food. He says food is very nice. He teases

her and does not feed her. They both laugh. He feeds food to her and she also teases before feeding food to him. They smile. Jaana na dil se door……………plays…………She cleans his face and he lies in her lap. They spend quality time.

He recalls the urgent meeting and tells her that he forgot to go for meeting, I will ask someone to drop you. She says if I can come alone, I can go alone too, we are equal. He says very nice and kisses on her forehead. He goes. She says I got ready for him, and he left for meeting, I will go back home now.

Sujata asks Uma why is she bearing the pain, there is limit of everything. Uma says its nothing like that, my hand swells in winter. Sujata says this needs treatment, tell me shall I call Kailash and scold him for not taking care of you, you will know I m Atharv’s mum, if I call Atharv, he will come and take you to doctor straight. She asks Uma to come with her. Uma worries. Sujata says you are scared of Kailash, I m not scared, why shall I go by ladder stairs now. Uma says please…. Sujata goes downstairs by the ladder at window. Uma says both mother and son are same.

Vividha is on the way and calls for rickshaw. She sees Atharv there. He gets a call and smiles. She says Atharv, he would have cancelled his meeting to spend time with me. She calls out Atharv. Atharv says hi baby, we decided to meet on weekends, you miss me and I miss you too, if you end call, I will start bike and come to you. She hears him and gets shocked.

Sujata gets her husband’s call and says no, I can’t come today, I have to take a friend to doctor. Uma holds her and says friend….. They smile. Uma says I did not have such relation before. Sujata says we get relations by birth, we choose friends ourselves, so its most special relation, come, we will get late. Uma stops her and hugs. Sujata says I will get auto and come. Uma thinks of Kailash and worries.

Vividha recalls Atharv’s words. Uma gets treated by doctor. Uma hides her pain and doctor says your face is showing something else. Sujata asks Uma how can she hide her pain. Doctor asks Uma to get xray done. Uma says its not needed, give me some medicines. Sujata asks Uma to get xray done.

Vividha follows Atharv and reaches some place. She sees his bike parked there. She says maybe I m thinking wrong, he would have come for any meeting, but with whom was he talking. She sees a car parked far and shaking. She prays and closes eyes. The lady asks who are you, what is it. Vividha says I can see whats happening, the one who is with you will tell you who I m. She sees a guy, wearing similar clothes like Atharv.

Sujata makes Uma wait outside hospital and goes to get auto. Her husband holds her hand. Sujata smiles. Uma looks on and smiles. He says your friend called me here. Sujata sees Uma and smiles. Uma signs Sujata to go, so that she can live her life’s happiness. Sujata’s husband says a guy and a girl, and girl’s friend who helps them to meet. He laughs. Vividha sees the other guy and says sorry.

She sees Atharv with some middle aged woman. She asks what about your would be wife. He says I will keep you if you allow, else not. She calls him naughty. Atharv sees Vividha and asks her what is she doing here.

Vividha hugs Atharv and smiles. Ankit aims gun at them, and says I will end this Atharv’s story here, Papa is in tension because of him. He shoots Aharv. Vividha gets shocked and shouts Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vitharv scene was awesome……sad precap…..I hope atharv will fine…..

  2. didn’t have much interest but happy to know that atharv’s step brother is not here

  3. Lovely vitharv scenes
    Precap is sooooo bad
    Ohhhh my atharv

  4. hellow friends,im sooooo sad after reading tmrws precap, dear atharv can’t imagne it

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