Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman asking Ravish to fill sindoor in Vividha’s maang. He thinks she is ready to get sindoor applied for Atharv’s sake, but I will not let her get sindoor applied in helplessness. He makes the sindoor fall intentionally. Suman worries. Aditi says we don’t believe in superstitions, leave it. Ravish says yes. He asks Vividha to come along to talk, and they leave.

They go to room. Ravish asks Vividha to sit. He says you would be knowing Atharv’s medicines and evert detail to take care of him. He shows the files. She looks at him. He says if there is change in medicine, I will inform you. She thanks him and says I m sorry. I know this is tough for you. He says no problem, our marriage was not for long time, I did not fall in love with you, so just relax,

its good this matter came out soon, else its easy to fall in love with you, it would have been tough if I fell in love with you. Jaana na dil se door……plays. He smiles.

Vividha goes to Atharv and holds his hand. She says you did as you said, you came back, now see everything will be fine. She cries and says she could not love without him. Sujata tells her not to think of her silence as her forgiveness. She says I did not forgive you, my son needs you. Vividha says I know, wrong happened with you and Atharv because of me, but I will not let wrong happen with Ravish and family, I will make Atharv fine and support Ravish also, even if I have to shatter. She goes.

Later, Vividha dines with everyone. Situram takes food for Atharv and Sujata. They all hear some sound coming from the top floor. Atharv made the food fall. He says I want to go to her. Sujata asks him to have food. He refuses and says I want to go and meet her first. Situram and Sujata try to stop him. Vividha and Ravish see each other.

Vividha tries to go. Suman says wait, I will go. Ravish makes an excuse. Sujata calls Ravish and says Atharv is not having food, he wants to meet Vividha, I want to go temple and pray for him, can you send Vividha for some time, I gave him medicines, he will sleep. Ravish says fine. Everyone leave from dining table. Ravish asks Vividha to go to Atharv.

Vividha goes to Atharv. Fake Atharv holds her hand and touches her dirtily. She gets away and shouts. He shuts her mouth and tries to molest her. She takes a music drum and hits on his head. She takes a diya and pours the hot oil on his face. He gets his hand in between. He gets away and runs. She cries in shock.

Atharv is also there behind the bed and gets up. She sees him and get shocked. She says he was that man. Atharv asks why are you crying. Ravish comes and sees Vividha crying. He pushes Atharv away. She says Ravish, he did not do anything. Atharv says I did not do anything, bad Atharv did that. She says he is saying true. Sujata comes there. Ravish asks who did this, what happened. Vividha says that man looked like Atharv, like his lookalike, he attacked on me, he is also in this house.

Sujata says how can this happen. Vividha says he looked like Atharv, this is truth. Ravish recalls Atharv’s words. Sujata asks are you sure. Ravish says I trust Vividha, what reason can she have to lie, Atharv was also saying about other Atharv, we did not trust him. Atharv asks shall I beat bad Atharv. Ravish says the fraud guy knows you both are also in this house.

Vividha says he tried to molest me even last time, that’s why I said he is not my Atharv, he will use this chance again. Ravish says he is inside the house, take care of Atharv. Atharv tells Sujata that guy have run there, he is there. Ravish goes to check home.

Ravish comes in lawn and sees the broken flower pot. Vividha comes and asks did he find anything. He shows her the pot and says I think he has run away. She says I know its hard to believe, how can anyone look exactly like Atharv, its true, sometimes I get cheated. Ravish says once we know who is this and how he does this, we should find him first, he used smartness to harm you, I will not let this happen on any price, I mean he is a criminal and needs to be caught, did you notice anything strange in him.

She says I can feel when he looks at me, when he touches me…. I understand he is not Atharv. He asks her to recall well, if she noticed his behavior or mark on body. She tells him that she has burnt his left hand with diya, burn mark should be there on his hand. Fake Atharv washes his hand and sees the burn mark. He removes the mask from his face.

Ravish says he is very clever, we have a clue, his left hand has burnt mark, we have to catch him cleverly. Ravish and Vividha see someone coming and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. simmy😘

    hope atharv gets begger and then gets married to guddi and vividha moves on in her life wiv ravish 😂😂😂😍😍😘😘👌👌👫👫

      • Love me or Hate me, I'm still gonna shine😇

        @simmy it would be a better story if rubbish marries guddi 😑😑and live like a beggar and vitharav moves on with their life with Sujata and i wnt the story to be like this😆😆(hope this could happen in real but this creep writers are just spoiling everything)…..this serial was good in the beginning…only vitharav love story but they introduced rubbish and spoiled such a beautiful love story…

    • ahana

      True.. I go with u.. I did like atharv vividha’s Jodi.. but then u cant simply hurt a person for no reason.. ravish is totally innocent and he deserves a gud life.. n moreover suman wishes atleast for his happiness n that too shudnt by ruined vividhas love story..

    • Love me or hate me, I'm still gonna shine!😇

      I thought this serial will be something new but it is going to be the same saas bahu serial type…no matter what we want(vitharav) vividha will move on with ravish only(every Indian Daily soap is like this women at the end fall for her husband only no matter marriage is done by force)and the makers of this serial don’t want to show something new to us they are just copying old thinking…so guys they never gonna unite vitharav..sadly but this is the truth😖😔😔m watching this serial only for vikram hope the makers introduce some other girl for him and no guddi plzzz..

    • Love me or hate me, I'm still gonna shine

      I thought this serial will be something new but it is going to be the same saas bahu serial type…no matter what we want(vitharav) vividha will move on with ravish only(every Indian Daily soap is like this women at the end fall for her husband only no matter marriage is done by force)and the makers of this serial don’t want to show something new to us they are just copying old thinking…so guys they never gonna unite vitharav..sadly but this is the truth😖😔😔m watching this serial only for vikram hope the makers introduce some other girl for him and no guddi plzzz..

  2. Suman

    No. It’s not fair story inclined towards ravidha. N vividha also saying I will look atharv till he gets better n also I make sure nothing bad happen to ravish family also. 😭😫. I love vitharv. N wt about ramakanths last wish. N promises exchanged by vitharv n promises made by ravish to his father n vividha about vitharvs marriage. It’s not fair. Plz don’t separate vitharv.

  3. Sunanda

    Who is that fake atharv-vipul or situram
    Fine that director r not dragging the story.
    I think sure ravish will surely find out that fake atharv.
    When will sujata forgive vivida😔😔😔😔

    • simmy😘

      she will forgive her wen guddi marries athrav and vividha accepts ravish because she doesnt want athrav or ravish live lifes like her suman and ramakant 😂😂😂😂

  4. latha

    Yes simmy you are right.because ravish love with vivida and nice couple also. Vivida only with ravish that’s fair

  5. TUFFY

    Who is the fake one? Situram is never around when he’s shown and neither is vipul. The viewers only see situram aware of atharv and sujata but if it’s vipul, how does he know?

  6. Vamshi

    well most of the comments say that atharv shld marry guddi..How do u think its possible she knows atharv is her sister lover and she has seen there love….will any girl marry a guy knowing their love story n how much they loved each other..

  7. Sachin

    guys today episode was just a future showing epi…

    guys did all noticed the dialogs of today…its clearly showing tht viv will move on with ravish and tht too with love! and she only said tht i will take care of atharva nd also the responsibility of a wife!

    i think there will be a negative character and tht is atharva wn he will know tht viv wants to stay and move on with ravish he will surely turn negative…

    Omg….why? writers r doing ths to vitharv

    i know ravish is gud bt hw cn they spoil atharva and separate him frm viv???if ths show has ne meaning thn its becz of vitharva…atharva is like a “mishal” fr ths show and making him negative is like completely ruining the track…

    and one more thing if viv does fall fr ravish thn i will take up in my mind tht viv nevr loved atharva as love just happens ones(rightly said by athrava)…and so i will ( may be all vitharv’s fan) will surely hate vividha becz she did unjustice to atharva…

    and i also have feeling tht writers are just showing vitharva nw becz of the award nominations as soon as its result is confirmed they gonna bring back ravidha….

    plz plz plz ths show is incomplete with out vitharva and if u all show ravidha thn i would suggest tht u should air off the show and sit in ur home and drink ur cup of coffee…betr dont mess ths story and plz i beg to reunite vitharva bt if nt thn we r just wasting our time in such a fuss…

    hope u writers take the viewers point ths time as last time u didnt and betrayed a loved pair…

  8. Havilah

    we know Ravish is good person.. but it does’nt mean Vividha must stay with Ravish Without love..
    You guys really want Ravish happyness you never want Ravidha union.. becuase of Vidha doesn’t love’s Ravish so how can Ravish stay with Vividha happyly.. It’ better to Ravish that he should get another girl who love’s him a lot ….

    • Eva

      Exactly , and he and Suman want love not pity and who wil take his own brothers love , besides when it becomes clear that Ramakants intentions were to get Vividha married to Atharv it wil be even more awkward

  9. Afsana

    Why does everyone want vividha to move on with ravish what wrong did atharv make Sujatha once said rightly that atharv loves vividha so madly that if he loses her he will become mad it came true now this is atharv love maybe ravish is a good hearted person then why can’t he marry some one better and settle down why should atharv marry someone other than vividha even if ravish loves vividha she is part of his life but for atharv she is his life just because circumstances get u into relationship it doesn’t mean that you have to accept and live with no matter whom u loved whom u shared intense relation before marriage whom u promised to belong will u guyz support ravidha Jodi if ravish was evil and negative no nah in every serial I see that people love someone marry someone else and move on is this justice if all have to move on then why the hell they fall in love is this not betrayal I hope atleast in this serial they unite vitharv get someone else for ravish neither ravish nor atharv both of them suffered in different way but equally
    So why do u guyz are partial to atharv and choosing ravidha over vitharv just because ravish cries or ravidha Jodi looks good isnt it silly please guyz is there is no value for love then why do people fall in love if there is true love that exists in this world then surely vitharv should only unite no matter what

    • saf

      ohh afsana u said it r8 toatlly agree with u vitharv should unite….plzz
      all ravish fans just watch this show from beginning then u pple can understand vitharv is the best…

  10. Afsana

    After marriage the female lead acts as if she never loved anyone and she doesn’t know what is love why yaar why do u spoil the love story of true lovers it’s painful

  11. Afsana

    I am honestly fed up with this love stories where people marry someone else I’m talking about being at vitharv place will the show justify if ravidha unite answer honestly guyz don’t u guyz ever had fell in love atleast keep ur self at vividha and atharvs place will u move on ?does only good looks of a person and little kind heart towards u from another person will change ur love for ur lover with whom u dreamt to spend the entire life who became insane for u is it just vividhas responsibility to recover atharv is there no love for atharv will u leave a person like atharv betrayed and move on with some one else I’d this just atleast in serials make the lovers unite yar we see serial for relaxation not to get frustrated make us happy join vitharv pls support me guyz if u are support true love if the writers tell us priorly I mean when the show starts it’s first episode itself that the lovers won’t unite I would have not watched the show to get hurt seeing their seperation

  12. Prachi

    Vividha is whore , Characterless b*t*h…In whole series her character is not more than a looser..Atharv saved Vividha s life many times and he also solved every problem in her life…..In return her family stole his house, he is beaten badly because of fraud case put by her father on him , his father ruin his business his career, she misbehaved with Atharv by taking side of Kailash indirectly she is also responsible for this because after that she happily started living in his house like a owner even after knowing its belong to them ….And then Fake marriage proposal and then finally her family almost killed him and stole his memory and then she betrayed him by marring Ravish ..Now That Call girl Vividha will move on with Ravish By BREAKING HEART of Atharv…in whole series Atharv only suffered and sacrifice everything for her..Sujata is absolutely right about her Vividha is curse… She also played with Ravish feelings….especially their moms feelings Suman and Sujata suffering unnecessarily…..In whole series Vividha sirf ladko se hi chipakti rahi kabhi wo Chintu , Atharv uske saath to shadi se pehele hi intimate hoti thi kabhi lip lock kiss Dena and all and now Ravish…First time Kisi show me itni useless or helpless heroine dekhi hai…..Now what r u trying to prove by pretending that u r taking care of Atharv..did he really need ur favour usne kabhi apne dad se koi favour accept nahi kiya wo tumse karega…LOL….We all know ye sab tum Ravish se chipak ne liye kar rahi Ho..actually tum sirf timepass kar rahi Ho wo to Ravish ko tume batana padta hai Ki Atharv ke pass jai….we all know ur intentions very well now u want to move on with Ravish because Atharv is now useless for u ..so by pretending that u r really cares for Atharv u really raise urself in Ravish eyes…u Selfish b*t*h…Why People r giving importance to her character in show? She destroyed life of these two poor brothers who loved her unconditionally…she don’t love any of them…Instead of uniting Ravidha and Vitharv …Unite Ravish and Atharv and KILL VIVIDHA..because at the end of the show Vividha will only in the Profit whether she choose Atharv or Ravish…And one of them had bear loss ( Atharv or Ravish) poor brother feeling bad and sad for them 😞 and Vividha Go to hell 😈

  13. Mahi

    Please don’t unite ravidha. Vitharv separated very painfully. N no girl can share dat love n chemistry with another person. If vividha starts loving ravish means spoiling character of vividha. They r awesome couple. Don’t make dis serial as usual story. To day also vividha told ravish I can feel recognize my atharvs touch. Plz unite vitharv. Wn atharv is near to vividha means she can feel dat. Like on day of Diwali. N if vividha in pain means atharv can feel like throat infection. Many times he saved n protected his vividha like a husband. Even in mentally disturbed condition also. Any how now kailash kashyap will also enter. His wife her self him as janwar n rakshas. It is enough for a person to judge a person. True love should win. I love atharv n vividha.

  14. Usha

    Diya attack scene was little confusing how come vividhas palm didn’t burn and fake atarva palm burnt 😩 weird kuch vhi

  15. Aliyah

    Fake Atharv is someone working for Kailash, I think. According to Kailash love has no value, this is what writer is showing us , then why is Suman so stressed about not having love? She has everything else except that, Sujata had love but had to raise Atharv all by herself, even lost her home because Ramakant didn’t pay for his son’s education, yet she is strong while Suman seems week. I hope this show ends with Atharv and Vividha otherwise what’s the use of all those love scenes between them. Another thing is Kailash will taunt Vividha by saying I told you so, if you had listen to him, Atharv would have been saved from all that torture and brutality. When will dadiji n Suman get to know about Atharv n Sujata? I hope very soon. Ravish should get a girl that he must be her first and only love.

  16. Alpona Haldar

    most important thing in this story is..an army officer is on leave for so many days….
    really very srange.

  17. Alpona Haldar

    An army Officer has a secret room and no one knows about it….strange.. he supposed to serve the country …and is on leave for so many days…he didn’t receive any letter that ..he needs to resume work………

  18. sudheer

    Hi frnds gud mrng. Todays episode says that vividha definetly moves on ravish. But ee vidanga move on avtundi? Vividha tanaku tanu ga nirnayam teesukone time. (Edi chala pedda nirnayam previous episodes lo adharv ni lovechestunnattu vall father ki cheppina danikanna peddadi). So adharv vividha ni change cheyatam lo success ayyinatle.
    Vividha adharv ni full ga hate cheste ne ravish tho tana love life share chesukogaladu. So adharv turns to -ve may be i think same molested epi are repeated but this time vividha molested by real adharv not fack adharv.
    So adharv suman family ki Vallki kavalasina love ni ichhinatle.
    Ravish adharv ni save chesinanduku & ramakanth vividha ni kapadatam lo help chsinanduku Adharv tana runam teerchukonnatte.
    So Adharv – vividhala love lo Edo problem undi. Danni reveal chesedi only kailash kasyap. Let us see future epi….

  19. Jyothi

    Love u all for supporting vitharv.afsana especially to u. In previous episodes most of the comments are supporting ravidha. Which makes me heart breaking n hopeless. I connected to dis serial very badly. I started watching serial recently. Impressing with story line watching previous episodes. Yesterday only I saw atharv separation scene. How painful was it. Plz on’t separate vitharv. Hope after twists n turns unite vividha. As some one said after marriage female lead shown as if
    She don’t have love for any one. Writers just make sure wt vividha having on ravish is pity. As prachi said atharv ko koyi favor nahi chadive. If u want to show just concern for atharv. No need. He gave entire life for u. Nothing is there to give you. If vividhas intention is dis, just get lost. According to u, ur father never take wrong step regarding bitiya. If vividha chooses ravish,it proves kailash as good father. After sharing such a intimacy with atharv how can she move on with ravish. Dis means writers showing heroine character less. But seriously it will be very awkward if ravish knows his father’s last wish. Love you afsana n prachi. Love you vitharv.

  20. Suman

    Love lo kadu neelo vundi problem. May be nee alochana waves kylash waves chala match avutayi. May be u r similar to kylash. Always supporting him. Wife n daughter certify chesina tharvata kudana.

  21. Vamshi

    Most of them here r employees n i think u know abt work from home..so this army man is also doing the same..He is working from homee😂😂😂

  22. priyasha

    Okaay.. Hi everyone.. I was silent one but I read few comments about the leave of an Army officer and working from home thing…

    1. An Army officer who was on duty for last 2 years without any leave and from the Infantry division can apply for a leave upto a month or so.. As i said before i belong to an Army backgrnd and my boyfriend is also an Army officer and he didnt get a leave from past one and a half year..
    2. A secret room is not a deal.. Many houses have extra rooms not in use and ppl term them as secret room.. It is no where related to being an Army officer… Even in the movie Holiday, Akshay kumar kept a terrorist in his house to investigate him and not a single family member got to know…

    3. I read a comment in the beginning stating “Atharv should become begger and then move on with Guddi” … I am sure she meant “ATHARV SHOULD BECOME BETTER” and not begger

    4. There are ppl calling Ravish as Rubbish.. There is a comment where the person mentioned Rubbish should become begger… FYI.. Ravish is shown as an Army Officer and Army Son too… So he aint becoming a begger..
    And U cannot insult someone like that… He is helping our Atharv to get well .. We all want Atharv to get well soon and unite with his Vividha… We want our Vitharv .. But let’s not insult someone’s character in the process..

    Every person has their own choice.. We want Vitharv while some other ppl want Ravidha.. Let’s wait and watch what the writers have for us… But plz don’t insult each other..

    I hope u guys get my point.. And i am sorry if i was rude..

    Enjoy the show!! 🙂
    Love Pri

  23. Janu

    Iam sure fake atharv is ravish only…bcoz he is suitable for negative characters only…vividha u b*** h..how can u move with ravish…I hate u…sugatha did the rt thing ..I thk she will slap with chappal ..dats gud

  24. Sunanda

    Guys every one saying that vivida moves 2 ravish. Before ravish knowing the truth some people said that vivida moves 2 ravish.
    But know ravish knows the whole truth how can even ravish mve 2 vivida. Hee know that vivida does not love her.
    Who like the jodi of ravida they don’t know the love track of vitharv sooo they r saying like that.
    Even if they know about vitharv love track if they r ravish fans even they like ravidha jodi.
    Ravish will get best life partner in his life surely.

    Why vivida does not say 2 ravish that his father already know their love story nd his last wish is vitharv marriage? ????
    Vivida said in episode that she let see not happen any bad thing 2 ravish family it’s means till atharv atharv get recover she will take care of atharv nd do the responsibility of a wife it means just that. It does not mean vivida moves 2 ravish
    Hope u guys understand for ravidha fans.

    • Swara

      yup sunanda i also think so and i want only vidharv… , how could vividha can say his father already know the lovestory when she herself dnt know they are brothers.. and now she know that but usse yeh nahi patha hai ki ramakanth ne adharv ke liye use chuna hai..usse kaise patha hoga yaar?? us se ramakanth ne bathaya bhi nahi na

  25. hanan

    H frnds,I support ravidha cos they will surely fall in love with each and I will like atharve to move on cos how can 2 brothers marry a same I think in any tradition and any religion this is bad,so pls don’t spoil the show love u ravish

    • saf

      but vitharvz have completed their 7 promises before her marraige with ravish den wat was tthe use of those 7 promises i wish vitharv unite plllz unite them……… love vitharvz

  26. Suman

    Ya ravish is such a nice person, how can he share his life with vividha whom his father choosen for his brother. N how can he accept his brothers love (more than his own life for atharv) as his wife, even after seeing their love for each other. It will be very awkward. Plz don’t unite ravidha. In early episodes also vividha asks his father to get shiv ji jaisa husband. Kailash says shiv ji ko unka sasur ji se kabhi ok nahi tha. So it’s atharv. I love atharv

  27. rashi

    Hmm.. well then all are Army ppl should get leave as they wrk hard ,and wrk from home ..by killing terrorists. from Home…….
    So no will loss their life..

  28. Aavish

    yes I agree with Antonio…army person wrking from home…
    so good nice to hear this…then no one will loose their lifes…they are very special for our country

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