Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying we will save that girl. Vividha promises Madhav that this won’t happen again. She recalls the girl she has seen. Its morning, Ravish gets inspector’s call. Guddi comes to him. He passes by Guddi and does not see her. He says we have to get that jeep, its imp. Kangana stumbles. He sees her and says I will call you back. He takes care of Kangana and makes her sit. He asks is she fine. He asks Guddi to get water for Kangana. Kangana sees Guddi. Guddi leaves.

Atharv, Vividha and Madhav are in kitchen. Vividha calls Madhav brave to tell them truth. Guddi comes there. Vividha asks what will you have. Guddi says no one needs to think or worry for me.

Vividha says what happened to her now. Guddi takes water for Kangana. Vividha asks Madhav to go

and sit on table, she will get breakfast. Atharv takes her. He asks Madhav is his school bad ready. He sees the family together. Dadi says the girl has hit on my head, but did not know my head will not break. Everyone smile. Vividha gets breakfast. She asks everyone to come. She says Madhav, I will come to pick you after school hours. Atharv says I will drop him. Ravish gets inspector’s call and says yes, I asked you to find out, thanks. Vividha asks whose call was it. Atharv asks did he say anything.

Ravish says jeep is found. Vividha asks what about the man. Ravish says that jeep met with an accident, jeep got burnt. They get shocked. They all reach the accident spot. Constable says you can’t go ahead of here. Vividha says we know the man kidnapping that girl. Atharv says let us check the jeep. Ravish tells inspector that he is involved in this case. Atharv asks about the man and girl. Inspector says we just got one burnt body, we can’t identify it, its some adult man’s dead body. They get shocked. Constable checks jeep and gets the shoes.

Ravish recalls the shoes. Vividha recalls Kailash and says while dying, he cheated me again, he did not return my daughter, he did not had courage to come infront of me, where is my daughter Atharv. Atharv asks did you not get any girl. Inspector says sorry, we did not get any girl here.

Ankit says they are not answering the calls. Atharv, Vividha and Ravish come home. Madhav asks why are you crying mumma. Dadi asks what happened. Sujata asks why are you all silent, say something, did you find the girl. Guddi asks what happened. Vividha says he is gone, he cheated us while dying. Guddi asks what do you mean. Vividha says Kailash has won, while dying. Everyone cry. Dadi cries for Kailash. Vividha says he was so important for us, right Guddi, now he has cheated us and left us in this situation, he did not return my daughter to me, don’t know where is she, with whom and how. She asks how shall I mourn for such man.

Dadi says Kailash was dead for Uma before, but we have to inform her. She says he went by cheating us. They all get sad. Dadi says whatever it is, my son has died. Atharv asks her to calm down. Atharv sees some big gift. Ravish and Atharv lift it and open. They get shocked seeing a girl inside.

Vividha smiles seeing her and says my daughter. The girl moves her away. Atharv takes her. The girl beats him. Vividha asks her not to do this. The girl bites Vividha and runs. They all look for the girl. Ankit says she is nowhere. Dadi asks where can she go. Guddi says I did not get her anywhere. They all look around. Atharv and Vividha see the vegetables on floor. They see the girl hiding under the table.

The girl ruins the room and runs. Sujata asks who is this girl. Atharv says she finds the girl a cage. Dadi says maybe Kailash troubled her. Vividha and everyone hear Madhav shouting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Asana321

    Happy wedding anniversary to aaiya di’s parentsparents

    1. Asana321

      Sorry parents* is repeated

  2. Hi..friends.
    Good morning.

    Finally reached home from tirupati…I have missed 3 episodes.missed all u guys comments. Just read 3 episode update now..

    Someone plz tell me..did they showed that girl face…is she vitharv daughter or some other girl….
    Wat kk dead!!! Really vividha is not cheated… But always fooled by kk..how can she believe that kk is dead..

    Have a great day!!

    1. Haii 143, how was ur tirupati trip?
      Yesterday they showed her face but it was full of dust because she had been coming from such a place….can’t assurethatthe girl is Vitharv’s daughter.
      I don’t think kk died because the main villain cannot be made dead in such a way…this will be another trick of kk.

      1. @sandy khushi is the exact copy of Vivi…i’ve seen vikkus story in install..she is so cute

    2. Hello di. Good afternoon.

    3. Yeah its vitharvs daughter…

  3. Many many happy returns of d day @RaOne and @Vimala.,
    Enjoy the day..

  4. RAOne

    hey…. hello everyone…. today firstly i would like to thanks my maa because of her I’m here…she puts her life at risk despite knowing this could put her life in danger…… love U mom….. that is deciated to…….maa se naam mera(pita se naam mera… boss mine imagination)……thanks for day…….. yes dad love u too thanks…and to my elder brother for his love and care.

    Thanks everyone for your wishes it difficult to mention everyone name…… thanks to all Jndsd family member…… for ur love wishes….. thanks for bieng my friend aceepting in your family….boasting me…. when i was sad…thanks to them who suppoted me and my work i.e. FF thanks for that…. without you all I am nothing so keep enjoying LOVE U ALL………..

    “Again at last thanks Maa for this life love U…. thanks for being my maa….. I want really one day want to attach your name as my surame legally…. love U”

    happy birthday to u vimala dii…. aap jio hazaro saal bas hay ye dua………be happy and healthy….and enjoy jndsd..

    Yes Aaliay…… happy anniversary to them as well I would like to thank them because of thier ….. one good decision few years ago we all have such a cute and lovely friend …….her same is Aaliya… yes thanks such lovely girl….. again happy anniversary dear sir and ma’am longlive….. enjoy your beautiful time with each other

  5. Asana321

    Hai all
    One sad news ???
    Kangana (Tara) got pregnant soon
    Ravish is father of that child
    I read this news from India forum
    You have any doubt you can search on India forum
    I don’t no it is true or false

    1. I think its wrong bcz early I’ve seen a news kangana will demand madhav like that…so..like that this news will be also wrong…nd kangana is having a cameo role

    2. Sunanda12345

      I think it’s not ri8 news

      1. Asana321

        I don’t no it is true or false

  6. Asana321

    Happy shab e barat to all

  7. Asana321

    Thanks for yesterday voting

  8. Asana321

    Hai dears
    Good afternoon

  9. Vitharvs daughter s name is khushi…and dear ravish plss don’t have feeling 4 kangana…guddi played a dying drama 4u which was harmful 4 her life and even lost her face…

  10. Hello friends ?.
    How are you all? I’m really happy that kushi is back. I can’t believe that KK is dead.

    1. Hi Nazneen, me too cann’t believe that kk is dead,bcz he is kk ! If someone else in his place , we can accept this.May be this is his new dramma to hurt Vitharv since he knew that Vitharv had followed him. Anyway so happy to see the cute princess KUSHI . Gud afr noon dear.

    2. Asana321

      Hai nazneen
      Happy shab e barat

  11. Happy birthday to uuu….?????????….happy birthday to uuu…???????????….happy to u my 2 dear frnds raone and vimala…?????… happy birthday to uuuuuu…….?????????????????????????????

    All the best for ur future and be happy guys.both of ur future should fill with full of bright colours????like rainbow. raone on the occasion of ur birthday i got my younger bro in our family…..sooooo happy for this. u r 5 months younger than me ??????. Hurrayyyyyy……now i have one elder bro and one younger bro??????….

  12. Asana321

    Favorite beta=atharv
    Favorite maa=sujatha

  13. thanks for all greetings and blesses.I will never forgot this bdy.I got so many frnds here.I will never forgot frds here

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAOne u will get all in your life. What will u want.

  15. @Aailya happy anniversary to ur parents . Please convey my regards.

  16. Sunanda12345

    @sizy u r dp is soooo cute

  17. Vitharv fans I fooled you once more. Iam only veer. The great veer. Aailya u idiot stupid girl. Mind it. 143 I love you so much dear for not wishing aaliya.?????????????????????????????

    Thank you everyone for loving me as veer.

    1. If r u the real veer , then why do u change ur dp? First u should cmnt with veer’s dp ( means veer’s original dp) then we will agree . If u cann’t do , just go away frm here stupid.

      1. Asana321

        This is virus anju’s DP
        I check old comments

      2. @Asana , i know dear .This is none other than that virus anju. Now playing with veer’s name . If she is the real veer , then why didn’t she cmnt with Veer’s dp. Fraud ladki ! I don’t think that she is true. Bcz we all know that veer always cmnt politely and to know how to respect others. These r impossible in case of this ladki. First Aailya , now chose another one . Don’t know what does she want.

      3. Veer

        Thank you guys for trusting me. That girl can’t comment with my dp because she doesn’t know my emailid. Thanks to TELLY UPDATES feature she’s getting caught every time she does this cheap trick and making fool out of herself.

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    Happy to see you back sachin dear.??????????????????????

    1. Ponnu

      What u mean anji

    2. Veer

      Girl, thanks to u I have learnt a good lesson. I should never have given you the opportunity to misuse my name knowing what u already did on this page. I’m grateful to you for showing my mistake. Now I have rectified my mistake by registering. Hope God gives you lots of strength and happiness so that you won’t eye on others happiness and try to spoil their moods.
      I sincerely pray to god from the bottom of my heart to atleast make you realise that what u did and what u are doing is wrong.
      God bless you, girl.

  19. @Aaliya dear, happy anniversary to ur parents from my side. May they have many more years like this full of happiness.

  20. Oh I forgot to wish my friends vimala and Raone. Happy birthday dears. You will be always having my blessings.

  21. OMG!!! Again virus attack!!!!!!!!!!!!??

  22. Veer you have registered . Well done. I don’t have any enemity towards you. But you made me proud by not wishing aaliya.
    Just hate her. Then now onwards I will not trouble you. Aailya have said bad about you in malayalam to xyz. She asked xyz to not believe you as you are none other than anju. So just hate her. blo*dy Beggar.

    1. Veer

      Girl, please think of what you did and what you are doing peacefully. You will definitely realise your mistake. You won’t gain anything by troubling others. If possible try to be happy and friendly to others else stay away from all the negativity and these cheap tricks.
      If @Aaliya and @xyz talked bad about me by doubting me I feel really happy about it because they learnt from their mistake of trusting you each time when you came up with different names and they wanted to be cautious about new comers.

  23. All the new commers in this site just hate aaliya. Dolly already told me twitter that she hates aaliya too much. So please everyone hate her.

    1. What the hell??? Who are you?? blo*dy..????And why r u telling lie???What’s the problem with you?? Why u r putting my name on ur issues..Why u r spoiling ur own dignity by making issues between ppls..?? Plzz..Don’t spoil the peace of this page..

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  26. Veer

    @Aaliya, a very happy anniversary to Aunt&Uncle. I didn’t read the comment in which you mentioned about their anniversary. I’m not wishing now to prove someone wrong, I’m wishing for your parents wholeheartedly. I read all the comments after my name missue then I came to know about the anniversary. Hope you understand. Once again convey my warm wishes to mom and dad.

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