Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Guddi talking to her friend. She is returning from school and applies makeup. She loosens her hair. She geos to a stall. The boys see Guddi and pass comments. Guddi asks them not to trouble her and pushes the man. She leaves from there. The goons follow her. Atharv comes there and hits the goon with his bike. Guddi smiles seeing him. Atharv stares at the goons. He takes Guddi’s cycle chain and ties on his hand. The goons get scared and run away.

Guddi asks would you punch their mouth, that won’t be needed now. More goons comes and argue with Atharv. He says its independent world, girls can wear anything they want, it does not mean anyone tease them. The goons attack him. Atharv beats the goons and says don’t touch my bike. He saves his bike and beats them.

Guddi wishes she was his bike and gets impressed seeing him fighting. Vividha comes that way. Guddi sees her and hides.

The goons run away. Vividha stops and apologizes to Atharv. She says I will not forgive. She says when Sujata knows you are beating men here, she will feel bad. Guddi thinks to run away. Atharv says Sujata won’t feel bad, she knows I do right, not like you who don’t think right or wrong, you just follow your dad. She says my Papa is never wrong, don’t tell anything about it.

Kailash goes to his office and tells manager that they will go to haveli with builder. Manager says let us get haveli first. Kailash says I m giving big price, Sujata got haveli in charity, she made it a stable. Manager says I spoke to her, she did not agree, she is rude. Atharv says you tell a lot about your dad, what will anyone say about him. He leaves. She says I wanted to apologize, he told me so much, khadoos.

Kailash goes to meet Sujata. She asks him to sit. She goes to get water. He looks at the haveli. He says you are staying alone and raised son, you have kept your house mortgaged to me. She says I m paying interest. He says you have to return principal. She says I will give it soon, Atharv completed studies and came back. He asks where did he get job. She says he did not get job, he works on his laptop, he will become a big man in two years. He asks does he dream. She says he knows to fulfill dreams. He says I will talk to him. She says no, he does not know about loan. He says fine, I will pray your son becomes something and returns the loan. He puts water on the laptop intentionally. She wipes the laptop. He says its good water did not fall much on it, else your son’s dream…. He leaves.

Manager asks did she agree. Kailash says she said her son will repay loan. Manager says what will the guy repay. Kailash says even I did not have anything when I started, guy does not know his mother took loan, find out what does her son want to do, he wants to become big man in two years, on what basis, I worked hard for 30 years to become rich, find out.

Dadi boils water and argues with Guddi. Vividha and mummy look on. Dadi says Guddi made green tea and left gas open, I would have died today, I praise Vividha and Guddi gets jealous. Guddi scolds Dadi and asks did you see me doing this. Kailash comes and shouts Guddi…. Sujata talks to some worker and tells what Kailash said. He asks her to tell everything to Atharv. Sujata says no, I can’t tell him. The man says Atharv should take care of Sujata’s worries. Atharv asks what happened. The man says she is finding a proposal for you, she wants to get you married, tell me what type of girl do you want, I will get a naughty and arrogant girl for you.

Atharv cleans Sujata’s hand and shows loan application. He says business will be on our name, sign here. She asks 40 lakhs loan. He says yes, we will keep this house mortgaged. She gets shocked. She signs on the form. He says now we became business partner, and shakes hands with her. He goes. She worries and thinks how to tell Atharv that this house is mortgaged to Kailash already. Kailash gets angry on Guddi. Guddi says sorry to them and goes.

Sujata gets thinking about Kailash’s words and Atharv’s dreams. She washes hands and is tensed. Atharv comes and wipes her hands. He says he will fulfill his dreams. She says I m fine with my cows and dairy business. She goes.

Kailash tells his wife that Guddi was misbehaving with Maa, you were standing silent. Vividha did not do such thing till now, whatever happened is because you have spoiled Guddi and Ankit too. Vividha thinks of others, and these two are useless. Guddi tells Vividha that I have to hear this because of you, why are you perfect, you pretend to become good, so that my image gets bad. Vividha says no, you are wrong. Guddi says one day everyone will praise me and say bad about you. Dadi hears Kailash telling Uma about managing children. Uma says I will be careful, Guddi is immature. Kailash says it can get late too. He holds Uma’s hand and warns her to change Guddi and Ankit, if anyone misbehaves with my Maa in this hand, I will not leave anyone, Dadi has raised Vividha, Vividha is my prestige.

Vividha steps on cow dung and slips. Atharv holds her. They both fall down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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