Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kailash telling Sujata to name the haveli to him, and then leave the city along with her son. He asks her not to come back to this city. Sujata cries. Vividha tries to hear their conversation. She says I m not able to hear anything, Papa would be helping Sujata and not letting any of us know about his good deed. Kailash asks Sujata to think well and sign on the papers, she has to leave the haveli to get her son.

Sujata recalls her house and cries. She thinks of Atharv’s words. Ankit asks why is Papa helping a loafer. Vividha and Guddi defend Atharv and scold Ankit. Kailash comes there. Vividha asks him will you help Atharv and free him from the jail. He smiles and looks at Uma. He nods to Vividha. She gets glad and hugs him thankfully.

Kailash thinks

I m making him free of jail and your life as well. She thanks him. He says everything will be done tomorrow. Kailash asks her not to worry, everything will be fine, I m seeing this matter well. He smiles and goes. Vividha lights a diya and prays for Atharv. She asks Lord why is Atharv in jail when he is innocent. Kailash and Uma hear her. Vividha says Papa will help him tomorrow, Atharv has to stay in jail to tonight, Sujata is also worried, make everything like before. She goes. Kailash looks at Uma and says my daughter is praying about Atharv’s safety infront of my Lord. He goes to blow off the diya and Uma stops him from doing the abshagun. He goes.

She gets hurt by the diya, while she stopped him, and cries. Guddi sees Vividha worried and asks the reason of her worry. Vividha is restless. She says I don’t know, I m worried. Guddi asks are you afraid for Atharv, as if you want to see whether he is fine or not, did you fall in love with him. Vividha asks are you mad, stop nonsense. Guddi says whats wrong to love him. Vividha says worrying for someone is humanity, not love, go and sleep now. Jaana na dil se door……………..plays…………… Atharv is in lockup. Vividha recalls about Atharv and his words. She cries and looks at the moon. Atharv too thinks of her. She thinks why am I getting tears, whats happening to me.

Its morning, Sujata goes to see Atharv and cries seeing him wounded and beaten up. She hugs Atharv and asks how did they beat her son. She holds him and makes him sit. Atharv asks her not to cry, he did not get much hurt, nothing happened. Uncle comes and gets shocked seeing Atharv’s state. She hugs Atharv and cries.

Uma tells Vividha that Kailash did what he could, now Sujata will see what to do. She asks Vividha to have food. Vividha says no, I just want to confirm whether they are fine, if I find out, I will thank Papa and inform him too, Papa should know whats happening there, I will go to Sujata’s house. Uma tries to stop her, and Vividha goes. Uma worries and holds her burnt hand.

Sujata and uncle take wounded Atharv. The people gossip about Atharv and taunt that he is fatherless, mother alone can’t manage everything. Sujata cries. They make him sit in the car. Inspector warns Sujata not to in this city and not have enmity with Kailash. He asks her to explain her son too. Sujata sits in the car and they leave.

Kailash tells inspector that Atharv won’t listen to easily. Kailash gets ready and gets shocked seeing Vividha there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. whyyyyyyyyy…??? dizzz vividhaaaaa s alwaysss blabberingggg” papaa papaaa.”.. .. haaannn i agree im alsoo papaa grl…. btt in lyff v hav to take sum decisionnnnn according to our wishh naaa???

    anywayssss…. luv d way vividhaaa cried for atharv………….. sooo sweetttttttttttttt

    Cunningggggg kailashhhhh… stupiddddd go to helllllll…. u il definitely gonna payyy for dizzz mannnnnn………………. how could he mentally torture hissssssssssss wfee……………… cumon man be a mannnnn… mens il nt raise his hand against any womennnnnnnnnn… ewwwwwww…. tatssssssss disgustingggggg

    waitinggggggggggggggg for deir confession………… awwwww so excitedddddddddd…….. plzzzz viviiiiiiiiii open ur eyessssssss my swtt hrttttt……….

    1. oops *never

  2. Another good episode……Vividha has started realising her feelings for Atharv…
    I feel really horrible looking at Kailash….he’s so double faced…
    Just wish Vividha’s able to look at his real face.

  3. Vividha pls realise your love for atharvvv…

  4. Oh.god!!!!!!Vividhaaaaa please try to.understand ur PAPA’s Evilnesssss…..
    He is a Devil oh.god burn.him!!!!!!!!!
    De way he tauntfully smiles whn.sujatha :'( is on her knesssss urghhhhhhh bulllllshit!!!!! Tht Face bakwassssss..Mahaaa bakwassss
    and.my.dear Bae♥ :'( Atharv i cant seee u im.such a state my love!!!!!
    stupid Kailash ….Ultimate stupid!!!
    No.heart.No.love.No.kindness Kuch bi.nehi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But.Vitharv is ♥♥♥♥♥ Damn cute!!!
    De way both cries awwwww how sweeeet….

    kailaaashhhhhhhhh They will never.leave de city.u r de one whu.is gonna.leave.ths.universe and go.to helll
    even its ashame to send u to hellll..cz u r utmost worstttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Partho

    Kailash is shit

  6. Vivida is a fool. atleast she could have understood her feelings. I hate kailash

  7. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    Kailash is so damn cruel and vividha doesn’t have or brains? always nodding her head for what her dad says

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      vividha is very innocent…

  8. i cn understand dt its not so easy for vividha to accept atharv love by going against her father but atleast she should try yar……

  9. very bad episode a good thing of accepting her love for him could happen but it also not happened so all over bad episode her mother,sister understand that she love him her father also felt it but she she is just mindless
    precap in next episode hope so some major activity will happen

  10. glad to see vividha’s concern n realising the absence of atharv… hope to unite them soon…..so sweet when she cry for atharv….love rain….sujata-atharv bond is so natural

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      yes even I like the sujata-atharv bond…
      the way sujata motivate him is awesome…
      atharv realised his feelings for vividha only because of sujata…

  11. I dont think vividha will know her papas truth so soon as shown in preca
    Maybe she is there to thank him for the help her father has done

    Or even in case if she hears her papa speakinh about his conspiracy against Atahrv, kailash will comfortably cover up himself.

  12. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    I agree with u…

  13. Are atharv aur vivi ko milado…phir jo karna hai karo show me…the best part is there lv story…..

  14. vividha . . . ,try to hear your heart sound and realise your true love towards atharv . . .(omg . .help vividha)

  15. vividha try to hear your heart sound and realise the real true love for atharv

  16. Vidharv is so cute. Plz vivi…..
    Plz find out ur real love&ur papa’s devilish double character

  17. Vidharv is so cute…..vivi plz…find out ur love for Adharv&the devilish double character of ur papa

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