Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sujata holding diya in hand and praying. Uma and Suman looks on. Atharv pushes the men and runs to Vividha, to stop her from removing clothes. Ravish looks on and shouts Atharv stop. Suman holds the diya from blowing off. Atharv gets shot and falls down. Vividha shouts Atharv. Atharv closes eyes. Vividha cries. The man says your love is great, that too both men are brothers, great. The men hold Ravish. The man says captain, you did bad with us, today you will beg to us and apologize. He asks Ravish to beg to them, else if his wife removes clothes, it won’t look good.

Vividha asks Atharv to get up. Ravish sits. The man asks him to lower his head down. Ravish sees Atharv. Atharv sees the flag. Ravish signs Atharv and joins hands. Atharv pushes the men and

runs to jump over by stepping on Ravish’s hands. They all start the fight again. Atharv takes the fire torch and throws away. The mothers cry and pray at the temple.

Atharv asks them to run. Ravish, Vividha and Atharv run away. They hear gun shots and turn to see the men coming after them. The man says you can run away, but just your dead body will go across the border, if this captain begged to us, your life would have got saved, but now just dead bodies will go.

Ravish says if this land was of my country, I would have touched my forehead, but not here, we are standing in front of you, shoot. Ravish, Vividha and Atharv hold hands. Atharv says in this birth, I would have bear a lot of problems because of you Ravish, don’t do that in next birth. Ravish says I met you now, I won’t leave you my brother. Atharv looks at him. They close eyes and stand. Ravish asks them to shoot.

Suman, Uma and Sujata pray. Ravish, Atharv and Vividha hear the gun shot and open eyes. The terrorists get shot by the army men, standing across the border line. Fateh Singh says sorry, we came late. Ravish says our country won today. They salute to the flag.

Vividha asks Rvish to sit ahead, you will be comfortable. Atharv looks at them. She gives pillow behind Ravish’s back and talks to him. Her dupatta falls over Ravish’s face. Ravish moves the dupatta off his face. O re piya…..plays…………. Vividha looks at Ravish. Atharv and Vividha sit backside in the jeep. Atharv sees Vividha seeing Ravish, and Ravish seeing Vividha in the mirror. He turns away. The jeep starts by a jerk. Vividha screams and holds Ravish, while Atharv was holding her hand. Ravish sees Atharv and turns.

Suman cries seeing Ravish’s pic. Aditi gets the news by call and happily shouts to Suman that Ravish is coming. Suman runs downstairs. Uma asks about Atharv and Vividha. Aditi says they are also coming. Suman opens the door in K3G style and looks for her son. The reporters come there. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham….plays………. Ravish comes thre. Suman cries seeing him. Everyone happily cry seeing Ravish back.

Injured Ravish walks to family. Suman holds and hugs him. Ravish says a soldier’s mum does not welcome son like this. Sujata says a mum is always mum. The reporter praises Ravish. Vividha and Atharv get down the car. Uma and Sujata get happy. Reporter says Vividha is like Savitri who got her husband back from Yamraj. They ask her questions and praise her for doing a soldier’s wife’s duty. Atharv gets back.

Suman says Vividha is soldier’s wife, fulfilling such duty is not big thing for her. Reporter ask Ravish what happened that day. Sujata holds Atharv and says whatever is happening here, Ravish and Vividha do not want all this, are you understanding. Atharv nods. Reporter asks Ravish to tell about his brave wife. Suman says I m sure like I m proud of my bahu, Ravish is proud of his wife, right. Ravish nods and smiles. Ravish says yes. He looks at Vividha.

Ravish says Vividha loves me, it means I m a big fool to let her go, just a foolish person can let such a girl go away, girls are practical, they value who will give them luxuries, relations and promises are just talks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @xyz chechi,chechi e serialinodu valla pradekshayum undo.enth kadhaya kanikunnath…really crapp…enik thonnunnnu vividha will definitely clear ravish thinks.but dis only my thought .aa ravishumaay onnichaal i will definitly quit the show……..j

    1. Dear 143k. Njnaum e serialil vallya pratiksha onnm kanunnilla. Really first 100 epsdl vitharv matrme undayrnnullu.athukond ith nalla oru serial ayrnnu. Ennu e Nasham ravish&family kayari vanno annu nashichu e srl.
      Enkkrylla enthina avar avshymllthe e criminals vashisht family ye kondu vannathennu. Pavam ennale atharv ne sherikkm insult chythu ellarum.vividha ulppade.pinne a vrithiketta shavam suman .enkku a striye karanam adichu polikana thonnunne.
      Innale vividha yde athrvnod ulla perum mattam kndl adichu kollana thonnune. Pine ravish mahan e rakshche atharv enttu applause llm a ravishnu.pavam atharv.

      But dear, vikku prnjttund triangle love start chyylla jndsd stry only vitharv nte matrm anennu.eppo kankkunna just ravish fans ne kudi target chynulla oru masala matrm.
      Vikku prnja kond matrm njn e srl sahikkukaya. Athava ini ra……vidha nonchal njnm annu sure yi quite chym.but illa dear nammude vitharv thannya endgame.so pls wait for that.

      1. Good morning chechi

      2. Aailya dear good morning.
        By the way evide poyirunnu. Ennale kandillallo cmmnt secnl. Ezra kanan poyathu kondano?
        Enginundayrnnu film? Horror film analle, ?

        Actually ennalthe epsd kandttu enkku ake desym&vishamam ayi dear.
        Ennale kandayrno epsd?

      3. The film was super chechi. Actually i didn’t see yesterday’s episode because there was no current. At first I cursed the electricity board and then after reading the written updates I actually thanked the electricity board for being kind.
        I took a promise yesterday that I will watch the serial only after the vitharv union only. I will watch it on hotstar that the episodes I have missed.
        But I will be commenting chechi.There is no change in that.
        Yesterday’s was the very worst episode till now. I couldnot tolerate atharv’s pain anymore.
        Because of this only I had no mood to comment yesterday. But I missed everyone. Chechi why are you not asking questions to Vikku.You could have created fake account for that. I am also having no account in twitter but I created account just only for Vikku that too by fake name.

        Good afternoon chechi

      4. Aailya dear. Ezra super ayrnnu alle.njn trailers kandittundayrnnu.
        Ennale kandilla alle. Nannayi.Athrakku worst ayrnu. Njn ennale orupad nalla muhurthangal expect chythrinnu.but avr epsd kulamakki. Appol ini vitharv union nu sheshame kanunnllo? .njnm athnekurchu alochichatha.but enkku vikku ullathinall bhyankara curiosity akum.Athukondu njn kandu pokum. Enthylm e Stithi thudarukyanengl njnm promise edukkum.
        But vitharv union nu in yum time edukkum enna thonnune.
        Enikkum twitter l account illa.njnm try cheyym .
        Njn Ippo first 100 epsds hotstarl kandu vishamam mattukaya. Annthe superb epsds kandittu innathe kanumbol?????????????????????????????????

        Gud aftrn dear.

  2. sab vitharvians ko lega manali drama vitharv ko bhir patchup karegii lekin ye nonsense writer ne ham sab ka dil dukakar bhir un donom ki beech meim o misunderstand create kar diya.such meim ye aathmi ko pagal ho gaya hei…..stupid man

  3. @143k I like kuppi he is such a funny character ….and i also like the angry youngman varun ..with tattomol and soochimon …and also Darshana….i must say life should be like that ,life should be enjoying with lovable friends
    After watching the movie. I feel like am like Akshay,am scared to do so much things
    Anandam is a must watch film , …

  4. i hate the serial …plz make pair with atharv and vivitha..plzzzzzzzzz

  5. @nazneen syed hpy hug day to.hw r u dear?where r u from?wat r u doing?are u muslim?

  6. Hai friends I have read a latest news in serial gossip website. Both are trying to know the vivithas love for whom. For that again atharv is acting like mad. I don’t know what is the result of this ravish or atharv.
    Vivitha kaise ladki hai? Can’t she understand her heart and mind. Again our heroes suffer to find about her heart. Oh god.
    Let’s wait for today’s episode. Bye guys

    1. Gud mngg eswari…
      Ha ha ha.. what a news .. so funny..
      Vivida is like that only that’s why this much troubles to that 2 bro’s..

      1. Vividha not confusing. Just wait n watch. More twist n turns ahead it seems.

      2. Good morning nikh

      3. suman sis gud mngg..
        nen thanu confuse aithundi ani cheptldu thana cheshtalato andarini confuse chesthundi anthe ,,,
        ha ha ha

      4. I am feeling very tensed about upcoming tracks. Sunjiv puri replied someone dat many shocks on d way for us.

      5. ok suman sis..
        what can we do now .. we have to just wait and watch..
        that’s it..
        don’t worry..
        but if they do anything bad with atharv i’ll quit the show definitely…

    2. It’s upcoming twist:-
      Ravish’s unusual trick uniting Atharva Vividha by love.
      Ravish (Shashank Vyas) noticed differences amid Atharva (Vikram Singh Chauhan) and Vividha, decides to mend everything 
      now the show has reached its climax where Atharva and Vividha’s love is at the verge of getting shattered, Vividha is broken down.
      Vividha had stood up for society and everything for her love to Atharva, but Atharva’s doubt over her love breaks her down.
      Ravish unites Atharva and Vividha 
      Ravish has been saved by Atharva and Vividha, Ravish this notices the differences that prevail amid Atharva and Vividha.
      Ravish can’t see Atharva and Vividha getting parted this way because of him which he can’t bear at all.
      Ravish thus finds unusual way to unite Atharva and Vividha by speaking against Vividha, let’s wait and watch will Ravish’s this plan works.

    3. Hi..,
      As in sanjiv puri’s comment said.., this time vividha will explode out.

      Maybe both bro has to face her explotion for what they did. by tricking vividha is like questioning vividha’s charecter right??
      bro’s point of view is right.But if vividha feel like dis also not at all wrong..
      so lets wait and watch.

  7. Optimistic

    Plz do comment for my ff vitharv kitne pass kitne door

  8. Guys i hv got another doubt nd illogical scene…in my frst comment i gave 4 & nw its time fr the 4th one…

    its horrible that pak ambassadors know abt ravidha break up nd divorce,Bt the indian media people didn’t even knew that…?????????

    really they r making mess…

    any way lets look further …becz ths show has gone addicted to me,though i say i wont watch it,Bt my mind cnt leave vitharv…..

    Bt makers should at least fasten the track…any way happy hug day to all my dear frnd nd bros nd sis…

    hope we see vitharv hugging in ths day…

    btw whr is Karan???hope everything is fine…

    1. 5th* nt 4th

    2. Hi Sachin. Same to u dear bro.
      Gud mrng.

    3. Same to you dear sachin.

      Good afternoon

    4. Happy hug day Sachu.
      Karan bhayya isn’t commenting .I’m sure that he will come back soon ?

    5. hi Sachin how r u Dear don’t think about the serial too much as it’s un believe able, illogical and impossible twists (whom producers will made possible) will always beyond ur thoughts missing the same person too take care

  9. Hi friend…very good morning and good noon.
    Have joyful sunday..

    Oh its hug day!!!!
    Happy hug day!! to all.

    @143k,@sachin and all are……..back on sunday..good to see have a blast

    1. Same to you dear 143.

      Enjoy the Sunday.

      Good afternoon chechi

    2. Not chechi, Good afternoon dear 143

    3. Happy hug day to you 143.

    4. Gud afternoon 143.

  10. @143K. I’m good dear. How are you? Why you din’t commented from these many days?.
    I’m from Karnataka. I’m studying engineering 1st year. Yes I’m Muslim dear.

  11. @Nikh Happy to hear that you are a fan of
    Dulquer Salman and his movies. Iam also interested in watching telugu movies of Nani.I am a big fan of him. I have seen his movies like EEga,Ashthachamma,Ride and Gentleman. I see the movies with subtitles.
    If you don’t mind I suggest you to watch Ennu Ninte Moideen malayalam movie. The movie shows the meaning of true love and it’s purity.And main important thing is that it is based on True Story.

    Good afternoon dear

    1. Yup nikh…it is the most touching love story I have ever seen in my life…ennu ninte moideen is a must watch film…whenever I watched the film .. I cried a lot..
      Its superb ..that is called true love .. …
      Good afternoon dear ones …

    2. i saw the wiki of ennu ninte moideen just now..
      the story is really good but very painful.. if i have free time i’ll definitely watch the movie..
      gud afternoon…

    3. oh it is a real story..
      i like biopics also very much.. there is a special feeling when we watch biopics.. we have a feeling that this is a real life story this is a real life story this will be in our minds through out the film i like that feeling..
      ha ha ha…

  12. @143. Good afternoon dear.
    Any spoilers guys???

  13. Happy ? hug ? day vitharvian fans?????

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