Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Ravish getting worried seeing the timer. Everyone look on and pray. Ravish cuts more wire. Atharv goes to Ravish. Ravish stops and asks Atharv to go out. Atharv says its my videogame, I will also play. Ravish says just go. Atharv says no. Ravish says sit quiet, try to understand, your life is in risk. Atharv says you will save me. Ravish holds head. He removes the safety suit and makes Atharv wear it. The time passes. Atharv sits with Ravish. Ravish sweats in tension as there is just 1 min left. He tries to defuse the bomb. The bomb timer does not stop.

Atharv looks on. Ravish sees just 10 seconds left and cuts the red wire. The timer stops. They all get relieved. Kalindi says you should have come out when we were calling you. Daddy ji hugs Ravish and says

I m proud of you, you have done a good job. Ravish hears the beep again and asks how is this sound coming, where is Vividha.

Vipul says she is outside. They all go out and see Vividha. Vividha goes away. She sees the timer in her watch. Ravish gets shocked and goes to remove the watch. He throws the watch. They all get down. The bomb explodes in the air. Ravish covers up Vividha. Ravish asks Vividha are you fine. She says yes, are you okay. He says yes. Ravish’s back gets wounded by the bomb. He falls down. Everyone get shocked.

Atharv asks Ravish why did you sleep here, get up. They all worry. Vipul calls doctor. Doctor does the dressing to Ravish’s wounds. Ravish gets conscious and says I m fine now. Sujata asks him to take care and goes. The man says we did not know Avinash will do that, he was in big planning, I m doubtful your family can be target, this mam needs credit, she is army man’s wife, hats off to her, she did not get scared, captain you take care.

Vividha talks to doctor. Ravish sees her and recalls the old time. He asks doctor to tell Vividha about dressing, she will do it. Doctor goes. Ravish says I had to tell you, Suman and Aditi are in Mumbai, they should not know this, if they call you, just talk normally. She says don’t worry, I will manage that. He falls asleep.

Later, Vividha gets thinking. Ravish says I m going to other room. She says no, you are hurt, you may need pain killers and care. He says I will manage. She says I know we don’t have relation like husband and wife, but we are good friends. He says yes, so I don’t want to make you comfortable. She says you won’t go anywhere sit. She takes care of him and says you took big risk for everyone, if anything happened to you. He asks would you care if anything happened?

She says yes, even to entire family, don’t do this again. He asks how is Atharv. She says you are with him, he is fine. She gets reminder. He asks what happened. She says reminder. He asks what reminder. She recalls waking up Atharv. FB shows Vividha going to wake up Atharv. Sujata wakes up and smiles. Atharv asks Vividha are you not ashamed to knock young man’s door at night. She asks are you not ashamed to see in young girl’s room. He asks her to take appointment and come. She says no, birthday will be over. They smile. FB ends.

She says its Atharv’s birthday tomorrow. Ravish says I did not know. Vividha says yes, and you gave me a new life, you are his step brother, what you did for him, maybe even own brother won’t do this, Atharv is not in state to know what you did, he does not know to thank you, but I want to thank you, Atharv can’t get a better brother than you. He says he is special to me, relation is made when its kept, I will keep relation in every way, we will go and wish him birthday. She says no, just rest, we will wish tomorrow, he would have slept, I have to be with you now. He looks at her.

He says I m not running anywhere, I think you should go to Atharv and wish him birthday, he will be glad. She goes and sees Atharv sleeping. Ravish wishes Atharv happy birthday. Vividha recalls Atharv.

FB shows Vividha hugging Atharv and wishing him happy birthday. He asks did you remember. She says I had reminder in phone, I m joking, I planned your day, we all will celebrate your birthday and dance. He says I won’t party, we will go temple, cook sweets and have a talk. She asks him to take sanyaas. She gifts him clothes and says you will look hot. He laughs. He says some people meet by prayers and some like prayers who make the fate, and you are the one for me. He kisses her. FB ends. Vividha bends to kiss Atharv. Saware……plays………..

Atharv says we will do party, I have seen on tv, we will take pics also. Atharv takes samosas.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved last 5 minutes of episode. Now ravidha fans start bashing vividha n again wish for ravidha jodi. ??overall I am happy.

  2. What a romantic fb luv u
    Ravish u r such a lovely bro 2 atharv
    U nd vivida r best gifts 2 atharv by god

  3. Thaks for ur quick update amena.

  4. ravish hats off 2 u. ur so brave. how he took care of atharv and vividha was so cute.

  5. Makers trying to fool ravidha fans and vitharva fans to keep both team’s fans hooked in d show right we r not that fool ……..

  6. Oh…relieved..vividha told ravish they are just good friends…it seems there is a hope for vitharve ‘s reunion
    The situations where vividha reminiscing atharve &and their golden moments will be a good sign for their reunion
    Ravish u r too good …you will get good life partner who will love u more than her life

  7. I think d writers r focusing more on ravish character than any1 else character…N im fed up of listening army man’s wife,army man’s son…..kitni baar bologe…usse baar baar yaad dilane ki zarorath nahi hai..

    1. O Hello ravish is also main lead hero of this show and the story is about his life about his family so he is doing his job.the storie is meant to be like this always so he is leading right now when atarva turn come he will b leading .. simple have a patience enjoy the show and respect man such a like ravish no one can be like him he is such a very good example

      1. U r right, wo ek kahabt hai na achchai ka jamana hi nehi, so frns can’t see ravish’s truthness, honesty, responsibility etc. Agar vitharv ke frns ho to ravish ki character main kya problem hai yaar?????? Thoda usse bhi appreciate kardo to as a actor wo bhi khus ho jaega……. So bad

  8. By seeing today’s episode omg I totally loving ravish character best brother best husband best soldier……..plz we want justice to ravish character want ravidha this is the best justice to ravish character ….. A selfless character ever seen in TV industry

  9. I think vividha in diloma ( either adharv r ravish). But finally ravidha only I am sure. Coz vidharv ippatike 5 promises complete chesukonnaru. Remaining 2 vows. 6th vow is move on consept. So adharv tanaku teliyakundane ravidha ni unite chestadu. May be ravidha ni unite cheyadanike terririst lady entrance anukonta. Wait and see.

    1. Thanks Sudheer for accepting atharv as hero. He gave 7 promises to vividha already he fulfilled 5. He is a man who stands for a word. Nice guess as u Said definitely atharv going to sacrifice vividha to ravish I am sure. But what about the only promise made by ravish to vividha. Will he stand for his promise n prove himself as hero or other way?

      1. If vividha start loving ravish that promise doesn’t make sense. she cannot go back to atarva…

      2. I agree with u.obviously after Atharv gets fine.he will definitely leave vividha for the sake(his mother r giving importance to relations.now d question is’Will raviah keep his promise’
        Ravish(shasank vyas) and Ravidha should answer this.

      3. @kabita. Sense is what a mind thinks. But love is a feel from heart that wat vividha can’t fell for ravish.So its nonsense if ravish won’t keep his promise

  10. I think there is no happiness reserved for ravish.he has to bear the worst consequences of the misdoings of his family .how selfless he is .without expecting anything from vividha he loves her equal to his life. he concerns for everyone .when will happiness enters in his life yaar .I felt writers of this serial don’t have preplanned story a/c to comments they are instantly preparing the story.sometime they show Ravida and sometime vitharva.anyhow finish this guddy’s murder mystery as early as possible plzzzz…….we can’t tolerate it anymore if u keep on dragging it.

  11. No comments after reading the before comments hope for best. But iam always adharva fan.just living a relationship for and loving a relationship with heart is different.

  12. Are yaar plz just push some happiness into ravish life. he too human being.y he has to bear the worst consequenes of his family members misdeeds alone.he won’t think of his life.i think onething can make him forget every bitter moment he had faced is that having vividha in his life forever because in very short span of time he loved vividha more than his life.he still does.as a more sensitive person forgetting vividha is not that much easy for him.it would be better if vividha understands him.really he is sooo great as a son,husband,brother ……in every relation he proved he is the best.

    1. I agree with u.

  13. vammo sudheer atharv prmz cheyamantadu mve on avvamani vividha cheyadhu prmz atharv ki.,6 vow ala idhii..last part is super atharv sujatha jaldi wapas ajavoooooo..

    1. U remembered very well. S vividha didn’t promise. Atharv asked her to promise but she refused to do so. Even vividha also standing for her promises. ???. Whose turn is next?

    2. Vividha promise cheyaledu kabatte adharv ravidha ni unite chestadu antunna. Last episodes lo Sujata kooda life manam move ayioodam andi. And all r said that vividha is army man’s wife. Last episode lo (vividha was kidnapped by ankith. Ramakanth & adharv save her). That time vividha said that adharv saves her life like army man. So i think Vividha likes army man. I am sure finally vidharv doesn’t unite. Either ravidha unite r vividha only leading her life.

      1. Correct ye andi two parallel leads vunnappudu iddari gurinchi matladukovali kada. OK atharv standing on his words. Mari ravish gurinchi kuda matladu. Promise okate kadu order kuda chesinattunnadu aavesham lo. Marem cheddam ayana promise ni. Yeppudu chusina atharv okkade gentleman aa mari ravish. Deeniki first answer cheppi next inko sari promise la topic ku ra.

  14. Vividha is feeling comfortable with ravish. baat dosti tak pahuch gaye slowly slowly pyar ka ehasash v ho jayega vividha ko jab ravishko khone k din aayega toh ….bibaha jaisa bandhan upar se banke aate hain aur itna pavitra rista koi khelauna nahi jo toot jaye …… ravish is great man he deserves love and respect only ….. we want great justice nonmore unfair pls

    1. Stop dreaming after this episode. Friendship to love its just ur dream. And yeah u r right.’ravish is great man he deserves love and respect only’. But not vividha who can give nly respect for ravish but not love. So he should get,the one who loves him and respect him.

  15. Yesterdays episode was superb .
    Plz end this Guddi’s murder mystery soon.And please unite Vitharv.
    Ravish really behaved like a gentleman yesterday.Ravish said happy birthday bhai was so good.

  16. I too love Ravish character uske jaisa TV industry Mein koi bhi nahi hai.
    But Ravish deserves far better girl than Vividha.
    Pata nahi kya hoga???dekhte hai.

  17. ravish i s a good man but unite vividha atharva

  18. Some one plz clarify my doubt. What was the intense of ravish asking vividha that” kya aap ko farak padtha hai”
    Y is he asking like this and looking vise versa to make vividha feel guilty. As a selfless man he shouldn’t do that.But y he is making vividha feel guilty. Love needs love not guilty. It means he still want her?? Then what abt his promise???

  19. All r saying ravish was selfless. Yeah I agree that he was so good, gentleman. And yeah some selfless and some selfish. That wat Ravish cleared in this episode. They way he asked vividha ‘will you care if anything happens to him’. his staring towards vividha won’t sense he was selfless.
    He shouldn’t expect love from vividha rather than friendship.

    1. Wow! Good kya soch hai tumvare.!!!!!! Thoda ye bhi sochcho vividha saadi ke baad se kabhi bhi ravish ke saath good behave nehi kiya sirf ladhai kiya atharv ke khatir…. Or peheli baar ravish ke saath achchi baat ki to uska puchchna swavabik hai ki mujhe kuch hone se tumve fark padta hai…???? Or ravish jo maan hi maan kaha happy birthday bhai wo kisko sunai bhi nehi dia….. Kamal hai sirf vitharv ki love hi dikhai deta hai or sunaideta hai…… Love u frns don’t mind on my comment……

      1. S u may be right. But we r not thinking about a single person whom we love. Personally I love shashank. Dat doesn’t mean for sv we should separate vitharv who r already a pair. If we encourage ravidha means all r sufferers. No one will be happy. Take example of ramakant, he left his love physically and stayed with Suman. But his love for sujatha never changed. According to u he should fall for Suman. U know how Suman suffered from loveless life. But dat not happened. Because heart is different from brain. Dats all. If ravidha means same thing repeats. Den how come ravish is justified. Oh by getting vividha physically. Is dat justice. What about justice for vividha den. It’s impossible for her to express same feelings for ravish. Den how she is justified.wt about Atharv. From beginning he is d sufferer. N now lost his life (vividha). I won’t support ravidha.

      1. U don’t need to support. It seems u r d more selfish than vividha … ravish sacrifices his life .love everything for her f**king can’t she sacrifice her love ? It is good for decision for both family… u want to see vitharva making scene only right? Go watch porn than

  20. I want tht Ravish should hv a new start to his love story.. Kindly make a new entry of a girl for Ravish..
    This Ravish-vividha n Atharva-vividha is’nt working..actually Ravish n vividha dont act like a couple atleast not vividha…
    Give a new start to his lov life directors..
    N I feel vividha is not a perfect match for Ravish..the girl for such an special man shud also b a little special n not like her..
    Let her b wid Atharva …but a fresh story for Ravish plzzz…

  21. I think CVs is trying to create huge confusion amid ravidha and vitharve fans ,they are making people curious to know that whether which pair will unite at the end(ravidh/vitharve)..that’s why they are showing some ravidha moments along with vitharve moments
    Its a trick to increase the trp
    But it will be injustice with vitharve fans if they unite ravidha because they had already shown soo much vitharve moments till now..
    Those people who were watching the show from the beginning will understand my opinion
    I too feel bad for ravish …but vitharve is best and adorable couple

  22. I like atharva verry much & also ravish.Plzz director sr ravish ko villain mat bnana.Ravish you’re my hero man,love you so….much. I like ravish-vividha as couple.

  23. @Pinky…this is the proof that criticizers will always find a way to criticize u ..no matter how good u are,!!!

    1. Yes u r right, let me clear here, suman listen i m not friend of ravidha or vitharv . I am a frn of good character that may be atharv or ravish does not matter 4 me. I would like to say only ravish does n’t deserve such bad comments . I love all characters even Kk also & as a true viewer i have right comment on such a good thing. But why people takes name of shasank vyas who is he i know only ravish who plays a role of good son, good bro, good husband . I have only right for ravish not shasank ok or thanks for reacting ….. Just think agar shasank apni bare main bad comment dekhkar kya sochrah hoga.?

      1. Heheehh….
        Right we dun praise sashank here cuz we know he is awesome in real life … We praise Ravish i.e. a character played by him which is very appreciable bt yes he adds his simplicity n magic in that character….
        So dun think tht we are praisng Ravish bcuz we prsnally love sv cuz we have fb ,instagram ,twitter etc for tht..

      2. I never talked bad about sv. I said I like sv as actor than vikram. but as ravish he is soo Gd. But if after a girl saying about her past n present n future decision. N he promised he him self unite vitharv. N as a Gd person, most eligible hubby r not qualifications to be husband. As a human being vividha is also have right to take decision about her future. Wts wrong in dat. She feeling guilty for wt happened with ravish. But it doesn’t sense Gd she sacrifying her love n even atharvs for ravish. If she did dat because of guilt means, how ravish is justified. Every man expects loving wife. Not a wife who loves his brother.

      3. If I used sv in place of ravish it’s not intentional

  24. Why u guys r fighting ravish is great or atharv.just leave it both actors r superb

  25. If u r using fb, Twitter then u have to better understand about his feelings. Bcoz in personal relationship we never hurt our connected people using their professional life. Bcoz in a interview i had seen that shasank was upset to take his twitter comment that how frns commenting. Sorry but i haven’t any personal relation with celebrities & i just know them by their fabulous acting…….

  26. Yes.Sunanda n Pinky, both of u r absolutely right.I agree with you.

  27. Why did u save vividha ravish she should have died. As u saved her lif this new life is given by her u ravish

  28. Pls don’t let kailash’s evil plan win….let atharv and vividha be together…kailash never wanted atharv and vividha to b one so as a revenge they should be together

  29. Hi guys, Y every1 so serious abt a serial?we respect this forum to share our thoughts however at same time remember this ain’t real life……it’s reel.

    Suman, pls keep those hilarious opinions coming in….and b who u r.

    At the cost of all of us watching all 3 Atharva, Vividha and Ravish r making money n fame.

    Let’s hope we get some good entertainment and sensible 1.

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