Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kailash saying Sujata about the arrangements. He says we should begin marriage arrangements now. Uma thinks why is my heart sinking, what wrong is going to happen. Everyone go to temple. Vividha’s haldi ceremony starts. Uma asks Dadi shall we start haldi rituals. Dadi says yes. Uma applies haldi to Vividha. They get emotional. Dadi says whats need to apply haldi to Vividha, she is born beautiful like her Dadi. Guddu says apply haldi, as she has to look beautiful. Guddi applies haldi to her. Vividha messages Atharv.

Atharv reads the message. She writes whats this rasam, you and I can’t apply haldi to each other. He smiles. Kailash gets Suman’s call and goes out to attend. She asks how are you. Suman says we are fine, its haldi today right, give us house

address. Kailash says we are not at home, we came at temple so that we can get Mata blessings. She says we are close to that temple, we will reach in two mins.

Atharv asks Sujata is she going to temple. Sujata says yes, its Vividha’s haldi and I have to keep this dress in Mata’s feet, shall I leave. He says yes. Kailash asks Suman how is she coming here. Suman says its Vividha’s haldi, we had to come, and have to give bridal dress too. Kailash welcomes her and worries thinking to manage this. He gets worried seeing Sujata coming in the auto. Just then, Suman and her family arrive in the car. Kailash gets tensed seeing both Suman and Sujata coming with the shagun. He rushes and calls Uma. He says my special guests are coming, you have to welcome them well, don’t talk any rubbish.

Uma asks who. Kailash says my old friend and family. She asks who is such friend, I don’t know. He gets angry and says just attend them. Kailash welcomes Sujata and sends her. He then welcomes Ramakant’s family. Suman says we had to come and see Vividha’s haldi. She sees Vividha.

Dubey greets Sujata and congratulates her. He says I knew Vividha and Atharv’s Jodi is fixed by Lord. She smiles and goes. Dubey wonders why is Kailash ruining Vividha’s life by getting her married to milkman. Sujata applies haldi to Vividha. Suman says since relation got fixed, we all wanted to meet Vividha, this is her bridal dress, we want to give this to her and then keep it in Mata’s feet for blessings. Kailash says sure.

Sujata tells Vividha that she got bridal dress for her, but she will first keep it in Mata’s feet. Sujata keeps the dress near the idol and prays. Uma asks Sujata to come. Suman says we did not meet your wife Uma. Kailash says I will call her, we have a tradition that bride and bride’s mum do not see the bridal accessories, if you all agree to this… Suman says we respect your family traditions. He covers the things with a red chunri. He calls Uma and introduces Suman and her family. Suman says I m glad meeting you, is marriage arrangements going on well. Kailash says yes. Suman asks Uma are you happy with this relation. Uma says yes, a lot, because Ath…..

Kailash says its good that Vividha gets the groom as she wants. Suman hugs Uma and says I m content talking to you, I wish everything gets well. Uma says yes, we are getting a great son in law, Vividha and Ath….. Kailash does not let Uma name Atharv and does not let Suman name Ravish. He says I feel like both of them are like Radha and Krishna. He asks Uma to go, Maa is calling. Uma says sorry, I have to go. She goes. Dadi asks Uma to go to Sujata.

A flower falls over Vividha. She looks around. Another flower falls. She sees Atharv throwing flowers at her. She signs him to go. He asks her to come. She requests him to go. He signs he is waiting there. Suman asks shall we meet Vividha. Kailash asks her to come and gets worried. Guddu asks Uma who are these people. Sujata and Uma look on. Kailash asks Vividha to touch their feet. Vividha touches all elder’s feet and takes blessing. Kailash says Suman is like your Maa. Sujata says I feel like I m doing my daughter’s marriage.

Suman says its good to see you happy, it all happened so soon, are you happy with this proposal, say truth. Kailash asks Vividha why to be shy when she likes the groom. Vividha smiles and says yes, I m very happy with this proposal. Kailash asks her to sit and get haldi applied. Suman applies haldi to Vividha and smiles. Other members also apply haldi. Suman says we got this for you, and gives the shagun plate. Vividha gets puzzled.

Kailash tells Vividha that its blessings for life, take it. Vividha accepts it. Vividha asks shall I go and wash face and hands, its all haldi applied. Kailash says sure, go. Vividha goes out and meets Atharv. She asks did you come here. Atharv says if you can take risk of marrying, can’t I take risk to come here. They hold each other and smile.

Suman tells about Pariknama and goes out. Atharv and Vividha apply each other and get close. Suman comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG neither vividha or uma know what’s happening and even dadi is puzzled. Where are the society people now? I hope someone realises what kailash is doing soon.

    1. The show will from now go down hill from now as kailash. Totally stupid way the writers are saving all misdeeds of kailash.no point in watching ad atharva will go insane after Viv is marries Rajvish.

    2. All people in the temple stood silent as idiots and did ask who these people are applying haldi to Viv!! What a big joke by the makers of the show!!!!

  2. Lakshmi

    oh my…the excitement is growing day by day…hope atharv vividha ki shaadi ho jayegi..

    1. Nehi ho jaiga!! You are a fool to think that! Atharva step brother will marry viv and atharva in PAGAL KHANA

  3. guys just 1 hope we cn hv …ne hw suman see viv and atharv together alone and thts the end of kailash’s game…plz writer plz let ths happen ….plz dont break the hearts of fans…

    u cn bring as mny storms u like bt dont let viv marry ravish…plz i beg u

  4. math dekh sakhta vividha n atharv door jarathe. really paining a lot

  5. Nice episode

  6. Anyways its a known fact right from start that vividha would br marrying Atharv.

    Let’s hope vividha doesnt fall in live with Ravish post marriage.

    It would be better if vividha gets to know her fathers truth post marriage ans would also help sujatha and atharv getting the right respect from society as she is now in Ramakanths family

  7. Oops its a known fact that vividha wud be marrying atharvs step bro

  8. I’ve read the story will go along the lines of the film Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam where ravish will portray Ajays character from the film. Don’t know if it’s true though.

  9. todays viv acting was fabulous….vitharv jodi rocks…luv them

  10. But I feel after the marriage the show will start loosing its trp.

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