Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha calling Uma. Guddi asks whose call is it. Uma says Vividha’s call, what shall I say if she asks about Atharv again. Guddi asks her to answer. Uma answers the call. Vividha tells Uma that she has seen Atharv yesterday night again. Uma gets shocked and says no, you can’t see Atharv, this is your illusion. Vividha says no, I have seen him. Uma says I was going to call you, I got to know about Atharv. Vividha asks really, where is he.

Uma says Atharv and Sujata shifted out of city, he is fine, he opened a small stable. Vividha asks did he ask anything about me. Uma says do you want him to be suffering in your sorrow, stop asking this, you are married now, your family is so loving, such loving and respecting husband is got by difficulty, learn from my

life, learn to respect your husband. Vividha asks why are you saying this, shall I show I m not worried. Uma says you did deal for this marriage, now Ravish is your husband and you have to respect that family, will you do your duty. Vividha cries…..

Vividha says fine Maa, I did this deal to save Atharv’s life, and I will keep this deal just for him, anyways its not this family’s mistake, they are so good and does not know whats happening with me, I promise I will try my best to keep them happy and understand them. She cries. Uma says how would I say Vividha that Atharv died, I had no option than to lie. She cries. Vividha thinks she was feeling all that about Atharv. Ravish comes from washroom. She wipes her tears. He says you are still here. She says yes, I was just leaving. The door gets stuck and she pulls it. He sees the door and asks what happened. She says don’t know why this door is not opening.

He tries to open the door, and says I think it jammed. The door is locked from outside. Kalindi tells Bhoomi that its not a coincidence that Ramakant chose the girl to be his bahu who was Sujata’s neighbour, did you see Uma’s behaviour, she was scared as if she is hiding anything. Bhoomi says I don’t know. Kalindi says we know what should be Ravish’s likes and dislikes, but Suman does not know. Suman hears them. Kalindi and Bhoomi see Suman and stop talking. Suman asks Kalindi how can you judge Vividha like this, how did you think she does not care for Ravish, you have no right to tell about their relation.

Kalindi says I feel Vividha does not care for this marriage. Suman says you and Bhoomi have no work than to taunt. Kalindi says we say what we see. Suman tells every marriage is kept by both husband and wife’s trust and love, Ravish and Vividha will see how to keep their marriage, you did not keep your marriage…. Kalindi gets shocked by Suman’s taunt. Suman says every marriage relation is not same and goes. Kalindi says who is she to taunt on my marriage, Ramakant did not love Suman ever, and I know even Vividha does not love Ravish. Her son hears this and thinks if Vividha and Ravish are not on good terms, then I can wipe Vividha’s tears. He smiles.

Ravish pulls the door. The door opens. Ravish and Vividha fall down. He asks her is she fine. She nods. They both smile. He gets up and gives his hand to her. She holds his hand and gets up.

Vividha goes for breakfast. Everyone tease her and laugh. Kalindi says if Vividha’s family and Sujata were neighbors, there is some connection. Ravish sits to have food. Vividha serves him food. He gets a call and says I have to leave, I have some urgent work. Kalindi thinks Suman taunted me, see what I do now.

Someone goes to Ravish’s room and sees Ravish and Vividha’s marriage pic. Ravish talks to someone and says uncle, I m leaving, I can’t this hide from family, my wife has all rights to know this matter. Vividha comes there and he ends call. She says your wallet, you forgot this. He thanks her. She says I seriously want to help you, I know something is troubling you. The person breaks their marriage pic by throwing frame on the ground.

Vividha offers help to Ravish. The person/Atharv breaks the pic frame to pieces and leaves. Ravish says you have right to know everything, I promise I will tell you everything when time comes.

Kalindi passes by their room, and sees the pic frame broken. She gets shocked. Kalindi takes the broken frame and rushes to show Suman. She asks who did this, this is marriage first pic, this abshagun is made. Vividha comes and asks how did this happen. Kalindi says outside your room in corridor, where you have broken and thrown this, I know you don’t like Ravish, now you have trouble with the pic. She taunts Suman and says I knew Vividha does not like Ravish, she stays in her own world, tell me Vividha do you love Ravish or not. She asks Vividha to say she does not love Ravish.

Suman asks Kalindi do you really not like Ravish. They hear some sound and rush to check kitchen. They see everything messed up. Ravish makes Vividha lie down on the bed, while she slept. She talks in sleep and holds his hand, saying please don’t leave me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I read this in a spoiler:

    Ravish has hidden Atharv with him. He has found Atharv in wounded state and got him home for humanity’s sake. Atharv is recovering at Ravish’s home. Atharv has lost his memory after getting hit on his head. Ravish does not know Atharv is his step brother, and Vividha loves Atharv. The two truths will shatter Ravish.

    1. If ravish doesn’t know that atharav is his step bro..then why is he treating him in his house that also secretly.. If he is doing for humanity’s sake then he should have admitted him in the hospital and tried to inform his family..this is what people usually do when they find some1 injured..nobody takes an unknown person at home and treats him with out other family members knowing about this…how disgusting…

    2. It all makes perfect sense now. Ravish received his letter from his Papa…he told him everything including about Arhtava being his son and his last wish to marry Atharva and Vividha. I am not sure if he knows that the man he is trying to save is Atharva but I am certain he knows Vividha’s truth afterall his father asked him to give his life…his wife???

  2. The photo was broken by atharv.
    That bhoomi husband did not have any kind of shy.the way he touches viv hand nd the way he stares at viv is looking very akward.
    Poster of jndsd is nice.
    I think when atharv was beaten abdul chacha is not there.soo maybe sujata went 2 call an auto.at that temple atharv is lone nd ravish came 2 him.he did not find any one around him nd taken atharv 2 home.
    It means that even sujata nd abdul chacha did not know where is atharv.
    Precap is quit interesing.
    Tq amena di for update

  3. i don’t understand anything y atharv behave like this? where is sujatha? how ravish save atharve on time? y atharv dont open his emotions to vividha? i think he is mentally ill
    anyway let see ivide malayalikal undo

    1. undallo.

  4. are vah kya bakar serial banaya

  5. Hi all,
    From the last two episodes the suspense is unfolding. The person whom ravish is keeping in cupboard passage is adharv. Ravish came to know about vividha adharv from his father letter to him. I guess that he might have received that letter after he getting married to vividha. As it is shown that ravish came to marriage venue directly from battle field. So he couldn’t able to know about his father’s letter to him. Earlier it was shown that ravish has no clue about vividha ‘s strange behaviour. Once he got to know about vividha adharv relation through his father letter, he was silently observing her. In the previous episodes he asked vividha that he don’t know to read feelings and what was going in one’s mind. So tell him directly whether the marriage took place with vividha’s consent or not. But un the later episode ravish says that being an army person he was given training to understand what a person’s face expressions. By having that face reading training he know that vividha is hiding something. In the very recent episode ravish stops vividha from disclosing her truth. He was shown that he has concern for vividha. After reading the letter from his father ravish says that dad till now you haven’t asked me anything but now you are asking my entire life. It Seems that ravish fallen for vividha. I guess the photo frame breaker and the person who messed the kitchen is none other than adharv. as ravish talking to lawyer, it is a clue that ravish making legal arrangements to his divorce with vividha. As bakit hits adharv on head with hammer, adharv might have lost memory. But he only remembers vividha. By knowing ravish ‘s selflessness and his gratitude towards his father and concern for his mom, and respect towards vividha and for safeguarding adharv when he was in danger health condition, vividha accepts ravish. Finally bottom line is vividha says adharv show me how to love but ravish made me to learn how to abide by it. Finally adharv get cured. Ravish and vividha settle happily.

    1. Nice…. I guess vivida will fall in love with ravish

    2. We have have seen the Episide’s as much as you did , where you coming from talking all ish, that’s your Analysis, we know the outcome, we,ve watched it.Thank you..

    3. I’m sorry, but are you on of the writers on the show that you’re telling all of this with so much conviction and surety?

    4. Hi Usha…I agree with you 100 percent!!!!… Cinthiann1758

  6. lalitha bandaru

    I think, the writer ends the story as ravish @ vividha

  7. Dragging,dragging,dragging……please,go ahead

  8. Suspense,suspense and suspense.it is sure that atharv is kept in the hidden room.but what will be vivida’s answer whether she will say she loves or not.sometimes i feel vividha has accepted ravish as her husband and she also started to fall for him.

  9. When bhoomi husband manupulate viv maybe atharv will save viv from that cruel man

  10. I think until ravish reads the full letter and this is shown we won’t know what ramakant asked of him, why are the writers are dragging everything?

  11. Iam very big huge fan of this serial by watching the chemistry of atharv and vividha but later on like evry love story as usual nt at all interesting no. 1 waste serial i have seen these days waste to watch the serial nd time waste too i like to watch nly vitharva nt with ravish nd vivi ……….

  12. Hi guys… I’m new here.
    All ur guesses seems quite good n possible but I’ve several questions…

    According 2 ur guess first of all if Atharv lost his memory then why did he break Vividha – Ravish marriage pic?? I read in some spoiler ki Atharv comes back 2 take revenge from Viv. So if he really lost his memory why he came 2 take revenge??

    Also if Sujatha went 2 call someone n by the time Ravish came there n took Atharv wid him… Sujatha must have atleast went 2 Kailash or Uma n question dem na abt their doings n if Kailash took Atharv somewhere agn??

    Lastly Ravish was in the war na till the marriage time. So how did he come 2 take Atharv??

    Idk I’m toh totally confused… Well as far as I think may be Atharv is acting as if he lost memory 2 take his revenge… May be Ravish found Atharv when he went 2 meet some army man in the hospital because if u guys remember Uma, Dadi n Guddi also went 2 that hospital in search of Atharv n Dadi felt ki Atharv was there. May be Sujatha thinks that Atharv really died…

    These r all just my views guys…
    Well thanks itna bada comment padne ke liye… and tell me ur views 🙂

  13. If we agree with ushaji,what about atharv promised to vividha how fulfilled? I can’t accept ravish and vivifha relation.pls director ………

  14. I think atharv don’t even remember vividha. … Atharv has lost his memory ..so atharv may be angry on Ravish become…Ravish house arrested him..so that is y atharv break that photo frame on seeing Ravish photo in it.. it’s my opinion

  15. I have a doubt..can anyone explain. How can atharv rome like a free bird in Ravish house. That situram’s duty was to keeping eye on atharv, so how is he escaping from secret room and coming back before anyone reach der?????
    And In ystday episode atharv(mentally ill) was outside house. ..if he went to escape and caught by vividha. .then y is he returned to Ravish house? ???

  16. Finally ravish and vividha united,there is no respect for promise between lovers if u ask anything they say it’s practical life

  17. I just hope the writers don’t take it the way as HDDCS. Ravish should reunite atharv and vividha and if anything help atharv in punishing kailash and ankit. Today it took all the episode to get to yesterday’s precap and even then it’s going over into tomorrow’s episode.

  18. I admire the cast and crew of this show. Something new something thrilling. Not supernatural. Happy that many people watch this show

  19. Ravivid or athavivi

  20. Why atharv is scaring vividha always.he can Come straight to vivida nd talk 2 her..

  21. Atharv and vividha firse ekk nhi ho sakte kya.. ?
    Koi bataona plzzzzz….

  22. These r my views, I agree wit NS4, I think Atharv was stamping on Ravish. If he knew Vividha he Wud go to her, talk to her, say something even in anger, he’s got rage inside him but wit memory loss he doesn’t know why. So the only person he’s taking it out on us the person who bought him here, coz he knows he’s being locked away, Ravish. Does anyone honestly think if he remembered anything he’s not break free first to find Sujata n then to take Vividha away. Yesterday he was sat on the edge of the bed caressing Vividhas face. But when he looked at her directly he was blank/vacant like he didn’t know her. I think if they r going the Gajini way then he’s only getting 5 mins when he’s lucid maybe remembers bits of the past n then it goes. As for how Ravish found Atharv, when he was driving bk from battle he prob found him whilst Sujata went to look for help, so as far as Sujata is concerned he’s gone, n that’s prob y she threw that stone wit murderer on it n took Murali. Yes this serial cud go the Hum dil dekhe sanam way but surely the directors/writers want to do something a little different? Look wot happened to Saras n Kumud in Saraswatichandra. Surely those promises Atharv n Vividha shared weren’t for nothing?! Surely Kailash won’t triumph. Good Wil defeat evil. I know Ravish n family Hav done nothing wrong but hopefully in it all three families may unit. Sujata n Atharv wit Suman n Ravish, n Vividha n Atharv n the two brothers Ravish n Atharv. I’m sure I read somewhere once the brothers know about each other the story changes to two brothers n two mums n their relationships. I just wish they hadn’t given Ravish lead role, as Atharv has really set the scene well. Vikram is a brill actor n it shudnt b taken away from him unless this is just temporary. Let’s see how the story unfolds…. We r all talking bout it so the writers r doing something rite don’t u think….

  23. Vividha is very selfish nd dumb
    And usha u r wrong as atharva is lead character so atharva nd vividha jodi will b d best at last nd ravish will b shown as negative character

  24. Oh iv just watched the eppy fully, I said Bhoomi’s hubby had bhoori nazar, from the minute Vividha came to the house he’s had his eye on her, u just wanna gouge his eyes out n ask him to keep his hands to himself, creepy creepy…. N does anyone else not like the thing when it goes n cums bk from ad breaks, wots wit Atharv’s pic like a ghost???!!! I for one no matter how they portray Atharv, he’s not a character I can dislike, he’s always going to b my fav!

  25. Nice episode. I think Ravish and vividha made for each other ?

    1. Nn only vivida and atharv makr for each other

    2. Right

      1. Right hema

  26. Really thinking tat atharav is the lead….and after today’s episode from atharav I am very sure that ravish is becoming lead…and it is sp show and above all mrg is not joke …..and ravish is definitely doing a bettter job….and atharav is really acting as mentally ill…today for the first time I tought is this the real atharav…and I am very sure vividha will end up with ravish as he is more better match for her..

    1. agree with you . Ravish has good qualities and well behaving guy compare to Atharav. Ravish is the better match for her Vivida.Please Dont let ppl down

  27. Yes that’s true!!

  28. തിരിച്ചു കൊണ്ടുവാ atharvനെ plz

  29. Hello chumps
    I will be right for Arthaw to move to another city in this immense India and met a rich beautiful doctor, who is from who care of him and fall in love with him and helps him to develop his potential. Athwa and his mum together vividha’parents to attend a ceremony to break the marriage vows both made as free each other from the fangs of love and vidva refuses Athwa to marry and finds happiness . she believes sefishly that Atwa belongs to her only and nobody has the right to take away her love. This develops into a triangle love and she hates the new girl in Atwa’s life. Sujjata welcome her daughter cordially and bestows the motherly love. There is the element of Guddi’s love for ATwa and Atwa step-sister who unknowingly fell in love with Atwa .There can be many twists in this saga. Many love love twists and all love ATwa.

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