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The Episode starts with Suman praying at the temple. She prays for Ravish and Vividha’s happiness and ties the cloth to the tree. It burns. Kalindi calls out Suman. Suman gets shocked and pulls the cloth away to blow off fire. She gets shocked. Ravish says Vividha is needed to make Atharv fine. Vividha requests Sujata to let her be with Atharv. Sujata agrees and feels Atharv’s love is a burden.

Pandit tells Suman about Ravish’s future prediction, his life has sorrow, he may have a heart break. She asks him to do something. He says we can just predict future, but can’t do anything for it. Vividha apologizes to Ravish. She says I will take Atharv’s responsibility and take him from here, I will step out of this marriage and house, I can’t make you helpless, you need a better

wife and this house needs a better bahu, whats the meaning to bear the burden of the relation which did not start, I will take Sujata and Atharv, let me go out of this relation.

Kalindi says Suman, I told you Ravish’s marriage will suffer, I did not feel this right. Suman says there is no problem in Vividha, its related to our house’s matters. Kalindi says its not that you feel, what is the meaning of all this. Ravish tells Vividha that its not easy to leave from here, I can’t believe that Atharv is a responsibility on me, he is my brother and this house’s member, he will stay here and even you, so that you take care of my brother, after hearing everything, I understood one thing, this mangalsutra’s value is nothing in your eyes, it signifies a relation, I will lighten you with this relation and burden of this mangalsutra. He asks her to give the mangalsutra.

Suman says I believe Vividha, she loves Ravish, there is no one in her life, she will not do anything wrong with Ravish. Ravish removes the mangalsutra. Vividha and Ravish’s marriage is shown in reverse. Vividha cries.

Ravish says we are not husband and wife from today, we are linked by my mum, she has accepted you by heart and loved you, you will stay here for my mum’s sake till Atharv gets completely fine, then I will tell them the truth, I promise I will make you marry Atharv, till then this should be a secret, give me some time, I will not cheat my mum, I have to keep Atharv here, you will also stay here, don’t think this is my request, its an order.

He says if there is anyone in these relations, its me and I should leave. Vividha says wrong happened with you, I won’t let wrong happen with you more, you took responsibility of Atharv, I will manage your and this house responsibility, I will do all bahu duties. She takes back her mangalsutra and wears it. Ravish asks Situram to make Atharv reach his room, I have to do other works too.

Ravish goes to room and cries. He recalls Vividha and sees the wedding photo. Jaana na dil se door………….plays…………… He holds her photo and cries thinking of her. He says Maa felt my love story will never be incomplete, but my love story ended before it started. He cries. He says Vividha never loved me, am I so bad. He sees Ramakant’s pic and says don’t worry, its hard for me to make my heart small, the respect which you could not get for Sujata and Atharv, I will get that for them, even if I have to bear lots of pain. I will bear it, you don’t worry.

Suman comes home and calls out Ravish and Vividha. Ravish wipes tears and goes out. Vividha and Ravish take Suman’s blessings. Vividha says you came very late. Suman says there was much line for Darshan at temple. She gives Mata’s sindoor to Ravish and says this is blessing, fill this sindoor in Vividha’s maang, fill long maang for a long life and relation. Ravish looks on.

Ravish takes the sindoor and purposely makes it fall down. Suman gets worried. Vividha looks at Ravish.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If ravish is really gentleman he should stand for his promise. I accept indian culture n traditions are great. But now a days divorce cases also increasing in number. Y because just lack of love n understanding. They r taking for silly reasons. Den y not here. Vitharv already consider them selves as married souls . Den y they should separated.can vividha able to forget time spent with atharv n share same feelings with ravish. Can she delelop bonding with ravish wn atharv is in her heart. It is torture for every one. Every second she will die remembering atharv if they r separated. But writers can do anything. Plz writers bring parallel female lead for ravish. I love vitharv, their chemistry, emotions n understanding

  2. oh no someone is here saying dat ravidha is gonna unite nd atharv is going to help to unite them nd atharv was nt a lead role . What rubbish dat means dis serial was also folowing d same rule like other serials nothing new in dis serial also . I thought dat dis serial was difrnt bt i was wrong.

  3. Wowww!!!!!
    Hand’s off to this brainless Director!!
    Before this High drama,, day started with Dewali…. Dewali means crackers not to stay in temple whole night.. That to they don’t even feel one of family member missing in home temple( if u guys remember vividha gone behind atharv when whole ravish family praying to god) after opening eyes no one thought abt vividha…. Wat a great thought by writers!!!!!
    Whole night ravish family members not present in house.. but in temple
    That too no male members… Nly ladies in temple…then where was ravish grandpa and that vipul.
    Its not any karvacuth,, or not any fasting day for women’s to stay in temple….its dewali celebration r made at home with crackers…
    No cracker’s nothing.. Just sleep at temple wat a logic yarrrrr
    Most important… Ravish left army work and serving his family… Wat a great job by brainless writer/director. till show ends ravish will be on leave..wow that’s a great thought stupid stop nonsense…

  4. I am a working Lady so that I cant watch this serial at 5:30 so please do the repeat telecast after 7:30pm onward…

  5. I think we will see ravali vivid not atharvivdh. Serial is going good.

  6. Serial is giving very gud twists

  7. “Nayi Soch” means Vitharva should unite.True love should win..Ravish should move on and get married to someone.What’s the point of staying with someone who doesn’t love you.Please writers let the power of true love overcome all obstacles and Vitharva unite. For Vividha it’s useless to carry the namesake relationship.Marriage is a sacred thing , but when there is no love and it is a burden on some one then better to break the ties as soon as possible.Please don’t follow Hum dil de chuke sanam.Sujata suffered so much and never got what she deserved, same thing should not happen to her son.Its a request writers follow your “nayi soch” and let the lovers unite.

    One more request to the channel I am a working girl, so not able to catch the telecast in the evening.Kindly make a slot for it anytime between 7-11 PM.

  8. Antonio conte

    Good evening…frnds

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