Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv and everyone coming home. They see family members lying on ground unconscious. Atharv calls doctor. Vividha looks for Madhav. Guddi checks Ankit. They all look for Madhav. Vividha says I checked well, Madhav is not here. Ravish says even Kangana is not here. Ankit gets up and holds his head. They all ask Ankit where is Madhav. Ankit says she took him. Ravish asks who. Ankit says I don’t know her name. Vividha says Kangana is not at home, she did all this.

She says Atharv, she took my Madhav. She cries and says I can’t lose my son, please find him. He asks her to calm down. She says I can’t lose both my children in one day. Atharv says let me just check, there will be recording in camera. He gets the hidden camera and checks. They see some girl attacking

Ankit. Vividha says its Kangana. Guddi sees the blood on ground and gets shocked. She says blood. They all get shocked and follow the blood marks, going upstairs to Vividha’s room. Atharv opens the cupboard and sees Madhav lying unconscious inside, with blood in his hands.

They all get shocked. They make Madhav lie on the bed and ask him to open his eyes. Kangana comes there. Vividha sees her and gets angry. Kangana sees Madhav. Vividha slaps Kangana. She asks why did you do this with my son, I permitted you to stay here, you will never change, Madhav is your son, why did you do this. Kangana looks on.

Madhav says mumma, its not my blood, its Kangana’s blood. Kangana gets shaken up. Madhav says some bad people came. Kangana walks to Madhav and asks are you fine. She falls over Ravish. Ravish holds her. Kangana’s back bleeds. They all get shocked.

Later, Atharv and Ravish talk to everyone. Ravish tells them police informed about some new gang, who entered Delhi, they run away to their city after committing the crime, they are dangerous people, they see if house is vacant, if house has few members, they attack the family members, they add something in food first. Ankit says that’s why I got dizzy by having food, I went out for sometime, then a man came there with a butter milk pot. FB shows the man asking Ankit to have butter milk and insisting a lot. Ankit thinks the man needs money and pays some money. He returns home. The man looks at him and smiles. FB ends.

Ankit says I had food and buttermilk in breakfast, I fainted in kitchen, when I got conscious, I could not see anything well, when I came out, I saw a girl, she has hit something on my head and I fainted there, I thought its Kangana, but I m sorry Kangana I misunderstood you. Ravish says our fate was good, the gang kidnaps little children from home and sell them, Kangana risked her life and saved Madhav.

Sujata says yes, don’t know how she faced that dangerous gang. Kangana says when I saw the girl attacking Ankit…. FB shows Kangana asking the girl what does she want. The men come behind. Kangana takes Madhav. The men try to snatch Madhav from her. Kangana pulls Madhav’s hand. The man teases Kangana. Kangana fights with them. The girl stabs Kangana’s back. Kangana pushes the girl and runs upstairs with Madhav. They follow Kangana. FB ends. Kangana says they thought we have run away from window and left. Sujata says then we came there, they attacked us, we heard something in semi conscious state. FB shows the men saying police jeep is around, we should leave. Sujata sees the men leaving. FB ends. Sujata says if you were not here today Kangana, don’t know what would have happened. Vividha says Kangana, please forgive me, I scolded you and raised hand on you, you gave a new life to my son. Kangana says what are you saying, it was my duty.

Its night, Vividha says when I saw blood in Madhav’s hands, my biggest fear came in front of me, I died many times in that one moment, we can’t be careless. Atharv says I felt I should have been there in Madhav’s place, I should have got Madhav’s wounds, thank Lord nothing happened to our child. She says you were right, I will get trapped in this search, I promised I won’t be careless but what shall I do, shall I stop this search, we were running behind a dream and here we got careless about Madhav. Atharv says no, we will not stop this search, we started this, but I lost, when we got close to our child, we can’t stop this, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Madhav, we will take care of Madhav more, we have to save that child, even if that girl is ours or not.

Atharv and everyone see the accident. Vividha says I know this jeep, my daughter was kidnapped in it. Atharv asks about the man and girl. Inspector says we got an adult man’s burnt body.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Friends watch this segment of Shivik.


    ShiVik are too sweet. Wished the interview was a bit longer.

    ShiVik are just like us. Like most of us here, they also liked the phase 1,2 of JNDSD, its content, Vitharv scenes, the rawness and natural free flowing chemistry between them. They don’t seem to be that interested in the artificial tracks which came up and coming up because they were being diplomatic when they were talking about them. So they also get mesmerised like us while watching Vitharv onscreen.
    No guesses after this, content is the reason JNDSD is not able to reach its true potential which it has set with phase 1 rather than anything else.

    1. veerrrrr? in yesterday’s epi I replied u.but didn’t publish. yesss dear I also saw it.one year celebration.sooo sad….shivik can’t help us…really…. cvs hate u.we need Ajmer.but two patnayiks never listen the Fan’s hearts….they do what they want. they always cheat….us.

    2. Ya I also saw that video and even they are interested in such natural scenes ..don’t know when we will get back that golden moments

    3. Yp veer bhaya I to watched this interview nice and shivik have magical chemistry even off screen sivani said ” I love working with vikram” ,and we had so many give and takes”. ,if I talk vikram talk all r same” love u shivik??????

  2. Nice episode kagana good atleast today I liked her???

  3. Sunanda12345

    Ohhh….that lady is just a theif…..
    Avg episode….

    Guys my exams gets completed….iam very happy ??????????

    1. congratulation sunanda

  4. @pinky n @sandy dear…..u know what…yesterday I replied u but dis TU didn’t publish my comments.?infact my another 2 comments also…not published. what is this?????I’m really angry on u TU……

    1. Don’t worry dear yesterday my comments were also not published, so I again typed it ..it happens ?

  5. I think the burned body is another drama of kk.

  6. awww kangana changed a lot….omg but dis cvs again try to fool us.I mean yesterday’s epi’s one part was just meaning less. just time wasting…. there’s nothing…. I think cvs try to show kangana’s greatness. den again kangana easily harms ……no no no….

  7. 100% they will pair kangana and ravish if it becomes true i will stop watching this show if ravish marry guddi i will be happy if no bye bye jndsd

  8. soooo now that s new gang will try to kidnap vitharv’s daughter.
    kk….isn’t the adult man never…..
    or may be vitharv’s daughter was already kidnapped by this gang….bcoz she’s missing from car….don’t know…. let’s see

  9. Asana321


    “In few days there has no featured about jndsd
    So I thought create a feature in my style”

    Serial jndsd’s current track is child replaced track
    Vitharv’s girl child replaced to kangana(Tara)’s boy child
    Replaced by kailash kashyp to revenging vitharv
    Everyone find the truth so vitharv is start her mission to recognizing the child

    Are you excited about saw the child??? Please vote
    You can do vote as your comment
    Options are
    a = very excited
    b = no
    c = I can’t say
    Please vote

    1. It’s interesting than some of the previous episodes and nice idea asana ?

    2. asana dear I’m not very excited….. I’m very very very very very very very very ……. excited

    3. Aleya.marzan

      verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy excited

    4. Really excited ???nice idea dear

    5. Sunanda12345

      Very excited

  10. Seriously y does kangana always keeps falling on ravish? I want giddish and I think most of us want giddish ,right?

  11. Giddish*

  12. I think another love triangle will be started betn ra-guddi and Tara.It is not fact I really happy for shivik interview pick. They looked very closer.good night shivik fans.love you vikku

  13. Oh so they are thieves…relieved because I thought that it was the beginning of another drama.
    Vivi now also she realizes her ‘laparvah’ after happening some of the other incident…precap …probably it will be kk’s next drama because kk’s character cannot end like this..tmrw they will get that girl seen in the ig video and bring her to home.

  14. Aleya.marzan


    1. Aleya, KK is alive and he has to be alive to get his deserved gifts from VITHARV. I’m expecting KK- Vitharv face off to be the last track of the show.
      Good morning…☁️⛅️?☀️

      1. Wat u mean by last track of the show veer bhaya????????

    2. Asana321

      Good morning

  15. https://youtu.be/QqMagng_IyU
    Omggggg!!!!see this i am laughing through out the seg.they have done kuni to our favourite jndsd 1st song ?????….They r more concentrated in eating cake…It was sooo funny….my vikku and kabeer r looking tooooo good???…and today’s shivik seg also tooo good.

  16. Aleya.marzan

    ALL R IGNORING ME ?????????

    VIZ DI MY TWITTER ACCT NAME IS Aleya Marzan why didn’t u reply??? u asked it right

    1. I have started following u dear…???.u also start following me than we can have more fun there.gud mrng and have a nice day dear….

    2. https://twitter.com/Anji17_/status/862588828271468545
      See this guy’s it’s vitharv daughter “kushi”.see how much beautiful is she.she was sooooooooo cute.her real name is kimisha.I loved her like anything.?????????

  17. guddish!!!

  18. Now I’m 1000% sure, the present director and editor worked previously for CID or CRIME PATROL or SAAVDHAN INDIA. They’re good at showing crime scenes. I’m done with this stupid dumb director and his editor. Just watching this only for ShiVik’s acting and not even for Vitharv love story because it ended with the leap and after that its only shown in bits and pieces. I don’t think Vitharv intense love story will come back seeing the current level of direction and editing. Delhi isn’t the place for Vitharv story, it’s all looking artificial in Delhi. Ajmer is the place where it has all started, where they fought for their love, where they cried for each other, where they shared their happiness, where they loved, where they dreamt about their future. Ajmer has their love in its air. Don’t want to see this dumb Delhi and it’s batch but these CV’s can’t move to Ajmer because of Ravish, Kangana. So sad but CV’s with their meaning less twists complicated the whole story. I would be very happy if CV’s come up with one more stupid twist and Vitharv, Sujatha, Madhav, Vitharv’s daughter and dadi goes back to Ajmer.

    1. U r absolutely right veer….

  19. Guys see this
    They were sooooooo nice.the correct bonding of shivik came out clearly in this seg.even like us they also love phase1 a lot.they used one word”magical” which we always use to describe phase1.shivani told that she did not see any actor doing role like vikku up to now…It done something to me.I felt like crying and also happy.vikku is very broad minded person…His answer about fan wars was just fantastic.when i was watching this seg i felt sooooooo happy and only one thing running in my mind is to share that happiness with u guys.now I have shared with u and feeling sooooooo relaxed & double happy now.u guys don’t know how my state use to be before joining with u ppl but after joining here I can’t explain how happy I am.thank u all guys for my happiness…love you all sooooooo much.I use to become mad bcoz of not understanding with whom to share my happiness and sorrow but after coming here I have got a big family to share everything about me.I am feeling like there was a big strength back of me. automatically I am crying when i am typing this.this says how much love i have on u guys…Once again love u all…..???????…….

    1. Luv u tooooo pinky dear ????

    2. Love u pinky???

    3. Hi pinky dear. I too enjoyed this fabulous shivik segment. I too loved their bonding bw each other .But nowadays I felt something happened to their bond bcz of feeble 1 yr clbrn, absence of shivi on clbrn, gloomy faces of actors in clbrn etc.But it seems to everything is fine. I really hope to be continue shivik bond like this.And it is true shivik really expressed our views. Shiviks &our minds connect each other I think. They also missing old jndsd just like us.No words .it was a fantastic sgmnt and funny too. I liked shivani’s frog fear .Bcz I have also frog fear? & vikram teasing and enacting shivani ??.
      I liked this shivik sgmnt too much .one of the best shivik segments.
      Now I am waiting for that sgmnt ‘Atheesh segment ‘?

    4. Love to pinky?????

    5. Sunanda12345

      Luv u pinky ??

  20. Friends another bonanza ShiVik interview.


    Watched it just now. ShiVik are unreal and special. They are too good to believe. They do miss the phase 1 and Prateek Shah direction badly, as most of us do. They too are happy with the extension. The way we don’t want them to go away from us, similarly they also want to stay put with the show and don’t want it to end soon. Vikram was too funny, he enacted Shivani. My God Shivani gets scared for little things and runs away in fear, so sweet.

    I was disappointed after watching today’s episode because of the way it’s directed and this video made me emotional. Thanks to this video I can sleep peacefully without disappointment.

    Good Morning fam…..!!!!!

  21. This show stinks

  22. Missing old jndsd and guddi. This vashist house is a mess nothing good happens in this house.
    Y is this CVS not shooting in Ajmer,instead of that stupid Delhi house.

  23. Hi friends .Good morning. Where r u all ?
    What is this ? So many low cmnts? What happened to u all ?
    If u all heard our show got an extension of nly 2 months (some medias said that but still waiting for official announcement as actors and anyother related to show didn’t said about these 2 months yet) .
    If it is true then we r going to miss each other soon.Remember we will never meet again here ,we can never share our happiness or sorrow with each other.so pls come back every body. We have nly a few days .2 months r short period of time .
    I couldn’t cmmnt yesdy bcz of heavy rain ,lightening &thunder .
    Nothing more to say about yesrdy epsd as it was a bit illogical. But when I watched the super duper shivik segment I bcm superhappy. Bcz I became too disappointed after the 1yr clbrn. But after watching the wonderful shivik sgmnt now feeling sooooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyy.
    I know many cmmnts didnt get publish ystrdy. Even mine too. Thats y very low cmmnts. Anyway pls come back frnds &
    Aailya where r u dear ? Did u reply me ysdy ?

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hiiii xyz

  24. Hello friends Gud evng…
    Where r u all????
    @usha sis,xyz,aailya, viz pinky,sandy,linah,sunanda,raone,aleya marzan,Aliza,asana,143,nazneen,veer vismaya,Pooja,nikh,Diya,Dolly,etc..Etc..Vitharv fans …Sry if I forget anyone..
    Have a nice day..????
    Come back… Everybody…So many people are missing…???
    Without all of u comment section is incomplete…

    1. ????me too feeling the same

    2. Gud evng dear …how r u feeling now?
      Ya missing many frnds but I think in yesterday’s episode nothing much to comment ..so it will be a reason.
      Take rest and get well soon ?

      1. @sandy..Now I am ok dear..Bt I have to take rest for more weeks..
        Nothing to comment on yesterday’s episode..I too think that that’s why they r not commenting…But missing them soo much…
        Also some ravish fans also missing..Where r they..??

  25. Aleya.marzan

    all my vitharvians plz………………………………….. read this

    usha di said it now even i agree we should make a group on fb. plz……….. reply who r agree with me???

    1. I agree with that suggestion but there are many frnds who don’t have an FB account..so there should be a solution for that also, right.
      And aleya u created FB account?

  26. RAOne

    ya agree….. it good way to connect….. its not necessary to revial your true identity…. we make one id more for jndsd group right…. aleya ….. but i think you are too young so how will you connect with us…..

    Hey by the way posted episode 13 sirf tum hi ho and….

    i want to share something that……
    12 may i.e tomarrow i’m going to turn 19…. .. ya it my birthday… tomarrow… but can’t celebrate at all exam tension…. of 14 may….

  27. I am very very very very…much… interest to join in fb.please everyone reply on usha di

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