Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha calling out Ravish. Atharv tries to break the door. Suman, Uma and Sujata come to Vaishno Devi temple to pray. Atharv and Vividha reach Ravish. Atharv sees him and gets Ravish’s blood in hand. He recalls Ravish’s words. Vividha and Atharv free Ravish. Vividha says if they see us… Atharv says Lord is with us, none can stop us from taking Ravish. Atharv lifts Ravish and takes him. He signs Vividha to come. All the terrorists are sleeping. They leave. Ravish is unconscious. Vividha says we will cross border now, we will not let anything happen to you Ravish. Ravish gets conscious and looks around.

Uma gets dizzy and falls on stairs. Suman and Sujata hold her. They climb the stairs. Ravish falls down. Atharv says he got conscious. Ravish tries

to run away. Vividha shouts Ravish. Atharv says that side is of enemies, come here, the border is this side, why are you going there. Ravish pushes Atharv. Atharv says we will solve our problems at home, please come with us. Vividha asks why are you running away and not saying anything. Ravish tries to speak.

Vividha says wait Atharv, Ravish wants to say something. Ravish tries to say bomb…… Vividha looks at him. Ravish says bomb….. They get shocked.

Atharv stops Ravish and says we will live together and die together. He recalls Ravish’s words. Atharv finds the bomb at his bomb. Atharv asks Vividha to find something to cut off the bomb. The time gets less. Sujata, Suman and Uma sing bhajan and pray. Vividha says nothing will happen. Atharv stops Ravish. He removes the bomb jacket and runs away with the bomb. He throws the bomb away and it explodes. They all bend down.

The terrorist comes there. Vivivha recalls the man who was following her. She says Atharv, this is the man who was following me. Rest of the men come there. Atharv, Vividha and Ravish get shocked seeing the group of terrorists. The man says you thought you will step in our land and we will not know, we are not fools like you, we knew about you before itself, if you say urdu and offer Namaz, will we believe you are Muslims, real Muslim is known by his eyes.

Atharv says the Muslim in our country talks by love, not hatred. He talks of Abdul uncle. The man smiles and loads a gun. He says we knew about you and did this drama, we made Ravish drink such water by which we could not talk, so that he could not say his back has bomb, my men were awake when you took Ravish, it was our plan, we wanted you to take Ravish to army cantonment, so that blast happens there, you thought you are fooling us, you did what we wanted, but you ruined our plan here, anyways, if not army, we will kill you here.

Atharv, Vividha and Ravish fight with them. Their mothers are seen praying at temple. The man shoots and aims at Vividha. He asks them to stop. Vividha says don’t be scared, beat them Atharv. The man says I think you don’t like easy death, its fine, we will have some fun. He asks Vividha to come with him. He asks her to remove her clothes.

Atharv and Ravish get shocked. Atharv shouts and asks the man to mind her language. The man laughs and says this woman has two men in her life, one husband and other love. Atharv says I will bury you here if you say a word. Vividha says I will die, but not remove my clothes. The man talks cheaply. Atharv asks Vividha not to do this and not get scared. Vividha says no, I m not scared, I won’t do this. The man says I can also remove your clothes.

They get the indian flag and get firetorch. The man says indians are patriotic, now prove how much dear is the flag for you, remove clothes else…… the flag will burn. Atharv says please don’t do this, no one asks for such sacrifice. Vividha says its very small sacrifice for my country. The man smiles and sees her. Atharv and Ravish get shocked.

She removes her gloves. Atharv shouts no… Vividha. The man threatens to burn the flag and asks her to remove clothes. She removes her dupatta. She sees the flag. Atharv and Ravish look on shocked. Suman, Uma and Sujata are praying at temple. Vividha holds her shirt to remove and cries.

The man says Ravish has done many sins, today Ravish will beg to us and apologize. Someone shoots the terrorists.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Have a happy morning to Mia pinky and jyoti and all jndsd fans

    1. Good morning Eswari dear

  4. Wonderful episode it was. Loved to see brother bond .. enjoying a lot vitharv scenes.
    eagerly Waiting for next episode…

  5. @ meghana ,just getlost u stupid and idiot.how dare to scold ravish fans megha,sripriya,abhishek,sanhita,ravi ,murthy, and so on .we wont spare u .ravish fans just ignore this stupid meghana and vithrav fans.

    1. Palm how dare you talk to meghana like this. If I support vitharv fans it doesn’t meant that iam fan of vitharv.I don’t want fight in the section.
      Learn something from eswari,mia and jyothi. Being a ravish fan they support atharv also.I also did the same only.
      Please don’t fight with vitharv fans..By doing this we are defaming ourselves and ravish fans.

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    Good morning.
    Have a great day.

    Waiting for today’s episode. What happen to Atharv, vividha and ravish. And who shot terrorist. Army or bro’s???

    1. Hi 143 ,No idea of today’s episode.Let us wait and see dear.

      Good morning dear

    2. Gudmrng 143 dear.
      And I saw in a vdo that when vividha begin to remove her dresses then atharv shouts and runs towards vividha. And hearing the sound of shooting and then shows atharv fall down.Then vividha shouts atharv. And ravish get shocked.
      I think Indian army men may be shoot terrorists as in ystrdy precap.

    3. Hi,
      HOw are u ?

      Thank you .Wish you the same .

      And they didn’t show Athrv getting shot in precap .

      1. i am fine Thank you.
        And Yeah. no atharv scene in precap. But there is a promo.. as @xyz said..Atharv will get shot on his legs by terrorist.
        link for you:

    4. Hi 143. I searched in Internet so I came to know that today is promise day☺

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  10. @suman.
    Thanks for d twitter info. Just checked it. Really super dialogue.

  11. Hello..guys D one who wants to spoil JNDSD page has DONE ur job. Will u guys plz leave this page for viewers sake. We need peaceful and joyful day. So plzzzzplzzzz
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    1. hiee 143..
      i’m here only.. and i’m absolutely fine..
      but nothing much to comment about story line… same dragging and loosing interest day by day..
      the only reason to comment is only you people..
      i usually watch only 2 daily soaps.. one is this and another one is ganga(&tv) but two serials are became worst..
      gangaa story line totally changed and they get all new cast except gangaa really that is so much disappointing.. and this you all know how is it now.. and another thing some disturbances here that’s why i’m not interested to comment..
      but i’l definitely comment for you people..
      and good afternoon everyone..
      and 143 bin kuch kahe newly started and i like it very much after this 2 serials so if you have interest come to there..

      1. Thanks for d requesting for new show. Actually i watch only one show if i like.. previously only DABH. After that. Now JNDSD regularly. so till it ends i can’t get intrest on rest of shows..if possible i will try Ok!!!

  13. Adharv Vividha are the best soulmates.Ravish is a barrier there.

  14. Gud afternoon everyone.

  15. ravish and vitharv pls be safe and cum back asap,,,ravish missing ur charm and smile very badly,,after dis track u must b very happy ravish,,,don’t use our captain as a bridge b/w vitharv,,how many times he has 2 suppress his own feelings,,it’s enuf,,v can’t bare dis anymore,,introduce an understanding nd lovable soulmate 2 our captain very quickly…

    1. Well said my [email protected] but what can we do than else watching..,these director/writers has gone mad on triangle.
      why don’t they bring parallel female lead for Ravish.. and clear all mess asap. hell with directors.

    1. Cant vote .
      We need to sign up for twitter to vote .

  16. Yes may be Army people shot them.
    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode.
    @Joe di. I’m good di. Where were you?
    What Vividha removes her clothes??????. That stupid terrorists shame on that stupids. I know due to that liquid’s reaction Ravish din’t said anything. But he was angry.

  17. Hello everyone…good aftrn…how r u all??…happy promise day dears…

    Suman di.. xyz…143…nikh…nidha..aaliya..joe di..nazneen..neemu..sachin…aisha…today is promise day..all of yu promise dat u ll never lev comment section no matter wat…love yu all…pinky promise…??

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      1. I like dulquer chechi but not more than my Vikku. For me always my first
        Preference will be Vikku only.Not only now but forever. No one can replace his place in my heart.
        I love him infinitely.
        My dream will come true if he marries Shivani in real life.
        Love you Shivik a lot. ??????

      2. Aailya. ???
        I also wish to unite them in real life.
        Suppose if vikram will marry shivani ,then I will become ????????????????????????

      3. I will cry out of excitement.

      4. hey aailya..
        i’m also a fan of dulquer salman.. by watching 2 movies kali and Bangalore days i became a fan of dqs.. and i like kali movie very much and sai pallavi also great actor and she is so cute..
        of course i don’t understand malayalam word to word but we can get a idea of story line that’s why i watch some malayalm movies..

    2. Aaha . Pinky promise ??

      No ma I cant.

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  18. Vikram singh Chauhan want to reply every one on valentines day.
    Any one want reply can tweet him

    1. We need to have account na Suman di for this.

      Anyways If anyone talk to him ,tell him to marry Shivani Surve on and off screen. Haha ,But really I wish .

      1. Ya neemu.I also wish same. Really they r made for each other in both onscreen and offscreen.oh my dear shivik ??? we want uuuuu.

      2. S. Just open one account. 5 minutes work na. I opened twitter n insta for jndsd. It’s not a bank account. Ha ha. ??

      3. I will see .
        how will it be ? Good ??

    2. Iam over the moon suman di. I don’t know how excited iam feeling now. Thank you so much for the information suman di.
      I can’t believe it actually. Finally it is happening on Valentine’s day.

      1. What will you ask or say vikram Aliya ?

      2. So many questions are there in the mind.I think most probably everyone will ask him one question whether he will marry Shivani or not. Iam very confused. But I will reach final conclusion by Monday.

      3. ?????????????????????????

        ALL THE BEST Dear Aailya. Don’t forget to share ur experience with us .but I have a doubt if vikram will bcm angry by that qn?
        No no dear pls ask that qn.Hope he will give positive answer ie he will marry shivani. ???
        I m eagerealy waiting for his respond.

  19. Hello I am from Pakistan ,Pakistan is fool only in Indian serials not acttualy did u guys forget ,,him Lahore mein breakfast karain ge,,
    So Never point finger on my country

    1. u r absolutly wrong dear.. no one feel like wat u said. Ofcourse as u said in movies and show they show like that means. wat can we do yar..
      in reality relations should be good right…y do u take its personal yar. leave it.

      if u think all indians feel d same. then i have example to tell. our country girl married ur country men. do u know that, who is she. sania merza- Shoaib Malik.
      Movies,Serials are different and real life is different.
      last thing i want to say is..All people are not same.., some people in your country hates india, and some people in india hates pakistan. i doesn’t mean all are same Ok!!

      1. 143 ,yeah I know sania and shoaib but I said what I feel if u feel bad so sorry and I know all are not same but this dramas director is doing to much no one can watch or think obout Pakistan like this aur Jo ho raha h WO agar him pak Ind army mein rehney rein to acha h and I also love India and again sorry if u feel bad?

      2. @minal. Yeah i can understand ur feelings.
        Again misunderstandings will start with this Sorry and Thanks. so no need
        So we need understanding. it may be country issue or any other things.

      3. So leave this conservation and let get a new start … By I am minal khan from Pakistan and I like jndsd

      4. Sorry it,s hy

  20. Hi good afternoon my dear friends eswari, pinky & jyoti…….have since day…..
    @nikh…i also watch gangaa(&tv). &u are right they totally changed the story line…..which is unfair to the viewers but in daily soap this is not new they all are same they are doing anything for trp……..BYE BYE DEAR FRIENDS….. Take Care…

    1. ya mia..
      really i’m almost all crying by hearing sagar is quitting the show..
      how can we watch with out sagar and how can we forget saga love story really it was an amazing story..

  21. This time the show is defamin pakistani people
    Pakistan people are majorly Muslims and in Islam we respect each other

    1. Even we respect you dear

    2. Yes u said right Sarah bibi

    3. And I am from Pakistan ,,Islamabad ,,

    4. @Sarah Bibi.
      Plz don’t get anger on us. what can we do for makers wrong.So plz calm down.Plz read my comment posted for @minal

  22. Have a nice day *sorry for typing mistake

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  24. @gowri getlost u transgender.frm vithrav fans.

  25. I know you are lil stupid.Why are using vitharv fans name you coward. You don’t have courage also blo*dy rascal.

  26. yes I promise not keave comment section till the end od jana na dil se door by vividha atharva fan

  27. yes I promise not keave comment section till the end od jana na dil se door by vividha atharva fan

  28. Eva1

    Hello everyone, if you are interested this is an upcoming dialog of Ravish Sunjiv Puri posted it on Twitter a couple of hours ago

    RAVEESH… logon ko ishq mein shaayar bante sunaa tha…. galatfehmi mein shaayar bante aaj dekh raha hoon…

  29. @gowri ,getlost u rascal. u are big coward.how dare u to question my name?you blo*dy rascal.just getlost.

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