Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Ravish recalling Avinash’s words after seeing a package. He rushes home and calls Vividha. Vividha is talking to Suman on phone. Vividha asks Suman to rest in hotel and says I m sure Aditi’s result will be good. Ravish wishes Vividha answers. Vividha asks Suman not to worry, be with Aditi, so that she feels better. Ravish drives in high speed. He comes home. Vividha asks what happened. He asks where is your phone, did you see any gift box or package. She says no. He says there is no time to say and checks in house. He asks Kalindi did she see any box. Kalindi says no. Bhoomi and Vipul also check for the box. He says I don’t think there is nothing, come we will go out.

Ravish asks them to inform him if they find any suspicious package, don’t try to

open it. Vipul says we did not get anything at home. Ravish says its in house. He rushes to Sujata and Atharv. Sujata asks what happened. Ravish asks did you see any package. She says no, I just cleaned the room, what happened. Ravish says nothing. Vividha asks him to say whats in package. Sujata says Atharv was in room and playing, he did not do anything. Ravish goes to Atharv and sees the box with him. He gets shocked. Atharv says I got my video game and smiles. Atharv says Sujata has hidden it in this box.

Kailash sees his wounds on face in the mirror. He says these wounds will heal, but not the wounds on heart, I just want to be away from Vividha, I did what all a father could do, I lost more and got less, all because of you, I will ruin you Atharv. Ravish asks Atharv to give box, its not videogame. Sujata asks Atharv to give box. Ravish asks her to go out. Atharv refuses to go. Vividha asks Ravish whats in box. Ravish asks them to leave. Sujata and Vividha leave. Atharv says its my videogame, we will play. Ravish says I will get better videogame, give this box to me, please. Atharv refuses to give and runs. Ravish asks him to stop.

Kailash sees Sujata and Atharv’s pic and says I m not hiding here as I m afraid, no I m fearless, Uma wants to send me to jail, she does not know me, I can prove my death when I m death. He crushes the pic. Ravish asks Atharv to give box. Atharv refuses. Ravish keeps on insisting. Kailash gets angry and says my Guddi died, I could not go in her last rites, I m being sorrowful here, I m waiting for my time, Vividha was my life, pride, happiness, I have seen swearing and doing my last rites. He recalls Vividha and says she did my final rites when I m alive, its all because of you Atharv, I will not leave you.

Daddy ji asks Ravish whats in the box. Vividha asks Ravish why are you panicking. Ravish says I think this box has bomb. They all get shocked. Atharv asks shall I throw this. Sujata shouts Atharv. Ravish stops Sujata. Atharv asks same. Vividha goes to Atharv and asks him to give box to her. He smiles and asks will you play with it. He gives her box. She asks him to go to Sujata. He agrees. Ravish takes the box and asks all of them to go out. Atharv asks will you play alone with videogame. Ravish shouts and make them go out. They all look on. Atharv says make us play too. Ravish opens box and sees bomb. Daddy ji asks is there any timer sound. Ravish says no, its not heavy. Daddy ji says I will call bomb squad. Ravish says no, we have no time, please go 100 metres away. Atharv says no, I will play. Vividha asks Ravish to leave it and come out. Daddy ji says same.

Ravish says I don’t know intensity of this bomb, I have to defuse this. Vipul says no need to take risk, come out. Vividha says please come. Kalindi asks him to come. Sujata asks Atharv to stand quiet. Daddy ji calls bomb squad. Vividha prays. Ravish wears bomb squad safety suit and comes. Atharv laughs and says he has become balloon. Ravish tries to defuse it. Vipul talks to senior man and says Ravish is trying to defuse the bomb. Ravish cuts a wire. The timer starts. Ravish worries and recalls Avinash’s words. Everyone look on.

Atharv says I will also play and goes to Ravish. Ravish asks him to go. He shouts sit quiet and makes Atharv wear the safety suid. Vividha prays. Ravish sweats in tension.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ravish activated bomb lol?

  2. I think definitely that box was of avinash who is with kailash.
    But yyyy kailash have 2 kill whole family instead of atharv????
    Ravish is sooooo responsible for atharv in precap

  3. Pata nehi lekin mujhe aisa kyun lagraha hai ki kailash is not behind of this case per ho sakta kya pata kuch bhi ho sakta hai…… But ravish ‘s today episod was too much interesting. I ?

  4. Omg …some spoilers are showing that ravidha’s love story will start….I can’t tolerate that…?..I swear if it happens ,I will definitely leave this show
    The cvs must unite vitharve ,they have to give more more more importance atharve,atharve must be the one who will reveal the culprit and who will save whole family from eagle’s eye especially vividha,otherwise show is just useless ,worst…..
    Since the show started cvs had given more importance to vitharve,they had shown romantic &special moments between vitharve ,they showed their true love,their struggle against kk ,so they must not separate vitharve ,otherwise it will be a big flop

    1. Good ravhida teaming up who hates ravhida can leave the show …..

      1. First of all you stop watching this show.. Just your sake we can’t stop watching show. You people r watching from the middle of the show. I mean 2nd phase of JNDSD nly becoz shasank vyas and u guys saying Ravidha.
        We r watching this show from day1 and we r supporting true love. So u guys just stop watching the show.
        Note: no sorry for this comment. Deepa..Just leave dis show.

  5. Is the whole of the army’s stockroom in Ravish house? Lol. Safety suit. Anti venom injection. ?

  6. oh ravish u r so responsible to atharv. any latest news?

  7. OMG what will happen tomorrow???
    I think Ravish will diffuse the bomb in few seconds and he will save entire family.

  8. I think ravish will die ???

  9. I think ravish defuses the bomb. Next scene vividha hugs ravish. May be upcoming episodes ravidha romance stats. Adharv left d vasist house shortly. Form this epi, kailash words tells that adharv is d centerpoint of all d issues. (I think adharv meets ramakanth second time after vividha arranged d meeting ramakanth -adharv. What d adharv ask ramakanth? This is d main twist of jndsd). Any way ravidha unite I am so happy. Love u ravidha.

    1. Wt a guess ?. Ravidha will enjoy married life. N atharv leave vashist house n he will do romance with kailash n ankit. Any how kailash coming back to take revenge on atharv. Any how atharv sujatha promised (just before temple bell fell on vividha) vividha dat shareer se, mann se atharv sujatha aap ka Hai. He never thinks about others. ??? justice.

      1. He never ever thinks about a girl other than vividha bcoz he is a man who stands for promise.

  10. In the following episodes, Ravish gets to know that Atharv is being used by wicked kailash to fulfil his evil intentions.
    Ravish was not aware of kailash intensions and his rivalry. Even he learns that guddi’s murderer is Kailash.
    Ravish decides to give a new life by pulling atharv out of all the problems created by kailash.
    Vividha will be shock to know these truth.
    The serial will be more interesting to watch how would ravish and atharv combine forces against kailash…
    Guys it is Vitharv only…. Ravish yu are really good…

  11. But y kalindi’s character has been depicted so bad, anyways I like ravish too, so exicted to ravitha or atharvitha, :-), guys any guess? 🙂

  12. It is only vitharv….

  13. Ravish is good…
    But only Vitharv only vitharv
    We love Vitharv..
    Ravish deserve better than Vividha.. Because Vividha is selfish about Atharv..
    But Ravish is not like that.. So Ravish deserve girl who is better than Vividha..
    I like Vitharv.. Because Vitharv love is forever
    Vitharv love is true..
    So I want Vitharv only…

  14. It is only ravidha no vithrav….see end game will will ravidha

  15. Bole to bole to bole to mar jay
    Oh boy, u are mine oh boy, I are mine

  16. Omg flop show . Kailash is back to take revenge from atharv . Kailash hs ruined atharvs life and now again ……………………….. . Pls unite vitharv otherwise show vl be useless luv u vitharv .

  17. No way . Say no to ravidha its only vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv only vitharv

    1. Don’t take stress yar end game will be vitharv only. Dis serial is about atharv n vividha, not ravish n vividha. How vitharv love each other, not how vividha cheats atharv n how ravish breaks his promise.

  18. Nice episode

  19. vitharv only,……………………..plz bring them back….

  20. Sorry I don’t know y link not working. It’s not opening but url is dat one only

  21. Sorry for inconvenience. Dis is working

  22. Atharv will be revealed as the villain who is doing all this!! Mark my words

  23. Ravidha only pls we want justice for ravish

    1. We too love ravish. Justice for him means a better girl than vividha only becoz vividha tan man SE vividhaatharv Sujatha ban gayi.

      1. Even I love ravish. Plz get new girl for ravish. Vividha is too short for ravish. Not matching. Plz get tall girl who suits ravish . she already vividha atharv sujatha.

  24. May be adharva is a terrorist!

    1. Yeah u r right.. After all your Atharv’s guru ji in terrorist training right!!!??????

  25. Nop nop nop nopnop..atharve is not a terrorist….stop blaming him
    Stop blaming
    Stop blaming
    Stop blaming
    Stop blaming
    Stop blaming
    Stop blaming
    Stop blaming

  26. Suman i watched that website.
    I think servant of ravish house came who is in sat nibana satiya as ahem sister

    1. I won’t watch other serials yar. Only one serial at a time. First used to watch iss pyar ko kya naam Doon, next jodha akbar. After dat kumkumbhagya(it become utter nonsense now) I left long back, now only JNDSD. So I don’t know other serial cast.

  27. Arey yar y this kailash is back again. I feel its better CVS has killed this evil kailash instead of guddi. Again vitharv fate going to face difficulties due to evil kailash.
    Bomb matter will end today wat next any news???
    Who is real culprit?? Wat was there real plan.y Avinash kept bomb in ravish house.

    1. Already uploaded youtube link na. Next is terrorist entry in to vashist house as poor lady. Y u r saying like dat about kailash. If kailash coming means our atharv sujatha will be back. N vitharv face them together. So we need to wait for him. Every attempt he makes to separate vitharv they come close as much. In past also n even in future. Villain is strong means our hero also same na. So let us wait

  28. Wat is thiz atharv ko side character bana diya.. Wr iz our angry young man atharv sujatha.. Atharv is not criminal okk.. Atharv sujatha back soon nd then talk abt atharv.. Without atharv jndsd ntng ntng ntng..

  29. Guysss…
    Malayalam channel is telecasting the Malayalam version of jaana na dil se door as mounam sammatham part 3
    The thing is …
    Mounam sammatham part 1-ipkknd season 1 ,Arnav and Khushi
    Mounam sammatham part 2-ipkknd season 2,astha and slok
    Mounam sammatham part3-jndsd ..vividha and atharve ….
    The love concept of jndsd is entirely different from that of ipkknd part one and part 2
    But it is telecasted as the continuation of ipkknd part 1&part 2

  30. Antonio conte

    Ravish is culprit….at last..

  31. Ravish is a bigggg fool???..is he a real army man ??i dnt think so..he is real fool in this srl…writers pls return back our strongest,powerful,smart,intelligent,lovable,honourble,romantic and cute real hero ATHARV SUJATHA…??and unite vitharv…pls kill tht stu..id ,fool ravish or bring a new girl for him ..its better for the show..otherwise jndsd become a big flop..

  32. Ravish is a bigggg fool???..is he a real army man ??i dnt think so..he is real fool in this srl…writers pls return back our strongest,powerful,smart,intelligent,lovable,honourble,romantic and cute real hero ATHARV SUJATHA…??and unite vitharv…pls kill tht stu..id ,fool ravish or bring a new fool girl for him ..its better for the show..otherwise jndsd become a big flop..

  33. I hope the lady they are bringing in is not a terrorist, I mean I don’t want to watch another DABH track with a sweet innocent looking women that turns out to be an evil terrorist

    1. She her self revealed dat she is a terrorist revealed later

      1. Oh, thanks for the info I didn’t know that

  34. why would the director make Kalish take revenge on artharv when he’s harmless. he’s not even in his sane mind. isn’t vividha and ravish together and that’s what some people here want???? I’m disgusted how someone can love a person and change heart suddenly for a new person. so hurtful. vividha and artharv belong together. Directors are manipulating the characters. for ex….How did artharv fingerprints found on guddi’s neck. They never showed possibility when stupid Vividha and Ravish were playing detective accusing Avinash and Kalindi of murder.
    So Kalish is coming back and Artharv is not getting better???? but sometimes he acts sane like when he told vividha she was gaining weight. It’s so stupid. Plus they are military family and have no protection of their home…like anyone can enter and be snipers. What happens to that new guy Kalindi other lover?????? What’s his purpose of being in the show??? Kalish seems to be obsessed with ARTHARV. If I was vividha I would MARRY HIM since he doesn’t like him. stop stretching daily serials and get to the point. Everyday is a suspense andthose of us following can’t understand cause the flashbacks shows something we haven’t seen.

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