Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish asking you all are asking me to calm down, knowing what this woman did. He asks Kalindi does she think its easy to return to family after doing all that. Kalindi says I did big mistake and got greedy, now its enough, forgive me, I have changed, my guilt is eating me within, this was always my roof, where will I go, please let me stay here. Ravish says if you believed this family as yours, you would have not thought of doing all this, I lost my mum, I was losing my only brother, just because of you, your crime list is too long, its impossible for me to forgive you.

Kalindi asks Vividha to explain Ravish to forgive her. She says I m alone, just give me a corner to stay. She asks Vipul to forgive her, she has changed now. Vipul says what can I do, you have

done much wrong with them. Kalindi begs to them. Ravish asks Kalindi to just leave. Kangana apologizes to Kalindi, and stops her. She says I have no right to talk in this family, but none knows loneliness better than me, I was lucky that I got you all, a family can be big or small, but everyone wants a family.

Vividha agrees and says we have seen a lot, we have to think of future, not past, forgive Kalindi, let her stay here. Ravish goes.

Everyone do arrangements of the party. Kalindi comes there. Sujata says its good you made this plan, Ravish’s mood will be good. Vividha asks Kalindi does she like spicy kababs or shall I make normal one. Ravish sees Kalindi and goes. Atharv comes and asks what happened. He sees Kalindi, and asks Ravish to have grilled food, we will teach you making barbecue. Atharv and Ravish cook. Kalindi says I got tired, I will take a nap and come. Kangana sees Ravish and says I hope Ravish agrees soon, he does not look good in anger.

Ravish say this looks wasting food than barbecue. Atharv says tell me if you want to have food raw. Ravish says I will show how to make grilled food. Vividha says thanks for convincing Ravish about Kalindi, Ravish listens to you. Kangana smiles. She says no, do you really think so. Vividha says I m saying what I have seen, he agreed when you said, Kalindi should be here, her son and bahu also stay here, she will be glad, thanks.

Kangana sees Ravish. Atharv says see Ravish is making grilled food. Ravish says paneer tikka is ready. Madhav says I m feeling sleepy. Kangana asks if you don’t mind, shall I make him sleep in my room. Vividha asks her to take Madhav.

Kangana makes Madhav sleep. She sees everyone and says they are so shameless people, they don’t care for Madhav. She says Madhav don’t worry. I have come, I will punish them for their doings, why shall I waste my time, don’t worry. I will punish them such the way that they scared of it. She kisses Madhav and smiles. She gets shocked seeing Kalindi at the door.

Vividha, Atharv and Ravish have a talk. She asks them not to compete to make barbecue, we kept this to eat. Dadi says why are you asking these kids about enjoyment, ask me, I will tell what is enjoying, it used to happen in my times. They all smile. Sujata asks her to tell them. Dadi Bua says as if you won’t say if we don’t ask. Dadi says Antakshari.

Kalindi smiles. She says I was finding Vividha, sorry I had come here, I will talk to her, thanks. She goes. She says this girl is very dangerous, I should tell everyone. Kangana smiles. Dadi begins the Antakshari. Everyone sing. Kalindi runs. Kangana follows her.

Sujata asks Guddi to sing. Everyone clap and enjoy. They all ask Dadi to sing and dance. Dadi says fine, I will sing if Atharv is saying. She sings and dances on Ainvayi ainvayi….. Dadi dances with Atharv. Sujata asks where are Kangana and Kalindi. Kangana follows Kalindi.

Kangana smiles seeing Kalindi running. She takes a hair pin and gets poison from the bangle. She injects poisonous in Kalindi’s neck. Vividha looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kya bangle se poison and hairpin se injection?

    1. Great idea!! Right?????
      Cv’s have much crime knowledge. Keep it up #jndsd team

      1. concept of mullaperiyar by mezhuveli….Surendranath kills his step son by pin…

  2. what is this girl upto I thought kalindi is with her but she killed her too is she a terrorist or what hope nothing happens to vividha atharva and vividha
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  3. and yes vividha sings very nice and atharva and dadiji dance amazing only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  4. Sunanda12345

    Ravish and atharv bonding is gud
    Vivida song today atharv is awesome
    Dadi and atharv dance ???????
    Kangana killing kalindi omggg
    Kalindi says she is katarnak it means kalindi already knows her? ???????

    1. Dear @sunanda., don’t get confused.. Watch episode… Kalindi said she is dangerous becoz she(Kalindi) heard kangana’s Evil plans..

  5. i think that madhav is neither vividha’s nor atharv’s son(the kids would have been swapped in the hospital before 4 years,i assume).and kangana could be the mother or any relative of madhav

    1. If it is abt child swap in hospital.. What’s wrong in vitharv and y she takes revenge!!!! And..y Cv’s show Madhav has habits of Atharv Sujatha??
      I think she is mistaken abt child.
      Something is fishy.. let’s wait and watch!!???

  6. It seems kangana came for madhav.i think madhav is her son..?otherwise why she is caring so much madhav and obsessed,even she killed kalindi,and want to punish vashisht family for neglecting madhav..and it’s not love track for ravish,again kangana going to break my ravish heart with love feel.☹

    1. Y don’t you think like this.. Maybe kangana like children.. or she may have lost son of same age(like madhav)…that’s y she taking care of madhav!!!!
      Y to think madhav is her son..she taking care means ..will madhav become kangana’s son….
      Ravish also take good care of madhav, but he is not father!!!.

      1. But wat abt DNA mismatch!

  7. anay bangalore

    i think in future they will say madhav is not vividha and atharv’s son

  8. Omg!now only I got to now that vashisht house was this much big.they completed 3 songs &1 dance still kalindi was running & not yet reached.funny.
    It was clear that kalindi was not there with her.did she come 4r madhav?why she is loving madhav soo much.what was the relation bw them again questions r arising.
    Today i did not see my atharv sujatha.there was no old chemistry bw atharv & dhadhi.they r not showing atharv properly.no vitharv scenes they were just focusing on sara.this is not our jndsd.there was no favor of newly married couple bw vitharv.what that director is doing there.spoiling charm of vitharv.???

    Precap que is what will happen to kalindi.again precap would be misleading viv will not see sara hurting kalindi again investigation of viv starts.

    1. Ya dear they are not at all giving importance to atharv’s character .Nobody is asking his opinion whether to forgive kalindi or not after all he has suffered due to her deeds ..even vivi is not bothered to ask his suggestions
      Cvs have made him a supporting character
      I can’t see this anymore ?

    2. U know what @pinky.. Cv’s are brilliant and JNDSD is d show which will concentrate on tracks but not on male female lead!!???..JNDSD completed its target with vitharv shadi..now its all twists and turns.. Sara khan is the main track now..her cunning/cute smile..caring madhav, touches or hugging ravish are d main theme???..secret talks,secret plans..spoiling vitharv and remain ppl life is d goals. In b/w we have vitharv teasing ravish scene… for d satisfaction of poor audience???.

      1. Yes 143 4r audience satisfaction they r giving 1-2 scenes per day of vitharv that also with out any chemistry bw them.by only 1 thing we can say that our atharv sujatha is back is not trusting sara totally.he still have doubt on that girl.
        One more thing I am surprised to hear is ankith calling atharv jiju.what a drastic change in him with in 6 months.who did not care of kidnapping his sister’s son became positive with out any reason.not only that vipul and bhoomi also changed to positive.they were also there with suman 4r that 4 years than they supported her and suddenly disappeared came back and became positive.leaving all this v were her only because of vitharv family.let us see what they will do in future.

        Yes sandy he was standing at one corner like idol with out speaking anything in his own house & also being elder brother.

  9. Oh no not again trouble vividha and atharv I hete sara khan why is coming I like guddi for ravish and
    Vividha Atharv

  10. What u all say friends we love over vividha and atharv and there family we like love and happy family not fight any more na…

  11. Hi guys
    After watching today episode I think killer bride (malika) may be manipulated by someone that why she think that the RAVISH’S family has done something wrong with her so she takes revenge with them.may be KK behind this Or some one else. Maybe she thought that MADHAV is her relative ( her son or her relative son) babies swiping….. But in actual this is wrong she is only manipulated by someone. But after truth come out than she turned in + ve. Or after seeing RAVISH’ S goodness so her heart is also changed (if CVS want she paired with RAVISH) …..let’s wait & watch what will happed…….

  12. Sure there is an intense relation btw kangana &madhav. Through this we can make it sure that pair of Ravish might be Guddi

  13. What an advanced technology hai sir ji bangle mein poison bhi rakha sakta hai ??
    I know what wrong thing that vashisht/atharv’s family did …they gave shelter to that venomous snake without even enquiring anything about her
    They have asked about her name ,place etc but if she does not remember means they have to search for her background .
    Today dadi atharv dance ?? after a long break their naughtiness were shown .
    Vivi u sang it in a great way?

  14. I think madav is the son of kangana.that ‘s why atharv dna does not match with madav.

  15. After long time Vipul got a biggest dialogue to speak today

    1. Ya that’s true. Bt in turns the great cvs made Adharv as side charactor just like vipul. When ‘ll we get our old Angry man ? Only waiting fr that.

  16. Wats hapng in jnds …anyways atharv dance and sing was awesome enjoyed a lot…and Usha Chechi its k….we are all jnds fans….so no need of sry…

  17. Wah kya idea hai sir ji bangle mein poison bhi chipa sakta hai ?? advanced technology…
    I know what wrong thing did vashisht/atharv’s family do …they gave shelter to a venomous snake without even enquiring about her . I know that they have asked her name, place etc and if she does not remember means they have to find out her background and they have to give treatment for memory loss ..nowadays memory loss has become a trend in jndsd.
    Interesting part was Atharv dadi dance and it was really cute ..after a long time their naughtiness is shown on tv ?
    And Vivi u sang in a great way ?
    Sunanda di thank u sooo much for that good news about vitharv selection in SPA
    Felt so relaxed ?

    1. Oh I ‘ m sorry for same comment being written because after first comment I did not see it being published so I wrote another

    2. But I didn’t saw their names on the nomination list.can u tell me where have u seen

  18. What to say about today’s epsd.I can’t understand how ravish can determine if buaji can stay in vashisht house or nt.first thing vashisht house belongs to atharv and the main thing kalindi tried to kill nly atharv not ravish. So if kalindi wants someone’s permission that nly from atharv nt from ravish. But she begged to ravish, vividha, vipul but not to atharv!!!!.superb.
    And vividha try to convince ravish instead of atharv. And atharv standing without any opinion.
    Actually is this our real jndsd??????
    And when kangana requested for kalindi soon everyone agreed by forgetting what kalindi did.wowww.superb story.
    I know now cvs r trying to give more importance to ravish. But pblm is that nobody is not interested in current track.
    Bcz we wanted our vitharv to seeing more vitharv scns nt for being side characters like uncle -aunty to arrange ravishs marriage with a strange girl .
    The last part I enjoyed anthakshari. Oh atleast vividha sang a song by looking atharvs face .otherwise I think vividha &atharv r totally strangers for each other nowadays. I think they forgot that their marriage happened some days ago. So pls anyone show their wedding photo to them.Then vitharv should realize the fact that now they were married couple.
    Dadhi -Atharv dance was awsome. But even i missed my old charming atharv sujatha on that dance.
    Kanganas overconcern for Madhav is very dangerous. I think she aims vitharv by using Madhav.
    Oh kalindi bcm too good that she is running to say truth of kangana. Can’t digest easily.
    Also misleading precap.If kalindi is nt behind kangana. Then who is that person behind kangana. If kk ? I really wish that to be kk.bcz I want to see kk -atharv face off.
    Bcz l have nly hope in kk bcz he is the nly one who can bring back our old atharv.

    And I also send mail to star tv and got reply too.

    1. Chechi evening music class undayirunu. Athkondu reply cheiyan pattilya. I didn’t watch today episode. Just read the updates only. I really don’t feel to watch it anymore.
      I am fed up of on going track. Sherikum chechi enik karachil varunu. Enik igane atharv inne side character akunath kandu nilkan pattunilya. Off screen ilum On screen illum kanaka shivik. Vikku priyanka kude um shivani shanky um ruslan inde kude um. Ith oke kannumbol sherika branthu pidikum.

      Avark starplus award kittane ennu annu ente ore oru prathana. Especially Vikku really deserve it. Ippum audience inde vote inne kalum paisa kondu ulla Kali alle
      athkonda enik oru pedi.

      OK chechi bye

      Good nite chechi.

      1. Aailya dear. Seriya paranjathu srl avar kolamakki. Vitharv nte chemistry nashatappettu. Offscreen lum avar ippo 2 group anu.vikkuvinte koode eppozhm priyanka kanum. Shivani de koode a shanky &ruslan. Ippo avarde vdo &pic insgmlm twitterlm nokkan thanne thonnunilla. Bcz oru shivik selfi poyitu vikku shivi oru group photoyil polum orumichilla. Evarkku ithentha pattye. Offscreen le avrde akalcha onscreen lum affect cheyunnund. Innu thanne dadhi yum atharv mayulla dancel atharv valera strange aytta behave cheythe. Vividha anengil 24 hrs m ravishnem kaganayem onnippkkan nadakkunnu. Atharv ne Patti yathoru vicharvum illa. Eppo avar ravish nu kooduthal importance kodukkaya. Innu thanne first scn kandappo adichu pattikkana thonnye. Ravish nodu anuvadham chodikkunnu a kalindi .athinu support ayi vividha yum.Atharv nte house,atharv ne kollan nokki kalindi. Ethellam avar marannupoyi.
        Atharv nte pazhya charm Ippo illa.Eniku ithu vikku Vanu act cheyyunna ennu thonnunne illa.I think orupad nal baby atharv Ayum memory loss Ayum act cheytha karanam vikkunte actual character ne baby atharv mannerism affect chyunnu enna.
        Ini ajmer lekku thirike pokathe namukku old atharv sujatha ye kittumennu thonnunilla.
        Pinne kk show l vendum act cheyyum ennum thonnunilla. Chilappo veruthe set visit cheytha akum vineetkumar.

        Pinne njnm startv kku mail ayachirunnu. Enikkum reply kitti. Njn shivik performance nu request cheythirunnu. Avar athu authority yoru share cheythittund enna paranje.
        Aailya mail ayachirunno?
        Illangil ayakkane. Enganengilum shivik nu award kittyal mathyarnnu. Especially vikkunu. He deftly deserves best actor award for his versatile acting.
        OK dear.good morning.

      2. Divya sabareesh

        Ravish is the main. Atharv should be side forevet. Useless character

      3. Hey faker divya. What r u doing here?
        This is telly updates page not ur mental asylum ok.just go to ur mental asylum with ur dear friend wild animal anju and enjoy urself.
        And don’t forget to take ur useless hero ravish. Bcz there is no need of ravish like sideline character for just supporing the hero ATHARV.

      4. @Divya Sabareesh, Without Adharv , no jndsd. JNDSD is the love stry of Adharv and vividha. Here Raveesh has only a supporting role in the progress of story as Adharv’s step brother. And every genuine fan jndsd know that who is the hero and who is useless.

  19. Again new dramma, poison in bangle . God what is going on there.She has come fr Madhav. May be madhav is her son. I thought kalindhi was behind her. Bt I was wrong. I ‘ve a dbt. If madhav is really her son ,ie., not vitharv’s , then why the cvs showed his mannerisms just like Adharv. like papa like son behaviour. That was the only relief fr us , vitharvians, aftr the leap. Everytime these cvs making us fools by the name of twists. we cannot digest this current track any more. Today , Adharv – Raveesh bonding is awsome. Bt really miss our Adharv sujatha. Congrats Indhumathi, u r the only one who can bring back our old hero back. Well done keep it up. Guddi is also looking cute.This bussiness man look of our Adharv is also boring. His casual look in phase 1 was so fantastic, just like the boy in the next door. That was also a reason of his huge fandom . Bt now a days , feel some distance frm Adharv.May be this is only my feeling. Anyway Only fr shivik , I’m here and not interested in this dragging dramma. @Aailya,srry da I couldn’t reply ur some previous cmnts.Any way journey nannayirunnu ennarinju. Njanum shivikkinu vendi prardhikkunnundu ketto. Avarude ee akalcha marann. Namukku aa pazhaya Shivikkine thirike kittan. Gud night dear. @XYZ, Njan innale vismaya enna kuttiyodu valare harshayi perumari. Karanam, njan karuthi athu aa anju id matti cmnt cheyyukayanennu karuthi. athu aa anju allallo alle? Ippozhum dbt undu. karanam angane orale ithinu munpu njan kandittilla. @Sweety, Innale kandilla. Studies il busy ano? Nadakkatte. Gud night vitharvians, especially all mallus.

    1. No Chechi I am new but njan annum comments vayikuvarn exams oke ayond comments onum cheyan patiyila….believe me I am a great fan of shivik especially viku..so Njanum ningalada frndship agrahikunu…

      1. Hi Vismaya, today I already say srry to u dear . Bt they didn’t publish . And this cmnt was send bfr that. Bcz, that time I was so confused. That’s why I shared this with XYZ. Bt aftr reading ur cmnt today , there is no dbt abt u dear. Srry da if I hurt u again. Njan ingane ayi poyi. Eppozhum ellattinum dbt annu. Pakshe ippo srry parayunnathu theerthum adhmardhamayittanu ketto. Iniyorikkalum thanneyennalla ivide areyum njan hurt cheyyilla.God promise.Vismaya keralathil evideya? I’m frm kollam. Ethu course padikkuva? Exams engane undayirunnu? Again srry da , ithu enthinanenno, oru real vitharv fan ne dbt cheythathinu. Gud night dear.

      2. Ya chechi iam also frm kolam I am in class 12 kolam thu evdayqn Chechi…njan from ochira

      3. Me frm kadakkal. kadakkal ariyumo ? Etha subject ?Biology science anno? Njan athu ayirunnu.

    2. Same Usha…U r ri8 I also feel tat,adharv phase 1 look was awesome,,than this cot suit look..His expression,tat Rudraksh mala.evry thing was suppr,…Why the writtrs are forgotting that main theme…Adharv dream was to built the dairy farm,but now Payal,gungun,tat dairy factory,ajmeer everything ..Is lyk nothing to adharv..Why…?
      And that Sara Khan…I don’t lyk her charctr and acting…
      Vitharv romance scens are also vanished,, atleast they can include tat..Knw..

      1. Hi Mubi , what to say ? This cvs really consider us like fools. They are now more far away frm the original concept and only concentrating on these stupid dramma. This is so irritating. Hoping justice frm them is also foolishness. And our Adharv , Instead of making his character like this, they could kill him bfr the leap and we could also leave this show. Now a days he looks like a side character. Even no one asked his opinion abt anything. What is his empowerment through this love. Nothing. His dream , house , tabela , gungun , payal , rudhraksh, evrythng is missing. Now this is not our old jndsd and Adharv is nt our old angry man .I know everyone here can nt digest this .Bt this is fact. Gud night dear

    3. Usha .no dear. Madhav is Vitharvs son nly.kangana is intentionally being close to madhav for harming him.Bcz if she bcm so close to madhav then she can easily use her black magic to madhav and she can provoke Madhav for doing any badthing which she can’t do but Madhav can.By using those cheap tricks she can destroy vitharvs peace full life.so.

      Ya.vitharv chemistry is lost. And today also atharv -dadhi chemistry also lost. Bcz when dadhi asking atharv to dance then Atharv’s behaviour was nt like old atharv. Our old atharv changed alot.can’t tolerate&accept this .
      There is nothing remains in present atharv as his old behaviour,look,boldness,punch dialogues, unique mannerism ,nok joke and the sizzling chemistry with vividha also.This is not our atharv sujatha ????. Cvs killed our real atharv ??. Now they r showing overconcern for ravish character. Actually they forgot Atharv sujatha is the main lead of the show also.if I can meet that stupid director then God promise I will hit his off head 100 times with a hammer. Such a stupid director.
      Evanonnum srl direct cheyyan aryillengil valla kettidam panikko muncipalittyil kothukinu marunnu spray cheyyano poykkude. Nasham.
      Pinne pututay varunna areyum kannumadachu believe cheyyanda. A wild animal & her frnds e pagel kidannu karngunnund .Avarkku mlylm aryam. Bt vismaya de karyam enikkarylla. Nammalodu decent ayi behave cheyyunnath vare nammalum decency keep cheyyanam.Eppol avar thani niram purathu kattunnuvo appol nammalum a reethyil behave chythal mathi. Ethanu nte policy. But be careful every time.
      OK goidn8

      1. No nothing like that… Becoz u know jnds is just being reamade into Malayalam as mounam samadanm njan athu kandanu jnds kanan thudangiya..that’s I am very late to this family..but njan annum comments oke vayikuvarun anyone have doubt on Me just search ma fb ma name is vismaya Ajay.. Profile pic vitharv…I am a malayali I will always be decent

      2. Yes, They really don’t know how to make empowerment through love. Pakshe ivar kettidam panikku poyalulla avasdha chindhikkane vayya. Aa kettidathil kazhiyendi varunnavarude karyam pinne parayukaye venda. Kothukinu marunnadikkan poyalo, puthiya species il ulla kothukukale vare artificial ayi undakkiyennu varum , enthinanenno , vitharvine aakramikkan. Totally fed up with this cvs. And one more thing our Adharv is dead. This is only Raveesh’s shadow. Gud night dear

    4. Usha chechi athu saramilya. Shivik inn enthu patti ennu arayillya. Njan innathe episodes kandillya pakshe twitter I’ll updates vayichu. Pinne atharv inte dadi inte video kandu. Pakshe athil baby atharv inne pole annu vikku behave cheiythathu.
      Seriously fed up with the serial chechi.
      Ellavarkum selfie um videos idane nerum ullu. Totally horrible.

      Good nite chechi

  20. Vivi’s song was nice..yaa missing the chemistry bw vivi and atharv.

  21. Dadi and atharv are not naughty and funny as before..pls make as before

  22. i think madhav is her son so she came to take her son and to take revenge on vasisht family

  23. Feeling so sad for missing those ajmer days..we want our atharv sujata back.pls pls pls,…we want that awesom lv story..pls..now jndsd more focuses on others..it is the story of our vivi n atharv..atharv was world’s best beta,but…not seeing intense relation among atharv n sujata..very sad.

  24. HI friends. today i’m late cz i was preparing for my exams.
    episode was fine

  25. What the hell….Feels like watching savdhaan India…hmmm…So many unnecessary twists which no one likes actually… I want to see post marriage story of vitharv and love story of guddish….Oh shashank what all things we hv to bear to get a glimpse of u….

  26. today when kalindi was running to escape it seemed like bashisht house is a palace, she doesn’t belong there and don’t know where’s the hall room.

  27. day by day this sara is confusing me.today it seemed like she’s madhav’s mom or relative as he may got exchaned

  28. Today I realized one thing that JNDSD CVS started sidelining Atharv character way long back, But we failed to recognize this. viewers are fools (acc to JNDSD CVS opinion-for blindly trusting CVS).
    1. For more than 200 episodes,lead(Atharv) yadash me nahi hey. Viewers never questioned theselves, does CVS really wanted to make Atharv lead character!???
    2. CVS made fun of true love concept. Initially they let viv break vachans by marrying ravish. But viewers still in the opinion that true love wins and viewers are just ignoring that marriage. Then they started the Atharv illness-fake report drama(before 4yrs leap) so that Atharv will break 7 vachan. 2ndtime again viv-rav marriage.To the CVS surprise,still viewers are hoping the vitharv will unite. So they finally did vitharv (definitely it is out of story line-bcos just couple of days before viv said vakth ko vapas nahi loyal ja sakta. So, it is clear viv is not going to marry Atharv. But suddenly when ravish is ready to sacrifice viv for Atharva, she is ok with ravish opinion. So strange!!!! So viv could stand for true love???? Or to fulfill ravish wish?????This serial is abt true love and empowerment. Viewers thought vitharv will fight against all odds. But Atharva is victimised. Viv turned out to be hopeless characters -no decision from her end. Though she decides(not to marry Atharv after leap),she never stick to it. Ravish mahan-empowering vitharv love(ravish ek bar viv se kaha-it is not a request,it is an order)- so viv obeys him always.
    Part 2 continues…

    1. 3. Acc to ramakanth wish, vashisht house property real owner is Atharv. Kalindi did so many evil plans to harm Atharv? But whom she should ask for apology??? Sujata and Atharva are the one to forgive… Ravish can say his opinion ion with regard to what kalindi did to suman. By why he should represent every one’s opinion???? Is ravish the real owner of that house???? Is ravish the only victim of kalindi’s evil plans????? Again Atharv character sidelined
      4. I have noticed that when ever JNDSD serial name appears only viv picture but not Atharv. What should viewers understand??? Is it not that JNDSD team is so diplomatically avoiding Atharv character from this serial????

      1. Same to lakshmi. I also noticed that .How can ravish to forgive kalindi and giving permission for staying home??
        That house belongs to atharv and kalindi tried to kill atharv nly nt ravish. Then how can kalindi asking apology to ravish?
        Vividha also didnt ask for atharvs opinion about kalindi. How can it possible. And that time atharv stood with no dialogues infrnt of every one.
        And vividha always gives more importance to ravishs words and every time she says “Ravish is right “.
        She is nt ready to believe atharvs words in case of kangana also.
        Ya cvs r trying to make atharv as a side character.They r completely making us fools. We want atharv as lead but they r not ready for consider our feelings.

  29. hey did vitharv get nomination in spa 2017 or not

  30. ok good night see u all tomorrow in jndsd comment section

  31. Oh God what r u all saying? Madhav is kangana’s son??????
    How can u saying this nonsense?
    For God sake pls dont think negative. Madhav is Vitharvs son nly.
    Did u forget kangana is a negative character. And she is actually not loving
    Madhav and has no concern for Madhav.
    I think she is trying to bcm more close to madhav for doing some black magic or something like that on Madhav. Bcz I think her ultimate aim is to destroy vitharvs peace full life.so she may be using Madhav for that.everyone remember that in last epsd when she touched one boy in park and after some time that boy reached on top of the tree. Thats y I m telling she has some supernatural power. So she may be harm Madhav for giving pain to vitharv.
    And after leap they clearly showed that Madhavs mannerism is same to same of Atharv sujatha. So no need of doubt Madhav is Vitharvs son nly. This kangana or the person who send her will be behind the fake DNA report.That person may be changed DNA sample.
    So pls don’t suspect Madhavs identity.
    Pls it is a request. And this is jndsd .so I don’t know if they will go to too low level or not by changing Madhavs identity. But in my opinion Madhav is Vitharvs son nly.

    1. Aaliya…Aethu video la shivi shashnkine viliche? Plz share it if u knw,

  32. A:-Jab kisi ko dil aur aankhon se pukaarne lago….tho hoton ka takallaf toh sirf zamaane ke liye hota haI
    Upcoming lines 4r atharv by sunjiv sir
    Can anyone translate these lines into English 4r me or can say meaning also plsssss

    1. English translation:-when you start calling out some one from ur heart or eyes then the formality of using ur lips to talk is only 4r the general public.
      These r called our atharv sujatha lines.but to whom he is saying these words any idea frnds.

    2. Thank you for sharing the dialogue viz pinky. No idea dear to whom he is saying.

      Good afternoon dear

  33. Again dishonest answers from Shivani.

    1. Shivani says whatever is happening in the show ppl are liking it. OMG. She is sleeping I think.I have seen at times ppl are copying her while sending tweets to mamata. After reading those tantrums, how can she give that stmt?!?? Of course friends , let me admit it is my foolishness to assume that she is reading viewers pulse. Is n’t it???? After all bechara heroine.
    2.. Acc to Shivani, Ppl want to see twists, masala and new faces??? Really!!!!! As per my knowledge ppl are fedup with this illogical/bakwas twists and turns. They wanted to see content and concept in the story not this ultra modern crime story. My dear friends, does anyone object to my point. I am going to share this comment to mamtaji. Pls reply ur opinion with justification


    1. Thank u lakshmi 4r the link.
      Ya they can bring new faces or do some drama but not in this way by highlighting one character & making other character down.now a days after mrrg atharv is not having any importance in family.they were no vitharv scenes actually they r not able to understand what ppl what.she is saying that it was a quick process.quick moments does not mean moving fast along with track.they have to show some sweet cute moments in middle with out that they r just going with twists and turns.
      There r many ppl asking 4r sweet moments of vitharv family with our old atharv sujatha along with cute love story of ravish but they r not caring of anything. I saw one post in twitter making a demand list of vitharv scenes.I think no use of that also.soo try ur best let us see what they r going to do.
      Becoz of getting -ve response on suman track they have stopped it suddenly.now after seeing our all demand on vitharv let us see what they r going to do &hope 4r the best.

    2. Yes Lakshmi, U r correct. No vitharvians is interested in current track. Now a days the cvs r more concentrate on negative characters by forgetting the actual story . If they think that we r happy with this track , then we ‘ve to inform them that they r wrong. If they continue with this dragging dramma,no one will happy, neither fans nor actors. Bcz, I think even vikku too not interested in this type of twist and turns.Here also the no. of cmnts r decreasing . Every one is fed up with this . Hoping more vitharv scns and ma -beta bonding is of no use. They won’t chage this track.

  34. No guys what are you all saying Madhav is not Kangana’s son. Let’s wait and watch what these CV’S are planning.
    I don’t know why that Kangana will look at Ravish many times even though Ravish din’t look at her 1 time also in the party.

  35. Hlooo…Vitharv fans.. how are you guys..?????
    I am not interested in current track.All of you said is correct they made atharv a side character like vipul. This is not our atharv sujata.I feel like this is raghav or atharv vashisht.i think they forget the fact that atharv is the main lead.now they give importance to ravish .Why they forget our newly wedded couples?Missing sujata- atharv bonding very badly.it was the essence of this show.Now they only concentrate on this stupid twists and turns.i cant see this dump atharv.Fed up with this track.it is better to skip these episodes.i don’t want to give more burden to my head.we can only do one thing,hope &hope till jndsd ends.vividha is looking more beautiful these days like phase 1.but atharvs look didn’t give us a feel like atharv sujata.When will we get our old jndsd?
    @usha sis I am fine .I was busy with my studies.Anyway how r u dear ?? Did you enjoy yesterdays episode?I didn’t.

  36. What is this yar!!!!!
    Cv’s new drama???????

    1. @143 Anyway I stopped watching jndsd. It is better to stop watching. They have made atharv side character. Then what is need of watching the serial. There is no entertainment left in jndsd . Full of negativity.

      Good afternoon dear

      1. @aailya.u r correct .it is better to skip these episodes than bearing burden.But don’t left this page.now all actors are busy in making insta stories,boomerang,selfies,Snapchat,live chat,etc.I feel like they too not interested.i don’t want any selfies anymore.i only want them to concentrate in their work.

  37. shrema ramchand

    So many mallus……so nice to meet u guys can I join ur group????but I am not from Kerala……half malayalee and half another language Hindi…..I born in Maharashtra and lived here 4 5years and now in again 6 yrs in Kerala now Maharashtra again…..so guys I know Malayalam as well as Hindi…….tum jndsd fans kya kartey hum…

  38. shrema ramchand

    Sorry one mistake lived here for 5years…..not 4 5 yearsyears not 45 years….

  39. Shrema ramchand and Vismaya welcome to jndsd family. Keep commenting.

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