Let’s begin……

Sanskar wakes from his sleep and his eyes falls on big photograph …his vision was blurr….

He rubs his eyes and and was shocked when the image for cleared on his vision…

There was a photograph of a beautiful bride

San: Swaraaa…Swaraaa

He goes out….. And he sees her living room

Swara: what happened sanskar?

Sanskar: who kept the photo frame in my room

Swara; which photo…


Swara at once stands shocked

Swara: where??

San:in room….i..i m telling someone…

Sw:shh.. sanskar aisa kuchnai hai..i think u are hallucinating


He drags her to the room

San:see now you trust me

Sw: where is the photo frame?

He looks and sees the was no photo frame

San: trust me swara there was….

He tries to search the Photo Frames

Sw: Sanskar you are just hallucinating… Yesterday’s incident have disturbed you…it was a blo*dy game of media and you just keep remembering it… That’s all…

Sanskar knew that he saw the photo’s and he was not hallucinating but still he got convinced by swara’s words


Here Ragini was roaming around her room: tonight its the party and i would meet them…. Now leaving Sanskar for sometime…. It’s gonna be only Swara…the same Swara…. Swara tumhare saath bhi wohi honewala hai jo hamare saath hua hai…the same you have grabbed everything from us… The same way no no you would suffer to thrice…if its Manyatha or laado they would never wished to do this with you…but now it’s Ragini…and you would face more then i expected!


Here the girl was roaming around and she is revealed to be Manyatha

And laado was peeping to watch her favourite old songs

Laado: oh ho di..hato na…i want to watch the shoe

Manyatha looks at her giving her a quick glare: sometimes i feel that you don’t care about me

Laado:look who is saying this… actually you don’t care about me..jabse jeeju urf sanskar aye hai..you literally forgot me!always sanskar…mera sanskar…wat he must be doing?..what would he wear today..? Would he like me in this dress? Would he do this..that and yuck i hate u and i hate him

Mayatha opened her mouth in shock.. She could find jealousy in it

Laado:ab hato



Laado:jao jao…celebrity have come.. And who will spend some time with me

Manyatha smiles: i think something burning….

Laado gets up and pushes her aside sits in the floor to look at her favourite song of amithabh bacchan’s movie parvarish…

While Manyatha was held protectively by sanskar

Sanskar smiles at her

Manyatha smiles back and turns towards laado

Manyatha:laado..chal let’s go out and roam

Laado wasnt looking at her only


San smiles: laddu chal na bahar ghoomte hai

Laado turns to him: laddu..eeeweew..yuck

Manyatha:laado.. Now don’t waste time and sanskar is waiting

Laado dramatically turns towards them
And press her both hands to sanskar

Laado sings song of parwarish changing it a bit:aji suniye zara suniye..iss pagal ko le jayiye..hum tho marr jayenge sunke isko puraan..

Manyatha:laado.. Wat is this?

Laado sees the tv and smiles:jaate ho jaane jaana aakhri salaam lete jaana…humko wahan na bulana aakhri kete jaana

Sanskar bursts into laughter and Manyatha chases her….

Laado falls on her legs: sorry sorry sorry…

Voice:yahan kya ho raha hai…

And the person’s revealed to be swara and there was one more girl

Ragini closes the diary…

She was ready in an black and white saree saree


Rathan was welcoming the guests….

And finally Swara and Sanskar reach there…

Rathan welcomes them

Sanskar: congratulations

Rathan smiles

Sanskar: i heard that you are just 21

Rathan: yes and it’s not only my achievement… didn’t you listen har kamyab aadmi ke peeche aurath ka haath hota hai and she is my dad’s trusted person and test me she is mind blowing whatever the company stands today it’s only because of her

San:hmm.. After listening about her..i want to meet her

Rathan: sure.. You will meet her very soon and i guess you know her very closely


Rathan;i mean you will know her very closely


Host:ladies and gentleman it’s the time to soothe you all with a beautiful song…..

Ragini was in the room and she could listen it

Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak

Listening the voice Ragini was shocked:A-di

She gets flashes of a 3 girls and a guy singing the song and the girl was revealed to be Manyatha and laado and anonother girl

Teri baarishein bhigaaye mujhe
Teri hawaaein bahaaye mujhe
Paaon tale mere zameene chal padi
Aisa to kabhi hua hi nahi

Swara and Sanskar looks shocked at the person singing infront of them

Ragini was about to go down.. Rathan held her
Rathan: Ragini aise nai.. They have reached

Rag managed to ask with the broken words:who…singi…singing

Rathan:a guy named Aditya..he sings superb

Rag stumbles

Ae mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai
Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak

Ragini moves near the railings and she could see the person’s back
And then her eyes falls on Sanskar and swara

Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak

She waited to see the glimpse of the person standing….

Aisa lagta hai kyun
Teri aankhen jaise

And the guy closes his eyes

Aankhon mein meri reh gayi
Kabhi pehle maine na suni jo
Aisi baatein keh gayi

He closed his eyes remembering something

Tu hi tu hai jo har taraf mere
Toh tujhse pare main jaaun kahan

He turns……
And looks up as he felt the strong gaze on him…but within no moment Ragini have moved back … And he smiles looking around the people

Mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai
Ae mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai

He stops the song seeing Swara…..

Everybody claps…he was expressionless

And another guy enters the the party and he is revealed to be same guy whom Ragini met in pub

Swara herself: what is he doing here???
Sanskar: its Aditya… How did he came here?

Swara sees the a guy coming towards her

Swara smiles: Sanskar look… Its karam

Sanskar smiles: karam what a pleasant surprise…he hugs him…

Karam:yo bro..jahan alishaan party wahan mein

San:tu kabhi nahi sudrega

Adithya was looking at them…Rathan comes to him and talks

Ragini: mera A-di….
Tears fall from her eyes…

She smiles

Ragini:i..i thought..he is no mor… Thank God he is safe…….my A-di is safe!

Here Rathan:adithya you know right what you have to do??
Adi looking at swara sanskar and karan
Adi: till now i was confused why you wanted this act..but now i won’t ask anything…
He smiles
Rathan smiles: act is just to hook our guest

Adi:but for some to blow their mind and i want last minute changes…
Adi:trust me…you would more than satisfies
Rathan smiles…

To be continued….

So anything cleared?????

Who is adithya and karam??

And what changes adithya want??

Why did Ragini cried seeing adithya??
Who is Ragini???


Manyatha played by: drashti dhami

Many questions!
To know more stay tuned

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